Word Villas-Crossword & Design

Word Villas-Crossword & Design

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-17
  • Current Version: 1.1.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 185.47 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 15 188


Have you ever dreamed to say goodbye to the messy urban life and give yourself a long vacation? Orange town can satisfy all your expectations! Here, you can partner with family and friends to create a seaside holiday paradise Resort. In the new direction of finding a business - operating a resort, you will also marry your true love. -New playstyle Connect the letters, guess the words correctly, play the innovative vertical and horizontal puzzles, and the super difficult levels,Ready for the challenge? - Cool home decoration Tons of furniture choices, different style apartments, old holiday apartments will shine in your hands! - Nice town life A sea-filled town full of nature, more than 30 NPCs, different personal storyline, come and make friends with everyone! -Open the road of love Handsome beach boy, an elegant gentleman, or a gentle and affectionate boy next door? find your romantic partner. - Great souvenirs for tourist New branch line home design, rich and varied collection of tourist souvenirs, special room display, and even mysterious items waiting for you to discover!



  • pretty good but faulty

    By haleybugs1234
    This game is super addicting. I have been playing almost constantly since I got it but there are a couple minor problems. First, there are way too many ads. It gets a bit irritating watching an ad after almost every single level. Second, the grammar needs to be fixed. Some words in the puzzles are made up which makes it very difficult to solve some of the levels. And my last complaint is that the actions start requiring more stars as you go on, even for the simple actions. Otherwise, it is a pretty fun game that doesn’t require money to play.
  • Needs faster updating

    By Mctorby
    I’ve been playing this game for awhile and I’m all caught up. I’ve been playing the extra levels given even though there’s no quests. I’ve been waiting for a while for an update, and still haven’t got one. I love this game, but it either needs to be updated faster or more stores given within each update not just one. Also I’ve been waiting for romance in the story line like promised in the beginning and still nothing. Just a lot of false promises.
  • Fun to decorate, but...

    By NTribley
    I was excited about a non-match 3 game that involved decorating a mansion. But there are just so many inanities with this game, it’s hard to know where to start. As many others have said, the grammar is atrocious. Why non-English speakers would attempt to create an English word game is beyond me. Words that are true words (forest, anyone??) are flagged as errors, while other words are so strange, you wonder what dictionary they dredged them from. Then there is the story line. Way too wordy and all too frivolous. Finally, there are the rooms themselves. The downstairs was fine- I liked the way the rooms turned out. But upstairs, ugh!!! She’s hoping to turn her place into a B and B, but turns one of her upstairs rooms into a bar and dance hall? On the whim of a bored guest? And then there is... drum roll... THE CAT ROOM! What idiot takes an entire room - especially if she plans on hosting guests- and turns it into a playroom for a cat??? I’m beginning to think her mother is right- “Rachel” doesn’t have any clue as to how to start or run a business. I gave it 3 stars because it is still somewhat fun to play. But believe me. The storyline is certainly no Homescapes!
  • Great!

    By Begular09
    I love the game even though some of the words they don’t except and some of the ones they do are weird. I do find it annoying to have to get two stars to pick up a leaf or to go greet someone. But I got to day 20 in a week and it just stops saying please stay tuned for new content... which is sad. I just hope that new content is released soon. And please someone notice that the downstairs hallway and the walls leading up the stairs need the wall paper replaced! Please!
  • Ad

    By hskdmdkdk
    There is way to much ad
  • I like this game

    By Shannonm71
    I like this game, but I’m having some trouble when I try to spell words. It won’t let me pick the letters I want and just goes crazy.
  • Day 23 no game content

    By bridget1977
    Once you reach day 23, there is no game content. You can still do the word puzzles but there are no quests you can do. It just says waiting on content. Very disappointing.
  • Could be a bit better

    By free duckling
    I LOVE THIS APP! I fell in love with it the first time I played! But.... I always get stuck on the levels and the words. I’m only 12 so I don’t know some of them. I feel that it would be better if you could pick what age you are in the beginning of the game, Also I feel that you have to do a crossword puzzle every time you do something! And this is the funny part, you have A LOT OF MISSPELLED WORDS. Seriously 😐 your a word game. The other funny thing is, is that, well on your ads, you are putting on ads of your own game.😝you should probably fix that. Other than that, the game is AMAZING 😉 great job Developers!
  • Like it

    By vufyckbfufc
    Love it but you have to get stars to do stupid things like to check the cat when it’s beside you.
  • Wouldn’t even start

    By JennieJennie17
    The title screen showed up. Then my screen went black. Then the app closed. Tried three times. I deleted it.
  • Update took bedroom away

    By AprilH81
    After the last update the bedroom is gone and you can’t see anything when you complete the level...

