Folding Blocks

Folding Blocks

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-04-14
  • Current Version: 1.8
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 133.54 MB
  • Developer: Popcore GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 043


The exciting challenge of Folding Blocks will have you instantly mesmerized! Unfold your blocks correctly to fill the space and complete each challenge. Feel the satisfaction as you discover the correct moves and master each level one by one! Experience moments of flow then and stumble across stimulating obstacles that really make you think. How far can you make it? Try Folding Blocks now and find out for yourself.



  • Make more levels please!!!

    By hsufyuahd
    This game is so fun please make more levels
  • Great game

    By Alyssa99312
    I love the concept of the game and how colorful it is, but in my own opinion, I think the levels are too easy. I am able to fly through the levels and would always be waiting for the release of more levels. Besides that one thing, though, I find the game fun and entertaining.
  • Basically Unplayable

    By a Very Impressed User
    The game is a fun time-waster and occasionally challenging, but the excessive disruptive ads make it more frustrating than fun. I have to watch 3 20-40 second ads every level. It’s enough to make you want to throw your phone. An ad between levels would be fine, but this is ridiculous. Is there even a paid option?
  • Nice👾

    By ActingaliveMALA
    Great puzzle game
  • Omg

    By Beeeeeaaaaaaaassssssstttttttt
    Thanks like omg omg omg omg omg omg
  • Levels

    By a Nickname123456789009876
    I like the game but more levels need to come!

    By gaming master379👽🎮☠️🏀🎮🎮
    At first it looked like this game was boring but as I started playing it I got super addicted
  • Ad free. Not so much.

    I paid $2.99 to make the ads go away and still see ads that are impossible to skip. Such a crappy experience!!
  • Add more levels!

    By Geofamous
    The game overall, is great. The only downside is they never add levels. I’ve been done with the 800 levels since they added them and the game gets boring when you repeat the levels. Please add more levels
  • fun

    By jrizzy1
    it’s a addicting game if you love puzzles. overall is a great way to pass the time
  • Too many adds!!!

    By Must Have💖
    I really like this game but after you play two levels there’s an add. ALSO, if you want to redo the board it’s an add, and for many more things. It’s a nice game but it has too many adds!!!
  • Very Fun

    By NinjaRCC3
    This game is very fun, with minimal ads and different levels every time. Highly recommend!
  • Ad every 5 moves

    By kbug7572
    Fun game built WAY too many ads. Whether playing or undoing moves, you get an ad about every 5 taps, with 30 second timers. One ad per level is plenty. This is too annoying so I’m deleting the game.

    By maddieisswag14
    this game is my favorite ios game ever. i’ve never finished a game but i finished 800 levels in like less than a month. very fun and soothing
  • Amazing game

    By Ariella823
    I love this game but I have a couple of constructive criticisms 1. Lots of the levels are too easy you should make them harder 2. also you should make an undo button so if you realize a mistake you shouldn’t have to restart the whole level 3. I finished all the levels and I want to play more
  • Pay for no ads but they won’t go away

    By GinBai
    Paid for No Ads but they are still there. They were gone for a few games then came back. I hit restore purchases over and over but it does nothing.
  • Random

    By So much things to do!
    Level 47 is the most satisfying level of a game that I have ever played. Great time-passing game.
  • Such a good game

    By The best 🐶❤️
    It’s such a good game because you just really need to almost just stop and think does this piece go here or here?I’ll say it’s a very easy game also I just started today and I’m on level 17!
  • Addictive

    By esm0903
  • BS

    By swingbyrd
    Paid to get rid of ads, then when I try to get a hint, it tells me there are no ads available, and to check my internet connection. This app is a joke!!!!
  • Loved this game. Need more levels!

    By Eledarose
    I played all 800 games in a week. So addictive. Love it. Need more levels!
  • Build more levels!

    By Thunder99
    800 levels? That's it?
  • Fun but…something’s wrong.

    By CaseyKing07
    I like this game, but something is making this game hard. The level I’m playing is getting a bit challenging. If you play this game, you should try to figure it out. ,:) Bye!
  • Love

    By budnik74
    Very fun game. Finished all 800 levels in like a week. Very addicting
  • Ehhhhhh...

