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  • Release Date: 2019-09-09
  • Current Version: 2.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 364.95 MB
  • Developer: Arlo Technologies Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 851


Arlo is the worldwide leader in Smart Home Security, and the creator of the world’s first ever 100% wire-free, weatherproof 4K UHD security camera. Arlo security devices make it simple to protect and connect what matters most. Stream live video, play recorded clips, easily arm and disarm your system, and stay aware of what’s happening. And, with Arlo Smart and Rich Notifications, take immediate action on alerts without unlocking your phone. Arlo even works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT so you can build a safer and smarter home.



  • Unable to connect to the new app

    By vkimj
    Very disappointed with how difficult it is to connect with this app. And help link is not very helpful or user friendly. We were very happy the older version. They have A LOT of work to do.
  • No workey

    By dalancia
    Arlo how can you force everyone to transition to a new app and it not do its main function of protecting your home. Please provide a fix ASAP for geofencing and internet connection lost. Enough people have complained and there is still no update.
  • Sometimes doesn’t notify me

    By User717581
    1) I have movement and audio alerts setup to notify me if my baby wakes up. Sometimes they just don’t work. The other day I just happened to walk near the room and saw my baby was awake and had rolled over. If I can’t rely on alerts always working, and have to this monitor in other ways, then Arlo is useless to me. 2) Every time I accidentally open the app the video starts and I end up having to wait, stop it, then go back what I was doing. 3) The app often opens with an old image then takes a while to update. So when I put my baby down then go check on her later, it looks like the crib is empty!
  • My Arlo system

    By crime catcher 1
    I don’t know how anybody could give the Arlo system anything but a five star rating , if there is something wrong with your cameras or system, you did something wrong with setting it up, or you have a crappy router, all nine of my cameras work perfectly, night and day, rain or shine, snow and ice, nothing fazes these cameras, and with the available chargeable batteries there great, my home has never been so secure. Thanks Arlo , I can’t wait for even better cameras and security ideas, SINCERLY, TODD J DENNO
  • Unsatisfied

    By Columbia river salmon
    Arlo really just needs to pay attention/ read the reviews and fix the issues in a timely manner, really considering selling mine really cheap and trying nest cams
  • Absolutely garbage

    By khisayruou
    This new app is complete garbage. App is slower, geolocation takes about 10-20 minutes to detect. I can walk around my house while the device is armed and it won't even alert me for a few minutes.
  • Horrible Support - Returning 6 Cameras to Costco

    By Tom PD
    After upgrading app, I don’t get notifications. Who doesn’t test their app before releasing it? Called 11 days ago and received no response back after they said they’d email me. Called 3 times and support is horrible. Sounds like the technicians have never even used the app and are uneducated on the product. Worst tech support I have ever seen and no response when I emailed them multiple times. Returning all 6 cameras to Costco for a refund. Complete junk.
  • Fix. The. Bugs. NOW

    By Becca Leigh05
    it’s not hard. Fix the bugs. I’m over getting ONE NOTIFICATION and being told there’s 15 missed notifications automatically when there are not!!!!!
  • Time to dump Arlo

    By DigitalDogg
    New app? Updates? Apparently just Arlo’s attempt to cripple older equipment to make us buy new. If that’s the case, it won’t be Arlo. I have the same lag issue as everyone else. It has gotten progressively worse as updates come out. Rebooted the router and reinstalled the app. I have the latest iOS update installed. Yet the lag persists. Recommend finding another solution.
  • Waste of time

    By mayyee123
    -Changing batteries at all the time. (On low setting) -I have three cameras and one of the camera is not working. -detect on unnecessary images, and has a delayed detection. It skip tape on some actions that should be there.
  • Not worth it

    By Peannutnina
    I have used this camera for just two months or so, I have to root all the cameras several times already as the cameras just went offline out of blue for multiple times. It is more than frustrated and not reliable at all. I have been giving Arlo a chance and finally decided to give it up today. All cameras went offline without notices, I tied to restart both the base and cameras to get the cameras online it wouldn’t work. I have to say this brand is not up to the quality and obviously these guys have long way to go before claiming themselves as reliable and trusted home security brand in the era of smart devices. Disappointed for sure
  • Great app