    By Daisymama
    Hi! I’m Daisy. This app is amazing! But kinda hard. But I still love all the adventures you have! You should definitely download it! If you are a kid and it’s too hard, just ask your mom or dad to help! Bye
  • Advertising is too much

    By Adaisypug
    Fun game however, I feel like I spend more time watching advertisements than playing. It is really annoying and might keep me from continuing to play.
  • Too many ads

    By Voni1217
    Way too many ads. The game would be good if I could play and not watch an ad after every screen. The grammar is terrible but there amount of dialog between the characters is just too much. I want to remodel the house. I don’t care about the stupid cat or her love life.
  • Bedrooms for guest.

    By cinylou
    I was wondering this. If this in suppose to be a BNB. Where are the bedrooms that the guest sleep in. I’m sure they all don’t sleep in the only bedroom there is. Just a thought.
  • Spend more time watching ads than playing

    By Ciots
    Simply too many ads. 1 or 2 30-seconds ads after each level. Spent more time watching ads than playing levels.
  • Wow

    By astro25252525
    The game is so good But why do only have like 1 Choice that is free,I don’t like that.
  • Actually amazing

    By Grimson
    Okay so this is my second day playing and I’m already on level 262 and this is SO addicting. You don’t have to make in app purchases to progress, the graphics and story are so cute, and designing my home is so so so fun! There’s hardly anything you ever have to wait on to finish and when there is there’s something else to work on, I really love this game, I’m so happy that it’s not a matching home renovation game because those are frustrating but I’m a mega master at word puzzles, love this game!
  • The grammar!

    By bobjohnjoejoanjakejose
    I thought this was super fun at first. But they MAKE UP WORDS! Hansome was one of the words. It’s. Not. A. Word. There have been a million like that. I just can’t keep playing with all the words being made up words. It’s super annoying. Delete.
  • Relaxing!

    By hahyehay
    I love this game. I really enjoy the word puzzles. One difficulty I seem to have while playing the word portion of the game is the letter pad. I have to tap on the same letter a couple times before it picks up what I’m trying to do, and moving my finger to another letter doesn’t run very smoothly either. Otherwise, it’s a great game, and I love playing it!
  • It’s an ok game

    By Kmc663
    I just started playing the game and I find the dialogue boring and slow moving. I’m trying to figure out how you can get more lottery money without actual money being used to purchase them. 31/2* at best
  • Crash! Crash! Crash!

    By 12purplepower
    I attempted to play this app but couldn’t get past the loading page before it would crash and close. And I know I have plenty of memory on my tablet so it’s an issue with the app itself. I was interested but I will try something else that will actually let me reach gameplay.
  • Fun

    By mbachrach
    This game is sooo addicting. I love it!!!
  • Fun!

    By Amazonmedic
    Very fun... The ONLY drawback is soooo many ads between each level! It does get annoying really quick
  • What the heck

    By Dixie.Princess
    This game works alright with my android phone but won’t load on my iPad. I press the play button and it goes to a black screen then closes out. Hopefully this issue will get resolved soon
  • Too many ads

    By Angsmg
    I really like this game, but the ads are just too much. If there were a way to pay to permanently get rid of them, I’d do it, but not a monthly fee. Come up with better in app purchases to make your money so you could have fewer ads. Or give an incentive to watch an ad. But an ad playing in between nearly every level is just too annoying.
  • Too Many Ads

    By MSldy99801
    The premise of the game is fun. I enjoy the word puzzle part and the renovation part. But... be prepared for an ad after each play and to have to play to get to the next tiny task. It wasn’t so bad the first “day” of the game, but after starting a new day, it became constant ads and tasks became the smallest thing. Got bored really quick.
  • Too many ads

    By smilingatu
    I really love this game but the additional ads really cause me to stop playing. I don’t mind watching ads for upgrades for furniture, but when it interrupts gameplay it’s really annoying. The long slow dialogues make it even more tedious.
  • Dumb

    By Crhribal
    I wanted something that I could play crosswords yet have a little decoration involved. I cannot just go buy something, it tells me when I can buy something. To finish the conversation refurnish/rebuild the house you have to use my stars that I earned. Which are slow coming. Coins are faster but the stars is what you want. So I play all these crossword games but have to wait to do anything else. No I don’t want to replace the couch I just bought. Good thing I didn’t spend money of my own in this ridiculous game.
  • Variety costs you

    By Gore346477
    I was looking for a fix up your house game that’s different then the usual one. This game was what I was looking for until it only gives you one option for free. The other options either cost a video watch, cash which you have to buy or coins. The coins needed VS how much you get for a mission is way off, which will lead you to spending money if you constantly want the one that costs coins. Stopped playing before I beat the 1st 10 missions. Not quite what I was looking for but almost.

