Shootout 3D

Shootout 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-23
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 115.56 MB
  • Developer: Kwalee
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 54 335


Become a hero and eliminate the enemies and bosses whilst protecting innocent civilians. In Shootout 3D you will need to swipe left and right to control all characters, good and bad. Tap on the screen to fire, but make sure you don't hit a good guy otherwise it's game over. Reach the end of the level and face off against the tough bosses to win the game! Use objects like barrels, logs and mirrors to help you in tricky situations. Shootout 3D features: - Simple and addictive gameplay - Crazy ragdoll physics - Simple and colorful art style - Increasingly challenging levels



  • I can’t turn

    By ;)/):)382$?|>|~€£|€
    During Level 3 I cannot turn around to shoot the people behind me. This game needs to be worked on. Please fix this so I don’t get mad and throw my phone.
  • Crap

    By lil nugget101
    Too much ads
  • False advertising and not challenging

    By Common.Logic
    This game at first is fun, but over time it gets boring and eventually makes you want to delete it. Spending money is not worth it at all. Also false advertising. Please don’t advertise a feature in the game when you don’t actually have it.
  • Lazy

    By Gagayajnsbcj ixhsb
    Kinda good idea for a game however the levels repeat themself and there is absolutely nothing challenging about this game. Mindlessly lining up a gun (that shows exactly where it will hit) with absolutely no risk. Don’t waste your time helping these ad farmers.
  • Shoot out 3D

    By Ehtisham saqib
    Fun game but has too many ads which make me go to other games
  • Stupid

    By brettbmb2252
    Literally a stupid game. Terrible game. Took little to no effort to create the levels. Don’t download
  • Ignorant

    By theemazing16
    The levels are too easy and then after level 15 they just repeat themselves. You also have to watch an ad after every level
  • This game

    By trowup
  • Repeats?

    By shadow fanyt
    Does the levels repeat? I just killed Creepy Steve 2 times
  • Cool

    By 67675667
  • There’s a glitch on level 16

    By MeliLoza35
  • Can’t turn my character half the time

    By thearenoflippingnicknames
    Like I said I can’t turn my character half the time so I’m unable to kill the enemy even on the most simple levels
  • The terrible physics

    By caseyyyywww2
    The physics on this game are horrible.When I first saw the ad on this game I thought it was pretty cool.But then I was in level 3 and I couldn’t turn properly I deleted this horrible game and I suggest to not get it.
  • To many adds

    By ArmyRazorbackfanbrian
  • Kwalee bad

    By Ayub latef
    All the game of kwalee are not free there are just for watching ads and not work without internet when u have internet u must watching ads more than the game
  • Awesome game but...

    By Herb Fisher
    The graphics are amazing, I love cartoonishly games, and it’s not that realistic but I don’t care. The minus one star is for how many times the games asked for premium! After every level it asked for premium and I’m sick of it.

    I literally played this after looking at the reviews to make sure and I played till level 300 just to see good content. But spoiler there is none
  • Too many adds, not enough gameplay

    By AnAppReviewer_E
    And only works while you're online to add insult to injury. Terrible game.
  • game is fine, THE ADS.

    By teribasa
    ok so I played this game for atleast a few minutes and the ads are making me so.mad. •So every time you like, finish a level or something, AD. It gets really annoying and usually when I download these apps I delete them because of the constant ads. you guys better calm down with these ads or I’ll delete it and you’ll probably lose some income. •Also why in the absolute WORLD can’t you play without internet?! games like these are usually playable offline but this game just really wants your money. make this game offline playable or again, i’ll delete your game. Please, don’t get this game. I’m pretty sure half of the gameplay you do is just watch ads. I thought this game was good. 😔 (tldr: game wants your money, too many ads can’t play offline)
  • Can’t use without internet

    By Ghdjrjgktkdjvjdkcks
    Sorry I live out in the middle of nowhere where there’s no cell service. Sorry I don’t want to use my limited data plan to load ads.
  • To much ADDS

    By dudmdko
    This game would have been more fun but every time there is always add. It says if you want more skins watch this video even if you press no thanks it will still show you adds. I can’t even play the game for a second because adds are everywhere
  • Too many ads

    By Whispereye777
    Level 10 seconds, add between lvl 30 seconds Enough said
  • Not that fun

    By Derailed000
    The game is a good idea. But the levels soon repeat over and over. There’s usually ads after every level which gets annoying. Usually I’d just turn of WiFi but the game can’t work without it. So you can’t play in a no wifi area. It’s a pretty good concept just executed poorly.
  • Boring

    By Dogenoscope123
    They mostly reuse levels and too much ads but you can get rid of ads with airplane mode
  • Do not get this

    By stop nobody likes this game
    Way too many ads. You first play this game for a little and it’s fun but when ur being forced to watch an ad after every single round? No I’m good. They don’t even let you skip it! And you need internet to do it which is annoying because I can’t do the airplane mode things that skips ads. I deleted this game and the creator expects people to keeps it after so many ads. Boring and a big waste of money. Try harder. PERIOD.
  • It’s the same level over and over again

    By spolcyc
    Boooooooooooooooooo! Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Annoying just like all other games...

