Shootout 3D

Shootout 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-16
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 115.56 MB
  • Developer: Kwalee
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 44 757


Become a hero and eliminate the enemies and bosses whilst protecting innocent civilians. In Shootout 3D you will need to swipe left and right to control all characters, good and bad. Tap on the screen to fire, but make sure you don't hit a good guy otherwise it's game over. Reach the end of the level and face off against the tough bosses to win the game! Use objects like barrels, logs and mirrors to help you in tricky situations. Shootout 3D features: - Simple and addictive gameplay - Crazy ragdoll physics - Simple and colorful art style - Increasingly challenging levels



  • No Challenge

    By gibsonman507
    It’s an alright concept and well made game but there’s 0 challenge. Unlimited bullets and unlimited lives? What’s the point? Also $14.99/month for “no ads and gore” what kind of valuation is that? 100% pure scam and quick buck. 0 integrity.
  • I don’t like the ads

    By Bmsmitty1122
    I uninstalled this app because of the ads. I can’t even play the game without having an ad pop up.
  • Too many ads

    By Denagr
    There is literally an ad after every level.
  • Too easy

    By Awesome rcddnftb
    Not challenging or fun
  • Atrocious

    By aztennenbaum
    The point of this game is to extract as much $$$ as possible from you, the unsuspecting mark.
  • Garbage

    By Mr. Word Lover
    Should’ve read the reviews before spending $3 to get rid of the million ads on this piece of trash video game. Is this meant for 2 years olds?! Every level is the same difficulty. There is absolutely no learning curve.
  • Ads Ads Ads

    By sXeSloth
    The frequency of ads is overbearing and far too frequent. Had the app for about 5 minutes.
  • An add train

    By FOX7070707
    Nothing but adds on adds and I’m not paying money for this mediocre game and you can’t play with WiFi.
  • One long ad

    By Addictshjdjjsbhaywhehdjd
    The game itself is ok. The problem is that it is one long ad. Between each round there is an ad. It’s just ad, after ad, after ad, after ad, after ad. After ad.
  • Meh

    By FlyingO
    Fun for the first handful of levels. Then it repeats them. 7 or so “boss” levels that never change no matter how far you progress. I paid for no adds which was a poor choice on my part. They ask you to buy VIP after every boss level $15 a month. No. Should be .5 stars
  • If you love ads you’ll love this game!

    By VictorianYouth
    Do you want an ad riddled, unchallenging, repetitive, recycling, minimally creative game? Then this is the app for you! Enjoy 6 of the same levels repeated over and over again! Did you like one of the evil boss levels? Don’t worry because it’s coming right back three levels later. And don’t worry about it getting harder. It literally never changes from those 6 different shootout scenarios. Did you pay for removing ads? Well, you silly goose, since you do truly love ads so much, we’re going to advertise our own VIP package! Because we know you wanna pay even MORE for an app that doesn’t challenge you in any way apart from your patience! Don’t even bother. Waste of money. Waste of time seeing if it would ever become even slightly challenging or fresh. Had so much potential. Just a cash grab. I’d love a refund.
  • Trash

    By gamezombielover
    There’s an ad after pretty much every single round and the round only takes like 10-20 seconds to solve cuz it’s super easy. It’s a trash game just to get ad revenue marketing other trash games.
  • Ok game but just whant money

    Not challenging at all repeats levels and has a add that is a minute long every 10 seconds -_-
  • Not worth it

    By Slim Skittles
    The game is entertaining, but not challenging enough. It’s a good time waster, but it’s very annoying with all the ads if you don’t pay to get rid of them. If it was more challenging, it’d be worth paying. Not worth downloading. You’ll spend more time watching ads than playing, and not good enough to pay for.
  • Literally terrible

    By dean1613
    Stupid game too many adds. Some of which for you into the App Store which messes with the App Store search algorithms.
  • Game is boring and dull

    By fdjdudyd
    Why is this game rated 4.5 stars anyways!? Scrolling through the views, most people rate this at most 2 stars. Please save yourself some time and money and do not buy this god awful game. Not convinced? See reviews first then see if you still want to purchase the game or even invest your time in it. Thank you.
  • Stop forcing VIP ads..

