Battle Disc

Battle Disc

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-25
  • Current Version: 1.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 270.16 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 92 077


Throw the disc and eliminate opponents defences. But be carefull... If he catches the disc, he will throw it back.



  • Adds

    By ahsjfjfkdkzn
    Too many adds
  • So fun

    By alex authement
    So fun
  • I love it

    By Mr0cz
    I love it be cus it’s funny and awesome
  • Game

    By kgujxjxdjdkdjjdi
    This game is fun but it is fun.
  • Ads ads ads ads

    By Duff2711
    Ads ads ads
  • Use a better program

    By Gircake
    These games lag so badly, it only seems as if I’m playing on five frames per second.
  • Thor is all I ask.

    By larrywestra
    Good game, please make Thor a unlockable character to play with. I love how the disc always finds you and doesn’t let you take advantage of the invincible Hammer mode. If your good you can avoid it to make huge gains.
  • 4 Stars

    By DragonTamer123
    Okay, so in my honest opinion, great game. It’s a great game. My only legit problem is the fact that YOUR disc can hit a bomb on YOUR side. I find this game mechanic extremely flawed and extremely infuriating. If we could fix this that would be great.
  • Lil niqqa

    By imafuhwicha
    It pretty 🅱️ool
  • Play now Ola will kill you

    By BB3N4
  • Game

    Great game!!!
  • So many ads

    By docter aubrie
    If they wanted me to see so many ads then make a game where all u do is watch ads the whole time I liked the game when I got to play it, although it glitched every 2 seconds it takes you to a blue screen and I paid 2.99 for ad s to stop they didn’t after every game I played there would be at least 2 ads Ps don’t buy the no ads thing it’s a scam
  • It is awesome

    By z wup but
    I’m a fan of your game my name is Zachary Anderson Nice to meet you
  • Battle disc

    By Icediva2
    This game is fun but I will give a 5 star if this game adds teammates to the game in shop
  • Good job guy

    By BobbyKnowsBest2.0
    Oh nice, you actually made air hockey kinda cool.
  • Ad generator better than game

    By jaseinatl
    If the game didn’t have ads on the screen and ads between every round it would be a five star game. The physics are great the concept is great the implementation is pretty good. THE ADS ARE OUT OF CONTROL! The developers must be the greediest developers on iPhone considering there’s not a second that ad is not displayed while playing. When combined with the short rounds you definitely spend 3 or more times as long watching ads as you do playing. If your good, expect 5-10x as long watching ads. In fact this is more of an ad generator with a short video game break (with ads) between ads. Maybe if they get rich enough they’ll develop this into a decent game. Doubt it but you can hope. Too bad , it was fun for the first 30 minutes even if 25 of those minutes were ads.
  • Good game hate the constant adds

    By Adr Iannn
    The game overall is a fun game to play. The biggest problem I have is the adds after almost every game and adds to revive every time. After the first 10 adds I was done, I am not going to pay money to remove adds when I feel that we shouldn’t have adds forced on us just to play. They could a tip from crush then all where you can elect to watch adds to either get extra stuff like gold, 2 x game speed or extra Flooz (which is premium currency) I would play this game more if the adds were a lot less.
  • Crazy ads...

    By Jschwilly
    Fun game but unplayable... waaay too many ads!!
  • Bull crap

    By hfkckyvgjckgcjtzfakfc
    You can’t even do anything that changes what the ai does and it makes the ai stupidly op plus it tries to force you to do things you don’t wanna do and makes you watch an ad to continue
  • Cool

    By SinalPro299
    Chill : )

    By vg6612
    When I downloaded this it was alright but then it asked me to agree to something so I did because it’s just a game what can it do. As soon as I did that my phones internet stopped working and it started being slow. Then when I deleted the app my phone was back to normal. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  • From the lover of this game

    By JMJeffra
    I Ii love this game I win every time This game is awesome I win every time!
  • SO MANY ADS!!!!!!

    By Billysundae
    Fun game but come on folks, why do you have to make it suuuuuck???

    By Kraycray-zy
    I just think there are to many commercials.
  • Why I gave it a low star

    By star3437
    I feel like it’s rigged tbh. This is just my opinion! I don’t like how once stage 2 of a level it ends up having like 6 enemies and then you have to destroy more barrier things that the enemies do. Like you have to destroy 8 and they only have to destroy 4 or so.
  • Yeet

    By Jordanlpves ir
  • Good game- too many ads

    By Aerosmith7do
    As usual, another fun game that is completely ruined by never-ending ads.
  • Love this game

    By LMSY22
    I like this game a lot it’s like my sport
  • Greatest game of all the game is

    By Breezythedemon
    Rest game H
  • Awesome

    By ChristopherJohn169
    Best game ever
  • Wow

    By DrugsFrom305
    These games are starting to get really good.
  • I like this game

    By evianhull
    It’s so cool
  • 💞

    By meh idk myself
    When I started playing this game I literally fell in love with it 🥰💞💖
  • Good

    By Masonthemalice
    Not that much ads but enjoyable
  • Boi

    By 534774433code
    Boi this game is easy fun kinda way love it
  • Lame

    By Pistolp0440
    The blocks on the other side don’t load sometimes. Stupid.
  • Too many ads

    By Baby.Boii
    There are literally so many ads that you can’t even enjoy the game. You spend most of the time watching ads and getting aggravated.
  • Addictive

    By reviewer 8798
    Warning⚠️ This game is highly addictive! Lol Ok go download this it’s pretty a ok besides ads Sup good game let’s see if I can get most helpful by saying too much ads!!
  • Clunky and add ridden

    By jdhyndjjgr
    More add watching then gameplay. Full add before, during, and after every match! And an extra add for every bonus they throw your way. Controls are slow and clunky feeling. When you are supposed to catch the disk sometimes you grab it other times it just goes right through you.
  • It’s okay... but

    By HeyItsSloth
    It’s alright however there is a few things wrong, like once you get to lvl 123 the bots start getting insanely op and there is a weird glitch with the quests that makes it to where you are not able to complete them :( but other than that it’s a fun game pretty well made and is played as advertised :))
  • Ads galore

    By ChronicleDecay1
    Great game, had to delete cus of too many ads
  • Great game but way too many adds

    By 👱‍♂️👱‍♂️👱‍♂️
    I was playing mr. Bullet and I saw this ad and this game looked really fun and it is. But after a played like 6 levels and there was a lot of ads! I mean unless you want to pay money to get no ads. It would be fine if they put ads every 2 levels, but they put an add 2 times per a level. Only play this game if you like watching ads or want to pay money to remove ads. Other than the ad problems this is a great game! If you fix the ad problem I would give this game 5 stars!
  • How fun this game is

    By hgjgmgnhjnj
    This game is really fun and I cannot resist not playing it
  • Ads

    By my official review🙃
    Fun game but too many ads that didn’t have x’s
  • Ok I’m done

    By zachattack2237
    I’m just done

    By Subscribe to Skyz rD
    It’s such a good game, well made. But the problem is that there is to many ads.
  • How to change the defense blocks

    By Logan wilson clay
    When I was building the background map, I knew that I could change the block set up but for some reason now I can’t change my block set up. If u guys read this can u add the block defense change back plz? I tried to change it and now I can’t find it so now it’s a big downer. Plz I just beg u. I rly need to find this block defense change.
  • Fun fUn FuN FUN

    By kingtoucan8609
    Fun Addictive Creative EZ
  • Ads

    By ChristianFG
    If u guys dont want ads just turn off ur wifi