• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-23
  • Current Version: 1.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 155.09 MB
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 86 517


Fold your paper…Do it once again…and BOOM! You got a penguin! • Fold the paper with your fingers! • Continue folding until you get the required shape • Master the art of Origami and complete as many levels as possible!



  • Bug Fix

    By AESap
    Fun game but you need to fix the bug. Screen goes black after every level/ad completion.
  • It good but one problem

    By pliprr
    I really like the game but I have collected all the skins so there is no need for the gems I wish they would add more skins
  • Freezes

    By tylerbhopkins
    The game itself is ok, but after every add it freezes up on a black screen making it unplayable.
  • Ok but...

    By KaitieKaye
    It’s a good time waster, but there’s just soooo many ads for everything and it keeps crashing after about 2 or 3 levels
  • Crashes a lot

    By xanymay
    Fun game but crashes every time I skip an ad
  • Awful. Just awful.

    By Elemental Enigma
    The game entirely crashes within three seconds every time it’s started up leaving it completely unplayable. I won’t even complain about the obsessive number of ads, because that’s just how free games run. But I will say, even when the game DOES manage to work by some absolute miracle, the far-too-easy, already thoughtless levels get extremely repetitive to the point where some levels are exact copies of others, just turned another direction in a sad attempt to trick players. The game could’ve been quite fun if any amount of thought at all had been put into programming it. Sadly, that’s just not the case. The game is lazily designed, and just as lazily programmed. 100% not worth the download, much less the three dollars it absolutely BEGS you to pay to get rid of the unholy number of ads.
  • I keep getting booted

    By )@881#8981#8291128
  • Ads for other games... even though I paid $2.99, for NO ads

    By Cali13Girl
    The game in and of itself is amusing, however it is FAR overshadowed by the fact that it is interrupted by Ads for other games every 30 seconds or so... even though I paid $2.99, for NO ads. It’s a scam, obviously! Shame on you people! Also... if you want to contact the app support people, you have to “create an account”. Why? One can only assume it is to sell my email to the highest bidder, since you have already lied and cheated me out of $2.99. I will be addressing this with my credit card company and Apple! Fraud is unacceptable.
  • Generally an ok game

    By The First Crusader
    I don’t mind the game too much but most of the levels just repeat themselves with the same shapes to fold the paper into and the game is constantly crashing. It was enjoyable for the first few levels but as you progress further it gets boring.
  • Confused and am I hacked?

    By Sarah Ann 😄
    One day I woke up to find this game downloaded on my phone with no explanation. I DID NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Idk what it’s doing here but I started playing it lol pretty average game to play when you’re bored or waiting I’m just confused as to how this app got on my phone should I be worried about hackers or something?
  • Great for a while

    By Suzi240
    Great game! Fun, relaxing, and cool skins... Until... You get to level 200 the levels repeat and so do the bonus levels. I tried to beat the game but it ends out there’s TWO skin slides. I love this game and it is great but the really high levels are really boring
  • To many Ads

    By Jbreez216
    It was fun at first but the ads is killing this game. Moving on
  • Don’t pay to remove ads

    By L82Work
    I coughed up the money to remove ads and still them quite a lot. Very dishonest way to get $2.99.
  • Ad after every level

    By Booty Tractor
    I like time killing games like this a lot, but wow the ads are so ridiculously placed that it’s not even fun to play. I understand the developers wanting people to put money into their game to remove ads or just get money from the ads, however, ketch app is a very big app developer and the fact that there HAS to be so many is disappointing. Turn on airplane mode when you play this, honestly.
  • Random levels way too many ads

    By Hdsjdjfjfb
    I’ve noticed that the levels are completely random. They don’t get harder with each level you go up. I know they are random because I force closed the app when an ad popped up in the middle of a level and the fold was completely different on the same level. The free version is borderline unplayable with the amount of ads. Literally after every level.
  • Ads

    By hahnd snakisbsbs ssn
  • okay

    By MILENY:)
    it’s a pretty fun game but there is WAY TO MANY ADS:( there should be less.
  • Ads are ridiculous

    By BrookELeigH
    Enjoy the game, but every time I hit no thanks to watch an ad, it makes me watch one anyway, then game goes black and I have to close it and restart completely to keep playing.
  • Too many ads for the free version.

    By Boiiinng1428
    Too many ads for the free version.
  • Crash every time theres an add

    By ArtemisThunder
    Can only do one level at a time, as there are adds between each level and the game will crash after every add.
  • Fun game- don’t pay upgrade

    By Kayak voyager
    The game is fun! Clear and simple. Upon downloading, I was hooked. So I paid to remove the ads from the app ($2.99). Big mistake! The ads don’t go away. Wasted that $2.99- disappointing it didn’t deliver as says pay to remove ads. Otherwise, would’ve been a 5 star app.
  • Awesome, but too many ads

    Great app, the ads are a bit annoying since they come on EVERYTIME I pass or even redo a level.. if you can change that PLEASE do 💙
  • Black outs

    By p.i.g.e.o.n
    It would be fun and addictive but there are wayyy to many ads, AND every time you get an ad the screen just goes black and it freezes so I have to exit out after every finished paper.
  • Game keeps interrupting my ads

    By rainbownuzlocke
    Try to play a level but as soon as I do a SINGLE fold an ad pops up when I click the x the game crashes and after a level an ad pops up and after watching it and click the x guess what happens....the game crashes 😁 so if you love ads and hate playing a game you downloaded this is the PERFECT game for you☺️
  • Review

    By doodlebugbear
    This game does not make any sense every time I try to do something an add pops up and it is so annoying
  • I paid to remove ads and they are still there 😡

    By Honest Reviews 🔮✨
    The title says it all. I’m super annoyed and feel like I just wasted 2.99 😡😡😡
  • Ad after each level.

