Flip Dunk

Flip Dunk

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-16
  • Current Version: 1.61
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 422.44 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 55 073


Tap to jump and then hold your finger while in the air to flip.



  • Annoying ads

    By Danoehlke
    The amount of ads for other games that you are required to sit through make the game unplayable.
  • It's great but too many adds

    By Chris downfield
    I love this game it's very addicting but soooo many adds if you don't have patents don't get this game
  • Too many ads

    By greenflame999
    Too many ads. It takes away from the gaming experience
  • Dumb

    By Big Smunk
    Basket physics are the big stupid
  • Doesn’t even deserve a star

    By Chase😀😀😀
    If I can give this 0 stars, I would. Ads a little annoying but ok. You have to be silver for next level and it could be hard for people and no other game requires silver or 2 stars for next level. Most require Bronze or 1 star or even 0 stars! Do not download!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Needs more levels

    By Virtuist
    You’ll quickly get through all the levels then they start to repeat themselves with no difference or additional challenges. There’s also no way to go back and do achievements you missed on certain levels. The game just doesn’t feel finished but it’s still very addicting.
  • Love this game but...

    By Love-dis-game314
    I love this game but I don’t like that the levels repeat. I wish there were more levels so I don’t have to keep repeating them. On the good side it never gets easy. It is always challenging even if you have done each level more than 10 times
  • More ADS than play!!!

    By The Green Handyman
    Jeezus ads every 2 seconds. And they’re Loooooonnnng as Hell. Completely unplayable, unless of course you BUY it.
  • A great game, but seems unfinished...

    By Buckethead31594
    This is truly a fun game, and has potential to be the best flipping game. Though, it seems unfinished. There’s no real purpose to completing levels with silver or gold. Perhaps if there was an incentive like in-game currency to purchase skins or customize your character. The levels loop without notice. I understand that the devs can only make so many levels, but perhaps different game modes would suffice. It doesn’t have to just be dunking- flipping in all forms, different tricks, backflips, parkour tricks. I enjoy the lava level where you land on the platform before you dunk, you can do some real acrobatics! Perhaps a mode to enable low gravity, or different starting positions. Also, the x6 “WONDERFULL” is spelled wrong, obviously. Please keep adding and improving on this game, it will become the best. I am willing to make in-app purchases to support this developer if they keep at it!
  • From Unknown

    By ndnruurjdmkjjdjbeh
    This game is so fun ❤️
  • Repetitive

    By anandnxbesbjcknr
    I love this game and all but it just feels like I am constantly redoing levels. The levels become boring and repetitive. Every “new” level is an old level disguised as a new one. The should be more creativity and ACTUALLY new levels.
  • Too many ads

    By Twinsguy03
    All voodoo games are horrendous for too many ads. I don’t want to wait 20 seconds between every SINGLE level for a stupid ad. Forcing it way too much!
  • Variety

    By lord headass
    Nothing to really complain about so far but I would prefer an option to change genders
  • Bad

    By LStewster
    This game would be about 500000 times better if it didn’t pull up a 15 second ad every single time you retry/ go to the next level. Don’t even waste your time unless you’re the most patient person in the world. Like I’m talking monk-level patience.
  • Fun but...

    By Blueyes1976
    The game itself is fun BUT there are WAYYYYY too many ads. It gets to be ridiculously annoying when after almost every play, you spend time watching an ad!
  • This game

    By nroanna
    It is so fun I can easily play this game forever and also I love this game because it is so fun to play and have a time to okay it it is so fun I hope you guys would like to do it to but sorry it’s only for me
  • Great

    By dhdnsjdud
  • Paid no ads, still forces ads

    By By Edgarrrrrrr
    I have to force the app to close before the ad finishes or else it will skip the mission, I hit replay not skip mission. I hate missing out on a level and with no back or redo mission option my time with this game feels incomplete. Fun game but weird glitch/ level design, ruins it all for me. When I first realized it skipped a level for me I developed a drinking problem, I didn’t know how to handle myself. I felt lied to and didn’t trust my fiancé anymore. I pushed those feelings of lies and betrayal onto her which strained our relationship. In the end I gained 88 pounds and turned Mexican and now I love animé and video games. If you are a completion-ist your journey will be long and dangerous, but on the other side you shall be rewarded with premium gas station food and a new ethnicity not of your choosing (usually a step down). Good luck my fellow brothers and sisters, may the father of understanding guide you. May he never give you up. May he never let you down, run away or desert you. Forever and always, Your favorite Templar.
  • Way too many ads

    By jason42_42
    Way too many ads
  • To flip dunk

    By thegoat/abdullah
    Your game is very good please make another if there is another please tell me
  • Tried to access my other apps

    By bl1896
    I enjoyed playing the game for a couple of weeks until it did something sketchy. I was playing the game and then a pop up appears from my phone saying the game wants to access my Ibotta app. I don’t know why it was trying to access it but I immediately deleted the app. It should not need access to anything on my phone.
  • Ads....