    By TamePowerPuppies
    There is a two (well I think there is two) reasons why I’m giving this game a three star. One thing is about ads, I HATE ads! Some ads always shows up millions of times and it gets REALLY annoying. Last thing is that this game is really easyyyyy. I wish there are some harder ones so it can test my brain to get stronger but guess what, it’s too easy for my brain. The people that made this game, please read this... Can you please remove the ads. Thanks
  • Finished - way to easy

    By Tinkerbellsammey
    This Game was entertaining for about three hours But within Those three hours I finished all 800 levels. It was quite simple I never had to use a hint. So yeah it’s OK but they obviously need a lot more levels or something else to add to the game because like I said it was fun but I also finished it really quickly.
  • Love it

    By Horseowner_808
    I love this game like L O V E this game as much as I love after a little while it gets kind of boring but I totally recommend it is a great game and it is fun I love the bright colors and it is fun.
  • Oh Yes

    By Driver 000
    What a great new idea! Don’t be fooled by the easy levels in the beginning. It gets very challenging very quickly. It’s so simple yet so intriguing at the same time.
  • To many ads. Don’t see any way to purchase. Looks like it could be fun

    By Cray Grant
    To many afst
  • here’s the real tea sis...

    By Kitts220
    the game looks fun... it’s not, maybe for a minute but that’s really all. the levels NEVER get harder, it’s all the same thing too. you can get to level 50 within 5 minutes, including all the ads. but even trying to get to level 50 is just so boring. don’t recommend.
  • Poop

    By SingiBlossom
    Good game but poop
  • Great concept, but needs to be more challenging

    By Alykz.
    I really enjoy the concept of the game, but I've already blown through all 800 levels without any troubles. The patterns are easy to recognize, consequently making the levels super easy to pass. It's still nice to play to pass the time, I just would like more challenging levels for the future.
  • Review

    By savegq
    This game is good but hard at the same time love this game
  • Needs more than 800 levels

    By kallie Harris
    You pass the levels pretty quick so y’all need more levels
  • Don’t download it

    By foldingg-
    It’s very boring
  • Paid for no ads and still got ads 😠

    By PersianLover101
    The game itself is great and entertaining, but the ads are crazy annoying. I couldn’t handle the ads but wanted to continue playing the game so I searched the app for a “no ads” button and when I found it it seemed a little pricey but I just went with it. I paid 2.99 and still continued to get annoying ads.
  • Folding

    By russdb
    Not bad but can freeze unexpectedly when ads are being played. I. E. Now! ... and then it asks for a rating!
  • Good concept but could do more

    By Davis🎶
    This game has a fresh concept, and is fun at first. There are some challenging levels, but it gets pretty repetitive. Some added twists, like special blocks with adjustable fold lines or block that could be folded in half, would go a long way to give this game more staying power. Also, WAY too many ads. You should be able to replay a level without having to watch another ad. Without more staying power, I can’t see anyone paying for the ad-free version.
  • Weird

    By hatelike
    The game itself is fun but it needs to stop crashing . When I was watching a add the game had crashed and now I don’t have it any more because of that one thing. And also way too many adds .Every time you finish a level then a add turns on and I only gave the game two stars because the app is fine but it could be better 🤯🤯🤯😪😪😪😞😞😞🤭🤭🤭
  • to folding blocks

    By Music_and_life_aren't_diffrent
    pls make more levels🥺
  • Bored at work

    By gktdvjf
    Great game man but where’s the new levels
  • Garbage

    By ds146844
    Paid to have ads removed and it still has ads. Each ad lasts 30 seconds.
  • Folding blocks

    By messylemon
    Love the game. It’s amazing. But maybe you could add more challenging puzzles. Great game though. 😁😁😁
  • More levels, please!!!

    By ManddyyyB
    This is the most addicting game I own and I have flown past all the levels. More please!!!
  • Verk vadbenet vad

    By Korkadkork
    Very bad game
  • Do better

    By Nathanvvvvvvvv
    Do better
  • levels are bad

    By AnastasiaBH6
    too easy to the point it’s boring.
  • Bad

    By brookisthebest
    I really don’t like this game anymore l hate this game make it better.
  • There is One thing I can say is that....

    By kk quin5
    I hate it