Combine It!

Combine It!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-06-12
  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 216.06 MB
  • Developer: Homa Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 501


It's easy to play, but can you make the right figure to fit the blocks? What about making a perfect level? Challenge yourself with 300+ unique levels and enjoy bonus levels with awesome animations - turn those grey blocks into bright and shining colors. This unique game won't leave you bored!It's free and so addictive.. Simple controls: - Drag to move cubes, they will merge together when they collide - Keep dragging to place them into the right spots! In how many moves can you beat the giraffe level?



  • Repeated over and over again

    By big butt chunggy
    I like the game the only thing is that I will play a level and less than fifty levels later I will see the same level flipped the exact same or very similar I feel like it needs levels that don’t repeat
  • Playing ads

    By No dumb waste why
    Fun game but way too many ads. The length of the ads are longer than each round.
  • Fun

    By mrs Incorvaia
    It’s a great game but not a lot of bones levels
  • Combine it

    By mcdonalds girl✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
    I am in love with combine it. Even though it is really easy
  • It won’t work

    By phantom speedster
    Certain levels won’t let me even move it I want to enjoy this game but it’s hard when I can’t move It
  • Most Annoying Ads EVER

    By StephyJ88
    I get a 45 second ad after every round (20 to 30 seconds of game time). What a horrendous ratio. Deleted App.
  • what’s wrong with combine it?

    By ItzKassAndMads
    it’s an amazing game, i’m on leave 595 but it just stopped working for me. I can’t move the piece i have to move i can’t press anything either it’s been like this for awhile and i don’t know what to do. please reply.
  • FUN GAME! Ads ruin it

    By StrawHatJimmy
    Great mind jogging game. But ads after every two levels... did I download to play a game or watch ads? Lol sell outs
  • ADS!

    By pepsiisgross
    The ads are ridiculous. You receive an ad after nearly every level. If you decide not to multiply your reward, then you have to wait a few more seconds to click “no thanks” and continue on to the next level. I understand developers needs advertisements for income, but after every level is ridiculous.
  • update killed the game

    By PLEASE fix this, thanks lol
    i’m not sure what happened but after i updated the game nothing works. i can still click on the app and such but the game is frozen and nothing will slide.
  • Nonstop ads

    By DubiousIndiana8
    Even if you pay to remove ads the game is filled with them Don't waste your time or money
  • I can’t play

    By Hate YouTube capture
    I love this game but I’m not able to play cuz I can’t. Whenever I try to swipe it doesn’t let me so plz fix it
  • Ads Ads ADS

    By Local_Mom_808
    This game is so fun but right after I finish a level there is always a AD!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so annoying every time. When I first started the game there was like no ads,now there’s so many. Sometimes in the middle of the game I have a ad, and another, and another. I don’t know if you want me to hate this game or what, because it’s making me kinda hate it. And that’s just from ads.
  • Froze

    By HeIsAtSchool
    I can’t move the blocks at lvl 81. But I love the game!
  • Lost all of my levels for no reason

    By jaycua
    I was on the last level and I completed it but after I came back it started me on level 1 again. The game is still really fun even though I lost all my data.
  • New levels

    By Atkbando
    Give us new levels
  • Oh yeah so fun freaking fun

    By Chloe_Miller7507
    I’m on level 853! Gotta love this game, lotta adds but so much fun!
  • this game big stupid

    By FatHat06
    i hate. my friend on level 800 and i at level 70 this is stupid and i don’t like at all. get me at level 1000000000000000 and nobody gets hurt.👿👿👿👿
  • Too easy

    By iceboio
    This game is way too easy and it repeats levels back and forth and it just makes me dislike the game the game even more
  • I don't like

    By qwetru,yfgjfdtjrsrsyrsmysr
    I don't like how ypu earn diamonds remove them please
  • ADS

    By Hellothere42
    What is the point of tapping no thanks to an ad that gives you 3x the gems if you are immediately given an ad after you click it? It is extremely annoying and it is the main reason I don’t play a lot games on my phone. Too bad this game was cool.
  • I love it!

    this game is really addicting. i just think you should add more skins
  • Concerned

    By K M S 😂
    Why is this game so good
  • Fun game, but update is no good.

