Collect Cubes

Collect Cubes

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-26
  • Current Version: 1.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 151.56 MB
  • Developer: Alictus
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 23 271


Move around and knock over 3D cube buildings. Bring all pieces to your core to level up.



  • Can’t pay to not have to watch adds.

    By ambertipton2015
    Love this game, very relaxing to me. But it annoys me having to keep watching adds. And there is no where to pay to not have adds 😡
  • No no no

    By hsjdjdhrhr
    Too many ads!
  • Good but......

    By al al's cool and true speach
    It is a good idea but it does not need to be so slow on getting to the fun. seriously 😒 I want to like it and I am on level 40 or something and it is the same as level one this is getting annoying but I like the idea of the game
  • Love the game

    By mommymistie91
    I love this game. It is very calming. The only thing I’d like to see is an option to pay for no ads. Please please make this happen
  • Kinda misleading

    By RedBrandon289
    It is fun but in the ad it says you draw your own scoop but other than that and not many buy options it’s a good game
  • ❤️

    By djdkfnfkrnfkfnfk
    i love this game, it’s just that it is really laggy
  • Love it or leave it.... I’m not sure

    By rwadln420
    I’ve done over 3000 levels and it’s addictive but I keep seeing ads showing it dumping lots and lots of cubes and I’ve never seen anything like that. Also it used to be you had bonus stages and they seem to be gone now. It needs to have more to buy and things a bit more challenging.
  • Ad Mania

    By buki_
    You spend more time watching an ad than playing the game.
  • They need more skins

    By to many penalties "youtube"
    There’s only 18 skins and they are too easy to get there needs to be more. Things to do.
  • Collect cubes

    By serenity spark
    Wow I lover you game🤩. It’s so fun
  • I really like it!

    By @madisonmeek3
    I actually really like this game and it’s great for my spare time! However the ads for this game are false, I have not gotten one level with that many squares, and I’d actually really like it if we could have more levels like shown in the ads. Besides that, the amount of ads is fine! People tend to completely exaggerate the amount they get.
  • Satisfaction

    By Girl4god18
    I love this game so much it helps anxiety and it’s so satisfying I love it I would totally recommend taking time out if you’re day just to download this you won’t regret it!
  • It could be better but...

    By bla354
    I love the game it’s calming but it doesn’t get harder I have only had it for a day and it hasn’t changed. Also the scoop never changes. It says the scoop gets two times bigger but then the picture gets bigger so your scoop isn’t getting any bigger.
  • Ads

    By Mrs. Cumberbatch-Holmes
    Add for lame children's hoodie pops up every second.... I've never wanted to set fire to a product as much as that lame cubcoat
  • Fun, but...

    By Yea, me
    Fun but ads. Lot’s and lot’s of ads.
  • Never play this Stupid game 😡

    By The fat chicken
    Such a terrible shi**y game 🤬 I know that the people who rate it a good game I heard that there fake olé bots so never play it
  • It’s boring

    By lttlemicfaith
    Haha hahhahahhaha
  • Amazing game

    By MegaCheese101
    I look the different types of scoops this game is awesome
  • Horrible game~too many ads

    By avacado games
    There is way too many ads in this game I didn’t even play it 1 minute and I already had over 3 ads.This game is horrible do not waste your time on it.
  • Satisfying

    By GxdKxlla
    Extremely satisfying xD
  • Meh

    By Seashell12345
    I like it but like after EVERY SINGLE ONE there is an add otherwise this game is perfect
  • Good game but...the skins

    By janely h
    It’s a great game and all but is there more skins? I unlocked all of them and I have a lot of coins left... I would like to see more skins!
  • Dumb

    By Aubree😂
  • Its just that one thing im waiting for

    By mana_party
    The game is good but im waiting for the one with rubber duckies im at lvl 200 something I really want the one with more to offer
  • Really fun game but....

    By 🦋lola 23
    This game is fun but in the add it shows you can draw the scoop but when I got the game the scoop was already there

    By Love K💕
    After every level that I pass there is always an ad. It gets really really annoying after just 5 levels!
  • So MANY ADS!

