Rope Around

Rope Around

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-16
  • Current Version: 1.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 158.86 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 14 709


You have a rope, so use it wisely Connect all pins to light everything up Can you solve all puzzles?



  • Does my face look like I will process my personal info to you? 😡

    By Dylan Fitz.
    NO. (P.S, Welcome to Ad Hell.)
  • Great but breaks

    By DegradingTomb
    After I compete 7 levels of the game it’s perfect but when I reach level 8 after 3 stages it BRAKES you can’t control the person nor the rope and you can’t even see stage 3 puzzle at all. So please fix this bug or problem. Thx.
  • Broken

    By Just swished
    Its a good game but there is a glitch and it makes the game unplayable
  • Love this game!

    By invalidnametaken
    The game is really challenging! It’s fun and keeps me on my toes! But now I’m stuck, I can’t get past one level because it freezes every time. So who do I contact to send a screenshot of where it glitches out? Thanks!
  • Titty

    By toe lover 6969
    It’s cool Ig
  • This game is not good

    By it is waterwave231
    First off I only got this game so I can play it offline when I’m out doing something but every time I try that it keeps glitching. I have saw other reviews saying this for a long time and the dev hadn’t did a single thing to help this glitch. you have to be online to play this game and you will get 40 ads in 20 levels it does not even get hard it’s just the same levels over and over again. And I have found this out they want you to be online it is not a glitch it is it's programming so it makes you go online and there is two ads in one level when the levels take you 30 seconds to Finnish so I and going to delete this game and tell my friends not to download it. Until it gets change
  • Bug

    By Ranzilla06
    Yea good idea but when you cant get passed lv 2 cause it wont load that kinda ruins the experience
  • Not what I expected.

    By Sheridan F
    Too simple, with too many ads.
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    By Martes Tettersell
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  • Swallowed by ads

    By Bjccccc
    Game is loaded with ads
  • Glitches really bad.

    By Wonderjordan
    Couldn’t even play level 1 because it would freeze and cause me to have to force it close.
  • Bugs and need fixes

    By mõõnlight pris
    I like this app it’s really fun and stuff but there is a level here I can’t see anything like the game is not there and whatever I do it would not load so it’s really annoying and I’m about to delete the game about that.
  • Fun-ish

    By difference supporter
    There’s an AD every 30 seconds so I’ll be deleting it due to that fact alone.
  • Horrible

    By deinss
    The content is boring and buggy as hell. The “puzzles” may be slightly challenging for a pebble.
  • It’s fun until

    By Huynom 1
    It was really fun until I got to level two, section two, it just glitches and does let me gat to the next level
  • Fun Game but almost unplayable

    By AZGBossman
    It’s fun to play while it’s working, but a lot of the time it becomes ridden with ads to the point of crashing and then resetting all of the progress I had made in the past 5-10 minutes. I have an older phone but I don’t see why a simple game will crash when something like Hearthstone or most other games work flawlessly on my device
  • Can’t see how this is fun.

    By carson13345
    I started playing and got to level 65 in less than 40 minutes. 95% of the levels can be completed by going around everything. After level 70 I kept seeing the same levels I already played so I kept track and the last new level I saw was level 80. I had played to level 450 and for 370 levels there where only around 75 different levels that were put in random order which I got the same level back to back multiple times. I honestly think this game doesn’t deserve a 4.5 star rating and think most of the reviews are created by bots.
  • Great Game but...

    By Banannik.a
    The game is fun and enjoyable. The only reason I give it four stars is because when I get to the 27th level, the first two parts of the level are good, but on the third one, the little person is disconnected from the rope, the game stops working, then crashes. Overall I love the game, but I am just hoping you can fix that glitch.
  • Ad Hell, incredibly buggy

    By ChaosDrago
    A good 10 minutes of play will land you 11 ads at best, 20+ at worst, I got back to back ads more than 10 levels in a row, there is also a incredibly common bug/glitch where the level will not load no matter what you do, resetting your level progress doesn’t nothing, returning to main menu does nothing, even resetting the app itself doesn’t nothing to fix it... I’m only giving it a 2/5 because I like the psychics behind the rope itself, it actual looks like a rope, not some phantom line following me that has no care for speed/direction. But the ads, oh god, THE ADS, it’s pure scum, some characters can only be unlocked by watching a certain amount of ads, but the point from watching the ad is RANDOMLY assigned to a character, which al require multiple points, the “rewards” at the end of a level are anything else, most of the time it’s just “watch ad for a point towards one of the ad exclusive characters” then it might be “watch ad to spend your “energy” (it’s the in-game currency) to unlock a character you could unlock by NOT watching the ad” and if you skip that ad, you get an ad anyway, making the skip button useless... you get no warning to these forced ads, and they appear so often it’s likely you will spend more time watching ads than playing the game, since the levels are all so simple and even start repeating (I had a repeat of Level 1 as my Level 14...)
  • Level 7

