YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2019-05-03
  • Current Version: 1.4.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 30.05 MB
  • Developer: Popshow, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 308 188


YOLO is the most fun and spontaneous way to get honest and genuine messages from your friends. 1. Custom your Sticker. Be creative! 2. Share it to your Snapchat friends. 3. Reply to their messages in your Story. YOLO is for positive feedback only. Be kind, respectful, show compassion with other users otherwise you will be banned. Please, be mindful of what you send. Happy Yoloing!



  • New messages

    By meradith palmer
    Can you add new messages to the app soon
  • ...

    By Fun girl......................
    i really like the app and i used to use it all the time but out of no where it started kicking me out. i’ve deleted and reinstalled it five different times but it still kicks me out after i attach it to my snapchat.
  • Crashes

    By Bella Razz
    The app literally kicks me off every time I go on it. Please fix it because when it works it is a very good app
  • Please read!!

    By Haelee123
    I’ve been using yolo for a while now and it’s rlly great, but recently it won’t let me use some peoples yolos. Idk why I checked if it needed updated or if snap did and neither of them did. I deleted and redownloaded both of them but it still won’t let me use some peoples yolos. It’s not everyone’s but certain peoples I can’t use and I’m not sure why. It’s not always the same ppl sometimes it’ll let me use them and sometimes it won’t. I don’t understand plz help! 😩
  • Won’t work

    By gvybubtctnu
    My yolo hasn’t been working lately I would press on the app and it would just take me back to my home screen
  • it doesn’t work

    By kalia.thatcher
    hi! anytime i try and click on my yolo app it doesn’t work it just goes back to my home screen! Please fix this !
  • Notifications

    By Nickwasraken
    I don’t get any notifications when someone sends a message
  • Mrs sartorius

    By mia_sartroius02
    I love this app so much but it’s been glitching and not working :/
  • Fix this

    By KayleeHarris_45
    Every time I click the app to use it, it goes straight back to my home screen and will not work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app several times and still will not work. This is the first problem I have ever had with this app. Please fix it.
  • It doesn’t work:

    By rxsclyn
    Every time I open the app, it completely shuts down and my screen turns back and goes back to my home screen. I’ve re-installed plenty of times & shut down my phone & it still doesn’t work. I have no idea what to do anymore.
  • Crashing issues

    By allie_jh
    I post yolo occasionally and one day it just crashed and won't let me back on it. I redone loaded the app and connected it back but it keeps doing the same thing. I really like yolo and I want this issue fixed asap so I can use the app again.
  • Great just needs changes

    By Exospacer
    I have to delete and redownload my app every time I get a new message because it’s just like that
  • My yolo ain’t working

    By Littlekidcavs
    My yolo app keeps crashing and it’s getting annoying because I go on Snapchat and see everybody posting yolo so is there something wrong with my yolo?
  • It keeps crashing but it’s good

    By bigcockandchode
    Everytime I try to log in it kicks me out automatically so I gotta use another app to ask questions 😰
  • So dope

    By im jazzie
    It cooooool 😏
  • Crashes

    By Dude ride
    I downloaded the app and it crashes every time I try to get into it
  • Loved the app

    Please fix the crashing 🥺
  • It’s not working

    By please help work i need it ):
    Hey um every time I Login it goes black and takes be back to my home screen
  • Crashing

    By yaboi(girl)
    Please do a new update very soon. Big crashing bug recently and I can’t post or see anything
  • My Yolo App wont load

    By LaLaTiTow
    i personally used to love the app yolo but one day i posted a yolo to my story and iv i downloaded the app and redownloaded it and it just crashes every single time. i would love for this to be fixed, my snapchat is blueleo65
  • Scam

    By hxcukvviivvi
    The girl that was called cute in the photo isn’t she ugly asf
  • it’s good but stupid right now

    By jes4117
    it keeps crashing on me whenever i go to open it
  • doesn’t work

    By ~Megan:()
    everytime i try to open it, i get kicked back to my home screen no matter what i do
  • Problem

    By sup2007182636272
    Im having problems whit the app i singed up whit my snapchat account and then when im all singed up it kicks me out and then i try to get in again and it kicks me out again please help and ill change it to 5 star
  • Fix this

    By odtisjg voiuffofz
    I was just using yolo and it was working fine and I got another message and now every time I try to go on the app it kicks me back off of it
  • what’s wrong with my app?

