YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2019-05-03
  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 44.73 MB
  • Developer: Popshow, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 430 173


YOLO is the most fun and spontaneous way to get honest and genuine messages from your friends. 1. Custom your Sticker. Be creative! 2. Share it to your Snapchat friends. 3. Reply to their messages in your Story. YOLO is for positive feedback only. Be kind, respectful, show compassion with other users otherwise you will be banned. Please, be mindful of what you send. Happy Yoloing!



  • It won’t let me post it

    By Worrier and alive
    It keeps saying to try again later and it’s frustrating
  • Yolo

    By vsco girl 5938485
    My yolo has not been working I can not receive messages
  • Yolo

    By Macy.chiefs
    It a very good app
  • The app’s functionality is broken for me.

    By Eli🤪
    Sending messages is no longer an option for me anymore. I am also not able to receive anonymous messages anymore. Both my apps, SnapChat and this one are up to date and supposedly connected. Here’s what it does when I try to reply to someone’s yolo message. I swipe up, it blacks out then takes me to the “Bunches” anonymous group chats and messages received page. I’ve tried to receive messages and before I’m able to post, it blacks out and kicks me from the app. Here’s what I believe to be wrong. I believe this is an algorithmic glitch in the connectivity of both apps. It seems to happen to only a handful of people. If your account has an error code, it’ll never be compatible with the Yolo app. I do not foresee the creators fixing this issue because they are a profiting camera company. Since it’s working for the majority, I don’t think it’ll be dealt with because the glitch is minutely sparse for the unfortunate, insignificant bunch. Whoever is having this, it’s a doomed compatibility/connectivity error with your account. Just install another that works for yours because it will not be fixed. Guaranteed.
  • Good intentions

    By Jorinda Belle
    This app has good intentions, but all I see on it is negativity. All of my friends constantly get cyber bullied on this app. But for some reason they won’t delete it even though I can tell how badly it effects them.
  • Great app

    By BAM1323
    I think it’s fun to revive Anonymous message on my snap. There are no problems with the app. It’s great!
  • Not even working bro

    By baby.genni1
    Says something went wrong even after the update bro👎🏼🤣‼️
  • Doesn’t work

    By 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷
    This app didn’t even let me log in and doesn’t even work don’t get it
  • Hi my yolo ain’t working

    By dfhyfdi
    My yolo ain’t working
  • Okay..

    This app has been okay. I thought it was very fun until the new update. I have been getting the notifications but when I get the notification it won’t show up.
  • This is dumb

    By J.A.D.Y.N
    So I was trying to send my friend a massage and we have a joke about knifes. Come to find out it won’t send if you have the word knife in the text. I even tried the emoji and it still didn’t work. Must be a tun of liberals that run this app bc you know some conservative would not ban that word “knife” out of all words. I’ve had some pretty gross massages but yet they ban a word that isn’t even a problem.... hmmmm okay makes sense... no wonder this world is becoming such a messed up place bc people like this.
  • Help

    By haua sarah
    It says something went wrong
  • Very hurtful

    By I ❤️ Mew Pokémon!
    This app has not done any favors for me or my classmates. It doesn't "reveal your crush" like it claims. It only gives bullies an outlet and not be able to get caught because everything is anoymous. Not to mention how annoying it can get. It was fun for the first little bit but now it has just become a platform for people to get hurt.
  • Decent.

    By Areion__
    The app itself is a great concept and it seems to work really well for everyone except for me. For some reason, I get notifications that I have messages and then when I go to check they’re not there. Eventually they showed up, roughly an hour later. Weird, but I’m assuming it’s not a common problem.
  • Yoooo

    By innocent otinga
    This joint started drama @ ma school
  • it doesn’t work

    By zyana white
    i don’t even get the messages people send
  • Blocking users

    By Zactgh
    As far as I can tell, the block user feature does not work at all. If it does, they should implement a feature that IP bans the user instead
  • Bullying place

    By Vicks 105
    I’m really saddened that I have no gotten a response so far. Yesterday, I posted a YOLO on my story and I received a lot of bullying/ harassment comments and I emailed YOLO for help in revealing them, but they have not gotten back to me. The app says that if you send negative posts, that your account will be revealed. I just wanted help so that could actually happen before reporting to school authorities.
  • Bullying place

