Idle Car !

Idle Car !

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-06-29
  • Current Version: 2.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 581.39 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 12 818


Have you ever wondered what makes a car drive? Experience every detail of creating a car from the ground up with Idle Car. Learn how a car works and what is needed to get there! Fun and easy to pick up. You will build your first car in no time! Unlock a variety of cars and vehicles. From motorcycles to yachts to sports cars and more! Game Features: 1. Unlock Epic Content Think bigger than just your fancy self driving car. Have you ever gone to space? Want to build a spaceship? How about a submarine to go to the deepest parts of the ocean? 2. Grow your Garage Show off your collection to others by unlocking all the cars along the way. Can you build them all? 3. Supercharge your Efforts Unlock turbo boosts and special power ups to get your car across the finish line. Only the best builders can make their cars 100% complete. 4. Build while you Sleep Even when you aren’t playing, enjoy seeing your car’s progression! The closer you are to the finish, the more money you get to unlock special content. Watch your projects evolve right in front of your eyes. Whether you like cars, like learning how things work or just want to click and collect, Idle Car will take you there. This is the best and most relaxing building game there is. Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster and Mr Bullet! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;



  • Favorite game ever

    By rich ffggvvvvv
    I can’t stop playing this game it is just so cool and fun. I have no complaints at all so goodbye.😁
  • Ads. Ads. Ads.

    By Iceman2772
    Absolutely a cute little time wasting game but ENTIRELY too many ads
  • rigged

    way too slow and annoying you put way too much in every car its annoying its rigged i played it with my friend he like it but i think it is bad
  • Great game but glitch

    The game is really fun and I could play all day but there is this glitch were when you change money pay to 1 10 100 if you switch fast to 100 and start clicking on one of the car parts that costs more then what u have it will give u it for Free.
  • Too long

    By tthhiyyu
    The time to add on items only tics when the game is open
  • Great without the plethora of ads

    By ImLoompy
    I really do enjoy seeing the cars being built from the bottom up, and the detail of the cars are good, the only problem is ads, I understand that money can be made from ads, but with ads being pushed into the consumers face every minute is really irritating, and the fact that you have to watch ads to upgrade some things is not fair in any way. The game itself is enjoyable if you just need to waste some time and watch the cars take shape, but what good is that time if the majority of it is made up of ads? I do hope that sooner, there would be less ads. Great game otherwise
  • Ads over the top

    By sndjfnfjf
    I know it’s a free ad based game, but this game stops gameplay every two minutes and forces a 10 to 20 sec ad. Even if you are not doing anything.
  • It’s a fun game but I do have A few complaints

    By TynJake104
    Not trying to hate at this game at all, but there is a few problems. I got almost all the cars done. I’m on the customizing stage of things. The timer never works unless I’m on the app. I don’t really want to spend an hour and a half waiting for that. Another thing is that there is way too much ads. But I do love this game it’s a fun game I just need my first complaint to be fixed immediately.
  • Don’t get this game

    By Major Poop
    It’s a fun game and all until you complete a car. If you spend titanium’s to upgrade the car more at the end it requires time played not time since buying. They just want you to play there game a lot. By a lot I mean 32 hours.
  • Don’t press the trophy button

    By faisetty
    If you push it you lose everything that you have done
  • Room for improvement

    By Keith5875
    Fun game but it feels like there’s room for more. Once you complete the cars, helicopter and boat, there is nothing left to do. Unless there is a bug in the game that won’t let you upgrade your garage any further.
  • Titanium

    By lionking1234567899
    What is it used for and a toggle engine on and off switch would be very cool
  • Rebirth/Prestiging

    By Blaze4ekite
    Hello! I had, and got pretty far in this game a while back, but a few months ago i uninstalled it. not because it was bad, it was a genuinely good game, but the rebirthing is the worst i’ve seen in any game ever. it shouldn’t work by time, it should work by progress. it ruins the game and defeats the purpose completely. i would honestly give it a 5 star and reinstall if this was fixed. ALSO: if this is fixed, i am really sorry for this review and will change it! I am just going based on previous knowledge of playing this for a while. Thank you in advanced.
  • ☹️

    By Morefreemoney76
    To many ads☹️☹️☹️
  • Terrible

    By irdc2732
    Way to many ads like this is not really a game design but instead there just wanting to make money from just a small amount of game
  • Good game, infinite ads.

    By EpicDestroyaYT
    Great game, just erase the ads. Jus mak ads go away.
  • Bug

    By StopTakingAllTheNickames
    This won’t even be a long review I haven’t played the game because in the tutorial where it says titanium is key for premium parts later on and it glitches when I press continue and does nothing.
  • Bad

    By mmmmsjfhjsjdnnf
    It’s bad how do you spell scare
  • Best game

    By Westo_TTV
    Best of all time
  • Horrible

    By superducktotherescue
    Oh now I remember why I deleted this game to many ads for everything.
  • Fun at first

    By Powers family #1 and 2
    It’s or the game is fun at first but after you play for a few hours it gets boring like theirs no point of the game and it’s super expensive for every upgrade in the game!Lower the price for a upgrade!
  • Great for a while

    By KoalaGucci777
    This game is really fun but doesn’t have enough content, like most idle games you get to the point where you can’t really buy anything without clicking for like 5 minutes straight. Otherwise very fun and it’s cool to see the cars come together!
  • Good game but keeps crashing on startup

    By Skyler Hester
    I like the game, but every time I start it within 30 seconds it will crash, so for the last couple days I can’t do anything on the game
  • Good, fun, but hard

    By imnotwritingmymane
    This rating isn’t gonna be too long, because there is not much to say. Anyways, I have downloaded this game a while ago and I really enjoy it. Though it is really hard, it’s a good challenge. If you are looking for a challenge then this is a really good game and you should download it. I like how the game is organized, and how neat it is. I’ve seen some really messy games, which I’m not going to name. Overall, this is a really great game! 👍😃
  • Bleh

    By HippyCow
    Why does it cost trillions of dollars to construct an ordinary sedan?
  • Few Rounds Will Max It Out!

