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Word villas - Crossword&Design

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-07-14
  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 199.08 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 58 057


Design your dream home with Word Villas! This game is the perfect combination of Word Puzzles and Home Decorating. Start your adventure by helping Rachel renovate her old house and start a new life! Solve challenging word puzzles to renovate and decorate the various rooms and areas in the house. Fix up what's already there, redesign to give new lift, and choose from impressive options! Give the old mansion a complete makeover! Interact with many vivid characters and unlock an addictive story involving new friends, romance, adventure, and drama! What makes Word Villas so special? ● Unique gameplay: a combination of word puzzles and home decorating provides a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience. ● Home design: - Use your design skills and creativity to renovate and decorate the house with various styles and themes; - Make your own choice from hundreds of unique furniture and decor. - Explore the house and unlock more areas for renovation. ● Exciting word puzzles: - Simply swipe the letters to build words to collect rewards! - Challenge yourself with different Modes, including Normal, Hard and Expert. - Thousands of unique levels await, and more are being added! ● Fun characters and a story full of twists: - Say goodbye to the past mess, start a new life! Establish and expand your own B&B business. - Make friends and experience a new life, all while restoring the old mansion. Will romance bloom? Will you find your true love? What are you waiting for? Solve challenging word puzzles, unleash your creativity, and start your makeover now! Love Word Villas? Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on Word Villas news, contests, polls and other fun stuff: https://www.facebook.com/WordVillas/



  • Coins

    By jae8384
    I like the game but whenever I earn coins my coin count stays at 90. I can’t buy anything because it says I don’t have enough coins but whenever I earn coins it doesn’t give me them! Please fix this bug :(
  • new update

    By Jjdwjiwsjvdqkqg
    The new update is great but also a little ridiculous in some aspects. It cost me SEVEN stars.. 4 for the characters to walk up the steps and look at a picture, and then another 3 to go look at the picture again and decide now i need 4 more to replace the picture.. that is absurd.. i’m almost on level 2000 and the levels are obviously harder so to use 7 stars to look at a picture is baffling.. Also glitches with wardrobe
  • Love

    By Dralora
    Loooove the heck out of the game but the ads get very very annoying. I would buy this game if able too just to get rid of the ads. The storyline are very cute and I love how hard the game becomes. Also, I love how this game makes you think!!! Truly the best part even though when you’ve been stuck on a word and finally get it, you feel retarded that it took you so long to figure out. Haha!
  • Too many advertisements

    By freegramer
    Love the game, but there is way too many advertisements. One per level is too much.
  • never ending ads

    By keturquiza
    u need to watch ads every level u finished :( annoying
  • No words to describe this app

    By mergefan!
    THIS.GAME.IS.AMAZING.it is so distracting(especially in quarantine)and I love the storyline.not only is it a great game it’s a great distraction
  • The game is good but creepy😱😱😱😨😨😨😥😰

    By meanest devil
    The game it is really good but also creepy once owen(that is what I named character)said I will be watching this was at night time in real life!The next morning I woke up and I played the game!She was talking to Alex did somebody play on my phone at night!!!!Then,I was like or she invites Alex over into my house!I was kinda scared😱but then when I looked at the bottom of the pool it said GET OUT!!!!I was so scared I told my mom and dad also I had to sleep in my mom and dad’s room!But my phone rang at 3:Am it was a Notification from the game it said come play the game tonight I clicked on the game and boom she dark blood everywhere I was crying I told my mom and dad in the morning but it what gone!Know in the pool it says haha haha I will do this every night at the same time if I did not answer she would make my life really bad she shut down my phone also shut down the power and make me poor!!!!
  • Lovely game, but has some flaws.

    By Elizabeth 💤
    I have been playing this game for a long time now, and I enjoy it quite a lot! The only problem I have been having with the game lately is the loading process to even get INTO the game. It takes about 30 minutes to load every time I would like to play, which makes me hesitate even playing it. I’m not sure if this is just me, but it does get quite annoying and exhausting. I do love the game, don’t get me wrong! But this flaw should be fixed for the better.
  • I’m addicted to this game!!

    By Pkaz
    I love this game! I love all the decorating & that you don’t have to pay money to get nice things which is rare in games these days. The only thing I find annoying, & it’s not even that big of a deal, is I feel there is too much of the storyline devoted to the cat. I could care less about the cat. I’d rather just decorate the house & garden
  • Truly One of My Fave Apps!