    By SweetyBAI
    I love this app its just in the middle of level seven the person is disconnected from the rope and theres no obstacles so pls fix that
  • Game crashes at level 2.3

    By WillSmallGetBig
    The game crashes at level 2.3
  • Won’t move on past level 2

    By kguesswhat
    The game has a great idea behind it but every time I finish the second part of the 2nd level it glitches and won’t let me continue the game(even after hitting the next button) it would be fun if I was actually able to play it:(
  • ad frenzy and repetitive

    By Lilianastar
    i feel like they give you the same stages over and over again and there's so many ads it's ridiculous.
  • Broken level

    By 48294839
    On 2-3 it breaks.
  • This game is stupid

    By Heatherf10
  • Fix it

    By plz put in lit god2
    I can’t even play the level when I got to a new level it would freeze and it not my phone I did everything so I open the app and its rest my level and I was lost for words and I don’t won’t to delete the game so I keep doing the same 5 levels over and over
  • Very fun!

    By Kenshincha
    Very fun! Such a great casual concept. It’s a little short and the levels start to repeat, but I love playing it. The only problem is I unlocked all the skins! I hope they come out with some more.
  • Soooooooo many adds!

    By coolalvinari
    Hello I wanted to tell you about all the adds in the game. I saw 12 adds in a row and couldn’t skip. It’s either a virus,glitch,or a very bad bug because it is unbearable. Thank you
  • It’s ight.

    By itssssyaaabbbooooooiiiiiiii
    It was a fun time waster and I went threw like the first 100 in 4 days and kept slowly playing it then it jus stopped at 201 every time I play the game freezes and I have to open the app again
  • Its could be better.

    By helloppl... 😑
    It’s an overall fun game, I like it a lot and it would be fun if it worked, but I get to point two of level two and it glitches out and I can’t play it every time it’s annoying and unplayable because of it.
  • ....

    By lucky 8427
    When an ad comes and it says -tap to play-I tap to play it and it takes me right to the App Store, this is getting annoying, because I don’t even know if I am going to like the game,this is getting on my last nerve so I would like it if you change it.
  • Just using you to make money

    By bonesmalons
    Literally an ad every 5 seconds. This app uses you to make them money
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    By Jakari Kinleyside
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  • Can’t do it

    By Hccgb
    I don’t like the ads way way WAY too many! Not to mention it won’t save any progress. And watch out for the loading as it may crash your game. Then back to loading then the ads again ugh it’s annoying so I deleted the game and won’t re-download it. Don’t fall for the gimmicks.
  • needs fixed

    By yasmin marie b
    like the game, but level 73 is currently broken/bugged
  • Stopped working

    By Username124
    I’m at level 30 and as I get past the first stage of level 30 it freezes and completely stops working
  • ads ruin the game

    By ItsYaBoiZand
    the game itself is good. But the ads ruined this game. If u don’t take off the cellular from this game, it drains gigs by the second. And if you don’t have wifi or cellular, the game glitches to where u can’t play it. Even if u r at home, every level, fail or success, ends in an ad. I do not recommend this game unless you do not have any data
  • Big bug

    By Mr Jasad
    Don’t download this game Have big bug 😐😐😐😐 Delete game
  • Anyone with 6 brain cells can play this game

    By Awesome26335623775
    Not fun at all, nothing challenging. Cut the top is wayyy better
  • The rope game

    By ciarafrenchfrye:D
    I like this game but since I can’t really get it figured out, I always ge mad and yell😂! But I play this game like 24-7 and it is just the best game ever!! Thx for making this game!!
  • Broken without data

    By Brownie_123
    This game is fun and just what I figured it would be when advertised, but I have found one terrible flaw. The game breaks in-between levels when not on wifi or cellular data. In a game with so many ads, this is a real bummer.
  • Too many ads

    By Yeahthatsprettygood
    How do you expect someone to enjoy a game with ads literally every level
  • Great game. Ads, however not so much.

    By lalee12
    I love this game! The only issue is the quantity of ads. They appear after each level and the ‘x’ is not available on most of them. Please please please limit the amount of ads on this app!! It would make the experience SO much better. I’m considering uninstalling because 90% of the time I’m on the app, I’m staring at an ad. Which is ridiculous🤷🏼‍♀️
  • It freezes up!

    By dantdm fan 27
    Whenever I get to level 6 on one of the things(I don’t know what to call them, mini levels maybe?) it just shows my character and the rope and it then freezes up!but other than that it’s a good game
  • Rope around

    By Addison bullock
    This game in so fun it kept me up all night long
  • Really?

    By Boo shar
    It’s hard playing this game because how many adds there are. Every 30 seconds or so you get an add. It’s basically unplayable. Would not recommend...
  • Worlds most Glitchy game you can play

    By a fellow angler
    Every time I play this game I get two levels in and the it glitches and will not let me go on to the part of the level I would rate higher I I could f-ing play the game
  • Dose not save the level your on

    By Nico gratama123456789
    I play then leave the game and come back another time to be forced to play the levels I have already played, I can not progress!!! Game is broken