Ball Paint

Ball Paint

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-04-29
  • Current Version: 1.60
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 118.56 MB
  • Developer: RadPirates
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 50 724


Ball Paint is a new addictive 3D game, featuring tons of levels, zen gameplay, and hypnotic colors! How to play: -Swipe the screen to adjust your aim angle; -Launch the colored ball on the figure to paint it; -Try to paint it all in one color! Features: -Infinite levels, with new colors and geometric figures; -Satisfaying and zen gameplay; -Easy to pick up;



  • Awesome game

    By Kambrooke
    Awesome game
  • Hi

    By ##meeeeeeeee
    This game is so satisfying and it is so much fun
  • Kills your phone battery

    By HeyItsMeDaisy
    It is very addicting, but it kills my battery faster than any other app on my phone. Add a feature to turn off the animations or something.
  • Fun, but way too many ads

    By Jal98
    This game is a lot of fun, but there is an ad that pops up every few minutes, even in the middle of a round.
  • BallPaint

    By red girl 300
    I love this game
  • Fun brain teaser

    By I can't say or they'll know
    That has WAAAAY too many ads. Makes it hard to enjoy the game.
  • Great game too many ads

    By dhc dub ffghffg
    I spend about as much time playing as I do watching ads
  • Ads ads ads ads

    By Biggerstaff_A
    Trash app that’s really just an ad machine, deleting it.
  • Good game, bad app.

    By kootieman
    The gameplay is entertaining and fairly standard - play 3 minutes and get an ad. However, this app developer has allowed ads to override the audio mute option, allowing ads to turn off all other audio playing from the phone so you have to hear only the ad. This is not a default setting and the developers intentionally coded it this way, leaving the game more annoying than it is worth.
  • This game is wayyyyy to hard

    By Sumolefool
    This game is wayyy to hard for it to not have ‘’watch an ad to skip’’ but if u add that this game would be really fun 🙂
  • It’s fun

    By 29redr
    Hi this game is fun but when you want to pick a certain color one color takes over and there’s to many adds.
  • Addicting

    By pupol556
    I absolutely love it! So addicting, has be playin for hours. Keeps me occupied and excersies the brain.
  • Doesn’t deserve any stars

    By catsssss500;3lol
    This game doesn’t deserve any stars because I join the game play the first level got an add then clicked out of the add to go back to play the game,but I couldn’t because the screen was completely black I tried taking the game out of my tabs so I did.but that didn’t help I went back on game and waited for about 5 minutes it was still black so now I’m mad and gonna delete this game. 😡

    By Dragon1512
    This game makes you think of a strategy to pass the level and I love challenges.
  • So good

    By mytheentree
    I would play this game anywhere I would play this in a gate at a air port waiting to go on the plane.
  • Ok but...

    By SadBag27
    Let’s keep this short—Too many adds
  • Adds

    By Dpda
    There way to many adds for me
  • Too many ads

    By ABWriting101
    Sat through 3 ads to get through the first 2 levels of the game. No thanks. My time is more valuable to me than that.
  • Review

    By maddog$$$567
    I like the game but I think it need more competitive levels it’s pretty easy and I like the game and it has the same nonstop ad go over and over again but the whole game is pretty good
  • Best

    By mrclarkinc
    It was over all pretty good there are to many ads and to remove ads it’s like 10 bucks
  • game

    By sarah❤️😍💕
    this game is fun but it’s kinda stressful
  • Soooo annoying

    By Shesoshysti
    It forces you to do the bonus level I HATE IT I don’t wanna do that stupid level 🤬
  • Geysjsvsydjnegdhdysgebhsdh

    By Turtlefart 4
    Why do a review all I want is less ads I can’t even play the game when I really enjoy playing the game no ads no ads no ads Thank you by me
  • Fun game unbearable ads

    By taylornicole96
    This game is fun and different from ones that I’ve played before but the amount of ads is INSANE. I understand that I’m playing the game for free but if every once and a while I could play two rounds of the game without an ad that would significantly improve the experience. I’m not saying no ads just every once and a while mix it up with no add between the round and ads after every round.
  • I love this game

