Neon Splash

Neon Splash

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-26
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 241.97 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 25 770


Guide glowing fluid into the dark, to find a hidden neon beauty! Super simple controls!



  • Really good ❤️

    By uigiuigibguyubgyubgyguyg
    I love the way no matter what you always win . I like the Colors
  • Great game

    By Edu 1122334455667788991010
    It’s a great game . It’s a colorful and entertaining game you’ll like it .
  • 👍🏼

    By incorvaia family
    It’s pretty good
  • I have literally nothing to say about this game

    this is besutiful
  • Neon splash

    By E_emoji
    I love this game
  • I like this game because

    By Luke kotsis philip
    I like the lights It’s like a different GALAXY 🌌
  • Finicky Controls

    By C H I L L B )
    Amazing game! Only one problem, the controls are way too finicky.
  • Added feature needed

    By Cameron holian
    It needs to say what the object is that you just slashed out
  • bad game

    By Dukes0⃣7⃣
    game bad i hate it yes
  • Yasss

    By rainbowunicorn🦄lover
    Yassssssssssssssssssssssssssss yessssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • ℹ️

    By lamps!!!
    The game is fun but here is the ℹ️ I like the game but you could make people draw their own picture and if it doesn’t look good you could make it look like the original picture but if you don’t have that picture then you can just tell them to find another picture to draw and the picture that didn’t get verified you can maybe take a pic of it “ camera 📷 plz” ( ha ha) ffffffffuuuuuuunnnnn game!
  • No thanks

    By myuserthis
    I HATE it.
  • Neon is the best game

    By jaerk
    5 star
  • More levels please!!!

    By uqwyegdiuhqewuf
    Love this game! It’s so fun and relaxing and I can’t wait for more levels and skins!
  • Game is ok

    By Andreatheunicorn
    It has to many Ads but if it didn’t have a lot of ads the Game Would Be Bomb 🔥🔥🔥🤨
  • The best app ever

    By Mrskvkelly
    Hey I’m Jalayah I love you’re game I hope you make more
  • Baits for ads

    By donde. esta. la. leche.
    Makes you click “watch an ad”
  • Idk what people are talking about

    By LizzyTheBuzyBee
    Ok so like always I read the reviews first and a few people were complaining about ads on the game and that there are to many and I downloaded the app and play for a few hours and not many ads were popping up so I was confused because people were saying that there are so many ads when there’s not
  • What I think about the game

    By A1 sause 1789
    The only reason that I am giving it a one star is because I can’t do no star
  • Best game ever

    By moan man 44445
    Make it hotter
  • Mildly entertaining

    By Finktoid22
    It is a decent game if your bored. That’s about it. Every level gets an ad. I understand that’s how the game makes most of its money but every single level gets an ad afterwards and sometimes as soon as you open it. It’s quite ridiculous.
  • Make more levels

    By 🥭🥭🥭
    There’s like no levels
  • Alen

    By Gaming with allen 226
    Love you guys
  • I love this game

    By cornbread with toast
    I love how satisfying this is that’s why I gave you 5 stars 🌟✌🏽❤️❤️👅😁💕.
  • The game doesn’t show the same thing

    I will be gaining all I did was hearing nothing I didn’t get to color anything or nothing all I did was hit things but I thought I could make things but I really know I don’t really like this game so I deleted it because it didn’t do the same thing as the commercial
  • No ads No money

    By nathan plays cooly
    I have gotten 0 ads ever since I got this game. It’s so fun and also to skip ads without paying money,turn in airplane mode it works for every app
  • This looks really fun

    By marley loves cats lol
    I’m sponsoring who ever made this game and u deserve a lot of people to play this game called Neon Splash Find hidden neon beauty! I love who ever made this game god bless you

