Perfect Turn!

Perfect Turn!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-16
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 133.25 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 7 322


New exciting puzzle game! Turn sponge and paint squares in different colors. Not so easy! Try to get around tricky obstacles and paint whole levels!



  • Great game

    By honey8bun
    I love this game and it is just so fun to play I would never give a bad review but I am only on the first few levels so I am happy with this game so far I just hope there are not a lot of ads and I hope they are not long ads
  • I Don’t Like It I LOVE IT

    By ellaisthebest/awaome/BFF
    If your looking for a challenge game I would definitely recommend this one.Its super fun challenging and a really fun game I think that you should download this game and if you don’t your missing out.
  • Wrong things

    By Kenziekratz
    You probably have enough of these reviews but it was stolen from I personally love that game but this not so much, there is to many ads and it’s not very hard, the sponge could be bigger and also the noise makes it boring
  • O.k.

    By Gitddtjutsgj
    It is littered with ads but the overall game is ok.
  • The people who play in your ads are autistic.

    By LearnHowToMakeAnAD
    They can’t figure out anything these ads make me want to kill myself.
  • Utfvufvfvufy

    By Marce:)
    The bigyuvygvutfvutfv
  • Cool game!

    By $$;$$(+;$)-)$'
    This is a great attempt at a fun and addicting game. There aren’t that many advertisements and the game is actually kinda fun. The only problem is that the levels are too easy. Please make the levels more challenging, or add something different, like a new mode or something else. It would really keep the game fun. Other than that, nice job.
  • Love it!

    By emaxey_22
    This game is very fun, the ads are also very reasonable.
  • Stolen

    By geraldgreengonja
    This game is already on the internet I forgot the name but I used to play a lot in kindergarten
  • ما اجمل هذي اللعبة !

    By من اسيل ❤️
    انا اعجبتني هذه اللعبة ما اجملها انها اكثر لعبة اعجبتني
  • Pt

    By kilkjlhjfhmfj
    I like it but I do not love it
  • ads

    By Haileyhill_7415
    i paid for no ads just to still get ads. i want a refund
  • Love it

    By JimmyJam62
    This game is easy and fun I think you should by this game
  • My Opinion - This is a small review

    By ROBLOXHorseWorldLover33
    This game has me entertained very much and I’d like to give my opinion about it. I Ike this game first play and it kind of was rediculous because you don’t NEED to have a sponge turned around in order to paint/sponge paint something.
  • Please and thank you

    By setoulove
    You can do better upgrades you know !!!
  • All of the game

    By n.p127
    This game was so cool it took my mind off of everything in my life and I feel good
  • Perfect turn

    By wugzy
    I wish I the sponge is bigger
  • This is literally Bloxorz from Coolmath games.

    By Andrew Gillettr
    Please do not support an app the straight up rips off a classic kids game.
  • Idk

    By moon moon moon noon
    This game is no that cool but on the ad it’s so cool
  • Cool but toooooooo easy

    By Wheaher bear
    They neeeeeeeed to make this game harder
  • Perfect turn

    By Les-98
    Game is fun. But TO MANY ADS.
  • Mathplayground Anyone?

    By OddityBTW
    This is a good game but I’m writing this review because it reminds me of the game on Math Playground lol
  • The right amount of ads

    By OOOOOOOFguy
    This game is amazing it’s really fun. Even though with the bonus ad thing it’s cool. Probably one of my best games played yet.
  • Msxfz hxt

    By meharh
    Mic eh Duncan
  • App freezes

    By SmileyCreeper22
    The app freezes A LOT, causing me to have to refresh the app several times before I can even continue playing. Once fixed, will bring to 5 stars. Other than that very fun game.
  • Review

    By ReaganClairePitcock
    Bad things are that I don’t like the noise it makes and it’s kinda boring. Good things are it helps you get smarter and more clever. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!
  • Glitchy

    By Tweak-1130
    Okay i downloaded this because it seemed fun. BUT, it freezes up. It glitches in and out of the game and i hat the fact that i can't play it for more than 4 mins without 1 glitch.
  • Well, some people might like it.

    By Apersonwithaanswer1
    I guess it’s time consuming, like, for me it isn’t that challenging, for other it might be. Check it out and see if it’s what u want
  • I

    By 123456789101234567890#bob
    The levels need to be harder
  • This game eats tities

    By crackheadbutf
    This game eats butt
  • They stole this game from cool math

    This game is on LAWSUIT
  • Forced ads every 4-5 lvls

    By fix this sht pls
    Every couple levels you get a gift and are forced to watch a 30 second ads.
  • Good

    By goal gals
    It inspires me😛😛😛
  • Broken

    By HannahNgocDo
    It is fun to play but it is so glitchy and laggy. The screen keeps on freezing and restarting the game doesn’t help at all. If this would be fixed, I would rate it a 4.
  • A review

    By Noobie34
    I love this game because it’s easy!!🤑🤑🤑🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
  • What are the coins for???

    Some levels you just can’t lose and I still don’t know what are the coins for.
  • Ugly

  • it is so addicting

    By Lunar Tim
    i’m addicted to this wonderful game, i would like to see new skins for the sponges tho
  • Read this review

    By Blackbirdwhite
    As of the time I am writing this the ads are actually not ridiculous. Any videos are optional and the only other ads are on the bottom of the screen. Thank you for actually letting me enjoy a good game!
  • This is a fun game, but

    By Crystif
    The noisy ads @ the bottom of the screen is unnecessary & rude! Whoever decided that was a good idea needs to lose his/her job!