Folding Blocks

Folding Blocks

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-04-14
  • Current Version: 2.13
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 224.15 MB
  • Developer: Popcore GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 12 208


The exciting challenge of Folding Blocks will have you instantly mesmerized! Unfold your blocks correctly to fill the space and complete each challenge. Feel the satisfaction as you discover the correct moves and master each level one by one! Experience moments of flow then and stumble across stimulating obstacles that really make you think. How far can you make it? Try Folding Blocks now and find out for yourself.



  • Love ❤️ It!

    By uehdndndh3yndfdhffhd
    Love ❤️ It!
  • Overall background

    By Ronald Boucher
    Can you make the surrounding background to black instead of white? Hard for me to see tiles with white background. Also it burns my eyes forcing me to squint. Not a relaxing way to play.
  • Too many ads

    By Cbrontefan
    A truly ridiculous number of ads. Banners across the bottom, pop ups between each game, mandatory videos every few games, and optional videos between others (links are placed where you’d normally tap to start a new game). Hard to find the x to even close most of them or figure out which are optional.
  • My review

    By i love choclete
    I like this game it is Verary cool I give it 5 stars
  • False statement

    By Basinbummed
    Very fun game, but lots of annoying ads. So I paid the $2.99 to go ad-free only to discover that you still get bombarded with ads if you use the undo button. Super annoying.
  • It could be more fun

    By moonlight4483
    It’s fun and addictive I’ll give u that but it gets boring and could have more stuff in it like u can have a timer or u could race with people and other features also yes I really like it but it gets boring and to me there not even challenging and I just need one more skin so can u make new things to the game because trust me it’s good but it’s not different or nothing is new this game could have updates like new skin updates or something that makes the game more fun pls fix this or sadly I might delete the game because it’s boring
  • Fold blocks

    By hhfugy
    It’s a big puzzle
  • Not what I was expecting...

    By zoe loves slimr
    Ok...To start off with,I got this game yesterday April 23 2020 and I was on a game and there was a advertisement that said Folding blocks and it showed the game and how you play it.So,I got it.When I got it it was NOT what I expected and the noise when you finish a level?Jeez!I mean the game is satisfying and all but it just did not look like what I expected when I got the game.One of the things I was not expecting was I thought you could only fold one block at a time!!!!That for way confusing to me.So,PeEpS if you wanna buy this game make sure to think about it first and if you want to write a review of what else was not in advertisements!Thx u so muchhhhh bye!
  • Quarantine

    By MaskedAlpha_Xxskylergami
    This is good for learning in quarantine
  • Meh 😴

    By Sof 💩
    Well at first I was really excited to get this, but right away it wasn’t at all good. There is not a lot of ads which is good. But overall it was boring with not a good concept. I really do not recommend it and it is to easy
  • Way too many ads

    By lma2000
    30 sec ads show up almost every to every other level after the 9 or 10th level. The game does not seem challenging at all. I’m hesitant to pay to get rid of ads after another said that it didn’t.
  • Remove Ads on top of menu screen!

    By astaley
    Fun game, but even after you pay to remove ADs, there still is a bar on the menu screen of the developer’s other apps. Make the menu look really cluttered.
  • Why I like this game

    By MS.Eilll
    I like this game because it makes lots of noise and I love noise.
  • Bhsndndbx

    By dghbnnnn
  • Blocks

    By Kacienmasonsmom
    This games is fabulous it has a satisfying sound when you fold the blocks. It is sooo annoying when you can’t figure out. I rate this game 3/5.
  • ♥︎

    By Sonicboyyyyy3
    I Haven’t Played This Yet But I Still Rate It 5/5 Stars
  • To many adds

    By monkeysara5000
    This game is great but it has to many adds. Every time you pass 2 levels add pops up. Have to redo it 2 times add pops up. It’s annoying, there is no way to enjoy this game because of adds. I would not recommend if you want a calm game. Adds are annoying
  • You probably won’t see this

    By parker eyre
    But I think if you do see this you should add more skins to the game and more expensive skins
  • Way to easy

    By 9274747464738638374748
    This game was way to easy I could beat 10 stages within 3 min. It got very boring in a very short time
  • It’s a great game

    By mallory square
    I just started this game today and it’s great. sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s hard that’s what makes it so great. So I say you go get this game right now. Do it, do it, do it ! It’s so fun you have to get it !!!!!!
  • It’s awesome but not addictive!