    By piggy_farm
    This game is so much fun you have to try it out if don’t already have it. I love it so much and I only downloaded it this morning that I have had it for 2 hours. I am already on my second day in the game. So if you are reading this I highly suggest this game.
  • Too many ads

    By Yuyoyo77
    It’s a great game but there are way too much ads playing. It gets frustrating.
  • Needs improvement

    By 2stars 4 life
    The word puzzles are great at challenging you. The concept of the game is also great you earn stars to get decorations and help build a nice home. It just takes too long to do. You waste stars on ridiculous stuff. Who wants to waste two stars to answer a telephone?? Then the conversations take forever and you have to read it twice sometimes to make since of what they are saying. It would be nice to be able to interact with the game at a great pace.
  • Boring storyline

    By kanowa17
    I like the decorating and the word game but spending multiple stars on answering phones and baking amongst other things is boring. There is too much storyline between updating the decorations. I would rather be able to decorate the house and then if I run out of game a new house can be added to be flipped. But I don’t need to spend time having conversations and spending hours before I can do the next remodel.
  • Mix it up some

    By Cowrev
    I loved the game but then it got bogged down in the story. I understand that some people actually like following the story but put some renovating in there too. I’ve played 20 puzzles or more and all she’s done is throw a party. I’ve lost interest to say the least.
  • Enjoy the game but......

    By hatesglitter
    This game is a change from the match three games. It’s fun to play and different. My reason for giving the game only three stars is for some very annoying problems. The first issue that I am having is the glitch on the letters. I will spell a word but I will have a letter that I placed in the word missing. The letter will not show up on the board. This happens with almost every word. The second issue is trying to get the game developers to fix issues. I have tried many times to get them to look into the problem, only to be ignored. Then the last problem that developed from one on the updates is watching videos to earn extra items such as coins keeps saying ad not available. Instead of fixing the glitches they added more.
  • Fun/frustrating

    By doatsie66
    I love that there’s a decorating game where you do crossword puzzles, and not the match three. However, I am beyond frustrated because my game has been on hold over 72 hours waiting for new content! I emailed them questioning the pause in the game, but only received generic responses.
  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    By Halie838393839
    I actually like this renovation game, because you get coins to do things around the house, just by solving word puzzles. Easy enough for me. Way better than the games you have to match candy for.
  • Rip off like all the rest

    By Dee and Matt
    It asked me to rate and I accidentally gave 5 stars, it is a gambling game- should be reported to AG like all the rest. I bought the introductory pack, waste of money. DON’T plat
  • The cat

    By nightfirefrog
    Is that cat from secret life of pets?
  • Love this game

    By em890123!!!
    This game is so fun and addictive!And the best part is it helps you get smarter!Me and all of my family play it. I recommend it to you to!🤗
  • Gender problems

    By justmejustin1312
    Ok, to start off, I’m a boy and Rachel is a girl. Any sense in that? Why can’t there be a gender change?
  • Pick up the pace

    By Muffytuffy
    The game moves at way to slow pace. When you get to the upper levels it takes 2 or 3 stars to walk outside to meet your quest, I want to design the house without all the food prep, fighting with parents etc...... If you just want to design houses pick another app. If you want a bunch of story telling and wasted stars this game is for you!
  • Disappointed

    By yuk gane
    Don’t bother. Doesn’t go any further than a certain level and then it says “ uploading new content”. That was over a month ago. They also don’t answer any concerns.Updating app doesn’t correct issue.
  • I love this game but....

    By kamehamejenna1
    I love this game a lot but I have over 4K petals and nothing to spend them on????
  • Too Glitchy

    By Ho4Frost
    I just started this game and I was unfortunately already freaked out by a glitchy Rachel body parts making up the ex boyfriend player model. It was not pleasant. Also everything is far too slow it takes about 5 minutes just for the screen to transition to a level. Also wasting stars on answering the phone? This was supposed to be a design game not answer the phone to a cliche jerk boyfriend game. Story is boring and overall lackluster, it would appear they put more money into the ads that pop up everywhere than into the game itself. Don’t waste your time or money.
  • Frustrated

    By uuppsseett
    Finally got the update after waiting and it was only for the cat room. Which I finished in a day. Again i am waiting for another update for possibly just ONE room. It’s not fair that we cannot just continue to play the game without these interruptions. Update quicker and more than 1 room.
  • Bring back offline game play!!!

    By Sandycmcr
    This is no longer an offline game. How sad, I really enjoyed this game.
  • Wonderful and satisfying

    By cute and addictive
    So I play this game and its better than ALL the other word games. While i was playing this i haven’t gotten one ad, other than the ads to get coins. It doesn’t glitch out or kick you out or crash it has many options and it really isn’t that boring because, first of all, it doesn't have an ad every one sec and, second of all, its perfectly fine with me but if there is a problem with anybody else then, I dont even know what will happen or what you do about it. Now I absolutely have nothing to talk about so im just going to write whatever. And if you read it this far congratulations because I dont know what else to write. Im only doing this to make the message long because other people have like a full paragraph and I have like one sentence. Oh and i just got an idea of what to write to make it longer,, this is what the game should add to it. It should add like more than just hints like, I dont even know what because AGAIN im trying to make this paragraph super long. anyways this is the end bye! - faith