Collect Cubes

Collect Cubes

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-26
  • Current Version: 1.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 151.56 MB
  • Developer: Alictus
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 70 337


Move around and knock over 3D cube buildings. Bring all pieces to your core to level up.



  • Fake

    I got this app from an add, I started to play it for a long time. As soon as I buy all the things there’s nothing else to buy and also you can’t draw ur scoop.
  • Good but needs a little work

    By loan to juan
    It has a lot of adds lol
  • Ok

    By large watertower
    This game isn’t the worst-or the best. Some parts are laggy and glitchy. yes
  • Lies

    By Nursing Mama Michelle
    This game isn’t what the adds say it’s like, you can’t draw a shape to drag the balls with

    this is a GREAT game BUT I think it needs an update and in the update it should have REALLY HARD mode like a menu and on it there is some buttons 1 button says Settings the next says REALLY HARD MODE and the last says TOTOREL <3 That’s all
  • Tell Me How To...

    By GoodAppReveiwdood
    How do I draw a scoop?
  • Don’t recommend

    By aldnejwjsi
    The game is satisfying in a way but it’s too bland. Also there’s to much false advertisements. Some advertisements were saying oh draw your size or whatever when that is not at all how the game is like.
  • Awesome....Not that bad

    By Jess02g
    I just got this game a few days ago and it’s actually not that bad!It’s just there are too much previews but other than that it’s actually pretty good! (I have all 3D games)
  • app will not load

    By OK425
    I got this game today (October 20, 2019) and I waited a long time and it just won’t load. The download went by quickly, but when I opened this game it was stuck on the loading screen. my compatibility says that this game works on my ipad, but it just will not load. I tried deleting the game and downloading it back, and that did not work. I think this game did not download properly, or maybe my ipad is almost out of data. If you know anything about this issue please fix it in the next update.
  • False

    By ima sour
    I deleted the app because on other games I had this ad and I thought to wright a review so they think they can trick you into thinking you can draw a scoop and all the block will come to you if you have i big scoop I played this and on level 500 I feel like I should have deleted the game so I did recommending if you want to draw to compete draw race 😒
  • It is nothing like the ad shows

    By THM_wild
    U can’t draw your scooper or make it as big as u want but it is a little satisfying
  • Good graphics, false advertising

    By pirplequeen
    The advertisement shows huge piles of cubes to basically bulldoze to your heart’s content, but the actual game is just itty bitty emojis and things. Oh, sure little obstacle things that move are thrown in and are just generally annoying, but the difficulty level doesn’t rise. I had hoped to reach a certain level and have the difficulty change or unlock that option or something, but nope. This game has great potential, but right now it probably caters more to little kids.
  • A little boring

    By Andrew101012
    You should make it timed so there is a way you could be stuck on a level
  • stop

    By Sirlaughoften
  • Amazing but would change one thing

    By Bob123454554545746
    I hope the developers see this but I wish you al could add more skins I already have all of them and I have wot Of coins stacking up and would like to be able to spend them on something
  • Eh

    By kittykat294$4)
    I can’t draw my scooper what the hell I saw it on the ad
  • Two to meny ads

    By the rever🖖
    The game is good itself but as I got into it I started getting frustrated by the addition that on the ad it sed you could draw your scoop is also frustrating I love how the game is different like me but 4stars is ok in my book not too bad but two to meny ads✌️
  • FunFunFun

    By azzy and mija
    It’s really fun I love playing it good job it’s awesome it’s amazing and addicting thank you
  • Do not get!!!

    By starbucks mady
    This game has false averizeing and gets glitchy
  • Scoop

    By Tony Figueroa
    You don’t get to draw a scoop like the ad says and it is very annoying
  • Review

    By cweenie2005
    The game is nothing like the ads and you would think the more levels you do it would pop up at least once but I’m on level 189 and still nothing like the ads
  • My opinion

    By stuff🤫
    That is true you can’t make the scupper as big as you want. And when you get some cubs, it doesn’t collect the rest for you.🤯
  • This game is cool

    By xhurtinp
    This game is cool because you can get your thing that get bigger and the more it get bigger the more that you can complete it so fast no body would even see you move it and you will get to level 1000
  • Mikelervingo