    By Tdkcg
    I don’t mind normal ads every free game needs them to support itself, but eventually you start showing an ad after every level and after completing every boss level you start to shove your own ads for your VIP. I get you want to market it but making it a forced add seems a bit excessive
  • Don’t download it

    By LT-X
    The game is fun but it has too many ADs i mean tooooooo many fir real ,between each challenge you will see at least 2 ADs no joking, I’m deleting it right now 1 start only if i can give it less i’ll
  • Waist of time

    By saladbar1999
    Maybe 4 levels in and you start getting a ad after every single level and then wanting you to pay them every single week or on a monthly bases. It’s dumb and annoying. Don’t waist your time nor phone storage for such a badly designed game.
  • Cute concept but

    By Malkavian4434
    Ads at the bottom of the screen + nearly constant between level ads? Avoiding this studio’s stuff.
  • Too many ads

    By Bzzzfest
    After each kill there’s an ad. So annoying. It’s literally wasting your life time.
  • Repetitive & inappropriate ads

    By JessicaCon
    After you reach a certain level it repeats level. Every level they push ads to buy vip. And the ads are insanely inappropriate with anime bdsm.
  • Needs Immediate Improvement!

    By Trixrabbit3
    I do not pay to remove ads just to be bombarded with the stupid VIP offer every other mission. Would have rated 4-5 except this is annoying and missions repeat. Also slide function when aiming is a bit dodgy. Please fix and stop the VIP ads.
  • Ad Central

    By Migglemeister
    More ad time than gameplay time
  • Ad after ad after ad!!

    By slimelover1575
    I rate this a 4 because every 1-2 rounds of the game, I get an ad. And it’s constant. It gets annoying everytime it shows an ad. Can you guys calm it down? Atleast when you beat a boss you put an ad after. But not an ad after 1-2 rounds! I find it annoying, and I bet others will find it annoying too. Please, and thank you.
  • Not worth your time

    By Awesome12345.
    Literally about every level it shows an ad. Usually I can just turn my cellular data off for that app but this app requires WiFi to constantly stream their adds to you. You will spend as much time watching ads as you do playing.
  • Cool it with the subscription

    By jim_yoder
    Literally after like every level it asks you if you want to upgrade to VIP…for $14.49 a month. Not only that but this game just repeats itself after like level 13. You’d have to be half brain dead to pay $14.49 a month.
  • It’s okay

    By Jiwoo_lee_07
    It’s a well made game pretty fun and sometimes challenging which I love but, there’s a lot of adds. It usually comes up every 2 round which was kind of annoying. If you can lower the adds it would be a wonderful app.
  • Needs internet connection!?

    By AngryFather123
    Why does the game need WiFi or cellular to be played?! Your not playing against people so what would it need it? Just another money hungry developer. Making you have WiFi or cellular so you have to pay to have adds free experience. Deleted and never downloading again. What if I got this game for my kid? And they are not allowed on the internet, yeah I’m good.
  • Bad

    By Noldo98
    It cannot be used offline, therefore you have to wait half of time skipping ads
  • Ads ads and more ads

    By Kai Mags
    Game is mediocre, and the ads are almost unbearable.
  • So many ads, this game is unplayable

    By Drummer815
    I understand everyone has to make money, but there are ads within the game, and pop up ads between each “level” and redirect ads that open the App Store. Very obnoxious.
  • Can’t play without internet

    By jeffrey cool
    Thought this could be a fun game to play in the car when I don’t have internet. But won’t let you play any levels without it.
  • Eh

    By HughMungus86
    It’s an alright game. There’s too many ads though I get an ad after each level and when some levels only take 20 seconds to beat it can get super annoying having to wait for another ad. It also has repetitive gameplay, as in levels and even characters repeat themselves so far into the game. Some levels have no challenge at all as the enemies don’t even have guns. I think there’s potential here but I doubt it’ll ever be explored. It was fun while it lasted.
  • Hi

