Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2019-08-12
  • Current Version: 1.4.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 78.03 MB
  • Developer: Luni
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 39 790


Follow programs adapted to your goals directly via your iPhone or iPad. Whether at home, at the gym, or outdoors, stay in shape with the Workout & Fitness app! - Choose your GOAL and we make you a program according to your LEVEL. - Dozens of SESSIONS of various trainings. - A HUNDREDS of exercises to progress on all the MUSCLES of your body. - Choose your RHYTHM and train in a 30-minute session. - FOLLOW your evolution and PROGRESS over the weeks. " I had a hard time getting into fitness ... now I get what I needed " - "Easy to use, all you need to progress" - "A very complete application to achieve its physical purpose!" SUBSCRIPTIONS - You can subscribe for this app to get access premium features - Subscription options are: 1-week with 3-day trial, 1-year with 3-day trial, 3-months - Privacy : - Terms of Use :



  • Try 7M workout is free thank me later

    By lammfmfncnxna
    7M workout is free no lies and is the best app to work out

    By enksjek
    they steal people’s videos and use them as there own
  • Need to help overweight

    By tttttttrrf
    Kinda hurts that I’m overweight and y’all can’t help me
  • Not great

    By sarah😺😺
    I saw this workout app when I was scrolling through tiktok. I got the fitness coach app. It said I could get a use this app for free for 3 days. And the rest of the time I had to pay 25 or 30 dollars a month. I was really sad because everyone was getting it and getting good results. Don’t get this app unless you want to pay a lot of money.
  • Help him

    By Who keeps taking" me"
    I got this app because of khalilslife on TikTok help him
  • hi

    By jennafonzi
    i really really really hope this works!!! if it does thank you so much!
  • It’s cool

    By Latrice Wet
  • App

    By DeandreaSeda
    I’ve enjoyed the app so far but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pair it to my health app like my other fitness apps. I can’t find a customer service either. :/
  • Injuries

    By Zombie2021
    Did the workout for 2 days and tore tendons in both my legs
  • Do not recommend

    By fruitgal3
    You can get the app for free then you have to pay after 3 days
  • Coding bugs

    By CaptainMess
    App will freeze up at the height/weight selection. NEEDS FIX!
  • You can’t do anything without having to pay first

    By chaoticsuperman
    You have to pay and subscribe to even try one workout. How good could an app like this be if it has to trick people into downloading it by advertising that it’s free? There are no features available in the free version at all. Trash. Waste of time.
  • seems ok but they aren’t upfront

    By crazy co co nuts
    this looks like it wold be a great work out app and i would’ve recommended it but it costs money, that’s totally fine it’s ok for it to cost money but i personally don’t wnat to spend money on it and just wish the app was upfront about taht.
  • Didn’t even get to second choice

    By Rayraysuns123
    I wanted to use this app to lose stomach fat but it didn’t let me choose or even see the third option. Plus, when I chose the first and second option to see, the options and indicators were not even in the correct position. I was really looking forward to losing some stomach fat and using this app. Instead, I’m very disappointed in this app.
  • not that good

    By 🧞‍♂️geniebou
    I like this app alot but i dont know why we have to pay like its just a work out u can get them from youtubs but yea
  • Awesome

    By aidarn
  • money

    By bhaddie😈
    so many people are trying to get people to download this app but it ain’t free at all smh
  • Laughable

    By mrschandler94
    I put in my current weight and goal weight during set up. At the subscription screen, it told me I’ll lose 60 pounds in 4 weeks, which is not safe if even possible.
  • Garbage

    By kahdrh
    Trash paying app
  • Ugh

    By NoPe NoT AgAiN PlEAsE
    I was really excited to try this app! But then after I put in everything it made me pay and everybody was like free it’s free and it’s not!
  • It was very disappointing..