    By ASWV5
    After Tapping And Upgrading With Ads, I Might Get This Game Done!
  • Where’s the ads

    By grandbaldeagle
    I keep getting ad not available message why???
  • Lacking

    By james5057
    It’s a cool game if you are extremely bored and have nothing else to do with your time what so ever. Building the cars from the ground up is a great concept but the time it takes to eat money and upgrade parts just so you can buy an engine or tires is just long. All you do is hit the buy button until the part lights up to buy and if you’re out of money you just wait....and wait.... and then you have enough and open the next part and then you push buttons and then wait and wait for your money to build back up. They need another way to make money other than just waiting for your bank to grow on its own.. potential but not quite there yet
  • Need more

    By Ratt1980
    I have finished all the builds, are you going to put more vehicles on the app to build? Maybe some emergency response vehicles like police cars and fir trucks and ambulance. planes, trucks, military vehicles. Please need more!!!
  • Only one problem

    By chiefroyalalex
    When you complete a car and get your customization options they make you stay in the game for 15 hours if you want them all. They don’t keep with the idle theme of the game. And I’m not keeping my phone open overnight to get these options
  • The Update

    By #1 for Greenday
    The update brought a fresh, new look but that’s the only good thing that came from it. The new form of currency that’s needed to buy new vehicles and extra upgrades pretty much forces in-app purchases in order to enjoy the app like I used to before. You guys had a good thing going, why’d you have to squander it...
  • Eh, it’s working.

    By jaxsonsman
    So, I just started, and noticed it ran pretty crappy on my device, aka the iPad. So can you please reduce the lag? It would boost it up to a 4.5. This would really help my XP.
  • Review

    By EdogAtRon121
    I love this game a lot but I think that you guys need to add more vehicles (land, sea, and air) to make the game soooooooooo much better.
  • Full page ads

    By Duckwalled
    Seriously why would a dev do this? Users hate random full page 30 second video ads. Instant delete.
  • One ideas

    By ghjjhhjjk
    One idea would be to add a max so you don’t have to click on 100 twice
  • I don’t like this

    By If only 84
    Cool game until they forced me to agree that they’ll collect my data. The page were you opt out doesn’t work.
  • Ads

    By ahmadkidfromgaza
    Too Many ads
  • A very bad game

    By Hamdy654
    Bad game
  • I had every fricking car...

    By Ifufucuvjjvjviicjcucjckvk
    Until the idiot update. I am deleting that stupid game. You might not have the same problem as me, but I hate this game.
  • So it’s cool, but...

    By A triggered high schooler
    So I got this game two days ago. I personally am a car guy. When I started playing, I thought, “Oh, cool! An idle game like AdCap for cars!” I played off and on a bit the last two days, and here I am, reviewing this game... Because I completed it. This game seriously needs more content. It’s well done, but it was so easy. There are six vehicles, that all take no more than several hours afking to upgrade fully. Sedan took 24hrs (keep in mind I didn’t see the boosts option until then.) Sports Car took about 6hrs. Motorcycle and Robo Car, 3 each, no more. I used my money and titanium to buy the helicopter and yacht, but I finished those both today. I don’t know what to do now. I’m not restarting. It’s gonna be the same thing over again. Good game, plenty of potential, lacking content at this point... I hope all those ads will help.
  • Ridiculously awesome

    By Dom's Review
    I got this Game in The summer of 2017,I’ve now had it for more than 2 year’s.And it’s super good.The cars are Great Quality and I’ve almost finished the game.I love it.I hope you keep it up And add more cars!
  • Bug

    By fduggy
    It’s a bug in game that’s not letting my time pass when I’m not on game is my only problem
  • Good game

    By Mikey Euscher
    One thing when the game gives notifications it gives two of the same notification, other than that I like it
  • The game will not play

    By gallegos72
    The game still needs work, every time an ad comes up for boosts or otherwise, the game crashes.
  • why so many ads

    By csr is cool
    I liked it but to upgrade your spark to get more money it was ad after ad after ad and it got boring and un enjoyable it’s all about the money not even making a good game
  • Glitch

    By Save glamis
    I downloaded this game and as soon as I pressed the app, it did the loading screen and it put me out of the app! Please fix this bug immediately!
  • More

    By Mad mom28483
    This Game Is Amazing But It Needs More vehicles.
  • No

    By get$$$$$$$$$$$
    After install, Within seconds of startup of app, ads. Within a minute of play 3 ads. Deleted after.
  • Not working

    By Keyl30
    The game has not been working for a week now since the last update