Rope Around

Rope Around

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-16
  • Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 156.61 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 454


You have a rope, so use it wisely Connect all pins to light everything up Can you solve all puzzles?



  • The levels repeat themselves

    By Priya rocks :))
    I got to level 103 and the levels didn’t get harder or anything new, it was just the same. And then my friend who also has the game was on level 21 and I was on a higher level than her but we had the same thing so then I started to realize as i kept playing that the levels repeat
  • Ok at first

    By Me70022
    The game is okay at first but the levels just repeat themselves and there’s a ad every 15 seconds.

    By Bossmcgee123
    You will love this game if you like watching a non-skippable 30 second ad after every single level. Instant uninstall.
  • No variety

    By Cereza~chan
    I’m at level 144 and I swear I’ve played each level at least three times. Don’t play unless you want to be bombarded with ads while doing the same maps over and over again.
  • Ad problem

    By csmello1994
    Awesome game, but piss me off this ad that 30 second ad they make us see in every 2 levels you reach. That drove me crazy.
  • Bad!!!!

    By megdhwv
    It is autistic
  • Bad

    By please work momma
    Bad game probably on the autism spectrum
  • Trash

    By Thatbihhhhh
    Mines glitch rn sooooo
  • It won’t open the game

    By The very ehlpful noob
    Why doesn’t it open the game
  • Meh trash.

    By Appisablasttt
    Levels started looping after like 50 saw the same formats till 70 where I decided to quit. Just an ad revenue trap
  • Boring

    By Truth907717
    This feels like a boring waste of time?? Very uninteresting idk what the point is???
  • So. Much. Ads

    By creeksans
    Yeah it’s fun but you get the play the actual game twice before another 30 second ad pops up and even though it gives you options to watch an ad to get skins and gems, you will still have to watch another ad to continue playing so you’re just wasting your time, there’s other games out there, this is just another game that waste your time with so many ads
  • Awesome

    By Crowley_Dowell
  • Not enough levels

    By Princess_Aves123
    Why are there only like 10 levels that repeat?
  • Pretty fun game. Very few actual levels.

    By Jacobthenarwhal
    I love this game and while it technically has "infinite" levels they start cycling after the first few. Really wish there were more levels and mechanics.
  • Good but this might make the app better

    By princess-P
    I love this game but I would like it if there was a bigger challenge like you have to make a shape or a certain thing on each level That’s all I have to say
  • good game

    By Hsiskdbiddjbdjdksnsosozn
    It’s fun. Only complaint here is that you do seem to repeat a lot of levels, which uhhh gets a bit irritating after awhile. And yes there are a lot of ads but all you gotta do is turn of your wifi and that’s great! Sure the amount of ads seems quite excessive but for a free mobile game to stay up it needs ads or in-app purchases for the profit. So I’m not complaining. Overall, good game, just don’t repeat levels
  • Ads

    By anon15739519
    Developers no longer care about audiences enjoyment. Having to wait through 30 second ads every single level is an absolute joke. Wast of time completely.
  • No level 201!??

    By djw491980
    Can’t get past 200! Have to reinstall and start over 🤬
  • Repetitive and boring

    By Pringle_God
    The same 25 levels repeat. OK for like 3 weeks. Don’t get this game, ALSO SELLS PERSONAL INFO TO 3RD PARTIES
  • Review

    By cool fase
    It puts the one in the front it’s challenging but my heart is challenging but I love this game because it makes me feel challenged and it’s cool because I could do today in the week to decide if it’s a little it’s hard to figure out today These words might not be correct
  • Too many ads

    By xFunruh
    An ad every 2nd level
  • Too Many Ads

    By Mysterious __________guy
    This is a great game to play in all but there are so many ads that pop up.
  • Good great game but

    By Mrpsvitagames
    Its a very good game to keep my mind off of something and its satisfying to beat the level but why after like level 100 the levels become a repeat or am i missing something
  • Same levels after a while

    By kib😂
    I’m 100+ levels in and notice the levels have been repeating somewhat. Also the levels don’t seem to grow in difficulty. Should probably fix both of those.
  • Ads... Ads...

    By icantfindausersoochosethis
    Okay, let me just start off like this: THE DEVELOPER IS GREEDY Yeah, some games have levels and like every 5 levels or so, and ad, that’s pretty understandable. Not on this game, instead, THERE’S AN AD EVERY TIME YOU GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Not only that, when you get a ‘reward’ you have to watch an ad for it, that’s overall stupid. That’s not it! The way the game works is just... I’m just dumbstruck... dumbstruck.. 0 Stars if I Could, happy to have had deleted this game after this review.
  • Adds every second

    By ghostreviewer:)
    After 2 level you get 2 adds its is so annoying
  • There's a bug

    By m49cnn
    The string seems to be invisible ?? Why?
  • Just So So.

