• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-10
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 165.65 MB
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 56 773


Fold your paper, fold it once again. Here you go, a penguin! Use your fingers to fold the paper once. Keep folding it until you achieve the required shape. Master Origami art and complete as many levels as possible!



  • To many adds

    By David__Vavid
    It’s ridiculous that every round is commercial and or adds. Good gam but geese!
  • Good but not the best

    By jarr_06
    I thought this game was fun at first, but levels have been repeated multiple times and there are too many adds. Also the bonus levels are repeated. I thought it would be more creative.
  • The best best Thinking game 🤩🤩🤩

    By camenre
    This is the best thinking app this and Creative Destruction are my best apps love this app and the unlimited levels just add more skins and background wallpaper and I think this is really good
  • So many ads

    By Ecu68
    You open the app? Ads. You want to navigate through the lackluster menu? Ads. You finish a level? Ads. You want extra rewards? Ads. You don’t want extra rewards? Still ads. Game would be fun for a little while if you played on airplane mode to not get the ads but there aren’t enough skins to keep it interesting and the levels get pretty repetitive.
  • Ads

    By ryosco
    So this game has way too many ads and those ads are bad too. Apparently in order to skip a level, you need to watch ads twice. And if you don’t click skip, almost after every level, you get an ad. These ads aren’t good either, one was asking if I could draw a pentagram. I’m pretty sure I got an episode one too, not certain though but almost completely sure I did. Other than that, this game is fun, but the cons here, outweigh the pros.

    By LuLu453
    It is very annoying that after every level you have to watch an ad. It makes playing the game a lot less fun.
  • To easy

    By lsplalala
    It’s a really fun game and it’s nice to relive stress but it’s some times can get really boring or really easy to win. I think must of us like to win but in this you win way to easy
  • ❤️

    By ❤️💜🧡💛💚💚💙💗💖💘💝💞💓
    It is so satisfying to fold the paper in Origame and it teaches you techniques on how to do oragami
  • Great idea, and very fun, except...

    The goddamn adds. There are so many, and it's hard to play the game. There is a small ad that is always at the bottom of the screen, which I don't mind, and then there are the pop up adds. The pop up adds come up every level or every other level, and levels take like 10 seconds to complete, (at least toward the beginning) so the game is at least 25-50% ads, depending on how long the ad loads and runs for. Most you can skip right away, but loading takes a while, and clicking away from it and stuff. Anyway, I love the actual game, it's interesting and fun, it's just that the ads are obnoxious.
  • Awesome!

    By kurrentlykat
    Unlike many other games, this one doesn’t have an unreasonably amount of ads! It’s also entertaining, fun, and makes you think! 5/5.
  • Awesome game but........

    By anikastar yo
    This game is good and all but ...................................................... It Is Too AWESOME 😎
  • Annoying ads

    By lonnnnnnggggg
    The ads are so annoying you can’t even enjoy the game
  • repetitive and mindless

    By Piper.net
    the levels are repeated many times and the difficulty does not increase as you progress. i recommend the app paperama
  • ADs

    By fuxk ads
    Way to many ads
  • so/so

    By 😈youknowqho
    it’s a fun game but you spend most of your time watching adds rather than playing the game. the game itself is actually very nice, my only complaint is the amount of adds
  • Way too many ads!!!

    By Bluberry Days
    The game is so fun! I really like it but it is frustrating because you can’t take one step without getting a 30 second long ad that you can’t exit out of!!! Can you please fix it? Maybe one ad every four levels? Or maybe after watching it for 10 seconds they can exit out of it? I would give it five stars but the ads are unbelievable!!
  • Most repetitive game ever

    By bruh44444
    It really is, they have like 15 levels in a hat and it randomly draws one for every level
  • :D

    By Emily 🌻🌼🐕🌼🌻
    Very fun game it’s addictive, it’s the perfect game to play when you’re bored
  • It’s good, some ideas...

    By Dat_Kat_Gurl
    I love this game but I have some suggestions. They have a “bonus level” every now and then. Yeah, they are fun, it’s a mystery on what you are making until you have done it. They do leave something to be desired. They often repeat, and many of them are very lazy. Sometimes I get one where you make the letter L and it’s captioned “Tetris.” Many regular levels also repeat. I suggest maybe adding more levels (regular and bonus) And maybe adding some more skins to make the game a little longer. But, apart for that, the game is very well made. I haven’t found any bugs, it’s fun, I play it when my WiFi is down, it’s a good purchase and has the potential to be a great game!
  • This game is amazing and sometimes challenging

    By i dont even knowww
    So I rated this game 5 stars because it’s good for kids to learn origami or other ax Activities

    By fFzgFFYzzgGhZhx
    the game was fun and enjoyable but there were ads after every level and it was so annoying that i decided to just delete it
  • Cute but buggy