    By sl222333
    Impossible to play. Deleted after 5 levels and 6 ads
  • volume

    By princesspoopy69
    there’s no menu or any way to turn off game volume
  • Super upset

    By Hilerotop
    Good game, was enjoying it, even paid to remove adds. Then I hop on a few hours later and bam the adds are back. I’m upset.
  • Lagging

    By you are a butt face with me
    At first this game was good but now it keeps lagging and I hate it!!!!!!!
  • Crash

    By bjsjdjdbd
    The game literally crashes when I exit the ad, like I already gotta deal with an ad and then it crashes
  • Boo!

    By The Rater 2000
    Too many ads! As soon as you finish a level it’s an ad! Stop blasting ads! If we wanted to see something, we’ll look for ourselves! Deleted because y’all slam ads after every level.
  • Glitch

    By Honest212
    If you don’t watch the long video ad by selecting “no thanks” it will make you watch a different ad, then when you click the x after time is up screen goes blank.
  • Fatally easy

    By sofi_dragon
    Interesting concept, but they’ve only made about 25 unique levels and only 2 or 3 of them are at all challenging. Once you get to level 100 you’re making the same shapes over and over again. It’s just boring. The game is also crippled by ads, so I had to put on airplane mode just to make it playable.
  • Brook is that you

    By gold Rush 1849
    Brook is that you from mrs.shearers class
  • Utterly Pointless, Same Puzzles Over and Over

    By NicknamedNicky
    This game is by far one of the laziest games I think I’ve ever encountered. I’m impressed they put positive effort into make the paper folding fluid and natural, because the rest of the game is utter garbage. The levels seem to go on forever because they recycle about 25 puzzles over and over. Eventually the game just becomes winning unbelievably easy puzzles in order to win new paper patterns, there isn’t the tiniest amount of creativity, difficultly, or problem solving - from the designers or for the players. I kept playing cuz it’s a mindless way to waste time and I hoped it would eventually get interesting. But in fact, it does not.
  • Hi

    By hhheeyrgth
    After about 50 levels in it just repeats and after a while it get boring
  • Too many ads

    By Norah Kinton
    This game would be fun if there weren’t so many ads. There is an ad after every level, which is very annoying. I deleted it because of this.
  • Perfectly Okay At Being A Monetized Game

    By Sirensong99
    I spent more time watching ads than I did playing, which would normally net this a one star. Gave it three because it controls much smoother than other games like this.
  • Review

    By TenhutXIII
    Really good but I’d like a little bit more content and Paper skins it also be nice if the app didn’t crash every other ad
  • Not letting me on

    By haleigh glasby
    Every time I try to open the app it acts like it’s going to let me on but the kicks me off it’s really annoying because I used to have the game but got a new phone and I’m downloading all my games back but the app is being dumb
  • Ads

    By PlanetaryStatus
    Labeled as a relaxing game. It isn’t relaxing to be berated by thirty-second un-skippable ads between every level you complete. I don’t get why people keep leaving good reviews— maybe they’re the ones that pay for the premium version of the game
  • To much ad’s and not a lot of skins

    By Lazy peep
    So I started playing like last week and I got all the skins and there was no more. That explains update your game with more skins. Okay the ad’s I know people need to make money I know but there’s a problem. Each time I get a skin an ad pops up. And ad’s just pop up on my face while I’m playing it’s annoying fr ( for real). Anyways please add updates to your game and god bless you :).
  • I like the app

    By Kathywennie
    The app is great it’s fun but sometimes when I try the arrows to skip or even watch the ad, it goes black and I have to exit the app and then start it again to get rid of the black screen. I love the game but this is so annoying to the point I’m thinking about deleting it.
  • Crashes after every add

    By Boo by goon ah
    Literally, every add once you exit it the game crashes. Sucky game, don’t play.
  • So relaxing

    By SailorVeronica
    The game is so relaxing that I paid to remove ads. I didn’t mind doing that but then the levels just repeat over and over. They should add more difficult levels instead of the same shapes repeated.
  • Don’t Buy:)

    By Oysterbar08!123
    Don’t buy they just destroy you with ad after ad. It makes the game unplayable.
  • It’s fun, but...

    By Angel_Vargas
    It’s is actually pretty entertaining and easy to use, but there are just SO MANY ADS. It felt as though almost after every level I had to watch a thirty second ad. If you don’t mind ads then yeah it was a entertaining.
  • way. too. many. ads.

    By whale Queen dance
    it’s ridiculous. there’s an ad after about every round of game. it’s exhausting and makes want to not play the game. please remove some ads.