• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-10
  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 193.94 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 28 401


Slicing soap, flakes, grass has never been so satisfying and breathtaking . Enjoy the destruction now! Hold to slice things, but watch out the obstacles! Main Features - Simple and pleasing -Addictive gameplay - Easy control - Variable things to slice - Impressive visual effects Collect corn, rock, leaves, sell them, and unlock even cooler things!



  • Amazing game

    By Tortiose ( taur - tis )
  • This Game is SOOOO Fun

    By Swiftcat1
    Its really fun and relaxing There isnt that much ads..for me i guess its a great and cool im going to get more of my friends to play
  • TO MANY ADS 😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤!!!!!!!

    By cupcake girl 369
    There are too many ads there are ads every 10 seconds
  • Too many ads

    By Starange wave
    The game itself has a very satisfying and relaxing tone, but after every level you complete there’s an ad. It says that you’ve won a reward but you need to watch an ad to collect it, and a no thanks option at the bottom, but even if you click no thanks it still leads you straight into an unskippable ad and it gets annoying after a little while. The ads just ruin the atmosphere
  • My review

    By Jeon jihyo
    TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fun app

    By Gennavecia
    Awesome amazing great I love it
  • Omg so dumb

    By omg soooo not scary
    You think it was be fun it has a horrible glitch and sooooooooooo many ads it is dumb do not download
  • More ads than game

    By Bfo46778
    Seriously a 30 second ad every 20 seconds of playing. And the constant ads loading at the bottom of the screen cause the game to lag. Greedy developers with a poorly made game.
  • Decent game

    By Gustpaw Plays
    The game is nice and all. I do have a fee issues with it, however. First of all, ads. I get it. You use the ads to keep the game free. But there are just a large quantity of ads, and sometimes they pop up in the middle of the game. Second of all, when I use up all three of the hammers to get rewards, theres a button to get 3 more by watching an ad. I press the button. Absolutely nothing happens. No ad. No 3 more hammers. Nothing. Please fix this. Thats all I have to say.
  • Hate it

    By thank dude
    It’s so dumb I don’t need it because I hate it
  • Good

    By KAL 1213
    I think this game is ok but when I play it, it glitches and it is really annoying and I want to play a different game that does not do that. I think if you wanted to play it and keep going then I would tell you no.
  • Ads

    By drpepperisunderated
    Full of way too many ads.
  • Layla

    By litte snake
    I saw this on add I thought it was dum but my mom said that looks 😎 for you so I said fine but now it’s 😉
  • No

    By tacopants hello kentucky
    I really hate it it ummm yeah the ads were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying umm but ya know 👌
  • On pipe games

    By ok 4sao
    Good job
  • So annoying

    By Blokbuster kid
    I hate it when I download a new game and right when I finish the tutorial, it wants me to rate it. I DIDN’T EVEN GET THE CHANCE TO PLAY A REAL LEVEL YET, LIKE, HONESTLY!! It’s just soooo annoying. But I’m not saying that I hate it... I played it more and I think it’s fun. So yeah...
  • Don't bother

    By MLTDG
    This game is obviously a shameless attempt to get as much money as possible by creating something that's just okay and filling it with as many ads as possible, all the while begging you to watch even more ads to fatten their wallets further. If you're going to give this game a try, open it in airplane mode. But the best thing you can do is not even download it. If the game wasn't so ad-filled, I'd have given it 3/5 stars. But it is, and I gave it the lowest possible rating as a result.
  • Great Game

    By H3C70RdelAn9el
    I love this game. There’s a lot of adds though but they have to put adds in. It’s very satisfying.
  • Omg🙄

    By HaloPrincess
    Really NO SOUND??? This game would be absolutely amazing...WITH SOUND!!?!
  • Love it😘🍩🍪

    By soapy style
    I love this game so much its just so amzing and it is oddly satisfying which i love because its like your peeling or cutting even slices of soap but its corn i gave this game a five star rating because it has the best qualities except for the adds which is annoying but thats the only thing i do not like about this game but for the rest of the game i would say it pretty awesome or as i call it amazingly awesome if you do not like watching adds after almost every level you do not have to get this app if you do not mind to watch adds after every level you can get this app i would say whatever is best for you. you can always change your mind for an app its never to late for that
  • I love this game

    By fasnion Queen
    This game is so much fun I love it 🥰😋😁😊all the people who wrote mean and ugly reviews I don’t agree but I’m not trying to be rude but that’s all 😉
  • Review on how terrible this game is

    By lobster2539359
    This game has way too many adds after everything it will ask u to watch an add to double cash and you’ll say no thanks then they will give you an add and you won’t have double cash
  • Fhybhuyfv

    By ussusisud
    First ftthg can be irdc
  • Repetitive

    By Love it extremely fun
    I love this game, it’s fun. It’s really nice! But it feels VERY repetitive. It just feels like the same level over and over, I mean the game is fun and all. But if they changed the game up or something (I’m a little new and haven’t explored so maybe they do have some new things). It’s just too easy, but the game is really fun and quite nice. I would recommend this to maybe a 4 or 5 yr old, not a 12 or 15 yr old who doesn’t like easy and children type things.
  • I love this game but.......

    By I ❤️🎮
    I love this game, it gets rid of stress but the adds. The adds are SOOOO long when I can’t wait to go to the next level or whatever the adds come. The adds are like 20-40 seconds long. Please get rid of the adds
  • Awesome

    By Jazzy S. Hicks
    I thought it was super funn and satisfying but I’m weird like that 😂😂👌🏻
  • Really like it, but...