    By TinyMKS
    Word Villas is definitely my favorite word descrambling app. I love how you’re able to collect coins rather easily, and how you can get great furniture/house items by watching quick ads instead of using coins. I’m loving all of the new additions, like the slot machines and wardrobe. The best thing about Word Villas is that you aren’t going to get repeatedly stuck on a level and be unable to continue with the storyline/renovating because of some ridiculously hard match 3 game (that you ultimately end up having to pay to beat). Some of the dialogue can be a bit corny, and Betty definitely needs to straight up admit her crush on the MC - her jealously over Caroline sleeping in the same room as MC was CREEPY. I can only wish for updates as quick as possible (I’m sure you guys are working hard & I appreciate the events while you are updating!)... the only thing I’d really change is to NOT charge cash for the better decisions in the stories. Most players use cash for clothing or decorative items, seems kind of a waste to use it on a short story. Either no cash or much less cash to make a premium choice would be nice. But I’ve been addicted for awhile now - slightly over a level 2000 and still playing every day! :)
  • Choices

    By AnicknameTocomment?
    I am okay with the ads we can choose to watch when we want to purchase an item. However, I find it annoying that an ad will pop up every time I complete a task. We should have the choice to view ads. The prizes for each word level completed are low. The game is a little slow. I don’t plan to play much longer or make in game purchases because this game isn’t really worth it. The storyline is boring. It is definitely not Matchington.
  • I LOVE This Game!!!!

    This game is VERY relaxing, fun, challenging & full of exciting adventures. It’s also VERY addictive. It makes you want to keep challenging yourself to complete each level to unlock new adventures.
  • LOVE

    By AnakinsGrammy
    Love the game, it’s addicting but worth my time 😍
  • Bummed

    By B Rodg
    It is a fun game. I enjoy playing it even with the grammatical errors or words that are not words in the puzzles, that others complain about. I am waiting to see where the storyline ends up. But am finding it a struggle lately to continue to play this game, due to the following: Mainly it is changing to make it hard not to use actual real money. I have noticed everything is getting more expensive in the furniture choices. You already use the stars you earn (one per level, even hard levels) and instead of just the 100 or 200 coins for the “better” furniture it is now 500 coins or tickets (which you cannot earn in the game, but have to buy with real money). I like the extra story lines, however do not play due to costing real money. Why are we not able to purchase the packages or the “choices” in the story with coins earned in the game? And why can we not get tickets with passing levels or watching ads. There should be a way in the game to get tickets without spending real money! Ads are excessive. I don’t mind watching ads here and there after levels or to get “better” furniture or rewards if I choose, but not after ever level! I will probably continue to play, just not as often as I have been, since I will not pay that much for choices or furniture.
  • Great game but some issues

    By Spyles93
    I love the story, the furniture and characters. I really want to keep playing but am getting tired of earning flowers after I no longer need them for the collectibles. I have over 9800 and cannot use them. It would be great to be able to use them to get more coins or something that would further the story. The other thing is you can only go so far until the game says wait for next chapter events... when is the next update and can it last longer than the last one?
  • L0v3 i7

    By cass342
    i7s 4 gr34t g4m3
  • Talks to much about personal life

    By Bored peep
    There is way to much about her personal life. I got the app because I was bored and it was really addicting. Ever since the new update came out, it was to much involved with the girls dating life. Would not recommend.
  • Spell checker? Tired of all the flowers

    By Hredheadi
    I tend to agree with many of the others... it’s a fun game and love the storylines, but many things are misspelled which is annoying. Another thing is why am I collecting all these flowers?? I quickly obtained all the “collectibles” and now can’t even cash the thousands of them in for anything helpful (like lottery tickets or coins??)
  • Not intended for young minds...

    By JTH98
    This game is disguised as an innocent word game, however the story which goes with this game is intended for a much older audience. I realize the age stated 12+, but I feel at the age of 12 the story should not speak of nude pictures, sexy outfits, lying to your parent about being pregnant, etc...please review you age guidelines or be more specific in your description of how this story unfolds. My daughter will no longer be allowed to play this game.
  • Proper English

    By Georginian
    All right. Y’all are doing much better with the story line and for the most part have cleaned up reference to Orange Town. Now let’s work on proper usage of nouns. In reference to the main character having called Caroline for the purpose of being sure the character’s mom would be able to complete her current film, she says, “her and I are good friends.” Kudos on getting the I correct, but it is , “She and I are good friends.” Her is objective. She is the subject. In this case both are the subject. Perhaps, if you clean up the use of language, young people will not only have fun learning from the game, but will also learn proper English. The second problem I have is you upped the ante for everything. I appreciate the freebies but it still takes quite a great amount of points just to complete a conversation.
  • Clean this up a little

