Beach Clean

Beach Clean

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-10
  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 250.49 MB
  • Developer: People Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 514


SUMMER IS COMING! CLEAN THE BEACH! Try to collect as many objects as you can and push them into the boxes. You need to clear every stage to complete the level and to get rewards! Each stage gets more challenging! How to play: - Swipe your finger to control and collect the objects



  • Boring and too easy

    By Pugs2526
    I haven’t even played this game yet and it looks really boring I saw an ad on this game on an app called will hero. And it looks so easy to win plus I heard there were many ads in this game. Sorry to say this tho, I’m Harper and that was my opinion others may have other ideas too.
  • It’s meh..

    By This game needs money😕
    This game is meh.. in the ad it looked like so much fun so I decided to download it. I got up to level 7 and honestly, it got boring. I think they should make the levels more hard. I showed this to my 2 yo cousin and she completed level 3! That’s how easy it is! 😐😐😐🙄🙄🙄🧐🧐🧐
  • Purchase for no ads?

    By Pisces1305
    Too many ads. I would purchase this for $1.99 if I could play with no ads.
  • ADS

    By Chay Chay :)
    So many ads. I understand that’s how they fund the game, but a thirty second ad between each level is ridiculous, especially when each level is quick.
  • Bored already 20 minutes if that

    By Not coolcat435
    I give one star because all the levels are just about the same once I hit level 20 I noticed and I’m actually already tired of the game after downloading it and playing it the first mini level thing has 25 blocks you only need 12 the second has 30 you need 16 the third has 50 you need 31 the fourth has 75 you need 53 the last has 100 you need 83 and sometimes you get the last one and it doesn’t say how many you need it just says “FINISH”
  • Glitch

    By JacobB1212
    So I love this game, it’s so addicting and so fun however, I collect all of the trash, and the trash gets stuck in the scoop and doesn’t go in! Please fix it, thx
  • 4star rating

    By uba su
    It’s a good game it’s just not the best
  • Very very fun

    By Tortri_
    I just got it and my son loves it
  • Ratings

    By lincoln101098
    It could go a little slower my sister try to play and and she could not do it
  • Um....

    By Rockin'girl300
    This game very glitchy. I not from American culture, and I thought phone would have apps good. It ok, but need improvement. Much improvement. Where I came from, we walk hot rocks. It not feel good. I would give this app 0 stars if were option, but no such option.
  • Bot

    By ruben8273
    Not good
  • Beach clean is the best

    By Pop *
    One day when I was playing a game I was on a add and it was this game so I thought why not now it is the best game I have on my phone. I got the idea of this from another reviewer
  • This game 🔥

    By Hshdhrb
    This game helps me think and concentrate on my rapping because I’m a rapper only 12yr old but I like playing this game a lot❤️
  • A lot of adds

    By milo and bailee schafer
    The game itself is really fun but can get annoying with the adds
  • This game is amazing

    By yeetthisbish
    When I saw the add for this game I got it then I played it for a minute and I got addicted so fast 😅 this is a perfect game when you are bored 👌🏻
  • Best game you can play

    By gjjeknrnfjf
    The creators behind this is just amazing and I would love to be apart of there team they have many many more coming up stay tuned.
  • Pretty cool🤗

    By ellie5G
    It’s OK it’s just that the game Is to easy but it is a little fun . In all it a good game if I get Bored 😐
  • So ADDICTIVE... 💅🏻❤️😘

    By SugarRushGirl16
    I lOvE this game and CAN’T stop playing... somebody call the police cause I’m addicted!!!!
  • Helping

    By JaNya Cason
    I like how this game makes me feel like I’m helping the environment
  • It’s pretty good but ...

    By Gigs 2
    I came across this game when I was looking for a new fun addicting game. This game is is almost perfect. The reason I took one star off was because it is very repetitive. As you may have saw in the ad for this game, you have a scoop that collects these little shapes and you have a goal on how many shapes you need to pass. The number goal stays the same throughout the game and the shapes rotate between circles, squares, and triangles. So it does get annoying after a while. Other than that, this game is really fun. I hope you read this and take this into consideration. If you have read this far, thank you.
  • gfsgnj

    By gfsvbufvbjyf
    this game continues to pop up as an ad during another game that im playing snd sends me straight to the app store with no way to exit it out piece of crap
  • One request then it’ll be perfect!

    By PayPay2552
    I love this game! It’s so addicting! My only request is to put an option to take off the ads! I would pay to take the ads away! Keep up the awesomeness!
  • I like this game but..

