Sticky Block

Sticky Block

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-31
  • Current Version: 1.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 261.17 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 58 464


Stick blocks on your block and make your block bigger. Good shape and size of block will be help for winning the level. Shoot as many balls as possible and let them into the hole.



  • .

    By TomWing
    I love this app it is so fun and I can get cool skins you should upgrade the app so you can play multiplayer 😀
  • 3 Stars

    By Matt648222
    I love the game. The ads are my only complaint.
  • By Matthew

    By Hdjffjfjvjgnfnfncncncnc
    Hi my name is Matthew I like your game can we be friends plz
  • The best game

    By Dkyan17
    I love this app it is so fun
  • To many ads

    By on fleek okrrrrr
    Why so many ads
  • This game is “ok”

    By FourAngels1234
    The reason why I rated this four stars is bc their is too many adds
  • Love

    By ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?!1234567890
    Love this game
  • Nice game

    By Babora2016
    Best game ever !!!!! I love it 👍👍👍
  • Adds

    By ajmario
    I love the game but they have to take the adds down a notch.
  • Grbfhrbc*rbycbry

    By itskamek2019boi

    By hi im fat🍪🍩🍟🌮🥓
    It’s fun but sometimes it can be annoying!?!...🤗
  • Kailyn Joynes

    By Kailyn Amiyah Joynes
    Your games is amazing
  • Privacy banner

    By Tag2305
    I really enjoyed this game until a banner came down in the middle of the game and asked me to change my privacy settings. I didn’t allow it, so a new banner came down saying that I needed to change my settings in order for it to go away. I tried to ignore it, but it took up almost half of my screen and caused me to not be able to win. After awhile I gave up and just deleted the game. I really enjoyed this game and am very disappointed that I had to delete it.
  • Blah

    By AA the unicorn!!🦄
    It’s kind of BORING
  • Level design is garbage

    Most levels are way too easy, and then outta nowhere you’ll get a level that is almost impossible. No effort was put into the level design.
  • Too many commercials

    By TocaBocaFan4Life
    Seriously HOW MANY SPONSORS DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE!!?! No way I will probably play this again
  • hell naw💀

    By lul.6li
    to many damm ads
  • To many adds

    By vhivsrtb
    Good game way to many addsssss
  • Hi

    By Danimals are tasty
    I barley use this app so I gave it a 1 star
  • It’s okay 😕

    By Coco the Kat
    It’s satisfying but not enough to satisfy me it could be better but it’s not the best game ever.
  • Sticky block app

    By 1Sassygirl2005
    If i get an ad that goes on right after i’m done with a level and then after the ad it goes to a black screen and then i have to get out of the app completely
  • Hi

    By Yara91
    Hi I am so really good at this game I just think it is to easy. Can you make it harder please.
  • Ads cause the game to crash

    By SlushieStorm
    I like this game but some ads cause the app to mess up. I’ll close an ad and get a black screen. I have to close the entire app and reopen to keep playing. Very frustrating
  • Glitching

    By -A.C.O
    I’ve had this game for a few months or so and recently the game started kicking me out. I would play a level then as soon as the remaining blocks would go in the hole, it would send me back to my home screen. I have all updates on the app and my phone, I’ve tried closing all tabs, rebooting my phone, and nothing seems to be working. Please consider to fix this issue in the next update.
  • It Is An Okay Game..

    By Let Me Rate You're Game!
    So, this is a very great game in all but.. It is a bit boring. Here are some of my reasons and opinions about the game and why I gave it 3 stars. •First - WAY to many adds! Every time I complete a level, it just shows an add, and it can get really obnoxious overtime, and I really don’t enjoy that. •Second - Some levels are really tricky impossible to pass. •Third - It is more entertaining when you are like on a road trip for example, maybe a very long road trip, and you have nothing to do, so this is like an on the go game, which I like. But these are the reasons I think this game deserves a 3 stars. But overall if I could, I would give it a 3.5, but that is not a star rating but yeah! These are just my opinions. 😊
  • Blacks out

    By crewskurtz
    I really like playing this game but unfortunately I have to uninstall it...I can deal with the ads after every level but it blacks out and I have to close it and reopen after every level as well. It’s a shame too because I really did enjoy it.
  • Below intelligence creation.

