YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2019-05-03
  • Current Version: 1.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 28.29 MB
  • Developer: Popshow, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 228 670


Share your link and let your friends tells you what they think. Reply directly in your stories! YOLO is for positive feedback only. If you send harassing messages to users, you will be banned. Happy Yoloing!



  • Doesn’t work

    By Cool person to
    Once I try to link my Snapchat it’s get stuck on loading screen and if I close app then it’s stuck on a white screen that says YOLO
  • This ran by the police bruh

    By 🃏❤️
    Be careful y'all
  • Not receiving messages

    By suisjsksbdhs
    I was receiving messages fine one night then I realized I wasn’t receiving them anymore when my friends kept asking me why I didn’t respond to any of their messages. I made a YouTube video with this app but now I’m sad because I don’t think I got to record all the responses since a lot didn’t come in. Will change once it’s fixed.
  • Notifications

    By aurust12376
    I love the app, but I am having some issues I may need some help with. In my settings it says my notifications are on and my phone is not on dnd, but I’m not getting notifications when I receive messages. I’ve had the app for awhile now yet it’s still not working. I am receiving notifications for other apps though, just not this one.
  • This app don’t work

    By nickname4726428729
    Each time someone sends me a yolo it doesn’t show up in the inbox.
  • good

    By Bananaboy 420
  • uh

    By sakhG ckggzgksjakydlhx
    glitching a lot and won’t allow me to post replies.
  • Cool 😎

    By sammybear9414
    It’s fun to use I can ask people questions and I can answer peoples questions without them judging me because they don’t know who I am... very sneaky.
  • Cool

    By nhmhnhhhnnhnggngjtl
  • Yolo

    By Diego the dealer
    It’s good 👍🏼
  • Review

    By dmvbsndje
    Just started and already addicted😍🤤
  • Yolo not working

    By ffghtyuhwhgshyroff
    Keep saying error when i login with snapchat any recommendations?
  • this app killed my grandma

    By #ihatemycircle
    i am very thankful because of she beat me with a ruler.
  • Stupid app

    By the app roaster
    It’s kinda slow and no it not my phone it’s the app cuz I just got this phone
  • It suks hella bad

    By angelo arias
    Don’t download it
  • I love it!!!

    By becca hisen
    It’s actually really easy to use and I really enjoy it!!

    By Sniccadoodle
    The app said that harassment would cause the identity of the writer to be revealed which IT DID NOT. Now, weeks later after much research, I go on the app once again ONLY TO FIND THEY HAVE REWORDED THEIR POLICY. Proof that the revealing harassment disclaimer was all just a scam to get potential users to feel comfortable with downloading and using the app. This app is nothing but a recipe for abuse that literally abused the trust of millions of teens by telling them their bullies would be revealed. ALSO- nothing gets done once comments are reported.
  • Greatness

    By ZakiB0214
    It’s a great app that communicates really well with other apps and love it!
  • Update

    By T-Mobile app needs
    Needs a update I can't write a message it just redirect me to the yolo app
  • Reliable and trustworthy

    By reheight
    I am a developer and I know exactly how Yolo achieves the activity it does. I have noticed many people saying they can either access your chats, snaps, memories, map, etc. that is simply not true. This app uses Snapchat API called Snap Kit, this is hooked into Swift which is the programming language of iOS apps which use the IPA format. These Snap Kits do not allow such activity and this app simply gets access to your Bitmoji, your Public Name, and access to Sticker, this uses the Bitmoji SnapKit, Sticker SnapKit, and Story SnapKit. So overall from a Java, Kotlin, Swift, etc. developer. You CAN trust YOLO without having any doubt that your privacy will be invaded.
  • man its really well made man

    By Sk1dw0lf
    man great content man i love the vibes this app puts out man its just my favorite app man i love getting all these messages form my friends man especially wen i didnt know the way that they felt about me man very cool man very cool i love it man
  • Yolo

    By Sny1260
    Great book
  • Great

    By karen_$
    It’s a fun great app
  • To easy to get framed

    By zaid36
    For no reason people started saying terrible thing ab women and put my name on it
  • hahah

    By EverythingNike
    this shii funnt asf
  • Very good except...