    By juju cgijj
    It’s so tricky 😂!
  • I love this game but only one problem

    By M0therOfDrag0ns
    So I was on level 90 and I have worked so hard but it deleted my data today when I got on and I restarted my iPhone X and it still did not work I love this game and I really hope they fix this problem my fav one was the very first one a heart and it was so pretty I took a screen shot but I am sad it started me all the way back to level 1 I really hope you guys fix this so I can go and continue my journey on this game I love is because it’s neon my favorite🦄💜💕💗💞❤️🌌🎆🌃🏙🌠
  • Neon splash

    By cute sheila
    I love Neon splash 🦄❤️🐞💕💫 it brings happiness into us
  • Ads

    By Olliegirl2000
    So, it’s a pretty good game. I finish the levels pretty fast, so that means I have to watch an ad. Every. 30. Seconds. If ya wanna get rich off of ads- then just make a whole game filled with them. Then the challenge would be try to beat the game and not rage quit as in yeeting your phone across the room. Because there would be ads every 2 seconds.And the levels would be hard. Name it “Too many ads, abort, abort!”
  • Best game ever

    By MICKY690
    I always wanted this game I thought it was going to be fun and it was so much fun but it would be better if you had a free time to get energy and relaxing
  • Iil niqqa

    By imafuhwicha
  • Really fun but....

    By QueenieMomo ❤️
    So I’ve been playing this game for about a week and I finished all the levels and got all the skins today. Can you please add more levels and maybe more skins but they are really special, like you get a key every level for one of them and you unlock them only after the first set of skins. It can go on like than if you can create more skins. Also one more thing, if there is an option to see an ad (3 more keys) when I exit out or go on to the next level it still shows an ad. It doesn’t make sense!
  • Games cool

    By Gassin
    It’s a weird game kinda cool you need to have a another one like it
  • I have not played yet

    By playfunny so happy❤️😍😝😆😁
    I have read the reviews and I think with every one if it is that bad put a home page and more levels please pretty please it would be awsome foe everyone so happy to play I seen it is a video and I have been wanting it for a long time so I will play it so happy to try😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😃😃😄
  • Yay

    By manguy65
    This game is so addicting I can’t stop playing it. It is the best game ever. I would just lower the ads on this game. But everything else is going well. I definitely recommend this game to everyone.
  • This Game Is Fab

    By NdeyeSylla/123
    This game is absolutely my favorite. Even if it’s hard, I won’t try to give up.
  • Neon splash

    By the clever game
    I love this game but I love it 4 from 5
  • Not very good...

    By Pennywise da dancing clown
    Well it’s good but there is no way to lose! That’s what got me. And the ads too many ads so, reply when you fix it.
  • Ads after every round.

    By RoseMonroe🌹
    Non stop ads. Super lame..
  • 🌝💔

    By لعبه مررررره رهيبه
    الإعلانات فيها كثير😒...بس اللعبه حلوه🙄❤️.
  • Good Game

    By Popstar4u12
    So I had this game a while ago and it would keep on crashing and it would keep glitching. The levels are too easy and the game is boring. I don’t like it and it can be improved to be much better. Add some more levels. I’m not trying to make the creator(s) feel bad. I’m just trying to help and hope the game gets better. I’d recommend it for people who get easily distracted. Personally, after playing this I’ve been more attentive to everything around me. It’s like those shapes. You have to get every little inch. It’s like the world you have to focus on everything around you. Overall good game. Just needs a few improvements.
  • Video game

    By ChrissygoHAMbarbie
  • Fun game :)

    By Kylie reviews
    When I first bought this game I didn’t think it would be so addicting but I started playing it daily. However, I don’t like all the ads. Every level there’s a minute ad afterwards which is annoying. Other than that it’s a fun game

    By connerjyt
    It’s so satisfying it’s easy and fun
  • this is so amazing

    When I’m playing this it’s really cool like the colors in this are beautiful and all you do it’s rotate your fingers and change skins and it’s very fun download it!
  • Cool game but way too many ads

    By Bambooshed
    I find this game very relaxing but I absolutely cannot handle the amount of ads that pop up when I don't ask for them. Considering uninstalling for that exact reason.
  • Great Game

    By hattygamer17
    But needs more levels