    By Shark5,000
    I enjoy this and it’s a nice distraction when waiting in a line or something. I paid to have the ads removed. But now I’m stuck on a level because the app is buggy and won’t hold the folds — the paper flips back and won’t stay. Tried everything, updated everything — still happening. This app is so annoying.
  • Fun game but WAY too many ads

    By SpiraaSpirit
    I 100% enjoy this game. It’s relaxing, satisfying and entertaining BUT there’s way, way, wayyyyy too many ads. I’m talking there’s and add every 3/4 levels and it only takes a few seconds to get through each level so it gets extremely annoying very fast
  • Not Bad, Needs Work

    By FarBeyondDriven90
    Being an avid origami folder myself, I was pretty intrigued when I saw this game recommended to me. Upon downloading the app I was bombarded with ads and was practically forced to pay $3 just to remove them. At that point, the game should have just cost 3 dollars rather than advertising it as free but virtually unplayable with the amount of ads. Once I got rid of this problem I found the game quite enjoyable EXCEPT for the fact that the levels are very repetitive and require little to no thought to complete them. The bonus rounds are pretty laughable as well considering one of the shapes you can make is a “zigzag.” However, I’ll give that a pass since I believe this game has potential to be far greater. If I have any suggestions to make for improvements I would start with actually encouraging the developers to do some research on actual origami models to at least make the progression of levels somewhat of a challenge. Maybe even include some simple basic folds such as the petal fold or creating a waterbomb base or something of the sort. I give this app a 3/5 because I enjoy the concept, but it could be a lot better than it is currently if some more effort was put into it.
  • Fun but...

    By I don't know candy
    The game is great but chock full of ads
  • Ads

    By Suh_High
    An ad after every dang level
  • Love this but there a problem...

    By 00000000006666
    this game is great fantastic amazing this is the best but there’s a problem to many adds!!
  • This game keeps me from having anxiety 5 stars

    By MFeil1971
    Nice game
  • Not ad free!

    By TareGShah
    I just purchased the “ad-free” update to this game and am continuing to regularly get ads. Very disappointing!!!
  • Good game, but!

    By M4w3rick
    Game ui is really easy and game is not hard at all, but it has too much ads. Its great time killer.
  • I love this game so much

    By hdiejeidjf
  • Love

    By babygirl555555
    I love this game this helps you learn something different from every level
  • Heavy ad spam

    By Existingforme
    50% of the time spent watching ads
  • So satisfying

    By UnicornPhases
    Better than ASMR💯🔥
  • Way to many ads

    By juliette262
    Way to many ads in this game can’t go one level without an ad and I’m not going to play a game that cost 5$ to remove ads screw that uninstalling I wouldn’t waste my time on it.
  • Bad game design

    By Ebers0r0zco
    When I first started this game every time I completed the Origami it gave me around 50 gems if I did it good if I did it bad it would give me around 25 gems but now if I do good it gives me 12 gems and if I do bad it gives me 3 gems but to buy a different paper it’s 500-1000 so it would take me a lot of origami’s just for one paper
  • Disappointed

    By Prince of Prose
    I expected much more intricate levels but when I was presented with a simple two fold, I decided to continue in hopes of advancing to a more difficult to solve one. Instead, after fifty levels or so, I’m still doing the same trapezoid and octagon levels with the few penguin or rose exceptions. It’s really boring and I’d advise you not to waste your time on any voodoo apps, dear reader.
  • 5 star game but.......

    By 🦋lola 23
    Best game I have played in a while but there is so many adds
  • Coins

    By IDislikeYourGams
    This game is very fun even though you get adds after every time you solved it. Or how it repeats every level. But I still love it I’m past level 1000 But the coins are pretty much pointless I have so many but nothing to do with them. So pease ad new skins please there’s not that much.
  • The GD ads

    By whatthehales
    I paid 2.99 to stop the constant ads but THEYRE STILL HERE. Please either refund me or stop the gd ads

    By Satene2012
    I started this app a week ago and I’m already passed level 220! I was up until 1:00 am playing this game! Soo addicting!!
  • Kayla

    By kayla👆
    I love you and your game it’s really good for me
  • Bad bug

    By boby boy brown
    I play and i get it perfect and it doesn’t work and sometimes it doesn’t switch the level
  • good game

    By desbaseto
    It’s ok :)
  • It’s okay

    By Daesia1113
    Once you get to a high level they start to do the same levels and it start to get boring but overall the game is good
  • It’s cool...

    By Be4tiful Disaster
    Nothing spectacular but many people seem to like it, so I would recommend it! :)
  • Feedback

    By nyny887700
    For bonus levels you need to make them more fun like you don’t want it to be the same thing over and over the same thing for the other levels
  • Amazing

    By coler by
    It lets you do what it says you can do and you get gems and you can get help just by watching a ad I recommend it for everyone
  • Your trash

    By robertj2012
    Give me more diamonds