Picker 3D

Picker 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-11
  • Current Version: 2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 111.39 MB
  • Developer: Rollic Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 75 213


- Drag picker to right or left - Pick everything and open gates - Reach high scores



  • WiFi doesn’t help the addpocolips in this game

    By InsaneHorizon01
    This is the most add infested game I’ve ever played. I like the satisfying feel to the game when you play, but having to watch adds every 15 seconds while an add plays audibly at the bottom of the screen and then having to sit through an even longer add after every three victories to unlock the upgrades you’ve earned. If you don’t watch the upgrade add you miss out on the upgrade and have to play three more levels. If you turn your WiFi off to play then you can’t watch the add to get the upgrade you want to unlock. This game is ridiculous. I could deal with an add after losing or something or even having a non audible add at the bottom, but this game is too add dependent and infested to enjoy any aspect of it after losing interest after the 30th add in a row of 1 minute off game play.
  • Very Fun Game

    By DannyOfInfinity080
    Unlike any game I’ve ever played.
  • Get rid of adds

    By DIY WORLD 786110
    It’s fun I guess but there so much adds just get rid of them
  • Epic games

    By epicgamerdaddy69
    It’s epic
  • Awesome

    By thntbrvcr
    This game is awesome my friends play it all day long
  • Waste of time

    By Guest731
    You don’t get hardly any game play unless you turn off cellular data on your phone. The game is about 60/40 ads/gameplay. 30 second ad between every two rounds of five seconds.
  • Too many ads and not enough difficulty.

    By officalDonaldTrump
    This game never seems to get harder and there’s always ads after each level and the levels are quick so there’s constant ads. Terrible game.
  • Too many ads

    By drochelle02
    There is an ad after every single level
  • Ads ...

    By game night mare
    Wanna get this item ? watch this ad Me: No Thanks Game : you will watch anyway ( gotem )
  • Kicks me out

    By Its in the middleof updating
    Hello! So if you dislike games that kick you out this may or may not be the app for you. Its fun and all, but kicks me out every level.
  • Too many ads !!!

    By Jsjaksjsjsjbsjs
    It was fun but the ads annoyed me
  • Picker 3D

    By Lily G-R
    I’m not doing good enough I gotta is a time to go get some stuff
  • Great but some flaws

    By bdhsjdhhd
    Your game is fun but. There are way too Kenya adds and it’s really annoying I would appreciate if there weren’t as many ads as there are 👎🏻
  • 84929

    By wco24
    Fast pace fun game
  • Too many adds

    By extreme buddy
    Whenever I beat a level it gives me a add
  • Ads much?

    By Aimee411
    A 30 second ad after every minute of play is ridiculous.
  • New user way too many adds

    By btheelliiott
    Never usually write reviews. But every 30 seconds there is a 5-10 second add. If you want to draw in users at least stagger or delay adds for the first levels. This is likely the worst I’ve seen on a new game. But with no adds would be a very fun game.
  • Do Not Pick

    By Barbara "Babs" Streisand
    Horrible - there’s an ad every 5 seconds on average.
  • Goods,and ,bads

    By avaavacado8
    #1 there is to many adds #2 I don’t like when the propeller comes on the ends #3 But Other than all of that I love the game!
  • It fun but finicky

    By Cssjat
    I’ve been seeing ads for this game for a while so I decided to try it out with low expectations but this game is actually fun. It’s a great way to pass time and I actually really enjoy it. There is a problem with the game (Specifically the last part of a level) when you’d get all of the objects and then it would say that you’re one or two blocks short. Besides that this game is great!
  • Ridiculous amount of ads!!

    By pqswrfty
    Whether your Wi-Fi is on or not there are a ridiculous amount of ads in this game. It’s hard to enjoy playing it when ads keep popping up. I understand the game is free and the purpose of the ads. But this game is not enjoyable because of all of the ads!!
  • Way too easy, repetitive, too many ads

    By EvanW-1242
    I feel like I’ve played the same levels over and over again. Especially with the “power ups” there’s zero challenge. It’d almost be harder NOT to win a level. Each level has 3 short stages, and you get an ad after each level. So you end up watching an ad probably every 45 seconds you play this game because of how fast you progress through the levels. You also need to watch ads to unlock upgrades, even when they’re unlocked through gameplay. And no, “turn on airplane mode to avoid ads” is not an option because I need my phone to be able to receive messages and phone calls.
  • Omg

