Battle Disc

Battle Disc

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-07-17
  • Current Version: 1.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 273.26 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 159 444


Throw the disc and eliminate opponents defences. But be carefull... If he catches the disc, he will throw it back.



  • Amazing game

    By gahsp
    It is so fun I love it and i hope you love it too
  • 😡The worst.

    By baddogg811
    I played this game before. It was great and kind of rigged, but now, It’s worse!!! There are lots of annoying ads and glitches. One of them was that I used the island skin character and after I removed all of the blocks with bombs and anchors, there was one left and it was unbreakable. I tried using a bomb, but did it work. No. I just had to let the opponents destroy all of my blocks and I died. Then there was an ad. I mean seriously, there’s an ad in almost every part of the game! If you fail, you get an ad, when you start, you get an ad, It’s almost like you want people to waste their time and money on a game that doesn’t even work properly and has more ads for more disappointment! Honestly, I want you to fix this game that I used to love so that it could get more respect and uses. Please?
  • Love it

    By $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&$$$$$$$$$$$
  • too many ads

    By NameAlreadyytaken
    Game is fine, wayyyyy too many ads. Deleted after playing for 15minutes. Greedy company.
  • You ripped me off

    By cuttiecsrcher
    I was level 258 and I bought the desert bundle which was $2.99 and now all of my things all gone
  • BAD

    By oogi fan
    It’s bad
  • Can dick

    By camStupid
    Your game is so good bro💯🤩🥰👍😅😂😇
  • Love this game

    By Rockin-Rider
    This game is so fun
  • Its been freezing lately

    By quintaifulina
    Overall a really awesome game tho, minus the freezing in the middle of games. I wish you guys could make a multiplayer on 2 different phones version. This game would blow up foreshore
  • Unfair and too many adds

    By eden fern allen
    Ok so I love this game, don’t get me wrong, but it’s soooo unfair. Sometimes you can’t even hit the other opponents targets because they’re either, too powerful or there’s too many of them. The only way I can do it is by the Thor hammer. And my second complaint is, there’s TOO MANY ADDS!!! I can’t play this game sometimes because there’s so many adds. Thank you! Pls fix these thought
  • Mia Mia morning

    By sssssmia
  • Bro solution to the ads

    By bobyesta
    Yo if you complaining about the ads just straight up turn your WiFi and cellular data off
  • must add online

    By mythicalUvU
    this app is amazing and super fun but i’ll give it a 4 it would be a 5 if it had a online option so you can play against your friends
  • Dudu

    By kikikioy
    Po jdjdjdkdkdshx
  • Entertaining

    By medjrjfi
  • Lonj

    By karas123p
    You are a noobs
  • Another geneic Ads generator

    By MrDoter
    Very boring every 5 seconds you see an ad
  • Too many ads

    By Jimmy Thunda
    The game is entertaining, and I’m all for supporting a free game by watching ads, but the ad to game ratio makes this such a chore to play. When a level can last literally 2 seconds and I have to watch a 30 second ad it becomes a massive chore to play this app. Shorten the amount of ads and people might actually play longer, in turn watching more ads rather than getting frustrated and closing the app.
  • Great game fam

    By @joonnnyyyy on tik tok
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  • Not working!!

    By i_morris
    The game is not working!! I downloaded it yesterday and it’s suddenly not working. I also removed ads and ads are still playing for videos. I’d like to give a great review but it’s not working!!
  • Fun game, but...

    By xoni21
    I think this game is very fun to play. The only thing that I wish this game had is a multiplayer feature. To be honest, I was expecting this when getting the game. If you guys add this to the game, it will be so much more fun and better. Overall, it’s a good game.
  • 0 stars

    By kingAadyn_mario
    To hard
  • FaZe Jarvis on crack

    By FaZe Jarvis on crack
    This game is very good for passing time and competing to the top
  • The hit 5 bombs in 2 levels mission

    By gaby powell
    The hit 5 bombs in 2 levels mission is not working I’ve done it like 100 times and it won’t clear out the mission.
  • تعننرههن

    By Nahi S
  • 1/10

    By bahsvsqksn
    I don’t like it because they are all bots and not real people, and in my opinion it’s fair to real people like me. If you get what I’m saying.
  • Great Game

    By RaGeSuPrEmE
    Awesome games
  • Best game ever

    By vsbgsbsbauhsb
    A really nice game but I can’t stop playing this game it is just the best game ever.
  • Boring

    By take takle
    It gets boring when your done y would u make a game like this it is to quick like dude delete it no point o getting it 🥴
  • To many ads

    By noahhhhuuhuh
    Toooo mmmmaaaannnnyyy aaaaddddssss
  • Robbery

    By Assdoucheyourdas
    Even after paying to remove ads you have to wait seconds after each round for the option to skip a 30 second ad to continue. Criminal dev. Make the skip video button pop up same time as the box you crook
  • Best game ever

    By labador 211111234567890
    This app is so fun and I am so excited to play it I will play it all the time and it will make you feel great
  • Multiplayer?