    By Annabella.H
    Well,it’s mainly because I have to use the hints all the time cuz it’s easy, and hard but it’s still fun! I recommend getting it!
  • Djiesoso

    By Ella Ann Natzke
  • It’s just too easy

    By SpikerBuckeye
    Somewhat creative, yet repetitive and, yes, way too easy. I couldn’t find myself getting stuck on any level. That’s a problem for a puzzle game.
  • I like it.❤️

    By Alana Marie!!!
    This is a great game. I just got it so I can’t give it 5 stars yet but there are a few issues. One of the issues is that there isn’t much to do. I think there should be challenges in the game. I think that would make it a lot better and if you do that then I think the game would be 4-5 stars. Thank you for reading this, Alana Marie
  • So Fun!

    By tonttont
    This game is SOOOOOOOOOO fun! I can’t stop playing.
  • It’s OK

    By Tricky_NekoIG
    A lot of the levels work very well, but some are actually impossible. I would use the hint but some blocks aren’t able to fit with the hints. Also even when I’ve done the problem of the day thing it still shows the exclamation mark.
  • My only complaint

    By Zdew54
    The game is fun, i love puzzle games like this. My only thing is i have 22,000 points to spend, but nothing to spend it on. Please add more skins in the game. That’s my only complaint about the game.
  • Ads are a bit much

    By King of Rancho Cucamonga
    It’s pretty mindless fun, good waiting room fodder but the ads are long and incredibly nonstop
  • I love it.nothing wrong

    By Oliviapruneda
  • Jaxtonfootball

    By jazz Basketball
    I love this game it makes me feel good and it is challenging
  • Too Late - No Response - Doesn’t Respond To Customer Complaints

    By John Deere Spoker Model D
    Why Do I Still Get Ads??! I Just Downloaded This Game And Paid $2.99 for NO ADS, I Still Have To Sit Through An Ad To Claim My Award. Do I Need to Delete This Game And Demand My $2.99 Back? Or Will You Fix This Situation immediately? If This Is Not resolved On Your End By The Next Day, My ONE STAR Review Will Stand.
  • Steuofulfufut

    By tdvgghn
    Jugtfrftgyftgygy gfg
  • Not good

    By lpopiytrewqa
    This is not fun at all
  • the b the day we were friends we had friends 97(&

    By RoJayz
    well this is
  • iTunes won’t allow update

    I’m trying to get the most recent update, and iTunes says it’s not able to do the update.
  • Loaded box

    By B-Trand
  • Rip of

    By LUKA,10
    When I got this app it said that it was 4+ now it is 12+
  • Love this game

    By MyrnaTurner
    Need more levels! Need new daily challenges! Love this game but I’ve done all levels.
  • Amazing game. Hit.

    By fffdgioohgjgugiuy
    this game is awesome
  • Ads

    By nothankslolololok
    too many ads. i don’t care about other games when i’m playing this one. i think one ad or so is enough. don’t put an ad in between every round. makes me not want to play ever.
  • So much fun, only one complaint

    By Kathy J.M.
    This game is so much fun and time consuming. I haven’t experienced any bugs or glitches yet. Really enjoyable and don’t see anything wrong with the way the game was made. Just one thing, though. I would like to see some for skins, maybe even add customizable ones. Overall, great game and definitely would recommend.

    By Timo Caudle
    They blessed us with 500 new levels😍
  • Official

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  • Great game but too many ads

    By Nov1997
    This game is pretty good for the simplicity that it is, but it has sooooooo many ads. I feel like I go through 4 ads every 2 plays or so.
  • Nice try hiding it

    By xx demon
    If there supposed to be tier 9 still cus if I click at the bottom at the screen it brings me to a secret area of the game
  • Folding Blocks review

    Once you hit Daly puzzle there is no more
  • Error

    By joj02
    I had a problem with level 1185. You couldn’t finish it even with the hint because the blocks were in the wrong place but luckily it was fixed in the most recent update
  • Amazing game

    By youtude#awsome
    This is a AMAZING game for me and all it makes me think and focus more than what I do it enteratanes me a lot.
  • Get ready for this game 😊

    By da 1 nyah
    This game is great but sum of these levels or super hard but u will very much enjoy it 👌🏾👌🏾