Cool Goal!

Cool Goal!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-01
  • Current Version: 1.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 376.70 MB
  • Developer: Gismart
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 49 009


Aim your ball, shoot, and SCORE! Just make sure you don’t hit the ENTIRE opposing team before you hit the net. Meet Cool Goal - the football game that puts your aiming, shooting, and logic skills to the test! Your task? Land the perfect goal, every time. To do so, you’re going to need to make sure you dodge countless enemy players, that are going to do everything they can to stand in between you and the goalposts! Experience a new breed of ‘football game’ that tests your brain power as well as your ball skills. Explore countless puzzles in a near endless gameplay experience as you step up your ball game and master the art of soccer. Embrace exciting mechanics such as curveball that lets you magically curve your ball like a football superstar. Also, when you nail a perfect goal watch as your ball bursts into flames - you won’t be able to believe how wild this football puzzler can get! As you progress, you’ll unlock new levels, new challenges, new stadiums, and tons of awesome football action! Each level offers a unique challenge that will test your ability to get to the goalposts, as opposing players adopt new positions, move, create obstacles, and do anything they can to stop your strike! Each new stadium also presents a unique look and theme - imagine, football in the forest and goalposts on the beach because anything can happen in Cool Goal! Get ready for unbeatable soccer action that puts your head to the test as well as your boot! It’s time to welcome the king of football games and get your Cool Goal on! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



  • WAY too many ads!!!

    By Bk_jeepin
    I send twice as much time clicking through ads then actually playing! I’m fine with ads, a developer makes money that way but 5 levels takes 20 sec and then 45 secs of ads.
  • Awsome but glitchy

    By bebe ce lo pe
    Me and my brother are pros in the but when we hit level 28 the second part is easy but there is a glitch so if you see this message creators of the game please fix this glitch thank you a lot I love this game🥰😍🤩
  • I live this game

    By cutegid
    I live this game because I M on a Soccer team and this helps me
  • Game

    By stephenware84
    This is a soccer game it’s cool and called cool goal
  • Hi g

    By Totally notation
  • Doctor please

    By xvgvygvug
    I was going to die because I played the game to much but the doctor cured me and I only play it 20 hours a day instead of24 hours a day
  • Pretty good game!

    By wetnooooodle
    For me, it’s been really fun to play. It’s a good game to play when your bored or sitting on the bus. I just wanted to thank the developers for such an awesome game!

    By Cawiiii
    This game for me is so glitchy I don’t know why it is. Its so frustrating every time I get to the last level in a challenge it kick me out!!!

    By fun_1
    Cool Goal is so much fun and I think people will have a great time playing but there are adds that come up after you win but other than adds u will have the BEST TIME EVER!!!
  • Awesome

    By Jv3mh
    This game is so much fun and I love it
  • I love soccer

    By ajtjfj
  • Crashes

    By leeal34
    After every ad the screen goes black and it crashes. When I restart it I don’t even get the reward or have to start the challenges over. They make money off the ads I’m watching and I’m not even getting the rewards out of it. Pretty weak
  • Advertisement

    By Tonstril7
    Game is fun. Advertisements are the gameplay of a person with the IQ of less than 10
  • Needs help

    By itsthed3
    In my opinion I think this game is a great premise for a game concept for a game in theory but doesn’t work that much in areas.So 1 the adds,of course adds are plentifully in mobile games but there’s to much in this like when you miss a shot add then if you want that thing watch add to get it.and yes it’s company trying to get cash but there is other ways such as buying coins or trials on the game.reason 2 I think it gets boring sure there’s a lot of levels but I think people should make there own levels and show that to others and as I said earlier you can make a trial to do this or go on these games . And to not make it boring they could make there own twist to the game like golf or multi player soccer. But in my own opinion this game can use some help but is relatively good if you are that bored and take this with a grain of salt and post your ideas on the games thank you.
  • Too many ads

    By Jaileer
    I want to like this game, but every three kicks I get a bunch of ads. I understand it’s a free, ad supported game, but I’ve spent more time trying to click off ads than playing the actual game. Delete for me.
  • Stuck?