    By Binx 8787
    This game is fun and addicting but it just has way too many ads in it. I understand they do this to make the premium version sell better but there’s gotta be a limit.
  • Fun game, but needs more

    By Andrew2725
    This game itself is lot of fun to say the least. With Flips and Dunks you couldn’t really ask for more. But with the game only going to about level 18 before restarting entirely, makes it seem useless to keep going. They’re aren’t any level selections and the difficulty is the same throughout, with very little options makes the game seem unfinished. I think there’s a lot of potential to make the game better. But for now I’m gonna have to leave a low review.
  • Levels

    By StandOffLegend
    How many levels are there?
  • Good but not great :(

    By Madsa05
    I love this game but once you hit a certain level you restart from the beginning like I would say mabe after 25 or more levels after that you start from the beginning but other than that it’s a great game
  • Obsolete but needs more levels

    By letgonameShy_Guy
    This game is insane for a time waster, but at one point, I repeat levels
  • This game is pretty good

    By vcat19
    I have a question. On all of the ads I see for this game on others apps it shows levels where they go through portals and other cool things. I am on level 374 and I haven’t seen any portals. Just the same repeating levels.🙄

    By im mad boy
    I like this game a lot but I find it very upsetting that after a certain level the levels just get recycled. That’s not cool.
  • Way too many Ads

    By Arich62585
    There is an Ad after every attempt or retry
  • Don’t do it! All ads all the time!

    By luv842
  • Ads Show Too Often

    By timbot29
    Downloaded and then deleted. Seems like a good game but I’m not going to watch an ad in between every level.
  • So aggravating

    By Sheneka J
    This game is so aggravating and addictive
  • Great but.....

    By Fta_fire
    Super fun game and super addicting I’m on lvl 200 already and I downloaded the game last week but my brother has that game but he can purchase new characters and for some reason I can’t and there are VERY few levels and they just start repeating themselves but I hate the fact that you can’t change characters please fix this and I’ll give it five stars
  • Ads

    By flipdunksuck
    Too many ads to enjoy game
  • Plain game

    By XMOG Jypsie
    I have beat all levels two times through. Each level has the same objective... how long can you hold the flip for. The game does the rest for you. Game is fun but there is just a lack of original levels. I shouldn’t be able to beat in a day and then have to go through the same levels again.
  • Fun while it lasts

    By Bobbybrownbro
    Honestly it was a pretty decent game. There’s only about 80 levels, and the game will then just repeat all of he levels from level 1 until the end again. There’s also no way to go back and view the levels you completed, there’s no way to check how many stars you’ve gotten on each level, etc. The only point in getting more than 1 Star is for your own personal fulfillment I suppose. Decent game, by far nowhere near the best but I played it for maybe an hour or 2 before I beat it and had no reason to continue. If they update it with more levels, characters, game modes, etc, I might return. TLDR: fun game until level 80ish, then there’s no point in it taking up storage space.
  • Great Game but

    By oof ads
    As soon as I started playing this game i thought it was so much fun. Just flipping and then finally dunking the ball at the end was just so satisfying. And I kept playing and playing until finally i was level 36 or so, and then I was back the first level or zone that I had started with when I first got the game. I was still lvl 36, but I was back on the first level and I was pretty disappointed that once you finish a certain amount of levels you just restart from number 1. I hope the creators make more levels so you’re not just repeating everything over and over again because honestly I love this game I just hate having to go back to the basic level one. There could be levels as you advance that become much much longer and more complicated, or different angles instead of the back and forwards angle for where you flip, there could be different flips as well, maybe that could be a new challenge for each level. Just throwing some ideas out there because this game is great, all 40 levels of it...
  • it’s alright

    By Gillibean220
    the levels repeat over and over again once you get to about level 17 but it’s kinda fun
  • Good

    By Pinx911
    It was pretty good, but once I got to level 85 or something, it repeated from level one. I hope you guys make new levels please.
  • This game is awesome :)

    By Beat me impossible 🤜
    This game is amazing I just went through the game for the first time but, I think you should add a store so you can but characters and balls. This game is In need of more levels. You guys should try to add worlds or something like that. It would be very appreciated. Keep on going you have the right idea :))
  • Change character and change dunk animation

    By chumdogg504
    Would be nice to change the character This dunking mom in yoga pants lol gets old And would be nice to change the dunk animation Like holds ball with one hand or something Or change the ball making it wear special balls give you advantages and disadvantages to determine skill Good game for pooing tho lol
  • Ads

    By kdndnwozbdiwnzbfoenabd
    I bought the game for no more ads and there are still ads. Fix please
  • Fun game but they obviously don’t care

    By Danwakeem
    This game is fun but they obviously don’t care. It’s clear their main goal is to show you ads. Every 2 tries you have to watch a 15 second ad. I am worried about buying the “ad free” version because companies like these will sell you “no ads” but still make you watch promotions for their other games. That is what happened on their last one of their games I purchased “no ads” on.
  • Great game but needs more levels

    By dukey492
    I think that this game is super fun and all but it needs a lot more levels. Like I love it and all but if it had more levels it would be a five star game. But other than that I loved it there is a super funny glitch on level 60 that makes the hoop invisible. This is a great game though and would definitely recommend it.
  • Fun game but

    By W43wmt
    I really like this game but it’s impossible to really enjoy it because there’s wayyyyyy too many ads every second attempt another ad I get you’re trying to make money but think at least a little about the people playing. It’s incredibly frustrating
  • Noob game

    By mortal boil
    Game is fun but the restarting of the levels every 60 levels is a PLEB move. That is some real noob stuff right there learn how to design more levels trash game git good kid. I’d rather try to game on my desktop using McDonald’s WiFi than have to play the same levels over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. See it’s annoying isn’t it.
  • Pretty good app

    By Tylo19
    Levels get harder really enjoy the game
  • Great if you want to watch ads!

    By Raqmenace
    Downloaded the game, played it for 5 minutes which included at least 6 or 8 ads. Deleted!
  • Fun game but...

    By -Yasitsme-
    Ok so this game is pretty fun but there is WAY to many ads and I don’t know why no one is talking about this like come on