    By AmazingAmerica
    The game is good, just it shouldn’t have the same levels over and over again and the ads just need to sit down and take a break, every two levels there is a ad
  • Too easy

    By Shneeeeeeshnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
    Only had one level challenge me... it lasted like 15 seconds... Also a lot of ads. Pretty sure bot accounts help this game keep good ratings
  • yikes

    By ahfifjsifhsk
    it’s fun for like 5 minutes but the ads are annoying as hell
  • Not worth it

    By Hipster Smurf
    After level 20 levels just start repeating and there is little to no challenge. Spams you with ads and if you pay for “no ads” it still spams you to pay for “VIP” after ever level. VIP seems to amount to $15 a month for... a cowboy hat? Don’t waste your time
  • Just no. Too many ads. No challenge

    By micahcjames
    Waste of time. The ads are after every level. Spend more time watching ads than playing game. Game is. It challenging in the least. Total snore.
  • 2 ads every 2 levels

    By inellipsale
    keep in mind the levels are finished in less han a minute. coupled with this the fact that you can’t play it offline, or in airplane mode, despite all the features already having been loaded and rendered.. just because they want to make more money off advertizing.. disgusting
  • Fun but wayyy too many ads

    By lneal516
    There’s literally a 15 second ad every 2-3 levels. Can’t even enjoy the game
  • Terrible

    By cruzaru69
    More ads than actual gameplay
  • Might be fun if you could actually play

    By Rocco1197
    I couldn’t even start the game before I saw a 45 second ad, then after 2 levels another. Will be deleting this game, if I’m wasting time playing this game I don’t want to spend a majority of that time watching pointless ads
  • Terrible

    By BlzngDrknss
    This is laughably terrible. Levels repeat like crazy. You will even end up encountering tutorial levels repeatedly. Ads pop up after literally everything you do, and the airplane mode trick doesn’t work because you MUST have an internet connection to play this game.
  • Fix game please

    By christopher a s
    The game is fun but it easily became boring once I’ve seen the same challenge over and over the other thing is I understand if I don’t buy the ad free thing or even buy the thing where you get a different guy but I don’t like that they literally pop up after each shot or redo kinda frustrating and the shotgun challenges where you literally just shot unarmed characters either has to go away or you make it more challenging add levels where you have to get two kills with one shot with a single bullet or something make it to where you have to be in a driving shot out or something just make it less boring
  • Seconds and Seconds of Fun!

    By Tommyhoff89
    Yeah I have played worse games, but this looked like a puzzle game with shooting aspects. It’s not, the fact you have unlimited bullets to pass the level gives you no challenge or incentive to do anything but shoot non stop. The free version has an ad after about every level. Played it for 5 minutes then deleted the app.
  • Cash Grab

    By kyle_grob
    This is the filthiest cash grab I have ever seen, there’s an ad every level and pop ups that stay open for 6 seconds to get you to pay $15 a MONTH for ONE single character skin and no other benefits. Truly disgusting company that steals concepts and throws it in the face of everyone
  • Good idea horrible execution

    By Mrrandomyt
    The idea is really good. But the way they executed the idea was awful. After 20 levels it gets repetitive and very very boring and the fact that it keeps advertising VIP is stupid. I mean it’s $6 A WEEK!!!!! A GODDAMN WEEK!!!!!! It should be $5 A MONTH like spodify is $10 a month and people are complaining it’s to expensive!! The boss levels are horrible they are soooo easy in the entire game there were only 2 levels that were slightly challenging buts that’s it!!!! The devs are so lazy and money hungry this is just a huge L to this community. Also they bot the hell out of their reviews it’s just..... wow
  • Anti-consumer and no fun

    By illylax25
    There are WAY too many adds. On average, you’re going to be stuck watching 60 seconds worth of ads per about 5-10 seconds max of gameplay. Don’t even waste your time, they’re clearly trying to get you to purchase the no-ads version.