    By nonacanon
    I started playing and then already got an ad. It’s so dumb like please can you give me an ad until at least level 5 or something. As soon as I got and as I deleted the game
  • Ads

    By Lectrokid17
    Too many ads. Even if you don’t click the “ watch ad” prize multiplier it still gives you ad.
  • Too many ads. Lame experience.

    By ChillDrummer
    Too many ads. Lame experience.
  • Not worth wasting time on.

    By MissBridgette28
    This game is not worth the time or download. I’m at a level where I have to shoot two people so I line it up to hit one of them and it keeps saying I’ve been hit. I took a screen shot and you can see there’s no lines on me so there’s no reason I should have been hit. There’s no way to pass this level. This game is garbage just skip it altogether.
  • They’ve become too greedy

    By Dipwad Omega
    An unbearable amount of ads make this an experience that isn’t worth it. In my eyes, the game used to be a fun time waster. But now, there are just too many advertisements that it renders it virtually unplayable in my eyes. It seems that they’ve recently updated it to include more frequent advertisement placements. Each level takes about 15 seconds total and is extremely easy. This game shows an advertisement to the player after every two levels or so. So this means that you will basically get 30-45 seconds of gameplay before watching a advertisement twice as long. It cost three dollars to remove ads, and for a game of this quality and depth, that is most definitely not worth it
  • “Ad Free”

    By Dumpster Jedi
    The game was a little fun so I paid for “ad free”. It was on sale so why not? I mean the frequency of ads was getting unbearable. So now that I’ve paid my $2 instead of ads I just get a timed reminder about the $16 monthly subscription they offer. It’s possibly more annoying.
  • The game is uninteresting

    By James12346889633789
    The levels are so easy. It has like 10 levels that just repeat and most of them are actually impossible for you to lose. So bad. Definitely uninstalling.
  • If you love AD’s this is for you!

    By Techpmp
    If you become bored with an actual challenge and find yourself enjoying ad’s much more than gameplay. This is the game for you!!! Once installed and you begin to play you will quickly be whisked away to a world of advertising!!! Every level you complete you will be rewarded with another Ad!! How exciting........right?
  • Ads auto play audio

    By Twisler13
    And they are ALL the time. Like I don’t mind putting money down if I like the game and good concept but you’ve made it basically unplayable and because you haven’t stopped ads from just blasting music even though phone is on silent is a no go from me - uninstalled
  • Ads

    Too much ads
  • Ads are very annoying - too many for no reason

    By idktbhwymwbu
    This game ain’t even all that. The thing is there’s way too many adds for no reason. That’s how they get you they put a hundred freaking adds so you can buy the no ads thing. But people ain’t gonna keep the game with that many ads. I get annoyed because everytime I move onto the next stage in the level there’s a ad. If you put ad every two or three levels then that would make the game more fun than it is. But I’m deleting the app cause the ads are way too much for know dang reason. Also the way the game is built ain’t right. So I give this game half of one star because it needs some improvements and the game is annoying so.
  • Bug

    By Zdollas
    I was only on level 3 and it’s not letting me shoot the log...
  • Stupid

    By Chino7070
    Don’t by this game unless you like boredom. Level after level it’s the same thing. I’m on level 20 but it’s the same “challenges” as level 3. They actually need to make their levels more challenging so the game is fun but for now this game is being deleted on my phone
  • Hmmm

    By FillburtSigon
    Don’t ask for feedback when I’ve only played the game for five seconds
  • Don’t bother

    By Navesauce
    I swear I’ve had to repeat levels. My biggest issue is that I can’t play without internet. There is no reason for that.
  • Its a decent time killer

    By Camful
    Itd be really cool to have more involved levels or a hardcore mode that doesnt show where the ricochets will land. It has potential to be really fun.
  • Too many ads

    By PHS383
    Obscene amount of ads
  • Shoutout 3d

    By Movie Starr
    I Loveeeeeeeeeeee it it is the best ever time I am sad this game makes me feel Beter
  • Playedbefore

    By fbjgLuck
    The game got better than the last time I played it
  • Who’s the Man

    By Jazz24dan
    There was a base head back in 86 who smoke Crack with a Green hat who told stories about racists men who line Black People up and shot them just like this Game who got away with it now they are Law enforcement , Senators , Judges , Lawyers and own multi billion dollars corporation!!!! Here a story that need to be heard
  • 15 minutes and you’ve seen it all

    By Millspark
    They offer a VIP package for $15 a as month but I played all the levels in 15 minutes. Deleting the app.
  • Way too many ads

    By DuhRahrd
    I like the game style and mechanic but it feels like I’m watching ads half the time. It also feels like all levels are repetition. Same enemies and same set ups. I’d really like to see less ads (without paying $15 a month) and more levels.
  • horrible

    By nicknamenamenicknickname