Fishing Food

Fishing Food

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-16
  • Current Version: 77.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 20.84 MB
  • Developer: Diced Pixel, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 54


Theres food in the ocean! Fish them out with your cat and have some fun! You can talk to the foods you catch too! If you like puns, I bet you'll have a reel good time playing this game :D HIGHLIGHTS ◉ Tons of cute and kawaii foods to discover ◉ Simple and addictive gameplay ◉ Upgrade your fishing gear to get more foods faster ◉ Go deep into the ocean to discover more foods and surprises ◉ Collect coins from the foods you've fed and become rich! ◉ Earn drinks for your foods while offline ◉ No forced ads! We hate them as much as you do THE STORY It's a crazy world, there's food in the ocean! Help your cat fish tons of cute foods in this amazing fishing game. Catch and collect cute foods that will talk to you and your cat. Feed the foods you catch to turn those foods into money. Go deeper into the ocean to discover more foods and surprises! HOW TO PLAY Gameplay is simple and addicting! Tap to start fishing and swipe left and right to aim for foods. Once capacity is reached foods will be reeled up and flown into more foods mouths to be eaten and give you coins. Use the coins to upgrade your fishing gear to catch more valuable foods to make even more money! OFFLINE PROFITS Earn coins when offline! Your cafe cat makes drinks while you are away. Use them to feed to your foods, making you even more money! NO FORCED ADS What are you waiting for? Unlike many other fishing games, Fishing Food has no forced ads! Only watch them if you want to! Download this game now and witness the best fishing game ever!



  • This game to find out

    By BangelsCheer610
    So my friend showed me this game yesterday day and first I was like “what the heck” then I was “like this game is awesome!!” It’s so funny when the new foods you get talk to you and make puns I just got mochi on island 2 and mochi asked me to leave a review so I wanted to say that this game is so funny my friend challenged me to get to island 3 and I’m on island 2 I have only been playing for one day and I love it the characters are so funny and they look cute lol but the orange doesn’t think he does but I like the orange 🍊 so if anyone is reading this and they don’t have the game I recommend it’s an amazing game I would love to see more games from you if you make more!! Bye

    By Aimeereviewergirl
    The foods are sooooooo cute I love that they have all kinds of food but I haven’t seen any other food but fries and burgers because for some reason when I get the cafe and tells me to close the app I do it but I start all over again from the beginning I don’t like it but also love it!?
  • So fun!

    By riceandcheeserlife
    I love playing this game with my cousins and they enjoy it very much. My cousins say to add hash browns (I can’t spell:-)), cookies, more capacity boosts, multiple chests at once, summer or pool update. I love this game and I hope it has more updates, keep it up!!!!!
  • Cute fun game 🥰

    By QueenM101
    A very fun game for anyone especially if you love food
  • YEET

    By Minty_berry
    This game is amazing
  • Great game

    By MonsterHunter745
    I love how it can allows you to add any food from any country I put a 5 star good game I can’t wait fore more foods and more puns love the game 😃
  • Orange

    By Mia Haram Yon
    I really liked how you made the orange look funny
  • So funny and fun!

    By Narwhal the Potato
    Ok I just have to say thank you to the creators for making this game. It’s hilarious. And it also made my day. My friend saw this game on her sisters phone, told me about it, and I decided to try it. It’s honestly a great game. I love the fact that the foods become very real to you and its funnier when they get real to you. When I got to the Mochi I just had to write this review. And also I really hope you get some credit off this game. It’s a really good game. I love the fact that you game creators left in some weird and relatable moments in the game. It makes the game stand out more. Speaking of standing out more, I have actually never seen a game like this one. Lots of the games in the AppStore can get boring real fast. But this one will last a long time. Please don’t get rid of this game ;-; This game is so fun and adorable. Funny too. I will OBVIOUSLY give this game FIVE STARS 🤩
  • Great Game For Passing Time

    By dokishima
    MORE FOOD!!! And add music please
  • Add a food

    By ssj rose goku black
    Add jello wand say the ocean was was jiggley
  • L

    By Th3art0fhav0c
    It is awsome
  • Good game

    By TerrariaFan98241
    This game is good
  • Food you should add

    By SpeedsterMHJ
    I love this game but a food you should add is a cherry thank you have a cherry good day
  • Super Easy

    By Ggfxhgdkhgkhfhrsgkgcgj
    I love this game but I beat it in a day. so please add more characters. Xoxo, Ella
  • I love it

    By ShellShock78
    I love the game I am a youtuber so can you please sponsor me I love the game but I got it for a long ride and finished it in 30 minutes so add more foods and more dialogue and characters that you can change into food costumes and maybe some youtubers as food and more islands. Thank you. P.S. My channel is Foxy1009 Gaming.
  • Ice cream

    By ice cream and pun
    Make ice cream and say you need to cool out
  • Amazing game!

    By Drago Camp
    On my Samsung device, I played the beta version and loved it! Now, it’s a full game, and I still love it!
  • CUTE!!😍😍

    By cute
    This game is adorable and addictive. I love it would definitely recommend.
  • I love this game

    By izzyali12345
    I love this game so much you should create more games like this 💜❤️😍😘🥰✨
  • You should add eggplants get the pun eggplants In the ocean

    By gonebroke0
    It would be just hilarious
  • Super good game

    By 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠👀🧠👀🧠👀🧠👀👀
    I love the game if you could can you add more foods though the game is so easy in 30 minutes I was already at food donut
  • Adding more cute foods

    By Malikflops
    You should add dates cause it would really be cute