    By Vino2070
    I gave it a five great app. They only time I have an issue is when barriers die. Use to have issues but that was because of my WiFi. No that I habe better WiFi works great I might upgrade to a web service with Arlo now
  • “Legacy” was better

    By Kika9008
    Ever since they made the change from the “legacy” app to this one things got worse. Camera disconnects randomly. App always fails to find the camera.
  • The old app “Arlo Legacy” worked much better

    By Zito..
    I Cannot delete from my video library, this app is slow and buggy. The Legacy app did not have these problems yet we were forced to switch over to this app, doesn’t make any sense to me. As far as the actual products, cameras etc... I’ve had no issues and they are good quality, I am referring to Arlo Pro and Pro2 the original Arlo’s are outdated and the video quality isn’t nearly as good. I did have to get a good WiFi extender to keep the cameras running smoothly, because the WiFi range for the cameras is quite limited. My main complaint is this app, especially when there was an Arlo app that actually worked, but we were all forced to switch to this app which definitely needs a lot of improvements.
  • Return your cameras while you can!!!

    By Djmcboy
    Since separating from netgear this app has fallen apart. Without nethears tech support the company is inept of fixing the issues of the app. I recommend returning your cameras if you still can and go with something else. Probably any other system is better.
  • Geofencing not working well anymore

    By ImperatorPat
    Since switching to the new app from the legacy app I’m often getting a push notification stating the internet connection was lost and geofencing is inoperative. I then have to open up the app and switch geofencing off and on to get it to work again. If I forget, the camera either doesn’t turn on while I’m gone or will end up recording me when I’ve come back home, which I don’t want. I have TMobile which loses service in the elevator whenever I go in and out of my apartment so I don’t know if losing connection for that minute is what causes it (might not happen in a home or with a better provider) but it’s really annoying and never happened with the legacy app on the same phone and provider, which I had for years!! Please fix.
  • New App is Useless

    By mad at this app 23
    Forced to move and the new application renders the cameras unusable. Looking for alternatives, wasted money.
  • Garbage

    By bigeasyebo
    Worst app I have had the displeasure of using in a while. Defeats the whole point of having a camera if the app does not work correctly and you can not view what is recording in real time.
  • Pixelly, Lag time, wish I never invested

    By Kar Vil
    The pictures are extremely Pixley unless it is a nice sunny day and even then you’re only going to get a clear picture if the individual is within 5 feet of the camera. Anything more in the distance won’t be clear. The battery life is awful so if you are placing them somewhere that is not easy to access regularly you will be sorry. The sensitivity of motion is crazy. I get multiple alerts and recordings when there is no activity whatsoever. I have no flowers or trees close by yeah I get recordings of nothing does not make sense. Most times there is a lag time when recording actually starts. The only disappointment is when there is something going on in the camera, it stops after a period of time even though people are still in the camera talking and moving. It should record the whole event. Very disappointed. Would never purchase any items that add to this, and will be looking into other camera systems.
  • Arlo Pro 2

    By Mamma Patsy
    A waste of money! I had the pro 2 4 camera, didn’t work. Took it back and upgraded to 6 camera. It’s been nothing but down hill. Motion detection activation works sporatic at best so went to straight time with 2 minutes. Again not anywhere near acceptable with to many only recording for seconds. The supposed updates the do NEVER work without creating additional problems and always through the time to pacific. Try using that in court if you ever need to. The latest one remove any sound when it goes off and forget about using it anywhere near acceptable on a windows computer, moving the mouse makes it go back and forth with no play feature. Look elsewhere would be my advise to anyone!
  • Trash

    Initially I thought the app was bad but now it’s more than bad. Save yourself the trouble and go with a different system all together. Ring cams and app is so much better. Goodbye Arlo. Hopefully the app will be better in another few years....
  • Unbelievable

    By Roddy2u
    This app just get worse ,now when you view a recording it runs in the background till the app is closed. Clean house and start anew with some real development.
  • Won’t stay connected

    By kindones
    I’ve had my cameras many years and I hate them honestly but spending so much I’m stuck. For some reason some updates really mess with them. This last one. Every time my batteries die. It says the camera is offline. Fine. Except when I put brand new batteries in it it won’t find it. So in have to reconnect it then sync then of course it has trouble syncing so I have to try a few times. Today. I reset my whole base system. Set one camera and had to leave come home and it says the one is offline That wouldn’t be a problem normally but now it’s also telling me I have a new base. I do not. So yet again it took me over 20 mins for what used to take just a simple Battery change. Soooo done with arlo.
  • The Arlo app is a nice idea, but...