    By chloe1979🔥
    Whoever made this game is the best person in the whole wide world
  • What I think about this game

    By Samantha Joe Mario
    It is a great fun excited game that my friends and I love to play?!!☕️🍭🌰
  • Kudos

    By miminnehaha
    It’s a good time killer, and a decent enough challenge, but good lord the ads! Devs here’s my rule of thumb when I play... if I’m not spending at lesser twice as much time playing as I do watching ads, then I delete it. If you have to run an analysis to determine that time ratio, I’ll give you a hint, there’s too much ad time.
  • Game

    By bhfjdiixjd
    It is great

    By jewish hotdog
    This game relives my stress sooo much and I love it!!! Slatt slime 👃🏻👈👎🐍🤮‼️
  • So good make more games and let me know when they drop

    By Ha. You wild
    So good
  • mmmmmmmm

    By autumn ansell
    this made me horny
  • Good, but wait...

    By CaseyNaomiA
    It’s a really good game and I like it, I don’t like how it has ads after every single level and most of the time the ads will freeze and you’re just waiting there and if you press anything it won’t work and you’re just stuck looking at the ad TLDR: great game, lots of ads, ads freeze
  • Alarming lack of variety

    By Real Arcade
    5 or so shapes. Like 6 colors. Some unlockable shapes to throw. Kills time. Spent 2$ so I didn’t have to watch an ad every 3rd throw. Needs way more shapes. Maybe time attack. Add an auto rotate mode. There could just be a lot more added to this.
  • It’s a pretty good game to have fun!?!

    By Selene L.
    I think it’s nice u can have fun and if u don’t like it then don’t download it cuz your just waiting for nothing like if u want to play another game go head and in joy it don’t just be here and rating it a 3 star or less because there’s other games that u can play and have fun like come on I know that I’m young but still and I don’t get why it’s only for 12+ like it’s nothing bad to play with like it’s only colors and nothing bad for like the 9,10,11 to play this game. HAVE FUN U GUYS❤️!!!!! SAVE THE TURTLES FOR THE WORLD 🌎 PLZZZ!!!!! And don’t use plastic straws!?!
  • Ads

    By Guy2112
    Ads ads ads
  • Needs more add ins

    By SlickNick62582
    Okay, the game is not very needs different colored balls you Can buy, and different backgrounds.
  • Too many advertisements

    By wdgrooms
    I love this games but almost after each completion you get an advertisement.
  • I

    By dizeesalad
    Good game but hate the constant ads
  • It said it had nudity that’s faulse

    By ggcuuSiru
    This game should be rated 4+ it is kid friendly I’ve played it before trust me it is kid friendly and it said it had horror fear theams and sexual nudity content 🤦‍♂️
  • Great game

    By sam----$$$$---
    This is a great game but there are too many ads. I only play it for a short time because of the ads
  • Meh

    By Lucario :)
    Maybe fun for a few minutes, but there really isn’t much to this game. It’s pretty easy too. Just keep changing the color of the largest area, and if you get the same color as the largest area, change any small section.
  • I love this game, but it’s 3 stars

    By Yaritseli
    Since the last update it has a bad glitch in the settings and the leaderboard. I already sent an email and no one has replied nor fixed this issue.
  • Easy

    By star tv frim yt
    This game is too easy plz make it harder
  • Too many adds

    By guywhosaperson
    Exactly what I said in the title
  • You’re stupid

    By dfdvsgfvd
    You’re terrible
  • Probroller

    By pro-bro-ller
    Too many ads
  • I love it

    By carlieannwhit
    I love this game and I can’t stop playing.
  • Too many ADs

    By dontcareejahsk
    The game seems fun, but there are multiple ADs after EACH LEVEL for the first few levels I tried to play. Uninstalled after only a few minutes of trying it was that bad.
  • The Most Easiest Game

    By NdeyeSylla/123
    This game is most easiest game in my entire life