    By angela72g
    I just got this game today, and played it enough to decide I wanted to keep it so I paid to remove the ads. The amount of time Still waiting to skip watching ads is annoying. It’s similar to a pushy salesperson following you around a store continuously trying to sell you something, anything, because they cannot take ‘no’ for answer. Several years back before Netflix, Hulu, and so on, some tv stations had gotten to the point of having so many commercials, some as much as 10 min for a single commercial break — I would get so bored with the commercials that often I would forget I was even watching a show and start flipping through channels looking for something to watch - and eventually just stopped watching those channels altogether. That is classic example of ‘too much.’ I am totally ok with a game including options to watch videos to get/upgrade various features of the game, but why do I have to wait to skip it? Sometimes wait to choose, ‘no thanks,’ and immediately after another option for an ad comes up, and I have to wait again to skip the option for watching an ad. This is the first game I have paid to remove the ads and it still feels like I am spending more time with ads in my face than playing the game. Please, at least change it so that you do not have to wait for the ‘no thanks’ option - and when the option to watch an ad to fill the jar up comes up, don’t have gift box ad come up right after skipping it. After every single level you are waiting to skip 1-2 ads - every level. Please change that. I don’t mind paying to remove ads if I like a game - but this is ridiculous. If the waiting to skip ads gets changed, I would definitely recommend this game.
  • To many adds

    By fate the great
    Way to many adds
  • Hi

    By soccer queen⚽️
    Fun did not stop playing I got it for I was just wondering how you would want it and if it didn’t have a great deal it wouldn’t have to get the hang out but I don’t want it I want it to get to it and then I’ll get the one.
  • I can’t join the game

    By nickfliphip
    Every time I play it just show’s a gray screen then dose nothing I was on it for an hour and it was still on the gray screen pls fix this bug
  • Ok

    By rose k2k2
    Needs some changes 1 you need to stop ✋ having adds after you played it
  • Great game but to many ads

    By kejejfjd
    It’s an amazing game, not going to lie. But there’s a lot of ads. Not going to lie at first it was normal for me but now I play it and it’s getting annoying. I know that there’s a feature that saids no ads, but there’s some people who can’t afford it. A simple apple gift card cost around $15.00. Who is going to buy $15.00 dollars for only $2.99??
  • Do not get

    By Caligurly99
    I get the idea of having this fun, satisfying game, but there are way to many ads, and they’re all way to long for how many there are. Also, when I try to start the game, it doesn’t let me start it, instead, it plays an ad. I don’t recommend getting this game
  • I hate it. It has too many adds

    By lollipoppygirl
    I can’t play for 1 second cuz there’s addS!!
  • Fun but it keeps freezing up!

    By Nephythys
    I don’t know why these games are as fun as they are- but this one keeps freezing up and I have to restart. Please fix and I’ll up the rating.
  • H͟͟o͟͟w͟͟ I͟͟ l͟͟i͟͟k͟͟e͟͟ o͟͟n͟͟ p͟͟i͟͟p͟͟e͟͟ .

    By qwetru,yfgjfdtjrsrsyrsmysr
    I͟͟t͟͟s͟͟ s͟͟o͟͟ s͟͟a͟͟t͟͟i͟͟s͟͟f͟͟y͟͟i͟͟n͟͟g͟͟ I͟͟ l͟͟o͟͟v͟͟e͟͟ i͟͟t͟͟ I͟͟ c͟͟a͟͟n͟͟t͟͟ s͟͟t͟͟o͟͟p͟͟ p͟͟l͟͟a͟͟y͟͟i͟͟n͟͟g͟͟ s͟͟o͟͟ a͟͟d͟͟i͟͟t͟͟c͟͟t͟͟i͟͟n͟͟g͟͟
  • This game is amazeing

    I saw the add and it looked really cool and it let me do a level and I was like heck ya I live the game and just downloaded it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I see all these reviews saying “there is to many ads” well all you have to do is turn the WiFi OFF
  • Ads after every interaction.

    By consaca
    I thought this was going to be fun and highly satisfying, but there’s literally an ad after every single thing you do. I’m aggravated.
  • This game is fun but...

    By ember lake
    This game is soo soo much fun and I LOVE that it doesn’t need any WIFI! It it so much fun and a great game to do when your bored. But it has WAY to many ads. And yes, I do know you need ads but there after every, single level. But it could only be after every five levels at least. But again this game is SOOO much fun just has WAAAY to many ads.
  • Its okay

    By ...............4554743...44...
  • Here is this.

    By Aiden Roman Develin
    If this game is the best,but some people say it isn’t...they need to play it. BUT that’s just a theory A GAME THEORY
  • Yee

    By ChipSlipDipFlip
    Yee yee yeee yeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Fun, but-

    By actualjo
    This app is 500 ads and 10 seconds of game.
  • Poop

    By haboken
  • I love this app!!!!! 😍

    By bla444
    This app is so fun. I think you should get it! I found this app when my cousin was playing it in the car I asked if I could try and she said yes and when I tried I loved it even though I was kinda bad. I downloaded this app today. I already love it!❤️❤️❤️
  • Oof oof oof oof oof oOoOoOoOoOoOfF

    By COOL GRL!!
  • Ads ads ads

    By Mooshx
    Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads...get the picture? I understand, they’re trying to make money, but c’mon!!! Played a few times but became overwhelmed with ads — almost no actual play time! How about gradually introducing the ads? As is there’s a permanent ad banner at thr bottom of the screen. Also, don’t ask me to rate the app RIGHT AWAY! If the developers only tempered this app a bit it *might* be good.
  • Not interested

    By GmaHula
    ...if it means I have to watch ads everywhere and anywhere throughout this game. Like taking one-step forward and two-step back. Sorry but I will sit this dance out.
  • Cool game

    By real steel! GIrL
    I love,it I just, got it!!