Flappy Royale

Flappy Royale

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-24
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 18.47 MB
  • Developer: Ben Maslen
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 133


A last-one-flapping battle royale. Can you stay alive longer than 99 opponents? Flappy Royale is a battle royale-styled game. It takes the competitive nature of a battle royale where far too many people play at once, with the un-forgiving nature of a flappy game. Flappy Royale has two game modes: a royale free-for-all with up to 100 players and a daily top-score system to see who got past the most pipes daily where players have a limited number of tries. If it flaps (and kinda if it doesn't), we've tried to get it in the game, giving you the chance to play as all sorts of animals and glammed to the brim. We think you'll find it messy, frustrating, and very fun for 10 seconds. Then you hit a pipe, and start all over again. You know the drill. A game by Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker, with Zach Gage



  • Can’t see other players

    By Comet7901
    Why can’t I see any other players but me?
  • Native iPad support please

    By amed2000
    Hello I really want this feature to be added in Thanks!
  • Good game with minor issuss

    By MikeJurkowski
    I loved Flappy Bird and I love Flappy Royale. My only complaint is the Daily Trial doesn't seem to work anymore and everytime I win an egg the ad doesn't seem to let me open it.
  • Everything I unlocked is now locked and new items won't unlock

    By abouttreefitty
    I really like this game. I've put up with the various glitches such as getting an egg, watching an ad, and then the egg not opening but rather asking me to watch an ad again. But this latest glitch is just too much. Everything that I previously unlocked is now locked. I've unlocked over 50 items and now everything is showing as locked. Also, items will no longer unlock. I've opened two eggs today and the items aren't showing up as unlocked. Please fix this issue! **Edit** Updated to version 1.5 and my items are still locked. Eggs are still not unlocking items. I watch the ad, am informed that I unlocked an item, and then it still shows as being locked. Please fix this! **Edit 8-18-19** Another update, still don't have my previously unlocked items. And now when I open an egg it's just an endless loop of ads instead of watching one ad and unlocking an item
  • Fun game. Great developers!

    By MrPokey
    Love the concept and the game! I thought it wasn’t live, but the developers reached out and told me how it works. That is amazing and I love the game. Looks like the bugs I had encountered initially have been resolved! Keep up the good work.
  • Unpolished and buggy

    By SpenseW
    Right now the game simply doesn’t work. Half the time it kicks me out of the game before it’s over, and 100% of the time it doesn’t save stats in any regard, making every new play my best ever and refusing to award points in the daily runs.
  • Could improve

    By BigShawn133334
    Feels laggy sometimes. Feels much more floaty than OG Flappy Bird. Seeing the other players is distracting. Fun though.
  • just ok

    By xphilx
    pretty glitchy, sprites flicker weird, the ads pop-up mid game, the game also has a hard time remembering stats, this game needs a lot of work and polish. could have the potential to get very great.
  • I can hear it

    By Tbreezey
    The faint popping of hundreds of birds plummeting to their deaths. The same ding every time you precariously navigate through a pipe. The number of pipes ever growing, birds ever falling. I fall. I press “Again”. It beckons to me. Fall. Again. Fall. Again. There is nothing else. There is only the endless flap. You recognize that this is your life, played out in front of you hundreds of times a day. This is no longer a game.
  • Fun game, lots of bugs though

    By christimonty
    At first, the game would freeze after losing a round and would just keep telling me ‘one sec’ no matter how many times I tried to restart. This issue now seems to be fixed, but many other issues have come up. Now, I’m unable to customize the character. It shows as though my customizations have been applied while on the home screen on the game, but once I start playing it defaults to a basic character. It also is no longer saving data. The number of matches won has not changed despite winning multiple, and it doesn’t record the daily trial data either. Even after resetting the entire game, I’m still having these issues. Please fix!!
  • Glitchy Glitchy

    By Swag lord 3000
    Game is becoming glitchy that it’s becoming borderline unplayable, based on updates the devs seem uninterested in fixing the glitches but more focused on trying to make more money off of the game
  • Addicting!

    By l Destroy
    Second best app next to the original! 10/10 gameplay and idea. 1/10 hit detection and boundary issues; you WILL fail for no apparent reason mid game, even if you are completely clear of any pipes.
  • Too many bugs

    By StealthIsland
    This game is not good it has too many glitches when I tap to jump out it just instantly makes me fall and die even when I tap and in the middle of the game for no reason I die when I’m not even close to hitting a pipe
  • Misleading

    By Necko
    Let’s start with the misleading concept. this game hints at the game being multiplayer and playing against 99 other players. but that does not seem to be the case considering the game can be played without wifi, service, or even on airplane mode. while that is helpful, it’s it very misleading. the games death barrier is also very broken, for example, after you pass a pipe and are in the clear you can still die. fix these issues.
  • Many bugs but solid concept

    By brooooooooooooooklighgh
    I like the game as it is, but the bugs are a bit too much. I understand it’s a beta but it freezes a lot
  • Crashing on every death

    By BigH65
    Just giving feedback that currently it is freezing and crashing every time I hit a pipe. Other than that I flippin love this.
  • Great, but bugs

    By krispykrunchies
    This is a great spin on the Flappy Bird genre. It’s extremely addicting, just like the original. However, I came across a bug that does not allow me to join matches anymore. After playing several in a row, the game stops putting me in matches and even closing out the app and restarting it didn’t fix the issue. So essentially I can’t play the game any more at this point. Bummer. Still a great game, but needs to iron out the bugs and I can confidently say it was released to early in this state.
  • Some suggestions!!! (Positive)

    By Blaine333
    First of all, I’ve been here since the beta and I love this game. I don’t have any complaints just some suggestions that could really help. First of all I think it’d be really cool if you could add some sort of friend system. Like you can play with people you know through duos or squads or something like that. You should also get a prize if you win, like maybe coins and you could start a shop to use those coins and buy new birds, customizations, backgrounds, pipes, etc.
  • Fun But Glitchy

    By Jolo Swagginz
    Hello! This app is very fun and addicting. However, every time I hit a pipe the app freezes and I need to quit the app and open it again to play it again. When I first got it, it wouldn’t do this and I was able to get back into matches easily. (Somewhat, it still takes some trial and error in terms of finding a room but that’s another issue) I hope this glitch is resolved sometime soon! Thank you! I’ll bump the score up if it’s fixed.
  • This game is amazing

    By _Sandice_
    I broke my phone while playing this, but yet, it’s still a masterpiece.