    By 117733
    It’s One of those games where there is a ad every time you win but the creators are too dumb to realize if you have a fast phone you can close the app and open it to close the ad on under 5 seconds therefore they don’t get ad revenue and you get too play there game without paying out the greed.
  • I love the game

    By mom called me Bubba
    I love the game?!!!!
  • Worst

    By W1ZARDlOn
    You shouldn’t have a episodic number of blocks
  • Game is not working

    By geggegehegg
    I played the game and after every game there is an ad. Usually, I just skip the ad but what I see is that after every ad, it leads me to a black screen. I love the game, so leaving this review really hurts. I’m sorry and I hope this will be solved in the future, thanks
  • Another stupid game

    By Zacharyiscool3864
    Hello, I’m giving you a 1 star review because your game is another one of the those games that every 30 you have to watch a stupid ad that hides the X so its hard to escape. Or you have the X so tiny that it just makes you click the fricking ad anyway!!! This kind of game really ticks me off and this I my first time complaining about it, stop being such a greedy, money hungry, and avarice company. Remove your stupid ads every 30 seconds, how about every 4 times you win or die you get a ad!!!!
  • Ads

    By 💁🏾‍♂️🖕🏾🎊👀👀😍😍😞👀🖕🏾
    Ads every minute
  • Five hoops

    By mysteeet
    I never get to be on right because the hoop is mostly there on right but it’s okay by because it’s still awsome😸😸😸😸
  • Fun game, too many adds.

    By Hobble93
    I like this game but I deleted it because there is literally an add after every level. This game is 50% adds.
  • Too many adds

    By OTB44
    This game is riddled with adds. Every time you finish a level (even if you lost or won) an add shows up. Only worth getting if you’re willing to pay the 2.99 for no adds
  • Bad game

    By pooches69
    They give an add after every level. Not the adds I’m disappointed in just the fact that it was the same add.
  • Fun Game With Terrible Ads

    By MN Snow Man
    Please slow down the ads. It truly makes the game lose value! It’s ok for a couple ads every now and then but one after every board, WOW
  • Adds adds and .....more adds

    By dematroulla
    It’s fun but it’s level add level add etc it’s 50% adds and it’s long adds not the ones that you can click out of like that it’s very frustrating
  • 10 seconds game 30 seconds adv

    By geymir38
  • Stupid

    By stregdmn

    FIX THIS APP! It freezes up every time I complete a game! I had patience for half an hour, before I decided to delete it. I will not play it again until you notify me that it is fixed!
  • Garbage

    By XGothamsHeroX
    Terrible app. There’s an ad after every single level, and when the ad is over it freezes on a black screen and you have to restart the app. Lose 80 percent of the ads. Then give me 20 bucks and I’ll download it again.
  • Bueno

    By Matu8888888888888888888
    Es bueno pero es muy difícil. Siempre pierdo cuando toco las cosas negras✊🏿 Esta bien perder pero pierdo siempre
  • Adds

    By adss=aidss
    Way to many ads especially the ones made by voodo that have fake games and x boutons
  • Good but far from perfect

    By Ais awesome
    This game is pretty good but I wish you could unlock more skins. also there are videos you have to watch all the time and I don’t want to have to buy a thing for no adds because that is a waste of money.
  • Game could be better

    By luke olver
    All of the adds aren’t to bad in this game but every time that an add ends the game crashes. This is a fun game but all of the crashing gets really annoying. My review will change to a 5 if this is fixed.
  • Not so many adds.

    By poop face smart
    Stop with the adds
  • 广告实在太多。

    By 超好用😄
  • Best game ever😜😜🐕

    By level.66
    Best game ever😜😜🐕