Color Hole 3D

Color Hole 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-10
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 144.39 MB
  • Developer: Good Job Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 218 244


Once again, your newest addiction comes in 3D! Very easy to play, too hard to master Clear the board & do not pull other Colors in, that is it! 100+ Levels of limitless fun!



  • Never gets harder

    By mpdg-Kat
    I’m on level 700. It’s the same as all the others. Never got more challenging. Other than that, I like the *tick* noise the game makes.
  • Too many adds

    By BeavisButthead
    Good game, way too many adds.
  • Deleting this game

    By hathasam
    A fun enough little game, but you have to silence each add every time it runs, even though my phone is already silenced. What intrusive nonsense.
  • Too many ads

    By TWDfan0823
    This game has way more ads than any other game I’ve played. Players should be able to go several levels without an ad instead of every 3rd - which only last seconds.
  • Too easy

    By Sassysmurfy
    I got to level 100 in a matter of an hour and it only took my that long because of all the ads between levels. There’s zero challenge to this game. I kept hoping each level would be harder but it feels like they could all be level 1.
  • Fun but...

    By squeakers59
    This game is so much but their is so many ADS! Also you can’t choose your color to collect and colors to not collect. When I first saw this game I really wanted to play it. Also after every level you complete there an AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love playing this game but eventually I will stop playing for a will and want to play a different game.
  • Too many ads even for a free app- problem!

    By Jlikestoread
    This app has more ads then I’ve ever seen; even for a free app. It makes it impossible to play and the ads run way too long. I’m thinking of deleting this app because I didn’t get it to find other products.
  • Way too easy

    By jaye kp
    Way too easy. My 4-year-old played for about 10 minutes before saying “I’m bored! When does it get fun?”
  • More ads than play

    By Pat in vegas
    You get about 10 seconds of game play and then a 30 second ad. Looks like it might be a good game concept but you dont get enough play time versus ad time to really know
  • Too many ads

    By cala18
    This game is pretty boring. It also has too many ads. The ads wouldn’t be such an issue for me if they weren’t for sniper/killing games that I have NO INTEREST IN!! Nor do I care to see.
  • Best game ever

    By Keagle17
    This game is so fun I can’t stop playing it all I want to do after I got the game I just want to play it all the time it one of the best game that was ever created.
  • Having issues after latest update

    By naomitamar
    I’m on level 5000 something of this game. It’s repetitive but calming and does keep me busy. Something very frustrating I noticed after the latest update was the continue button doesn’t work. If you accidentally “catch” the wrong colored piece, you end up in that countdown, giving you 9 seconds to hit the continue button. All good. Except mine stopped functioning entirely. I’ll hit it for 9 seconds until I have to start the whole level over. Please fix this?
  • The best game

    By Tissy!!!
    I love color hole!
  • Good but needs some fixes!

    By Olivia Ross42507
    This game is very fun and satisfying to play but on the bonus levels when you hit continue after you watch the add it will not let you continue! And this game freezes a lot and exits me out! It is very fun though I just wish that that add problems would get fixed!
  • My storyline

    By The gile in charge
    I thought it would have been a waste of money but it terns out I started at it for a day and didn’t even notice that my family had left 3 times!
  • Relaxing but not hard enough

    By Kamora1234
    I really enjoy this game cause it’s so simple and relaxing but I’m on level 190 and it hasn’t gotten any harder so I’m starting to get really board of it. I wish they would make each level a little harder.
  • De-stressor

    By Rocknrobn105
    I love the game. Very relaxing and distressing. I have lots of coins and have bought all levels. Now I just need to know what the coins are for now?
  • Enjoy

    By HOLGR14
    Would like to be timed and beat my pick up score
  • Mrs. Shequita Putnam

    By Mrs Putnam
    Very relaxing and my kids love it
  • Most relaxing

    By Grandmatoons
    I like this game because it’s so calming. I can unwind and play a few rounds and feel better.
  • Color hole

    By #Hamilton43
    I honestly think this game is great for stress, and ok to play for kids all ages. One thing that does need to be fixed is the levels. They are so easy and can become boring Quickly. I am at level 303 and it feels like level 3. Besides than that, The game is pretty fun and satisfied most of my expectations. :)
  • Addictive but not challenging

    By Simply ~e~
    I'd give it a 4 or 5 star if it were more challenging.
  • Stupid ness

    By dude 982
    It’s stupid and it’s so easy it’s boring
  • Cupcakes candy cream

    By Taniyah5678
    4 because it needs a better strategy to play the game
  • Pretty but deceptive - Toddler age