    By iflrle
  • Fun

    By Emmdeegee
    This game is really fun
  • Collect cubes rating

    By Baily Baily ...
    This was a terrible game it was so boring and soon I just got rid of it. The game was clickbait ,on the ad you get to draw your own scoop but in reality you couldn’t . The scoop they gave you was so small that you could barely get 8 cubes. Don’t waist your time getting this app, It’s terrible 👎🏿😾😿💩💩💩❌❌❌🚫➖
  • Collect cubes

    By ytmgukftkufutlfctk
  • Kinda Good

    By tho you might like it
    On the add it said you could draw what you want but it wouldn’t let me
  • Game ♥️

    By Brandon Wigler
    I love this game .

    By garamepeaste
    The game itself is really fun and addicting but the ads are ridiculous! I recommend an ad every 10 a 5 rounds but after every round is annoying especially when I’m doing something like listening to Spotify and it cuts off.
  • 10 stars if i could

    By Chobi Law
    i a m a d d i c t e d
  • Wack

    By imFritier
    I thought you could draw your scoop that’s the only reason y I got it dis shizzz and what’s the point of playing it if you can’t buy anything when you got every skin
  • False Advertising

    By Thepv
    I saw an ad on Instagram that basically showed the player drawing his/her own scoop. When I downloaded the game, it just already had a scoop ready. Games like these shouldn’t be supported.
  • Review

    By hdienctsunhsgsg
    It’s boring m. Should make it more exiting
  • The best

    By hgdudfigfh
    Omg good
  • I hate this game

    By Bellawesomepants
    This is a stupid game don’t get it
  • Boring

    By morgannnnnnnnnnnnnn1134567
    The game is boring in the ad I got to make the scoop but all I do and collet little cubes it is boring and not fun to play
  • Not really what you think

    By Don't buy911
    This game is very bad not fun and I have no clue why I even play it anymore I got a ad saying draw a scoop then I got the stupid game and it just puts these stupid thing in front of you to grab but nooo I don’t get to scoop people reading this never I repeat never play this game if you get the ad of draw a stupid little scoop -sincerely sick of the game
  • ✌🏼

    By UGood?
    Cool game....100% recommend! Not to many ads but the perfect amount! 👌🏼
  • Stupid

    By basketballer 🏀🏀
    This game is stupid. First of all in the adds it shows that u can draw your scoop as big as you want it. Yah well you can’t do that. next you get all these coins but once you have bought everything you just have a bunch of coins and nothing to spend them on. and also in the add it showed like towers falling down or something like that and so far I have not seen anything like that I wish I could give this game a 0 star review if you read this DON’T GET THIS GAME!!!!!!
  • No scoop

    By game master1😉
    On the ad for the game it says you get to draw your own scoop but that’s a complete lie. It’s not fun at all.
  • Reeee

    By coolbear20
    100 out of 5
  • Collect cubes

    By ❤️goatgirl❤️
    It IS satisfying and it can be fun. CONS: -not many skins so when u buy them all and there are still bonus levels u don’t know what to do with the coins -glitches a lot for my friend - same lvls over and over -some skins don’t show up well on the blue background PROS: - entertains -cool skins IDEAS FOR COLLECT CUBES: • power ups such as x2 larger or speed boost, or freezing the red things, have a rod across the length of the box and slide it down to collect everything at once(spend coins) •special lvls u have to spend coins on •make a level where the entire box is full with cubes •animal levels •seperate lvls in to groups called timed, food, obsticals, all, animals, shapes, action levels ©️2019 Kenzie______
  • Best

    By He doctor
    I thought this game was supposed to be fun then it had a bunch of ads it’s like I cant even play anymore I put 5 stars in bad
  • 🥰

    By brielor12345678910
    Thank you
  • Great game but to many ads

    By Hadley's great comments
  • ...

    By somebody that likes Shrek
    This is hysterical. You made a creeper a human... HOW DARE YOU?!? I am deleting this game now. Bye.
  • The Actual game is ok

    By TodnStew
    But far too many ads
  • Ugh

    By Aceifshade
    Your game is slow and nothing like the ads you can draw a scoop and you don’t see that cool effect so I would give two but it’s not worth it this was a. Waste of time