Domino Smash

Domino Smash

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-30
  • Current Version: 1.6.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 207.55 MB
  • Developer: Gismart
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 351


Are you ready to Domino Smash? Meet the exciting action-puzzler that makes you a master of the domino effect. Fasten your seatbelt because it's time to drop, tumble, bash and crash into the world of Domino Smash. The goal of Domino Smash is to make the dominos topple! You do this by aiming your ball and firing it at the start of the domino chain. When you strike the dominos, they'll start toppling, and as they fall 'they'll drop crystals to collect! Collect all the crystals for bonus points and knock over all the dominos to proceed to the next challenge - the more you collect, the more points you receive. However, Domino Smash isn't just about the falling dominos... In order to strike the dominos, you're going to have to traverse and master different obstacles and challenges. To do this, you're going to need to practice your aiming, put on your puzzle solving hat, and get rolling. The more challenges you beat, the more exciting levels you unlock, and the more dropping dominos you'll reach. Discover countless puzzles that are ready to test you, as well as new obstacles waiting to protect the falling dominos. As you progress further, each level raises the stakes with new challenges and more complex puzzles to solve. Don't worry! With enough practice, you'll be dropping dominos with ease. Enjoy ultra-realistic falling dominos ensure that you'll always be able to play without frustration. All the dominos topple precisely how they do in real life, and they don't only fall realistically, they look beautiful doing it! As you improve, you'll unlock even more backgrounds and stunning dominos to drop - think crazy colors, beautiful scenes, and unreal domino action! Dominos topple, and dominos will fall! The power is in your hands. Are smart enough, fast enough, and drop-dead cool enough to master the domino effect? Find out now and get rolling!



  • Great game

    By Elephantgirl88
    It’s a great game I love everything about it but I got it like 2 days ago and I’m so addicted that I’m on level 425 and I already have bought all of the balls if there was an update that put more that would be amazing but other than that I will always love this game!
  • It’s all ads

    By Sugar Honey Bear
    Sometimes they insert a game level between the ads. I wish I could pay to go game-free so I could just focus on the ads all the time.
  • Ads, ADs, ADS!

    By Nickelonacid
    Waaaayy too many ads! It’s a CONSTANT barrage of ads. It takes 5 seconds to setup your shot and IMMEDIATELY after, 30 second ad for your enjoyment. Shame really, the game itself is fun and oddly satisfying.
  • Ads to frequently....ruins the experience

    By Magni1236
    This is a great concept for a short time killer but the ads are out of control! I understand that the devs should make some money but this is ridiculous. The option to watch ads for bonus items and keys is cool and maybe an Ad every 5-7 levels completed but not being able to get through 2 levels before forced ads come up is enough for to delete this game.
  • How dumb are these people.

    By a funtioning human being
    The sole reason I installed this game was to give to my little child that is only 3 and was better than the absolute Neanderthals that made this game and put there gameplay in this terrible ad. Thank and sincerely your homo sapien cousins.
  • Too many adds

    By ¡!¡!¡!¡!
    It’s a good time waster, ain’t nothing special, just sooooo many add.
  • So

    By estheie
    This my fan app
  • It’s great but...

    By oiyyyy
    Level 189 is impossible so if you’re going to play this game stop at level 189
  • GOOD GAME 😍😍😍

    By jejdmeje
    It’s so cool I will play this forever! So this game is the best and I love it so much!
  • Hufflepuff_you_don’t_know

    By Lazyhufflepuff
    I believe this is a very good game! Very satisfying. Especially for kids that are twelve my age. It’s a stress reliever. Also very fun and exciting. Thank you! - Sincerely from, Hufflepuff_you_don’t_you 💛🖤
  • F

    By dgjkjgseyjbdth
    Can’t get the best prize the first try with 3 keys used
  • Lag Brah

    Sigh the lag ,but everything else is cool.
  • Great game! Addicting!

    By Vcarollewis
    Love the game but to get to level 665, I probably had to go through 550 ads!
  • Ads

    By McFortune
    I’m tired of the same ad playing over and over again
  • Adds

    By DCBM1967
    Love it - but not enough to put up with the adds - delete :(
  • Way Too Many Ads...

    By deadhead86
    You’ll spend more time watching ads than you will playing. Skip this one.
  • Love it so much

    By Appyslappy
    I love this game !it is so relaxing that I can,t sleep without it.this is like the only game I play on my ipod.i love it so much.bye!
  • Good game but the ad I saw for it

    By waves0983
    It’s a great game but the ad I saw for it made have horrible Rage feelings and I would be happy if you changed it
  • Dominos

    By squarechic
    Don’t know what I’m doing.
  • Poop

    By bznzhhdbxhdbusuzz
    Mm M Hi peeps
  • Good game, but...