    By AJRyan500
    I want to start off by saying Arlo tech support was great. The negative is none of the system seems to work in sync for long. If you do not have camera issues, then your timeline stops recording... the list of problems boils down to not all of the features working all of the time. The troubleshooting processes are not simple, they are multi step and very clunky. Extra features that do not work are something I will not want to pay for.
  • Constantly crashes

    By 17purple
    Getting very tired of uninstalling & reinstalling! Please fix!
  • The update ruined everything

    By RedGmoney
    I have had the Arlo pro2 cameras for almost 2 years now and I have never been this frustrated with the Arlo system. Sine the update it’s hard to view any videos and it now takes forever to long in. I have learned to never update things that are so expensive, like your Arlo cameras, your Apple products, are even my DJI phantom drones. My cameras were just fine before the update so we are all asking Arlo to fix this problem or I’ll be purchasing another brand of cameras soon. As to rating Arlo now! I don’t care to give them one star, but I don’t think I can send my feedback without a rating.
  • New app is terrible

    By Posthuman63t
    Changed from original app to the legacy app, and now to the newest app available for Arlo. Since the new app, I no longer receive notification bubbles on the app (the red bubble with amount of notifications) and for some reason my cameras are no longer picking up several motion events from cameras I’ve never had issues with. I’ve gone through all my settings and everything is updated, and set the same way as before the legacy app, and the current app came to be. They messed something up...
  • Can’t even log in

    By Nyccin
    We’ve been using the baby arlo for more than a year. Yes there’s definitely issues with the lag. But now we can’t even log on!
  • Getting worse, not better

    By Hamakua_Jim
    The app is going downhill. The new version fails to stop library video from playing after you close the playback window, or scroll to another clip. You continue to hear audio from a clip that you can no longer see, with no apparent way to stop it, short of killing the app or waiting for the clip to end.
  • New Arlo app freezes

    By OOC17
    I still have the legacy Arlo app installed as well as the new one. On the new app, the live video constantly stutters and freezes. When I switch back to the legacy app, using the same cameras, the video is smooth and doesn’t freeze up. I’ve tried this several times and every time the new app live video freezes up.
  • New App???

    By joearuba
    I’ve down loaded the new app! Why does it prompt me to download that app... every time I open it ??!!! Gerrrr!
  • Crap add

    By kgstuiidffyugderohff
    Crap add
  • App is still too laggy

    By 97Joey
    I enjoy the quality of the cameras and its features. However since the new app and update, its still very laggy and slow to watch live footage as it is happening. Same goes along with the microphone as well. I guess this has been an ongoing issue. Ill give it some time but if it isnt fixed, ill just move on to other security systems.
  • Arlo, what’s the plan?

    Come on folks, you’re seeing the feedback and we’re hearing crickets from you....what’s the plan for addressing the intolerable latency in streaming live alerts, really ?? This isn’t rocket science and it’s frankly an extremely poor response to a negative customer experience. You can do better....
  • New app challenges

    By Kailua60
    Update 10/17/19 Used community support website to discuss issue. Arlo rep acknowledged problem and reported it now fixed. My system is working. Updated review to 3 stars Update 2 10/15/19 Dug through comments on Arlo community support site. One user had success turning off all activity zones. Tried it and it’s working for now. Recordings are showing up in library. Update 10/15/19 I’m changing my review to 2 stars. I initially converted and had no problems for 2 weeks. Now I’m having same problems as everyone else. Recordings not posting at all. After 40 min call Ctr wait, agent had me remove each of my 7 cameras and re-add which required me to physically remove all and link again right next to base station. After getting them to initially work again, I replaced them in their mounts. Three are now not recording to the library! OLD REVIEW 10/1/19 Considering all the bad reviews, I waited until the last day to convert to the new app. To my surprise, the transition was seamless and everything seems to be working as well as the legacy app. I continue to be pleased with this easy to use, mobile integrated system.
  • Geofencing broken

    By 1low56
    Geofencing not working with the latest iOS update. Why can’t the developers fix this and why is Arlo ignoring this problem.
  • Very disappointed.

