• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-10
  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 193.94 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 22 719


Slicing soap, flakes, grass has never been so satisfying and breathtaking . Enjoy the destruction now! Hold to slice things, but watch out the obstacles! Main Features - Simple and pleasing -Addictive gameplay - Easy control - Variable things to slice - Impressive visual effects Collect corn, rock, leaves, sell them, and unlock even cooler things!



  • Way too many ads.

    By Des_98
    Deleted the game because the ads are ridiculous.
  • Too many ads

    By hungr743
    I like the game .real fun to play when your bored but way too many ads .last game I played gave me one ad before then a 2nd literally 5 seconds later then a 3rd one in the middle of playing .it makes it hard to enjoy the game.
  • They don’t care(ads)

    By Jakob Westerlund
    The first review on the game days back 2 months ago. It complained about ads. Obviously in that time, they could solve this problem about 70 times over. The gameplay is subpar. They want your ad revenue. They couldn’t care less about your enjoyment.
  • This thing sucked and no one should play it.

    By kimberlyn hart
    No one should play this game
  • Really fun but ads killed it

    By ads kil games
    I really liked this game and thought it would be really cool but after I started playing it I got so many ads I couldn’t enjoy the game
  • Was FINE until ...

    By dimondstar721
    It WAS fine but now I collected 100 coins and when I accidentally exited out I had 0 coins! Plus it’s really boring.
  • TOO MANY ADDS - Add Magnet Fremium App

    By miguelitocuban
    For every level there are adds, and after you finish each portion, more ads. It's like your watching adds every 60 seconds. Definitely do not recommend
  • To many ads

    By EstebanNinoC
  • Wayy too laggy

    By HeatherBVBfangirl88
    The game itself is fun, but the ads are unbearable. You never even get to go through the end level loop bc it plays an ad right before it, and right when it ends it starts the next level so you can’t even get it perfect. If there were less ads it would be a 4 star
  • I love this game so much I can’t stop playing it

    By lovelebabby love you
    I love it so MUCH
  • Toooooo Many Ads

    By Fbbdbdbd
    Only gave 2 str because of the ridiculous amount of ads. It's a shame because the Game is fun when you can play. Had to uninstall game. :(
  • Ads

    By mk2369
    I understand with any free app there will be ads during game play. But OMG there are literally more ads than game play. I deleted this app and redownloaded hoping that the ad situation would be different. It wasn’t. If the creators have to have more ads than game play then they should just charge for the app.
  • Can’t play due to ads

    By Dan212212121
    My 4 year old wanted to play but the ads are ridiculous. Delete.
  • Happy birthday, you get an ad.

    By hikaridawson
    So many ads! I can’t believe this. The challenge increases by 0% and after every level you are rewarded with an ad. 1 Star.
  • Way too many adds

    By saudreythegreat1
    The game is super fun but after every time there’s these super long adds,I would enjoy it more of the adds were shorter or less.
  • Be a great game if it worked right.

    By PayPay2552
    There’s so many ads it lags your phone. It takes 10 seconds to complete a level and they give you a 30 second ad every time. I even clicked to purchase no ads and instead it gave me an ad and didn’t come back with an option to purchase. Even just when exploring the options for slicers it popped an ad up every time I clicked. It lags so bad that even if I hit every ring it won’t count them because the game cut out. And it just drains my battery to try to keep up. Only way to play is in airplane mode and it’s not as bad. If you can get passed the ads it’s a good game but it’s just too much for my phone to handle I guess.
  • Ok

    By It could have some improvments
    There are to many ads and the levels are boring and short

    way too many adds and not even a great game

    By space nerd586593
    This app is add after add after add. The levels are only around ten seconds long! I do NOT recommend this game.
  • I’m hungry

    By Family is amazing
    This game reminds me of corn. I want corn. Lol it looks so much like corn. I’m hungry
  • Eh

    By Drownthekings
    It’s just an okay game that peaks your interest long enough for you to watch a ton of ads and get bored. Way too many ads, it looked promising but eh
  • Bad

    By cfthc ndhidg
    Bad so Hurd
  • Too Many Ads!!!