    By Maria Vares
    I like this game and all, it’s a very fun and addicting game and I’ve gotten far already.. the only thing that bugs me is the fact that there is soooo much ads. Like it just irritates me because every single time I have to go to a new level there’s always a long ad and it’s getting so irritating I don’t even wanna play the game anymore like I’m being serious right now.. hopefully they can change this problem
  • This game is so satisfying andI love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆

    By Lyriclittlejohn
  • It’s fun 😁

    By Aj-AK
    It’s fun in all but it could use more decorations.I feel like it’ll make it better! But in all it’s a fun game 🙂
  • Beach clean

    By juju2011$
    I hate this game because I just hate it
  • Ads are longer than gameplay

    By Elanaran
    First, I don’t mind ads. They’re apart of a free game, I get that. However, there are full length ads between each round and the ads are longer than the round. They are not skippable ads like you see in some games, so you are watching ~30 seconds for about 20-25 seconds of gameplay. Not the kind of gaming experience I’m looking for and uninstalling now.
  • Honest review

    By Dr. Phil N' Deblank
    I wish people here were a little more honest... The reason why I gave this game 2 stars is because it’s satisfying. The visuals are easy on the eye. And that’s pretty much it... The game has an ridiculous amount of ads. I am well aware this is a free game, and ad revenue is main source of cash. But every level?!? That is totally unnecessary and overly greedy. Every 7-10 would be more acceptable for me. Also, the gameplay. It is satisfying, but also very easy. Unless you have arthritis, carpel tunnel, a slow device only capable of 5fps, etc.(no offense btw). Their is no way you could miss the number. The obstacles act like they aren’t even there. Not even close to adding to the possibility of failure. The game is also very repetitive. The amount of gems for a new magnet is just too much. A gradual increase from 50, 100, 200 etc... Would be more effective. I wish their was more customizability, less ads, harder difficulty the more levels you pass, and just more originality and creativity added to the gamplay.
  • Meh... it’s just meh

    By 🙄😡😥
    Honestly, the concept of this game is just boring in my opinion. It’s not challenging or difficult in any way and I don’t enjoy it. I would give it one star, but I do appreciate the bright graphics and interesting sound effects.
  • Ok

    By meeeeeeee17593920472
    The only reason why I put 3 stars is because there are just so many adds. I just want to play the game.
  • To many ads

    By skyray133
    After every lev there’s an ad u can’t close and restart the app because you will have to restart the lev and still have to go through the ad, to top it off the game isn’t that fun Or addicting.
  • Love!

    By Hubsfyh
    Love this!
  • People say there’s too many ads (not true)

    By anessa the G
    Ok first of all those people who say “ too many ads!!” you probably have “too many ads” because your phone doesn’t function well. I currently have iPhone so I suggest you get an iPhone if you don’t like ads. Second of all don’t believe the people who rate this one star because this game is absolutely fine and there is nothing wrong with it. Thank you.
  • To make ads

    By Justaperson375
    At first I liked it but then I realized that after every single game(the ones I was playing were short)there would be an ad. If a game is going to put ads in it then they need to make it so you can exit out of it after 5 or less seconds. Otherwise I automatically delete the game.
  • Ads

    By Awesomezai
    Great game but the ads are to much y’all make us watch the whole ad there isn’t even a x button to skip it takes forever and u can only do 2 games then a 20 yr as comes on if y’all can at least put a x button so we can SKIP the ads the would be perfect
  • Cool game ✌️

    By idontknowbi
    I think this game is addicting and cool. It’s really satisfying to play and I think it’s a 5 star. But - there is problems. I think that there is too many adds. After you get through a level or two, there’s a add. So every level or every other level there is a add, which I think is a little weird and just too much. When I get on, I usually play for only 2 minutes because there’s just so many ADDS! I wish I would play longer but it’s so frustrating to have a add every minute. Otherwise, I think this game is a total success!
  • Ads

    By person who is mad out ads
  • Love!!

    By OMG GIRL 💗
    I just got this app and now I can’t get my hands off of it like the only thing that I don’t like about it is how many Adds its so annoying!! But that won’t stop me from playing the game I firkin ❤️ it so I would recommend you to get it as long as you don’t mind for a lot of adds 😂
  • Fun but too many ads

    By hals💗🏐
    The ads are longer than the amount of time that you get to play the game for and you can almost never skip them
  • My opinion

    By akiaki227
    I love this app it is so fun and easy and satisfying but ask for ever to do so many things like to get skins and to upgrade your island sometimes and it doesn’t even give you that many diamonds right after you play so I had to take away one star.
  • Addictive

    By FJR124685
    This game is great and addictive I give five stars because I can’t stop playing it
  • It’s fun actually but TOO MANY ADS

    By jbayoungboy
    Yo ads pop up every 5 seconds it’s insane almost make me not wanna play anymore
  • To many ads

    By fdbirx
    I like the game but I can’t stand that right after I play a level there is a ad.

    By Ana_2001
    After every level you get an ad. And it’s not short I swear they are SO LONG. Made me delete the app :/
  • Adds

    By fxcyfvhvuvvv
    I was playing and after every level it was an add and I hated that but the game is cool and until I find out that it will not be adds after every add I will delete the game🙄☹️
  • Clean the beach

    By Amelia Kuester
    This game is soo addicting and fun you have to try it
  • Much ad

    By my tiktok weirdA
    There were too much ads if you pressed no thank you they’ll still give you ads
  • Bethany Calder

    By Bethany Calder
    Really really not too bad!! Good actually!!!!
  • This is addictive 😅

    By Pizza Cat😹
    I literally just started about 5 minutes ago and this is so addictive. I love seeing all the shapes and when they come in... SO SATISFYING! All I just took a star away was because I want you to keep something in mind, it will take a really long time to get a skin, I know you want more people to play longer to try and reach their goals but maybe think about this, you could make it more and more gems for the better and better quality!! So maybe like 50 to 100 to 300 to 450 all the way up to 1,000!! That is all, Sincerely, AddictiveGems💎