    By hdhsudgdndgcidgdnvc
    This game is a fun game. I play it a lot. But, however after some time the rounds get repetitive. I wish the rounds would change up and have new rounds. And there is a lot of adds. I haft to put my phone on airplane mode to not get the adds and miss import calls! So plz reduce the number of adds. Also. I almost have all of the balls that you can’t get. I am missing one planet one. I really with there was more balls you can bye. Another thing about the balls. I have over 2500 diamonds and it says I can bye the original. I press it (and I have all of them) and nothing happened. So I wish you can remove it if you have all of the balls and enough diamonds. However this game is fun but it can use a update.
  • We

    By Askew utewnb
    So I love this game
  • Bfbfbdhjf

    By tuiegeufjdbhdkfbdhnd
  • Domino dash

    By dino dinimite
    This is my first time playing this game and it was so awesome and it has very creative pictures when you hit the domino.This is the best
  • Ehh fun but so many adds

    By __Ka0__
    I really enjoyed this game, however, there’s so many adds and it makes it hard to actually play the game.
  • Pikachu

    By funtime fredgirl
    It’s a great Game but The add makes me want to Scream😡
  • It’s great but ...

    By dissipionted girl.
    I love this game so much and it is so satisfying to watch the dominos going done and the noice but there is to many adds and if you can’t pass the level you have to watch an add to pass. There is no why of being able to take of the adds. But the game is still very fun and satisfying.
  • Great but wish there was more

    By Katlyn ^. .^
    It’s a great fun and satisfying game however I wish there was a way to get rid of the ads and to go back and play the ones you already did. I also wish there was more items that you can earn.
  • a little boring

    By lłiłÿ
    this game is fun and all for the time being but after awhile i got bored or it and decided to quit
  • Boring

    By AdamChristopherWeeks
    It gets boring quick. I would not recommend downloading this game.
  • Awesome

    By hddbgd
    Awesome game
  • Good ish

    By 4938 boss
    It is an amazing game don’t get me wrong but when I get in the game 9 out of 10 time all of them will be Nocked down and I didn’t do anything put the don’t count as down
  • I like it

    By jason 🌝
    The games not bad I like I’ve been playing less then a week and I already unlocked all the balls I hope the add more soon.
  • Best game

    By bs ausome
    I got this game and started to play then realized I beat 62 levels in 20 minutes.
  • Why not

    By Bill JimZobgolous
    I can do what ever I won’t when ever i wont so im giving this a 1 star
  • It’s ok

    By Top Charts Review
    Boring after a while and idk eh
  • All Game commercials

    By tiggertiger
    Once you start playing for 4 seconds you have to watch a 30 second commercial to continue. The next level takes about 4or 5 seconds to play and then another 30 second misleading ad for games that never play like the ad shows. Unless you want to spend most of your time watching ads all day, fine. I’m not wasting an hour while playing for ten minutes. Avoid this game.
  • It’s boring

    By rotiyuvv
    It’s not that fun
  • Nd

    By lazorshibe
  • Get it

    By daisy raisy
    It’s totally for free and alot of fun and joy here’s a tip try not to tap on the orange Emerald 👋👋😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😉😉😉😉😉😉🥰🥰😉😉🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😇😇😇😇😇😇😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😝😝🤨🤨🤨🤨🤪😛🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😛🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
  • Domino smash is 5 stars

    By Unknown but i am a real human
    I love it it’s the best game ever and you should try it but it doesn’t end but I give it five stars it’s clear that this is the game for me
  • Good game

    By MisFits Podcast
    It’s a good fun game but level 88 is unbeatable it’s impossible iv tried 232 time and yes I counted after the first 3 tries I was wondering how I wasn’t winning I then realized in later attempts that one of the dominos was being held up by the other ones when they were knocked down iv tried all the balls iv have maybe it was a ball glitch but it wasn’t but you can skip this level with an add
  • Ok game

    By koalalover56
    It is not the best game I have
  • Games

    By mmostadi2010
    Your game is very cool
  • Repeating Levels

    By The Mysterious Review Guy
    This game could have actually been pretty fun. But you had to make one of those ad-filled free games that just repeats it’s own levels. You guys, like all the other free game makers, got LAZY. You thought: ‘Quantity over Quality!’. I do know that you guys have to make money somehow, but you don’t have to spam ads.
  • Its a good game but too many adds

    By ligmaboi
    It would be way better if they didn’t put an add after every mission.But other than that its a good game
  • Confusing..

    By omg_gamesrule
    This game is nice. But only a little totally confusing problem... Well, I really get confused because to move forward, you have to (pull) backwards. And, I always keep on forgetting that, so I always keep losing. I really can’t help it. I totally consider this game doing it the other way around [drag it forward, so it goes the same way]. It cant even work on settings, if it ever had that. It’s just.... yeah.. I dunno if its just me, but I really consider this game to be changing that, because it TOTALLY gets me confused 😣!

    By Mfouch0000000
    I can’t play for 20 seconds without an ad. Half of them send you straight to the App Store when you close them. Also, the preview play looks much harder than the game actually is. I was flying through levels. Deleted after about 20 minutes because the constant breaks in play due to ads and too-easy gameplay.
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