    By Lovee this app
    This game is really fun but you can’t enjoy it because there are wayyy too many ads.
  • Pretty Good 😐

    By laylayrose123d
    It is a really fun game, but there is way too many ads and the levels are too short. And plus, the ads are of the games I already have. I don’t know if it is just a coincidence or whatever but good game.👍🏻 If you just take out some of the ads and make the levels a little longer, I think it would be a better game.
  • Satisfying

    By gujnjffh
    This is an awesome way to relax. Super easy but challenging.

    By Erin, Gamer
    I saw this game on an ad and it looked pretty cool, so I got it, it’s a really stress reliving game, until the ads get to a problem, the ads feel constant , and they just keep going, so if you can please remove the ads, I know there is a payment that you can make to remove them, but I am not spending anything on a game, so yes, please remove the ads, thanks!
  • Cool

    By okgamergirl2511
    Awsome game create some more like this
  • Mad😡

    By ariana gradea
    This app is so stupid to many adds I literally deleted it
  • way too many ads

    By urmomgay0000
    there’s an ad every 10 seconds. no, i’m not going to watch your ad, yes i am going to uninstall.
  • come on😬

    By tdyfjncg1
    its too easy and there is to many ads. if it weren't so easy this game would be way funner and every time I join SO many ads
  • Ads

    By wwesix
    I feel like having an ad before the level ends is stupid and I don’t like it!
  • Too Many Ads

    By asmb100
    This game has so many ads it’s practically unplayable. The concept is just a rebranded version of many other mobile games but with way more ads. Every time you click something it plays an unskippable ad. Completed a level? Ad. Start a new level? Ad. Unlocked something? Ad. Don’t want to watch an ad for more coins? Ad. If I wanted this many ads I’d go to the infomercial channel.
  • Ehhhhh

    By riri the weirdo
    It was an okay game. Although it was: 1. To easy/the same thing over and over again 2. Ads were constantly appearing 3. It’s just not fun It’s not great that all I’m trying to say
  • Pretty good

    By good review master101
    This game is awesome! But there is one problem about this game. There is a commercial break after every level witch gets very annoying. This game is pretty good all in all
  • Where is the sound :(

    By sadaboutinsta
    The sound from the ad? Corns poppin off!?
  • This is ok

    By cvdgththghrth
    I like the game and it is very satisfying but the are so many frikin ads that you can’t go a turn without an ad coming on and it get very annoying😡
  • To many adds!😒😡

    By myappdiction
    There are to many adds! The game has way to many adds and I gets so annoying when every level you win or lose you still get an add it’s so dumb. When you lose a level you have a choice to watch a video and keep playing or skip and restart the level and if you decline the video you still watch an add anyway!.!.!
  • Ads

    By cross19999
    I like the game but the ads are ridiculous I get two if not three every level I play
  • لعبه غير جيده والسبب كثرة الاعلانات بشكل مبالغ فيه

    By لوي لالي
    سئه جداً بسبب كثرة الاعلانات بشكل مبالغ فيه حتى انني مللت من اللعبه وازلتها
  • Amazing

    By CookieXOX :P sub to me
    This game is amazing it might get hard but I no matter what I really like this game I like the sounds when we chop the corn or whatever it is.
  • Way to many ads

    By Chicken say cluck cluck bob
    There is way too many games and honestly, this game would be better as a level that goes on continuously and instead of trying to beat the levels you see how far you can go
  • All these ads for what

    By Ian Cash
    Ok I get it your trying to make money off of ads but there shouldn’t be a ad every time you die or restart just remove some ad and I will give it 5 stars but it is a good game
  • It’s ok

    By ashly gurl
    I love it in all but TO MANY ADDS
  • Age limit stupid

    By bearyppuff
    I am younger and I like it
  • 👎🏻👎🏻

    By rawan amri
    ads with every step!! i delete it
  • Thanks

    By Anomako
  • Too many adds

    By txflood3
    Maybe the levels get more difficult, but I never saw anything harder. 30 second ads between each level. The ads are longer than the levels take. Has potential but no way would I continue with a game set up like this.
  • Decent

    By 💩💩💩💩☹️
    It’s fun it just has way to many adds
  • It is good but also bad

    By LittleNinjeye
    When I beat the level it gives me an add but then when you are out of He add you have no choice but to do another add so it’s half good and half bad 😐