    By ahrlett
    I opened the app and it let me put all my information on my height, weight, goals, ECT. Then it asked me to pay a monthly subscription fee. I cannot just spend money on a fitness phone app if I can probably find the exercises online. I was very excited to use this app but I will not be paying for it.
  • Uhhhh

    By Madzoesdad
    I downloaded this app excited to exercise and get fit and burn some fat but I fill out the survey and I was all ready to work out and of course there was a subscription!! Don’t download this it’s a scam!!!!!
  • You are fat a then you are skinny

    By adalianava
  • didn’t work for me 🤷‍♀️

    By happy_abi
    tried it and it didn’t work. i saw results at first and then it went 📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉 right after
  • In the add I looked at this for it said completely free

    By bbcreyna
    But when I downloaded it it tried to make me pay for the course
  • I’m 11 and it got me and

    By jdhdhdhdhhdhfhfhhfhfhfhhfhfhf
  • Why do we have to pay

    By chkbcon
  • Have to pay

    By johns itunes dont erase
    I was so excited to hear about an app with a workout plan for me. I downloaded the app and thought I would just answer the questions and be able to have a workout plan. But no it’s a weekly subscription of 4.99 I hate that workout apps are doing this. I can’t find a single app that’s free. I would probably give this a higher rating if I could even use this app.
  • “Free”

    By K͟a͟y͟l͟e͟e͟J͟o͟
  • Misleading Ad

    By NDreamcast
    Your ad on Instagram said that the app was free but it’s $20 a month 🤦‍♂️
  • no

    By bigbaandzque
    dumb app
  • $19.99 a month😑

    By thesecondc
    You really expect me to pay $20 a month for something I could find for free on YouTube?
  • Charged me for the 1st day of use.

    By Brielol
    It said 3 day free trial ... but I signed up and it charged me immediately. I didn’t even get 3 days to try it just charged me 29.99 for 3 months and I don’t even like it! I’ve filed a refund with apple but most likely nothing will happen and I just gave away 20 bucks. It’s stuck on weight loss when I’m trying to gain and is a circuit style Of training. You will get more fit if you use this but I wanted something different.
  • Don’t install

    By Not so safe
  • Good app, A little to expensive.

    By A.C Energy
    If it wasn’t so expensive then it would get 5 stars. Still a good app either ways.
  • I’m not paying.

    By BiddyBruhEffect
    I shouldn’t have to pay to be thin.
  • false

    By bubblegum123444566
    some people don’t have money to pay and people put false advertising saying it free😒
  • Garbage

    By MAXM3dus4
    Just find a new app theirs no hope here
  • Hi

    By vdbd f
    You have to pay for it and just no
  • Maybe it’s just me

    By texas_chick12
    I got this app because as most people I saw it on TikTok and thought I’d give it a try. I never made it past the gathering information part. When it asks to put your weight I did and it would not accept it. I know I’m overweight and I wanna lose it so I thought it was odd it wouldn’t accept it. Out of curiosity I put the weight I wanna be at in the current weight and it took it. After reading all these reviews I think I’ll just delete it before I too get scammed
  • “Free”

    By 🏁🥀😎🖤💄🌈🥺👅
    THIS IS NOT FREE this is an app that say it’s free but it’s not for those looking for a free workout app if u want u can make ur own workout Just like this for absolutely no money there for I think it’s stupid
  • It didn’t work for me :/

    By ily sam
    I downloaded the app and it was terrible. It was hard for me to move my screen, so I couldn’t get to pick all of the options. And when I barely finished with the questions, it tells me I have to pay money. I wouldn’t recommend.
  • Little startup issue

    By 81192804
    So i have just downloaded this app and i have yet to really use it but going through the precept of the app i cant scroll through anything. Im unsure if this is just because of my ipod or the app.

    By Mactech20
    Unfortunately this app is not free. It is FIVE dollars PER WEEK. Another pay to play while seemingly free. Sad.
  • Sad

    By atikudu
    I mean you guys are asking money to help someone lose weight Come on
  • It will ask you to pay

    By Keen ennobled
    Don’t bother paying for this app. Just go on YouTube and look up workouts to target specific body parts. It’s free!
  • Hell no

    By jejxhxhzhdjxjxnd
    Have to pay f that
  • Way to pricy

    By coolpeepsarecool
    I saw his off a tik tok add and I wanted to get my summer body. The only people who get this are the people you pay to use it for free. They know if they didn’t get this sponsor they would never use it it is way to pricy! And your sponsors get to use it no cost. Make hay make sence
  • Another Workout App

    By hdjsidndjdjdvg
    It’s awful literally it like all the others. Just make it a paid app instead of wasting my time for the app and needing a proscription. Come on it’s awful