    By #FixBUgz
    Awesome game overall. Honestly. I’m not here to complain about one aspect of the game and give a lower rating because of it. I’m on level 90, part three where it turns to first person. I wasn’t sure If it was a legit part of the game, but it doesnt show the ball after I kick it and I’m stuck. Not sure what to do
  • Kid game

    By Chghgffdd
    Game is very easy and full of advertisements.
  • Lvl 45 has bug

    By aamirhossein55
    I cant pass the lvl 45.has a bad bug cant see any thing
  • Could be a 5

    By Tayjackson1728
    This app has way too many ads and crashes on me a lot. Other than that it is a great game.
  • Add just started

    By Charles_Martel_TheHammer
    Level 125 and annoying adds just appeared and will no go away. Payed for the games as well
  • Good game... but

    By FLCherry
    The game is good and enjoyable to play, but it’s always stopping, freezing and the you have to restart the level. This doesn’t make any sense. But it is enjoyable. I think this can be a 5 stars game if they make the game more glitch free.
  • Great

    By ugomcamodo
    It’s really awesome and it’s a cool soccer game you should play this now 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✊🏻👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Awesome

    By games📱
    One of the best games. I love it. There’s just a bit to many commercials.
  • Too many ads

    By Sydra on the stx
    The ads have no x button
  • Ok

    By labsbb
    It’s fun at first, but it gets really repetitive with the same levels. So my recommendation is to and around 15 new levels. Overall not a bad app.
  • Too many ads

    By 123456789qwertyuiop123454321
    This game is a bad. I normally end up watching more ads than actually playing it.
  • 『 Addicting!』

    By Qatar-man
    (>^ω^<)It’s Fantastic!

    By Neats75
  • Trash

    By yeetmann
    Waste of time and storage
  • Awesome

    By CBergie
    Good graphics and great game to play if you like soccer games very nice and easy to handle usually I don’t write reviews but I will for a change so ya. Also shoutout to my friend Decklyn Lago she’s a good friend of mine who is also very kind and thoughtful
  • Cool goal

    By unmookopkk
    Fun for younger players
  • Cool Goal

    By michaelamin12345
    This game Is so fun
  • Ads

    By poophead4444
    It has ads like every 30 seconds it is a good game and fun but so many ads and it crashes I hope you guys fix this it is so fun and a good game though
  • Great Game😁😁😁😁😁😀👍

    By tdp702
    This is the beat game ever period
  • Soft locks on some level

    By Owen Marsh Roughton
    I was playing this game, until the game just softlocked on a random level. Not recommended.
  • good game

    By George Clooney 2.0
    there needs to be more levels and characters cause i have done the same levels over and over and it is getting repetitive and now i have like 48000 coins to spend on nothing. i like to mess around with the different types of characters and i play this game in my free time but it’s getting boring doing the same thing all the time
  • To many Ads !

    By jcmoreno1997
    Fun game and good way to pass time. only problem is it has way to many ads. Every time you pass a level you get a add, & i mean every single time. Shortest ads lasting 30sec.
  • So fun

    By alex authement
    So dun
  • Uhh Y game!

    Well this game is one of a kind because any little thing you do you immediately get a un skippable ad it’s annoying this game is stupid
  • Where?

    By Nathan Nichols-Brown
    I can’t even play the game because the character doesn’t even show up anymore?! Ever since the update I can’t do anything. It just sits on a screen of the map. Please fix so I can enjoy playing this game again or I’ll have to delete it!
  • Great for soccer players

    By malzbdripped
    Love thrust game go doggs
  • Bruh

    By dumbnsksnt
    It was a good game until it’s Halloween update. It freezes and I can’t do anything. I would do a challenge and I can receive my earnings and I try to play regular levels and it just doesn’t do anything.
  • New update

    By Hughes0366
    Halloween update doesn’t work.
  • Inappropriate ads for age group

    By elialshar
  • How cool this game Is

    By Izzy, mimii
    This Is a cool game i play soccer so its fun
  • It's exiting me out of the game

    By mjausborn
  • Funny!

    By S0NNNN
    The only reason why I got this game is because of the AD, “Balloteli...AGUEROOOOOO!!!!!
  • Super bad

    By assasshole
    Don’t get this game really lags and too many ads
  • Dxxfghdssdrtfasrusa

    By amerggh