    By kkavemann
    It’s a cute and mind numbing game. The levels just repeat themselves without getting harder. Use coins just to change colors. Same handful of levels repeating themselves forever.
  • Volume dose not work

    By hairtie2
    Love it but the volume doesn’t work why
  • Cool game but here’s a suggestion

    By C G P. trend rules
    I love the game but here’s a suggestion many when you get past level 3 u can start drawing ur hole 😃 but I love it so much
  • Color Hole Rating

    By ekw2008
    I love this game!!
  • Nope

    By Wyattsworld21
    Way too many commercials to enjoy this game. Deleting.
  • Color Hole

    By cruncher1990
    Wow! Very fun way to pass the time. I enjoy the game but I am having trouble with it right now. I get to the bonus level play it the press continue watch the little them then it won’t let me continue the bonus level. I have to continue the game part. It needs fixed
  • Anxiety relief

    By melbell202
    I play this game whenever I have a feeling of anxiety. It helps me to know that I control over the situation.
  • Her pies

    By Froggytr
    So relaxing 😻
  • Boring ish

    By maddie12346
    Kinda bored now
  • Could be more challenging

    By Myndisue66
    While I do enjoy this, I wish it wasn’t as repetitive. You successfully made me purchase the after free version by bombarding me with ads after each level. It was worth the $2 to make it stop.
  • 🤮🤢

    By pope dopey
  • Way too many ads

    By Longeyes
    Good game BUT we must watch one or more ads between each level. Some of the ads go black and the game never resumes. Have to kill it and start again. The “continue a level” by watching an ad does not work, I have watched ads multiple times but the “continue” never works. There is no option to purchase additional time using points accumulated.
  • Bonus round

    By 6539.$;03&;(
    I don’t like the bonus round. Is there a way to avoid them?
  • Yo

    By yomeowyoyo
    No adds you chicken
  • Very good app but THE ADDS

    By Eliza Soto
    I love the game a lot but adds it’s annoying!Good game

    By Dentist411
    Look we all get I’m a 10 year old playing this game on my phone so many ads I don’t like it i am at level 110 and more ads I play baseball games now and I’m a girl so it’s hard to get past the level and I am still stuck on it this is a stupid game and it’s not gonna let me play it again and it’s making me crazy I warning you if u like ad games u will like this one.......
  • Great game

    By toonblastgod
    Great game but ran into a bug in the game I do the bonus lvls but when they run out of time I click continue but after add it doesn’t continue.
  • Therapeutic but way too many ads

    By Emily_m_2
    It’s hard for me to even tell if I enjoy this game because there are way too many ads. If the developer has to have so many ads to cover expenses, then don’t offer a free version just make everyone buy it. It’s frustrating and defeats the purpose of it being relaxing. From the little bit that I get to enjoy before I’m forced to watch an ad, I think it might actually be relaxing and therapeutic.
  • Bubbles Up

    By Rite owls
    Completely relaxing
  • Ads

    By washington13579
    More ads than any game I’ve ever played...ever
  • Stress Free

    By Poohs220
    I’m giving three stars because this game is very relaxing, calm, and it keeps my stress levels down. HOWEVER, it’s like I’m doing the same four boards over and over. Now, I’m not saying make it difficult, but at least make it challenging. I’m on level 240, and I have yet to have a challenging board. I’m tired of after two boards I get the same two ads...enough is enough, I am not going to download sugar rush or toy blast. Can I get different ads, and at least allow me to clear four or five of these easy boards before I get a 30 second ad. And another thing, the black board with the yellow pegs...the timer needs to stop on that long stretch. I can not control that part, and the hole moves extremely slow...
  • Excellent time-waster

    By tlknight42
    UPDATE: Since the latest update (10/19), the continue function doesn’t work and the app won’t restore my purchase. I paid for the game and now it’s acting like I didn’t. Please fix! Not sure why people are complaining about this app. The ads are crazy annoying, but for $2 you can get rid of them. There are far pricier game apps that offer far less enjoyment. It’s an easy time-waster game when you don’t have the mental energy for anything else or just want to chill. And it’s super satisfying getting all the white blocks in the hole. Great game. I don’t normally buy paid game apps, but this was $2 well spent.
  • Puzzles just keep repeating over and over

    By NHMoore
    What’s the deal...I am on level 300+ and have repeated the same puzzles multiple times. I’m getting bored and want something more challenging...I keep looking for settings or hoping it will FINALLY get interesting...nope just rinse and repeat again and again and again and again and again!
  • best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By Stinger Splash 529
    i love it i cant get games so i snuck this game on my phonev
  • Good game to play

    By lil waen
    I love the game I play it every day and I can give this a five star but mack it scare