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Word villas - Crossword&Design

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-07-14
  • Current Version: 2.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 243.15 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 62 843


Design your dream home with Word Villas! This game is the perfect combination of Word Puzzles and Home Decorating. Start your adventure by helping Rachel renovate her old house and start a new life! Solve challenging word puzzles to renovate and decorate the various rooms and areas in the house. Fix up what's already there, redesign to give new lift, and choose from impressive options! Give the old mansion a complete makeover! Interact with many vivid characters and unlock an addictive story involving new friends, romance, adventure, and drama! What makes Word Villas so special? ● Unique gameplay: a combination of word puzzles and home decorating provides a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience. ● Home design: - Use your design skills and creativity to renovate and decorate the house with various styles and themes; - Make your own choice from hundreds of unique furniture and decor. - Explore the house and unlock more areas for renovation. ● Exciting word puzzles: - Simply swipe the letters to build words to collect rewards! - Challenge yourself with different Modes, including Normal, Hard and Expert. - Thousands of unique levels await, and more are being added! ● Fun characters and a story full of twists: - Say goodbye to the past mess, start a new life! Establish and expand your own B&B business. - Make friends and experience a new life, all while restoring the old mansion. Will romance bloom? Will you find your true love? What are you waiting for? Solve challenging word puzzles, unleash your creativity, and start your makeover now! Love Word Villas? Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on Word Villas news, contests, polls and other fun stuff: https://www.facebook.com/WordVillas/



  • Game keeps buying clues with my coins

    By curekiss
    Like the title says, I’ll be playing Word Villas. I’ll leave the app open to go do something, and when I come back, I’ll be missing 200 coins. This has happened about 3 times. I don’t understand how this happens, if it’s malicious on the game’s part or if I somehow bump the button while holding my phone. There NEEDS to be a confirmation to buying upgrades such as clues while playing. This is ridiculous.
  • Disappointed

    By cookie cats pop!
    Will not open I am so upset I was almost finished with the game :(:(:(:(
  • Addictive

    By Honey DOO
    This game is a ton of fun and so many opportunities to gain awards! I love the butterfly challenge. This is a fun game to get lost in for hours. Go Birds!
  • Fun game

    By I'm not really going
    This game is fun and is a great memory workout.
  • There are no jobs to be completed in the house even though the house is not finished

    By gamewitchcat
    When I pull up the sheet to do decorating in the house there is no longer anything there to do. I know the game is not finished. I would just like to keep playing the game, if you could make this possible that would be great
  • Strange use of language

    By Greywolf1953
    This has the potential to be an excellent game, but some of the words the developers chose are obscure and impossible to figure out. Often times, it is necessary to just flat out guess what the word is, which isn’t challenging; it’s frustrating to the point that, after playing up to level 814, I am deleting the game. I’m very disappointed because the potential for this game is HUGE. It simply never rises to it’s potential.
  • :)

    By 1becka
    I really like the game I enjoy it. I don’t have anything bad to say just that it would be nice if it gave us two stars when we pass the hard ones instead of just one star.
  • Lame

    By xycjrjbi
    Have been waiting on “new content “ for over 3 weeks.
  • Should be 9+!

    By Spacewerewolf awoooo
    It should be for 9 years olds to you know!
  • Fun game but

    By amber_1981
    Now the game won’t even open anymore
  • Bug?

    By tell me asap
    Idk what just got the new update but it still won’t turn on its goes on the start screen for about 2.5 seconds then turns black idk tho man I loved this game my guy think you could help- Ight ty for trying if you can’t
  • Almost 5 star

    By Seawoodii
    Loved this game. Was addicted to it until one day I couldn’t get into the game itself. All I got was we are updated new stuff yo come soon. OK. I’ll wait two weeks later I still couldn’t get anything and by this time I had added over 200 stars. Someone advised me to delete it no download it again. So I did, guess what it started from the beginning. None of my stuff was there! So sad! 😢
  • Love playing but disappointed

    By Ibis1980
    I love playing this game. It’s fun and relaxing. The characters and side games and stories are great BUT, it’s takes WAY to long to update the main story and when it does it’s a tiny bit. Please update content faster and more of it. I’d love to rate the game 5 stars but can’t until this issue is fixed. Thank you.
  • Addicting