    By sweigart3
    I’ve had Combined It for over a couple of weeks now, and I have to play it every night before bed just because it’s soo addicting. I wake up this morning and everything was weird. Like why did people want gems and new skins? This isn’t a competitive game, so I feel like there was no need for those add one, but I do enjoy the fact I can turn the sound on and off. Also, it keeps crashing and that’s annoying.
  • Disappointed

    By Bulletts
    I downloaded this app seeing as it is a cool concept. It is but it’s just sooooo boring. Make the levels difficult it’s not a fun app if there’s no challenge. I ended up deleting the app because of no challenges and ads. When an update launches that makes it more difficult maybe I’ll reinstall it. Just disappointed.
  • Game

    By danny Perez aye
    Danny Perez aye
  • Not original

    By Garrett Lambrecht
    It’s just a redo of “AMAZE!” but you combine things instead, bet it’s the same levels and the same moves and amaze as well. Very boring and only good part is that finishing things is satisfying. Also the screen while playing is the same as amaze as well
  • Repeating levels

    By KimmyBimmyBoBimmy
    This is actually really fun and I love the app and it’s addicting but if I pay too much attention the levels repeat. And some of them are the same just upside down. I’m on level 323 out of boredom but I’d really like more.
  • game won’t let me play

    By texs fan
    this game wants me to be older than sixteen
  • Fun! I look forward to some updates

    By aww, pheebs
    A fun, addicting puzzle. I’d like an update that lets you turn off the music and noise so I don’t have to put my phone on silent every time I play it. After a hundred or so puzzles they start to repeat, so I’d like to see more puzzles added, though it’s still fun to go through the ones I’ve done over and over. I really enjoy the animations and the buzzing my phone does when I get a puzzle right.
  • Repeating Bonus Levels and Levels

    By QueenLava
    Ok so I’m at level 211 and I noticed that the bonus levels repeated and so did the normal levels. So it’s kinda disappointing for me.
  • Settings

    By nfmeks
    Any chance you could add an update that allows me to turn off vibrations for the game? Loving it so much otherwise!
  • It’s kind of a good game

    By will2687
    I’m on level 800 and it definitely repeats do not recommend if u do not like repeated levels
  • Too easy

    By Mr.SnAZy
    This game is fun but is too easy
  • Too easy

    By 3vrofer
    The game is pretty fun but the levels aren’t hard enough I’ve gone from 100 to 150 in 5 minutes
  • Malarkey levels

    By Jensen207
    Level 123 and an older level I forgot to document was impossible to complete. The moving piece started in the middle and had to end in the middle using 3 pieces in the opposite side nothing to hold it in the spot to complete the game. IT HAD TO STAY IN THE CENTER. YOU CANT! If you start in the middle! you can only slide up and down. Had to watch an add to skip. It’s dumb.... and it makes me sad.
  • Levels repeat

    By therealdeal678
    Fun game, but it could be more challenging. Like other reviews mentioned, the levels start to repeat themselves.
  • ??

    By KitCat :3 🐱
    Every time I played the game, my phone would freeze? This didn't happen with any other game, so i don’t know if it's this game or my phone but.. I had to delete it.
  • Do not download!

    By Shpeeno
    First it ask for your person information Second the ads are non stop after each level Greedy!
  • Very good but settings needs something extra

    By (-D33G-)
    This game works perfectly fine, and its kinda addicting but i wish there was a night mode where it darkens your screen and i wish you can mute the sounds. Other than great app
  • Meh...

    By dragonmeatballs
    It was fun for a bit, but not to hard and levels start repeating. Will play more when new levels come out though.
  • Most Fabulous

    By Blast27563
    Best game I play in a long time
  • =3

    By Yggdhcdbxcy
    Idk hat to say but this is fun I supported u!
  • phhbbbbbb easy

    By jeffery.witzberger
    phhbbbbbb easy
  • Not fun

    By this os the worst game ever
    This game is not that fun it is so easy and not hard at all
  • Terrible

    By bayblade gamer 01
    I got the game because I saw an add for it but when I got it it wouldn’t let me play the game and would kick me out I redownloaded it and it still didn’t work that’s why I give it 1 star.
  • Awesome!

    By Dog31337
    I saw this game on Twitter and I wanted to try it. I really like how it’s challenging in some levels and the game itself is fast! I’ll give it 5 stars!!