    By frojay.jj
    Is it multiplayer?
  • Awesome 👏

    By roardrago
    Awesome 👏
  • Love it

    By poke 111---
  • S

    By sabrina fawrfa
    BLACK LIVES matter
  • Game doesn’t let you complete challenges.

    By OJtheother
    Wife had this game on her phone and it looked good. Put it on my ipad a started playing. Did not take long to figure out that the app maker has rigged the game so you can’t get the challenges completed and have to watch way to many videos. If you are looking for a game to kill time and don’t want to do the “daily challenges “ this is a good game. If you like the different challenges some games have don’t waste your time. The one star rating is because the game won’t let you complete the challenges.
  • I love this a lot

    By mutablewater
    I don’t love it actually this is stupid it sends you right out. If your IPhone/IPad is like just eleven months old it sends you out
  • Good game BUT

    By K-Dog the Legendary
    I enjoy the game but I’m giving a poor review for two reasons. One, level design becomes very uninspired after you get a feel for the game, but that is a minor issue to me. Would be cool if they actually had updates. The real problem is that I was given the mission “Hit 5 bombs in 2 levels”. I’ve done this several times, but either the mission is bugged or the game simply doesn’t keep track of the bombs hit across multiple levels, because I have done this MULTIPLE TIMES to no avail. You can’t delete missions either, so I essentially have a dead slot in the game. Tried sending the devs an email but after a month with no response, here I am. Unfortunate that after enjoying the game, I am left with a bad taste in my mouth whenever I play it.
  • Annoying

    By Swagaliciois
    I really like this game and I think it’s a lot of fun! HOWEVER, it is bugging out at the end of EVERY OTHER ROUND. At the end of the round it asks if I want to open a crate by watching an ad, so I usually press no. Then it asks me to update my arena by spending coins or watching and ad and after a few seconds a “later” button pops up that’s supposed to take you to a new round. BUT IT DOESNT WORK. I hit the “later” button and then the game just glitches and doesn’t zoom in to let me play so EVERY time I have to close out of the app and restart it. IT IS SO ANNOYING. please fix this because the game is great otherwise!!
  • So great ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    By 🦇🦅🦑🐙🦀
    I LOVE IT. My sister rated it 1 she said it’s not for her. But I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍
  • Ok fine

    By dmedrex
    I really like the game but there are some problems. The first problem is that there are to many ads. The next, problem is that sometimes there is a chest you can watch a video or wait. There are some other problems but it’s is minor. ( To the game maker, before I got the game I read some reviews most problem are ads. In order to fix the ad problem you should do some like pay 5$ or lower you remove ads forever or for a few days.) (To the people how read the reviews. There are some ways to get read of the ads you can leave your phone on and let the ad play or you can turn airplane mode on) I really like this game a lot, but you should make a game mode where you can play with other people and have a leaderboard instead of versing bots. Another thing you should do is you can have a friend list so you can verse your friends that would be cool. That is all I have to say so please take my advice and the peoples advice.
  • To much ads

    Can no ads be free because I hate ads
  • what the heck!

    By quirkyqueen647
    I enjoyed playing this game whenever I played it, which wasn’t very often. However, I decided to play it this morning. In the middle of the game, a petition came up on my screen asking if I would sign it to help keep gun stores open across the US. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t promote that kind of advertising!!! I’ll be deleting this game as soon as I finish this review to prevent further run ins with either this petition again, or future petitions.
  • Can I rate this zero???

    By sjdhvvdhehvd
    Sorry. My brother loves it!!! It is not for me. No offense. Tell me if you take that offensive. Thanks bye!!
  • Battle Disc

    By gramjackie
    Battle Disc is the best game ever, you throw the disc to damage the things idk what its called
  • It’s ok😐

    By SuperB Opinions
    I like the game and it’s fun and all but I have to say I have a lot of trouble getting flawless victories and they come up all the time. I have a suggestion, do one of two things (or both). It would be nice to have more teammates and I would say to be able to collect them with the in game currency. I also think that it is totally absurd that there are bombs on your side of the arena. The odds are always against you, they have more blocks and teammates so to even the playing field the bombs should only be on their side. Thanks.
  • 1
    By .ë
    It’s a fun game but WAYYYYYYYYYY yo many ads. There are so many ads that you don’t want to play it because all you really do on the app is watch videos of ads
  • Best game ever

    By k**********t********8
    Hi, this is the most best game ever🤗. I play this game every day. I downloaded it about 3 months a go. And yet I am still not bored of it. Over all it is so easy I always win and it is the most best game ever. Be sure to downloaded it bye-bye👋🏻😁