    By Jimmy📒📓✏
    I love the app, the way people can get things off their chest anonymously is awesome! But, it’s hard for me to see some the messages when they come in. Sometimes I go hours without noticing I had any messages. If notifications were updated then the app would get 5 star review from me.
  • 💜

    By TechnoRobert
    I love it it’s so fun
  • Doesn't work.

    By DaMn_JaY_
    It keeps sending me too the app store when I already have this dumb app downloaded
  • My ideas

    By Thicy niky
    People should know who the message is from because some people are pretending to be other people
  • Delete this app

    By Oldyolouser
    Don’t ever download this app it’s dangerous and it’s not ran by Snapchat!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blocking

    By Sienna Dean
    Yolo is an outstanding and entertaining app! Overall I’m very impressed with yolos customization, and the general idea with the app itself. Unfortunately, when receiving Anonymous messages, I am getting spammed by one person in particular. I have countless times blocked the user, but after a couple hours I find out I am still getting the same message from the user. Until this issue is fixed, I will no longer be using this app.
  • doesn’t work

    By OnoTakeNotez
    it’s letting me slide up on people’s yolos
  • Wow

    By svdicfs
    So when I saw people doing this I was like u should try his and I was like ok!!! And when I did IT WAS AMAZING wow I loved it!!!!!
  • Awesome

    By lordjaya
    No problems at all very satisfied
  • Fire

    By sub 2 india lahr on yt
  • it’s okay

    By ave:)))
    i’ve heard it steals your snap passwords. and it’s like the easiest way to cyber bully. i’ve it a 1 star. the star is cause i like it when my bffs hype me up on it lol
  • I’m definitely disgusted

    By Hayli 🍍
    Im here to tell you do NOT download this app idc if you think it’s cool it’s bad yolo is now putting people in jail if you had nudes or a fighting video and it’s linked to your snap they will take it to the police and you will get in trouble it’s linked to your camera roll and everything else so do NOT get the app people are going to jail bc of nudes and certain things they have in there camera roll that’s not bad but nudes are but also yolo is supposed to be a fun app but it’s not it’s gonna ruin people’s life so please don’t download it
  • issues with sending and receiving

    By Kaykay16418
    my messages aren’t sending to people and i’m not getting anything from people sending them to me
  • Great!!

    By farrere roche
    I like it a lot because no glitches and no inappropriate things!

    By Reena_10
    so basically people have been telling me that they’re been sending me yolos like from snapchat and some of them are not getting sent to me!! and it’s the same with some of my other friends when i’m sending them yolos they’re claiming that they don’t see it and even show me a screenshot
  • love it

    By blaze catoe
    yea i love it
  • Trash

    By joshhskhsns
    This app is trash: there is a lot of bulking on this app and kids are hiding behind there screens texting kids bad things if your child or you are getting mad fun of, pushed around etc don’t get this app it gives kids a way to make fun of people and more
  • k

    By mr.nicegut
  • App police

    By onesanf
    It’s a app police
  • Fhhsv

    By Alayna1204
    I like this app because it is fun and you can ask your friends anything and when they answer you don’t know who it is from
  • Skdhdiigbbfnrjdf

    By SAM🔥🤪👍
  • Good app

    By babylexik💗
    It’s a great app
  • suspicious...

    By ōwö
    so there have been some stories recently of Yolo taking information. for instance, your location (which i personally think is creepy), your email address (normal i guess) etc. some girl got in a lot of trouble for nudes. which i understand nudes are not good & shouldn’t be sent, but that’s her business. definitely deleting and going back to lipsi.
  • You should make it 12+ again.

    By fitzfam_fanpage
    It’s restricted on my phone now and it’s unnecessary