    By Lcleary1959
    I like this game. I really do.. but typos and too much ‘paid for content’ and seriously is the girls name Maggie or Rachel? Pick one. Also is it an adult game or a kids game? Because if it’s for adults spice it up a little. It’s time she and Aaron get to first base ffs.
  • Great but annoying

    By ChaoticHatter
    Love the game it’s got a great storyline and fun to play but literally EVERY advertisement I see for this game is straight up B.S. has nothing to do with the game whatsoever stop lying in your ads it’s stupid and unnecessary
  • Fun game

    By Memos girl
    Great game...makes you think of words...just wish that some levels would give more then 1 star...
  • Ugh wow just wow 👿🤬😡🤬😡🥵😳😳😳😡🤬😫😫😭😡🤬😳

    By lilgirl2.3
    OK so I was so excited to get this game I was like wow this ad seems really cool and I’ve downloaded the game before and then how to delete it because a bunch of storage took up so I decided to download it again and now it won’t even let me enter please fix this or I’m never going to get the skin again please it won’t even let me get in the game it’ll let me get in for five seconds and then close the app so fix it! 😡
  • The new update stinks.

    By Jenalala123
    The recent update changed everything I really liked about the game, they changed the daily prizes so it’s harder to get tickets to speed up certain projects and it’s difficult to get more coins. This update seems like a petty attempt to make players spend more money. It’s now a pay to play game more than ever.
  • The Flowers

    By brandyskitty
    I have gotten all the collectibles and now I have 6000 flowers with no use for them. I do wish there was a way to get cash without spending cash. But, I love the game.
  • Addicted

    By LibbaS
    Before the pandemic I played this game all the time. Now that I’m stuck at home I am playing it from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. Not only that I play it on my iPad and two iPhones! I also play Wordington the exact same type game so I’m playing six games on three devices and all are on different levels. So staying at home has been a lot easier and my days go by faster. I’m completely addicted!! Thanks for making such an enjoyable game! Please keep the stories coming, I don’t think I can handle the withdrawals and having to stay at home! I have serious health conditions and unlike a lot of people I can’t even get out just to go grocery shopping so this had made a very difficult time a lot easier! Thanks!,
  • New update

    By Genieprincess27
    I was wondering if you could add some ballgowns to the dress up section and fairytale themed story please?
  • Needs something . . .

    By Danica Miatoh
    Wonderful game with lots of good friendships. Could use a romance path with Betty . . .
  • Word villas

    By Tahanasgitl
    I like the puzzles and the remodeling but there is too much story telling. Also I’ve had it freeze up so I uninstalled and reinstalled it to reset it but in went back to the very beginning.
  • Love this game

    By fhffbrjfhffb
    Dear reader, if you like these kind of games download it NOW! This is the best game ever. I play this all the time. At the beginning it’s really East but it gets really hard I promise. Dear game, I wish you could some how be able to get money without having to spend your money. You should have it so you can win it. I don’t want to spend 2.00 on 10 dollars only! Plz change that.
  • Word Villas Needs To Fix these things!!

    By gabs🙂
    Ok I love this game but I hate having to pay for the different options. I absolutely love doing the stories but like I’ve said before they won’t allow me to continue with the stories... it’s so frustrating!!! Can you guys fix these things please? I truly enjoy the game but can you just cut back on things that have to be paid for (in some way)? Please and thank you!
  • This game does help you!!!!❤️😃

    By Saadhvi Vegesna
    Hi everyone. You might be wondering how this game does help. This helps you by your spelling by spelling which is good because some of the words you had spelled is new to you and if you know a word which you have trouble spelling then it will help you practice that word. That is how Word Villas helps you. Bye👋🏽
  • Awesome

    By Loki0808
    It’s a fabulous game and I never get bored!!
  • Word villas

    By Ladijanie
    Loved the game until so many “options” for play with very limited time frames were added. I have not been able to finish many of these since the time frame is so short.
  • Getting worse with every update