    By sshammiee
    This was a great app but for some reason it’s not working now , every time I open the app it closes it and it’s not working anymore and I’ve even re downloaded it and it’s not working .
  • 🤷🏽‍♀️

    By elf2019
    Please fix this bug but overall i like it. But I would like it WAYY much better if I could actually use it. Will give 5 stars after it gets fixed 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
  • love it but mines broken

    By DemoArts
    i love this app so much but recently for the past 2 weeks, every time i try and open it, itll crash. i've reset my phone settings, did a shut down, turned it off, deleted and redownloaded, tried using phone number instead of snapchat, nothing works. i have an XR.
  • Fun!... but stopped working

    By Bdoisthegoat
    I enjoy the app but when I sign into my snap it crashes

    By bruhhhhhhhhh 🙄🙄
    please fix the app asap, every time i open the app, it crashes and pops me right back out to the home screen 🤦🏽‍♂️ thank you.
  • don’t even work .

    By Brii 👶🏿💗 .
    shii trash .
  • The new update

    By Sunnieduco
    When I updated the app when I tried to post a yolo it messed up and just kept kicking me off the app please help
  • Stoped working

    By agym199
    The app Yolo ya to be so good but it started not working for me because every time I would go on it it would exit me from the app🤦🏾‍♀️and I’ve tried downloading it over and signing in over and over,but still won’t work!!
  • eh

    By as1zzle
    it’s a good app but it’s not letting me see what people send me and i tried refreshing it and stuff. if there’s any way y’all could help me that would be great.
  • Yolo

    By dyyshebveh
    It never lets me use it
  • Bug crashes

    By kender N. gonzales
    It was working really well and many people commented on my yolos but now they either never go through or when I get on the app my screen goes black then it exits me out of the app
  • Crashes

    By Ryan_Doobie
    I have gotten this app because I seen my friends use it. After I post one I go back to the yolo app from Snapchat and the app won’t open. It constantly crashes and nothing is done about it.
  • not working

    By yeehawcowboii
    everytime i go into the app it kicks me off i’ve redownloaded the app, restarted my phone and have tried several other things that have not worked.
  • It won’t let me open the app.

    By Ratatass
  • Fixxx

    By 28747191938474747
    Every time I open the app it crashes
  • Crashing

    By Jc.tampa
    Every time I open the app, it crashes not even a second later! I tried everything from deleting the app and re installing it, to updated my whole phone and nothing has worked. I really like this app, but I can’t even keep the app open for a second.
  • Get it together

    By idk man.....
    Yolo won’t work for more than two seconds for me and it’s super frustrating... anyone else?
  • Crashing

    By Jordan VanDoren
    This app keeps crashing never had this problem until now I don’t know why it’s happening I restarted my phone 3 times and reinstalled the app 2 times still isn’t working
  • My App Won’t Open

    By milkyclout
    i like this app but it stopped working and now i can’t even open it 🙃
  • fix your app

    By Puffbuddy
    this app needs to be fixed asap. first off you can’t even get into the app anymore and that is just stupid. so yolo fix your app and it crashes everytime i click on the app
  • Crashes

    By Ce1210o
    I try to open it it crashes and keeps going to my home Screen 😕 it’s annoying
  • Keeps crashing

    By Bri_The_Pig_Person
    Every time i try to open it it crashes. I normally use this app a lot. How ever recently it’s been having many issues.
  • Yolo

    By gbk 🥖🙄
    My app won’t open
  • Yolo

    By Kelon F.
    Every time I open the app it sends me back to my home screen.