    By Libba66
    I love this game! It’s so much fun and I enjoy the storyline.
  • Word villas

    By smj2437
    Great game! Need more wats to earn stars.
  • Like the game

    By Blessed Mendez
    Truly relaxing but I want to buy stars! The stars are used up foolishly on someone getting angry, then find out why they are angry and they telephone. I want to able to delete some of these idiot guys in the app. I want to buy more choices of clothes for Louise but if in the runway her name does change. Love the unscramble the words. But stars are used up too quick on junk!
  • Love it

    By MommyEmy
    I love it so much... it makes you think and gives you meaning to the words.. it’s amazing on how I can create my house designs.. it’s gives you chances to watch advertisements to get points and stars.. there’s events and other special tasks.. I highly recommended this game... I love it and it’s addicting..
  • Crashes not loading when opened

    By tthsnks
  • Purchase problem

    By akemi663
    I made a purchase for the ultimate bundle. The purchase never showed up on my game.
  • Terrible

    By puptastic2008🐞🐾
    This app looked like some much fun but it wouldn’t let me in. I tried like a million times and it kept kicking me out. It was a complete waste of my time. I will not recommend this game! 😡
  • Good game

    By bigjohn147
    This game is very good however the flaws of so many commercials needs to be fixed
  • Fun game; lots of ads

    By Kp206555
    Overall, this game is a lot of fun and has a fun storyline. I thoroughly enjoy playing it and don’t mind coming upon levels that stump me...it makes it that much more satisfying when I finally figure out the word! Couple of things though: 1) there are a lot of misspelled words in the dialogue...makes it kind of difficult to follow along at times. 2) there are a lot of ads. Now, there is an option to pay to remove ads...but only for 30 days! This seems odd to me. I would’ve paid a one time flat rate to remove adds but paying every month? I can’t get on board with that. 3) there seems to be a glitch at times when one of the furnitures I want, is the one you have to watch an ad for, which is fine, but after the ad is complete, it either won’t give me the furniture item unless I watch another ad or it gives me a pop up that says something along the lines of “no ads available.” But I’ve already watched the ad so I’m not sure why it glitches like that. But even with these issues, it doesn’t hinder gameplay that much so I’m giving it 4 stars. It’s a great, fun game but can be improved a bit for smoother gameplay.
  • App Won’t Load Anymore

    By CGN Creations
    I was playing this game for a long time without issue. I have an iPhone 11 and it used to run fine. Within the past month, the game stopped loading at all. It gets stuck on the opening loading screen. I tried deleting it and reinstalling with no luck. My phone is updated and I had the latest version of the app, but it doesn’t matter - the game simply doesn’t work.

    By Callie613
  • Christmas Game

    By Ducky07506
    The wishing game that you use candy canes to choose gifts off the tree.....well I have 90 candy canes now and I still can’t choose a gift?? It’s been days! How many candy canes does one need to open a gift from the tree?? Weird!
  • Mostly Love it

    By shanneeka
    You need (1-3)stars for EVERYTHING, even the simplest things like talking to someone that you were already talking to smh, need more furniture options & I still have no clue how to get the bucks other than buying them I don’t know if you can but what I dislike the most is that after not playing for a couple weeks (2) I come back & there are new characters that I don’t know where they even came from if it’s story based than how is it add them before I get to them that’s stupid and annoying
  • Bad game

    By Mark012jff
    This is why I think this is a bad game.so this is what happened I got the app thinking this will be such a good game but that’s not what happened I went on the app and it went back it would not let me play so never ever get this game if you do you will be sad
  • I enjoy the game

    By Nikki_2017
    I enjoy the game, it’s not super challenging, but I don’t like the fact that I order to actually win the coins that you get in the rounds you have to buy the piggy bank, not everyone wants to spend real money to get coins in the game, you should be able to win the coins you get
  • No thanks