    By 67sadypants
    I really enjoy this game but it is super frustrating with all the ads in between EVERY.SINGLE.GAME! It’s impossible to move up as many levels as I want to because I have to sit through up to a 30 second ad in between each game and I just don’t have the patience or time for that. I don’t understand how this game has no option to purchase it ad free! Great game, but I don’t play it as often as I like because of all the annoying ads. I honestly don’t understand how everyone is loving this. Did you find a super secret way to skip the ads or something?! Hoping to find a similar game that I can purchase ad free.
  • This game

    By haley m garrett
    This game is not all what they say it is. Bc u don’t start out with a lot. U start out with only a little bit of stuff. And I’m at level 157 and I still don’t have what they show. U in the videos or the pics so this game is a ly.
  • I love it So much

    By watermelon Mickey Mouse
    It’s so much fun
  • Ads

    By uh hello?
    There are way too many ads, but overall the game is addicting.
  • Big cubes

    By KayKayJayGirl
    I want the big cubes like the ads say!!!!!
  • Good and bad

    By unicorn girl 🦄🥰❤️💕😁
    I love this game but the ads are annoying the same ads come on and every time I press next level on the bonus levels an ad comes on so that’s very annoying but the game is really good and fun tho but the thing I don’t like about this game is that there the bonus levels is like only for 10 seconds so I don’t even get that munch coins but anyway can you please fix this game please thank you
  • No purpose

    By mmmatt2014
    The “bonus levels” should be the main game. Otherwise there’s no point, no upgrades, no time limit, no limit on attempts. You just take your time to collect all the cubes as if collecting all of them should be an achievement. Useless
  • Love it!

    By im a unicorn and i like it
    I love the game, but I don’t get a LOT of cubes like the add shows, I’d like to see that, I don’t know how many levels are in the game but I’m in the hundreds in only 2 day!! GREAT
  • This would be a 5 star if there were no ads

    By sbarchetti
    I literally love this game! It’s the best an it’s addicting but all the ads make it a pain. If there was an option to buy the app ad free I would
  • Collect cubes

    By Greensboro Montessori
    Omg your game is so addicting!!!!!!!!!!😁
  • Cappin

    By layla4kt
    Youu can’t actually draw a scoop.
  • Good

    By may may sal
    Good love it
  • 5 star rating because...

    By Bucksnut111
    This game is so relaxing and fun! It is a great game and you should really try it. This game is so fun!
  • Good game

    By zackpage
    It’s fun it’s cool it’s clean and no bugs
  • Okay

    By MrsChickenNuggetts
    In the demo version of the game it shows someone drawing a scoop to collect the blocks with. It also shows a lot different designs thenon the actual games. I already have all the skins and now I’m pretty bored
  • Good But Has Flaws

    The way the game is run is very satisfying and such, but I feel that they false advertise how many cubes you get and they add sounds. What you get is the same designs and levels over and over again and the designs aren’t even that big. The bonus level is fun and all, but you just get a 2x bigger scoop. You get vibrations from your phone when you collect the cubes but no noise. This app unfortunately for me falls into false advertising. The game itself is satisfying enough until you have so many coins and can’t buy anything or you’re tired of all of the same pictures. I would want to see bigger designs like the app SAYS you get to do and sounds and more skin designs or even having a system where you can use coins to buy bigger designs that you can do. Overall it’s a 3/5 for me.
  • To many adds

    By dudbdhdbdbdjrh
    To many adds
  • Good but can do better

    By Elisya4187
    This app is fun but it has lots of ads and it doesn’t give you very much time to pick up the cubes.So I would recommend waiting for an update before getting this app.The good thing about it was that you could actually get some practice in before actually doing the challenge level. So the app has been a disappointment to me.
  • Glitchy

    By Glotch topia
    This game is so glitchy.One second I have most of the cubes the next second I have none!!!Dont get this App!!!!!
  • This game is cool

    By kekejtmrjjdr
    I LOVE this game
  • SCAM

    By dkanejdwms
    In an ad it said you could make your own scoop
  • Uninstalled. Do not download

    By zontreck
    Ads after every level. No way to remove ads. And it's boring
  • What I think

    By aber daber
    You know what would make this game more fun? IF WE COLLECTED LOTS OF CUBES IN ONE LEVEL LIKE IN THE ADS!!!!😠😤😡