    By Arlo anxiety
    Ever since the update I’ve been experiencing issues with notification of motion & recording all together. I reached out via live chat to express my concern and request some trouble shouting. I was told that they do cannot trouble shoot remotely. I live 9.5 hours away which is why my surveillance is important time. The app settings apparently do not work unless you are in front of the system, which I do not believe. I’ve been able to trouble shoot via the app I’m the past. I also requested a credit for service if my motion was not being recorded. I was told they do not issue credits or refunds. So the hell with me, service doesn’t work so rob my money! I’m having a hard time dealing with this. My anxiety is over the top, not being able to keep an eye on my business.
  • Problems

    By Roger0569
    I’ve had Arlo cameras for two years, worked fine before the update. Now I cannot connect to the internet. Spent an hour on the phone which was no help, was told my base station needed to be replaced. I purchased a new base. Still does not connect. I gave Arlo one star. Didn’t want to give that... Arlo fix your issues!! I’d like to use my cameras, may use a different brand...
  • Nothing works

    By lbrooke34461
    Only got a 2 star because customer support. The new app is a joke. Nothing works. Thought my camera was broken but after many tests with customer service it is an app issue. Junk. Bring back the old app, at least it worked 80% of the time.
  • Do not update your Arlo

    By Cubfan2019
    I updated my App and now I get choppy video and pixelated video. What is going on? Half the time my cameras won’t even activate, I don’t quite understand why they are NOT fixing this problem. VERY FRUSTRATED
  • best one I have

    By billpeng12
    Arlo can use hotspot that I have, keep record more than one week than other, stable quality!i vote it!
  • Since update and app switch

    By Vinnova82
    It’s more of the cameras won’t connect and my geofence shuts down. Ever since I had to switch to the new app I’ve been getting the same problem coming up. “Connectivity issues, no internet connection” “Call support if more help is need” yeah and then they charge you or you need to get a plan. App and product just when to ...... they are going for a money grab since company split from netgear.
  • Arlo Camera is offline

    By xxxxyyyyu
    I have two Arlo pro cameras connected to one Arlo base station. Since past one month one of the camera goes offline frequently. I have to re-sync every time and then it works for 6-8 hours before it again goes offline. I have tried to reinstall the software, and use all the suggestions published on site but there is no improvement. One camera never goes off line but the new recently added camera goes offline.
  • Geofencing still not functioning properly

    By Bigger John
    The geofencing function has been broken for many months. The engineering and support staff are completely inept. It's impossible to actually talk to anyone about the issue. Stay away from Arlo.
  • iPhone XS Max

    By vm1023
    Volume Plays in background after exiting the app while playing a recorded or live video.
  • New app is terrible

    By qj4000
    Old Netgear version of app for iPhone was solid. New one is garbage. It will run a handful of times, then just open the splash screen but then immediately close. So I delete the app, reinstall, and then it's ok for a few more times. I have reinstalled many times now and I'm getting tired of it. I want the old Netgear back. I'm regretting having spent money on Arlo.
  • New app is trash

    By cosmotoso
    Before the app changeover, I would’ve rated 3 or 4 stars. New app crashes at launch every time. It says that issue was fixed in latest update, but that’s untrue.
  • Arlo cameras & app since Sept 30 2019

    By MichiganAM
    If I had any idea these changes would have occurred I’d of never bought my Arlo or Arlo pros! MY CAMERAS NO LONGER WORK CORRECTLY have had two years of perfect performance until switching to this new app, it has caused cameras to fail, will sense motion & not record anything, the setting adjustments & mode changes do basically nothing to improve performance! Absolutely ridiculous to have a $1500 security set up that fails to even come on when you walk up to them, night vision mode is even worse! FIX YOUR PRODUCT OR REFUND EVERYONES MONEY!
  • No motion alerts

    By Wahctal
    The whole reason I bought this system is to be alerted when someone is on the property. The alerts are no longer working since the new app was launched