    By code blaze1
    Hard levels come 3 or 4 no thanks
  • Burp

    By truthful_S
    The decorations can do better but I did try to work with what I had , my main problem was the story line I get where y’all was going with it to really bring the players in but I find it annoying having to skip through all their talking every time I finish a task
  • Tons of ads

    By angiedf123456
    It’s a cute game but you get an ad like every few minutes...it’s extremely annoying. Also, they could step up the puzzles to make them a little more challenging.
  • I’m so happy

    By stanbap
    I couldn’t play this game in a while because my phone broke and It wouldn’t let me log in anymore 😔 but it finally worked and I come to find out it has stories where you can date certain characters I always wanted to play where I can date Edward but I thought they where gonna make your character date Alex automatically I’m so happy this is a big upgrade since before 5 stars!!!!
  • Update ruined it

    By Macy Zimmerman
    I loved this app but I’ve noticed that the amount of flowers you can get per game is at max 20 now. I used to be able to get hundreds of flowers by getting combos and now it doesn’t even seem worth it to try in the game anymore since I can only get a lousy 20 flowers when I used to get 100 for the exact same thing. And one thing I think everyone can agree on is that the furniture we have to choose from, really isn’t all that great. It can’t even begin to compare to homescapes which has so many cool options. Please make cooler furniture so my house doesn’t look like a collage of crazy random furniture that doesn’t even go with each other. I’ve also noticed that as I get to higher levels, every other level is hard. What’s up with that?? Who wants to continue a game when you know you’re just gonna be stuck on hard levels all the time. Also, the rewards for the hard levels used to be coins and that was one of the only way I could get coins to buy clothing items etc and now it’s blue tickets. I definitely think this app has a problem with how we earn coins and tickets and should give us more! You really only earn coins in multiples of 4-5 which is NOT a lot. How are we supposed to earn coins if you don’t give us enough?? When the truck comes along with discounted items, I can’t even afford those! Give us more opportunities to earn coins and tickets in HIGHER QUANTITIES! I can see I’m not the only one who’s also upset with the money options as well. You can’t earn the money, you have to pay for it. It ruins the romance storylines so bad that I don’t even bother with them anymore. What’s the point of reading a romance chapter if you can’t even do the romantic things in the chapter?! Maybe allow us to watch ads to earn dollars.
  • For kids

    By Onajakkakakaks
    I love it
  • Love it

    By SpikethePirate
    I think this game is amazing it is really fun and I love that you get to dress her up and you get to make her home and get to do word games with it it’s almost like playing three games at once I love it.
  • Good but flaws

    By Really,really, reallyfed up!
    I downloaded this game was enjoying it and then it started freezing and crashing on me. I do not understand why but whatever the reason it needs to be fixed because I am not going to play games under this creator if this keeps happening bc I really like the game.
  • Fun game but terrible story telling

    By YoMathMama01
    Based on the writing/story telling level, I think this is a children’s game but it’s too inappropriate for that. The worst thing I’ve seen in the game is that after the MALE cat pees on the floor the main character says “that happens often when cats are in heat... Is Max really in love... so quickly?” WHAT!! We aren’t even introduced to any new cats by this point!! And that’s totally brushing over the factual inaccuracies. Male cats don’t go into heat and they definitely don’t do it because they’re in love. 🙄 Other than that, there’s side stories for the main character and I’m assuming her past lovers that are pretty inappropriate, too. That’s fine if it’s what you’re looking for in a game but this is trashhhhh. It’s like Episode quality. Sorry to the writers but oof :(
  • Love this game

    By Isabel Caneiro
    I really love this game and its very addicting I play it every day. The only thing that has been annoying me lately is that when it gives me the option to get something for free by watching an ad sometimes it doesn’t work and I have to watch three or four ads for it to give me the free furniture. A little annoying but overall amazing game.
  • Would be an awesome game but...

    By LillianSpeer
    I love the game. It’s challenging and fun with working on the house and decorating. However. There are SO many ads. To have an ad after every time you beat a level is insane. If there were a little less ads (not even saying take them all away, but just less) it would make it a million times better! Would def give 5 stars if it weren’t for the constant ads.
  • Great game

    By Legolasfan12
    While I love to play this game to obsession. It does take a long time for content. Wish you could use tickets to buy clothes(just a thought)
  • Color Tiles

    By maddypoop
    I really like the Color Master, color wording, it was fun and challenging, please let us have that on a Regular basis, Sincerily Cathy
  • Boring

    By shamaquan
    I deleted the APP. It was boring and the decor options were ugly.
  • Ads after every level = deleted app.