    By alexhern
    Yeh...not a lot to do. Is this just some quick cash grab game.? Because it’s TRASH.
  • Boring game

    By Hsofisjsj
    I’ve played the game for a couple of hours only to find that most of the levels just repeat themselves and never promote the slightest bit of a challenge
  • Lame

    By arvns
    It’s a fun concept but never gets challenging. You end up playing the same levels over and over...
  • Don’t get this game

    By Facebookless kid
    This game repeats levels after like 20 levels. Not fun. Do not recommend
  • Constant crashing

    By Geezee444
    I am a fan of the idea but all this game is, is for the developer to earn money. I had gotten an advertisement as soon as reaching level 2. The game started to lose frames at level 4 and suddenly crashed. I tried to open it back up but kept crashing. I gave it a good 3 or 4 chances and crashed every single time. I know it is difficult to create video game to try to myself on roblox. But there is definitely a line where a developer put effort into their game and doesnt.
  • Ads ads ads ads ads...

    By EpIc-Cool
    By downloading this app, you are pretty much downloading ads. You want to play a a level? Ads. You want to unlock a skin? Ads. You want to open a present that gives you gems, which you can get for watching an ad? Ads. You want to play the game? Ads.
  • Has potential

    By This papa
    This game is really laggy and the hit ox is huge. The game looks like it was really poorly made and requires you to watch a ad if you want a present after you beat a level so you're not really getting rewarded for your success.
  • Fun but could be better!

    By animegirl22
    this would be a lot better with sound!
  • There’s no challenge.

    By Loot Snoot
    A baby could complete this game, but that isn’t my biggest issue with it. There’s a 30 second ad after every level. You complete the level in 3 seconds then get a long ad. This is just a money grab game.
  • Good Concept. Bad Execution.

    Firstly, I like the idea of having to figure out how to navigate around the poles with a limited quantity of rope... but there is no indication of how much you have. Adding that would be a nice addition and maybe even limiting your amount more could create a more in depth puzzler where your routing actually matters. Next up. THERE IS NO SOUND. Not even a simple fanfare after completing a level. You get no joy out of completing a “supposedly” difficult puzzle but are instead rudely interrupted by an add that is way too loud because you opened the game full volume expecting some sort of tune to play along with. Its not only eerie that there is no sound, but makes the game even less interesting and therefore, makes people less likely to put up with the barrage of adds. Next, the rope physics are bad. I completed a few levels just because the rope jiggled just right turning that into a solid line would make it more challenging. And finally, there just isn't enough levels here to make this a fully fledged game. I’d like to see more. Maybe even a level selector. But until these issues are dealt with. I wont be even slightly tempted to spend a dime on it or for that matter, play it.
  • Garbage

    By Storm flare
    Blatant cash grab, low effort game. Has about 50 levels that all are easy enough to solve on your first try. After you beat the 50 it loops back to level 1 but labels it “51” to make it seem like there’s more. I guess they think you’ll forget what you did ten minutes prior. Throws in an ad every other level, so about every 30 seconds you watch a 30 second ad. No other game modes or options, no sound either. Garbage game, would give it 0 stars if I could.
  • Very repetitive

    By kayla davis ✌🏾
    It's an okay game but after a while, the games start to repeat and there is no point in playing anymore. There is also an abundant amount of ads after each game and a little number of gems.
  • Ads

    By MiContSpel
    The game itself is pretty boring and it’s sort of hard to control the little guy that ropes around stuff. Ads would pop up in the middle of playing and every time I finished a level. Too many!
  • Bugs

    By Vanmms
    It keeps bugging at level 209. Can’t go further 😡
  • Cooooooool game

    By kayla made it
    It is lit but it can get a little hard but anyWho it is liiiiiiiiiiiiit😗😛🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
  • Spam!!!!!

    By Popcorn00106
    Ready to play? It is a fun concept. Pretty much turned into a desperate attempt to make money. Ad after ad, then an ad, and here’s a gift! Can you guess what it is???
  • Boring

    By kmeep
    Once you play the game for a bit it literally starts giving you the same level over and over again. You also have to dodge adds about three times between every level so if you like money grabbing attempts at games this one is for you!
  • Eh it’s okay

    By 671Christy
    This game seems really good, but after a while it gets boring. It could use some music to help with the vibes.
  • This is an ad

    This is one of those apps that’s basically an ad. You’re downloading an ad. There’s a mini game in between the ads that requires no skill and is not challenging and not satisfying. Thumbs down
  • Ads

    By ConnorGauldin
    The levels in this game are very easy and meant for you to keep playing so that you can be plagued by the ads that come every 30 seconds and last for 30 seconds
  • Terrible

    By spiffin00
    I’ve literally never written a review but this game is so incredibly uninspiring that I felt I needed to tell everyone