    By rainbow murderer
    I hate it I love beach clean
  • This game is rigged

    By noorh12
    The game is entertaining, however when I have obtained all the required objects , they score me low and when I don’t I receive higher score. Clearly rigged.
  • Don’t waste your money on the no ad version

    By Itstylerduh
    It suddenly becomes much more difficult to get through levels when you purchase the no ad version. Luckily for the company that makes this, you can continue through the newly harder levels if you watch an ad. It’s a scam.
  • Few bugs

    By nhfireslayer
    Few bugs to work out, problem with a few levels either placing impossible situations or even weirder when you collect balls it doesn't make enough so there is no way to pass the level thus forcing you to watch more videos cause you have to watch a video every round (ya I know I can shut my data off but then I cant receive other messages). Ads are a little ridiculous, would get a higher review if less ads and it wasn't bugged forcing you to watch more
  • Hm I guess so

    By Laughinglabs
    Hm this game is pretty good hm.
  • Addicting

    By Bertneymaus
    It’s like the same thing all the time but I am so addicted to this game. I love it. And it’s so relaxing.
  • Game is Okay

    By ayetee11
    The game is okay and would be something that I keep, but has way too many ads. I get the need for ads, but when the ads last long than the actual playing time it’s not worth playing
  • Yay

    By ave eppen
    This game is amazing.fell in love with the game immediately and I cannot stop playing.
  • Ignore 18204

    By cats and dog kk
    18204 is sooo wrong and should be rated very high. Don’t listen to them there wrong. They should be quite.
  • Ignore 18204

    By cats and dog kk
    18204 is sooo wrong and should be rated very high. Don’t listen to them there wrong. They should be quite.
  • Needs work

    By sarslo
    Seems fun, but I wish the app would stop crashing.
  • Horrible

    By mikemyers9
    Don’t listen to the 5 star ratings. The game is an alright game, but the levels are to easy and they’re is no challenge. Also it has WAAAAAYYYY to many ads even when I turn off my WiFi. The thing that I hate the most is that it glitch a lot. It’s kinda like when you watch something on YouTube and the video keep stopping and loading. I’m just about to delete the app
  • Not as hard as you think

    By Hfs suburban
    These adds like to say harder than you think. This game is not even close to hard and it gets boring after a while. If you make the game harder it would be for fun
  • Wow

    By kayla aylissa jones
    When I got this game like I was wowed
  • Can’t go 1 level without ads

    By culsphere
    You can hardly play this game at all without ads. Nice try, uninstalled.
  • Wayyyyyy to many ads( WiFi or no WiFi )

    By rb2384
    15 seconds of gameplay then 30 seconds of ads. Uninstalling
  • Ughh

    By harrywhodiny
    To much ads

    By Chofstead
    Omg!!! I really like this game and could definitely see myself getting hooked but it’s ridiculous how many ads you have and how long each ad is. I play for maybe 10-15 seconds then watch a 2 min ad every single time!! The game isn’t worth $2.99 especially not at first, $.99 to remove ads is more reasonable. You should let the player at least play the easy levels until they're hooked then bring in the ads. Its not challenging or satisfying to play for that short of a period, it’s frustrating. I’m just going to delete the game, I’m so beyond annoyed by these ads.
  • Instant delete

    By Japhet_
    Too many ads. More ad time than play time.
  • Luv game

    By Kateipooh
    I just started and I am in luv. This is easy make it harder pls!
  • Too many ads

    By bwdarkness
    This is a fun game. But the amount of ads is honestly overwhelming. I get it’s a free app and has to make money but it is way too much.
  • Nice

    By Cart_blanche
    A relaxing game for me
  • Too many ads

    By M3oba
    There are ads after every single level. And the levels are shorter then the ads... Not worth the time.
  • More time is spent watching ads than playing the game

    By brockwiley
    If you just hold your finger mostly in place for a few seconds you will pass the level. Then you watch an ad. For every 20 seconds you play the game you watch 30 seconds of ads. I played for maybe 15 minutes and spent about half the time looking at ads for other mobile games.
  • Waaaaaaay too many ads.

    By crazyphotoman
    I’ve never played a game with this many ads before. If they spread them out a little bit, it might be tolerable.
  • Be aware!!

    By Jules Montesao
    Downloaded app and it charged me money!! It claimed it was a free game but the second I downloaded I got a $2.12 charge to my card! Also no way to contact support for the app since they charged me and didn’t even give me the ad free version? If this is a paid app they should specify it and not just take money
  • Too many adds

    By redditreviewer#4334
    Game would be a lot of fun but for as much gameplay there is equal amount of adds