    By Ditto92
    Also, design options are hideous.
  • A little Questionable

    By BPW062
    I actually did like this game. However, I recently came across a level with the word “nappy”. I looked into the definition and one of them happened to read: “...occasionally specifically to reference to Blacks’ textured hair.” I honestly am offended because why should that even be apart of the game at all? African Americans, in fact, do not have “nappy” hair and, quite frankly, it’s an outdated term and counts as a slur. So let’s keep it PG shall we? It’s just wrong and a stereotype and should not be promoted. If you know it’s directed towards a specific race, especially most used during segregated and prejudice times to make African American feel inferior, then do not advertise that kind of adjective. Please and thank you.
  • Love the game

    By sfire12
    I love the game but I got up to level 200 and know I have black screen and nothing will load so frustrating because I love this game please fix the issue
  • Cash cow

    By MVamptress
    Update to my review... which funnily enough doesn’t show up in the reviews... I further think it is even more unethical to try to make everything worth doing a “cash” only option. Especially with all the Ads you’re forced to sit through. Again, I get making money, but I truly think you’ve gone over a line. It’s made the game no longer fun to play. I’d HIGHLY advise some rethinking on developments part. Try to remember that it’s probably kids playing your flap, and we are in the time of coronacation... people have lost their jobs and have to use their money for important things, like food and bills. Just a thought. I have had this game on my phone for quite some time. Used to be one of my favorites to play, even though it is frustrating having to do a gazillion things to finish one room. Then for awhile I couldn’t get it to stop crashing when I opened it. I resolved this issue by uninstalling and then reinstalling... for anyone else having this issue, it worked. However, now that I’ve come back to the game after so long I can’t help but notice that coins are harder to get, everything costs tickets or cash, and the storyline requires cash for almost any interaction you actually want to do. I get it that the developer needs/wants to benefit and make money, but raping the pockets of your players isn’t the route of a decent person. Cash is obtained solely by paying for it with real money and yet you require it for any good dialogue on the storylines?!?! I truly think you need to re-evaluate how you chose to do your players. This is flat out unethical. And it makes me not even want to play the game anymore.
  • Need to get rid of butterfly collecting main levels

    By Dr. Zins
    I have been wishing with every update you would finally get rid of the called hard levels where you have to collect butterflies in the main levels to progress farther but no luck, when it takes 48 minutes to pass a level because you don’t fill out a puzzle in a certain way it takes the fun out of a game. If you want to do the butterfly stuff with side games that is fine you are not forced to do that stuff to progress farther in the game, but when it is mandatory to do it is just plain stupid. You would think you would want a game fun and non-frustrating, well your game is not one of those ever since those hard levels were put in and never gotten rid of. Once my resources are all used up this game is getting deleted and won’t be missed it’s gone way downhill since I first downloaded it. I am just mad with myself for wasting so much time on this game.
  • Too much ads

    I loved the game, so much fun and I can’t stopped playing. But the ads was the problem, every time I finish a level ads started popping out, I can deal a deal a few ads in between couples of level but every level is kinda of bummer. Hope you guys can fix it, and thank you
  • Read this 1st

    By girl13xyz
    This game is basically like the other design games...EXCEPT you have to wait about 2-3 months before they upgrade & you can decorate a room. It’s very annoying, but apparently this is how this game does it! 🤷🏻‍♀️You play the game, win stars &use them to design a room. You are able to design 1 room, Then, you get a message that upgrades coming soon, which is 2-3 months later, before you can design another room. In the meantime, all your doing is playing word games, points adding up, but nothing to decorate until they upgrade again (2-3 months later) By then, if you’re continuing playing just the word games, you have like 6000+ points & the decorating is done in minutes (cause you have so many stars to use) & then you wait again. Good Luck!