    By Cloud.9
    This game used to be about solving puzzles and reading charming stories! Now they’ve added stressful competitive events that take 8+ hours straight to complete, a slot machine, outfits that all cost even more cash, and they’ve ruined Rachel’s graphics that make her hair look greasy. She’s not even blonde at all anymore! Yet in some story scenes she still has her normal blonde hair. Might I suggest yall just make new apps instead of ruining something good? The stories update have basically turned Rachel into a how.
  • Used to be good now it’s just about the money and doesn’t even help vocabulary

    By ShayShayERA
    When I first started playing this game, a player could multiply the coins/petals they gave by the streak of correct words in a row without breaking the streak. They got rid of that now they just say “successful combo” if you reach a certain combo but all it dies is get you 20 petals which ARE USELESS!! I have well over 20,000 petals. Then they added the stories and clothes which you could buy a limited selection with in game coins but the actual nice items you need to buy with real money. As for the words themselves...IT’S JOKE!!! There are times when it will recognize a word in one puzzle but not in another. There was one time when they allowed me to use a plural form of a word but not the singular version (it actually broke my streak for that level). I only play when there is a mini-game of getting clothes for finishing levels. I WOULD NOT recommend this game!
  • The star requirement is ridiculous

    By dnaidbe592
    I really enjoy the game but the star requirement for each level is ridiculous. I’m on currently level 20 of designing the house and was curious at how many stars it took to finish each level and so I counted and it took over 40 stars to finish level 19. I understand that each part of the level would cost one star, that’s the point of completing each of the word challenges. It’s frustrating and I am slowly playing it less and less because I don’t want to collect over 40 stars to not even halfway finish designing a room.
  • It’s cool

    By Xoxo moon light alicia🖤♥️
    Ok so this game changed my life but the wierd thing is I won’t let me spell UNO but over all this game is so sick and awsome
  • Another review

    By 311kb
    I really love this game! But there should be another way to get the tickets (dollars) instead of buying them. How am I supposed to spin the wheel with kitty lottery if there is no way to earn them without spending money?! Otherwise it’s a awesome fun game, also I wish the furniture and stuff were cuter, more modern with classic with earthy or something but some more up to date designs. Thanks
  • Story probs

    By hermionegranger1217
    Ok I LOVEEEEEE the game in general. it’s a good game. but my favorite part is the stories. I always play them and find them very fun. but I am really disappointed that they cost lottery tickets for the better options. either plz take the lottery tickets away of make it to where you can get them for free like after levels or watching ads. just PLZ I just want better options
  • Slow

    By danic2422
    All in all it’s a good game. I downloaded it before, but had to start all over for some reason. So 2 Nd time downloading this game I realized why I deleted it the first time. Thought maybe it was a glitch, but now not so sure. Once you reach a certain level it takes forever to load IF IT LOADS. I thought maybe it was my WiFi (windstream 🤷🏽‍♀️) but even in data. This should be fixed. Other than that problem, good game
  • Love this game 😍 but ........😐

    By Bianca Avacado
    I love this game so much but when I play the storyline and it asked me a choice I want to choose the other one but the only way to get it is to buy the tickets and I can't get it because I can't cause of my parents and then my story goes the way I didn't want it to go so could you plz put some tickets in the daily rewards I get for each week but overall love the game and it's storyline and decor and word puzzles.
  • The best

    By hellohisupbojour
    My dad bought this game, and he is picky
  • Word villas

    By hsndbbfbcbcskk
    I love this game so much I love doing the fun things like the haunted house and the day at the beach games I love the out fits I wish they didn’t cost so much though I also love the furniture!!!
  • Too much dialogue

    By Yvonne20641
    I enjoy the game but there’s way too much about the cat and her talking to her friends. I want to renovate, i don't care about her jealous redhead friend or her bossy mother.
  • I’ve enjoy this game as an anxiety reducer but...

    By brewerbmc13
    I like how easy it is and not stressful but hate that you cannot get one lottery ticket to do any of the options in the stories. Never! Such crap. I refuse to spend my money on it. I am on level 1,762
  • Word Villa...

    By lookout11
    Great game...my biggest complaint is Word Villa should verify the ads they play on here are legit...I bought something from one of the ads believing the ad was legit since Word Villa allowed it on their game...the ad was a total scam...please Word Villa verify the ads you play are not scams...it made me lose respect for you.
  • Overall satisfied

    By Jm912miller
    I love playing this game but I have a few suggestions. On the mini event, you should get credit for a level through the main puzzle (where max is) instead of repeatedly going to the event. Some of the outfits should be less expensive with dollars, making you spend real money. If we solve a crossword with consecutive combos, I feel more than the average 12 coins per game should be given.