    By Vicks 105
    I’m really saddened that I have no gotten a response so far. Yesterday, I posted a YOLO on my story and I received a lot of bullying/ harassment comments and I emailed YOLO for help in revealing them, but they have not gotten back to me. The app says that if you send negative posts, that your account will be revealed. I just wanted help so that could actually happen before reporting to school authorities.
  • Good, when it works

    By lmoetken
    Almost every time I try to use this app it won’t log in. Or it will send me a notification but won’t show me the messages. It will glitch and freeze my whole screen. And it never works for a whole day.
  • Don’t use this app

    By mirandatheyungn
    It doesn’t even work
  • Why

    By tisha1986
    I can not download this app
  • cheating

    By whoknowshomestly
    this is making my bf cheat plz delete it
  • I love yolo

    By josephmustbea
    Yolo is the bestest app, I can’t believe how good it is, like all the good messages I got from my friends just made my day all the good comments, like it’s even better when u don’t know who it is and always wanna know who it’s from and expect it from ur crush cuhz they know you can’t see who it is😂❤️ I luv yolo❤️
  • Something went wrong

    By Tevtev71
    It keeps saying something went wrong every time I try to use it and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but it still says does it do it for anyone else ?
  • it isn’t letting me see the messages

    By kanoa yum
    it isn’t letting me see the messages
  • Comments

    By jasmineorlando
    My comments aren’t loading
  • It is ok

    By brayden@
    I have been trying to do others yolos but still nothing mine work and people can do my yolos but I can’t to there’s how do I fix this problem
  • I never get my messages

    By sunrae20
    It won’t let open my messages ppl send on snap soo annoying help
  • Epic

    By epic 12334566
  • App Doesn't Work

    By Hhsjejebdbhs
    this app doesn't even work on my phone so i'm uninstalling :) always tells me that something went wrong when it opens snap. not fun.
  • It won’t let me do it on snap

    By ZJaee😍💗🤤
    It won’t let me add the thing on Snapchat . I deleted and downloaded it again and it still won’t work. Need some work.
  • Good

    By SmithTrooper55
    It’s good app
  • Gay

    By YurMumEz
  • Ughh

    By Stormy.h.
    I’m personally having an issue where I can’t put my code in and it’s valid!!! It keeps messing up and I got kicked out of all of my “bunches” :(
  • Help

    By luke17171
    Mine doesn’t work
  • Could be 5

    By AnikaChuu
    I really like using the app but I always seem to get a “Something went wrong, please try again” error every time I try to reply to anonymous messages. Please fix it!!
  • please help

    By Bro bri05
    someone said something offensive to me that y’all probably wouldn’t understand and i need to see who said it
  • snap

    By emma sosh
    my yolo will not allow me to attach to my snapchat
  • Not working

    By Harvey Kandola
    My app is acting up like crazy
  • Harassment

    By jfkuf mg
    one person manages to keep messaging me on this app i’ve blocked him on snap and yolo, but he keeps messaging me and won’t leave me alone. please help me.
  • Fun

    By Gidalys
    It’s so fun
  • Not Bad

    By The person that has YOLO
    It’s not my fav app in the world but it’s fine. There is NO point getting without snapchat tho but it makes snapchat fun
  • some messages don’t go through.. why?

    By PrincessTatyana
    someone told me that he sent a message and i really wanna know what it was but i didn’t get it. how do i get it?
  • Nice

    By muffin123abc
    Really good app
  • Great but I have a problem

    By rhettfaske
    Good except I can’t post my reply’s
  • Li

    By loganscarlett
  • Amazing

    By baby- girlll
    Amazing app
  • Worst app on the App Store

    By sailor cat player
    I got it thinking it would work perfectly normal, but once I got it it would not take the codes it was giving me to my phone I could not fix it. I have no idea if anybody else is having these problems or if it’s just me but this was not the only thing, it was not working with my Snapchat at all. And this is why it is the worst app in my opinion.😡