Neon Splash

Neon Splash

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-07-24
  • Current Version: 1.9.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 166.37 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 35 970


Guide glowing fluid into the dark, to find a hidden neon beauty! Super simple controls!



  • It’s good but the adds are so annoying

    By remove ads cc
    I think less ads would be better
  • I love it so much

    By lilllian grace
    It is so fun I love how you can draw with the water
  • Kmiouljo

    By hguyvm

    By Heyits_Ava
    This game is the best game in the world I’m so happy I downloaded it because every time I’m sad it makes me calm down and the colors attract my attention like this game is the best I love it! But there’s too many ads but there’s nothing this game can stop from making me happy☺️
  • Meh

    By a gurl that hates u
    This game honestly has way too many ads. If the developer(s) could see this just reduce the ads. It’s like every second there’s ads. Other than that it’s pretty good! Thanks for your time
  • Great

    By snjsnsnsfc
    Calming for anxiety and stuff
  • Your do he

    By unicorn IceFoodsGames
    Going do need
  • Great

    By hazmell
    Great game
  • Love this game!!!

    First of all, I love this game. It is so fun and satisfying and the pictures at the end are beautiful. Second of all, people say there are too many ads but there really aren’t that many. The point is, it is a great game. I left a review only few days after I played it, and now I love it so much more. I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED.
  • Awesomeness game

    By Bonton222
    A some game it’s really even if I just start playing it I could tell that it’s a really fun game
  • Infuriated!

    By Brazzeal
    I just paid $2.99 for this game to have no adds and there are add pitfalls on practically every level. I bought this game for someone who is cognitively impaired. It seemed like a wonderful game for them to easily create a beautiful image. But they are unable to distinquish between the flashy « win a new level » sign and the boring « no thanks » option, which throws them into an app which I paid NOT to have! Then I have to come to there assistance and navigate out of the add. PLEASE GIVE REFUND MY MONEY!
  • Hi this game is so fun

    By kibrliy
    Thank you for making this game
  • The little good title

    By murielbarbie6
    I like this game but it’s hard because it doesn’t show you or tell you the the things are and there is no hint when you don’t know where to go and it doesn’t show you how to get keys
  • Hi

    By Hajjsbenbe
    Hi how are ya?
  • Super fun!! But...

    By isabel calhoun lopez
    There are SO many ads!!!! And that is why I give it 4 stars. It always says like want double your earnings, I say no thanks and it still brings me to an ad even though I pressed no thanks
  • Tian-Tian

    By hellohaha_nickname
    I love this “Neon Splash” APP, since I downloaded it!But,I don't like it because it has no sounds or music.
  • Fun and amazing 😁

    By funny sandwitch
    I only have one complain about this game I love it but there is to many ADS 😤
  • Two words: Amazingly Awesome

    By unixcorncathy92
    I just absolutely love the design and colors. The ads really don’t matter because it’s a part of the game and I love it a lot. I saw it and thought, huh who knew such a game could be so cool, and I downloaded it, played it,... and got speechless. I give this game 100 stars out of just 5. Amazing work, is very well done and, like I said in the title “Amazingly Awesome”. Thanks for reading this!
  • I 💖 this game

    By Hudson Robrts
    This is a awesome game and really satisfying I love it you should definitely play it I just started and I all ready love and you should to
  • It’s ok😐

    By Taranicole
    It freezes in there’s just a little bit of ads but the ads are kind of fun so it’s OK I guess🤷🏼‍♀️
  • 🍭✨

    By عجيييييب والله
    العبه واااااايد حلوه انصح الجميع ان ينزلها
  • Fun game, but not enough levels

    By daber500
    While in quarantine I downloaded the app and I finished all the levels in one day when I started redoing levels I already did I thought it had just deleted my data then I realized I had finish all the levels. It is a fun game with lots of fun skins you can earn and win but the level amount should be expanded to many more than 145 or so.
  • Fun game

    By saysayislaylay
    This game is so satisfying and entertaining!!! But I finished all the levels in one day, then it started me back at the beginning. I REALLY wish that there were more levels because this game is so fun!!! 😋😋😋
  • The game is great so far

    By lissa the wolf
    Ok so I just got the game and I love it so much many people might like it and we’ll the add looked cool and so I got the game
  • Looks cool but way to easy! Ugh!😒😒😒

    By jdjhdbbd
    It looks so nice a pretty but it’s sooooooooooo easy all you have to do is... turn the screen with your finger and that’s all you just have to move yo finger and move it until the shape is done the worst hate it so much don’t get it it’s a waste of time to!!!!😫😫😫😫😫
  • Super fun

    By 1010!er
    The idea of the game is really cool idea, and it’s one ofe my favorite games that you have made! Keep it up!
  • Fun

    By Fatima Albanaa
    Good game
  • Boring, no sound

    By Ink_Fan101
    Granted, I only played this for about 10 minutes, but I was immediately S O bored!! There’s no story. The graphics aren’t all that interesting, there is a ton of ads, and absolutely N O music or sound to keep you invested! Every game needs some sort of sound. Otherwise, people get very bored very quickly. The visuals are bright though. Very neon, as promised. 2 stars.
  • So Fun

    By Violot Girl
    Its super fun and creative. I just got it and I like it already. Also it’s very calm and it makes time fly by. I don’t see any glitches on it and I don’t think you can fail it
  • Great game

    By sophiathedpg
    It’s a great game for little kids to play
  • The great game

    By the 8 year old kid
    I just got this one minute ago and love it 😻 but make it hard An 8 year old girl
  • Neon Splash

    By Tsr123
    I only gave this game three stars because it’s to easy.
  • Good game

    By cycnere blunt
    Not to many add
  • Neon Splash

    By XioGC
    This game is so much fun and it is amazing and it’s a very cool game!!❤️
  • Awesome Game

    By cactus toes
    I love this game! I play it all the time. But there is one idea I have that could make it better. When you complete each level, the fluid sits for a second and then disappears. It would be cool if the fluid would fade away instead of just disappearing. Thanks!
  • Great game but a tiny problem.

    By some_rand0m_p3rs0n
    The game is great, I like the neon colors and unique features but here is a suggestion. If you guys could maybe update the game with music or sound effects? At least sounds, like cmon. The game would be more fun if it had sounds or music at least. Don’t come at me with copyright, make your own sounds and music then. Don’t be lazy with the game. If it doesn’t get updated with music or sounds at least I’m deleting it from my phone. With all games, there should be sounds and music in stead of treating us like we are deaf. I am disappointed in this game. Fix it please.
  • Fun

    By bun gun bun
    So much fun
  • Love this😍😍😍

    By :-) 😆😊
    This is so fun make the mysterious picture. Amazing app. I’ll love this. And it’s original. If you reading this,I hope you try this app😁😁😁
  • OMG soooooo fun 🐶🐈

    By suwi cat
    This game is soooo fun when I play it makes me SATISFIED LOVE IT 😸🐱😻
  • One 28 second ad every level :(

    By pichu999
    I like it it’s satisfying and all but... it’s got an ad a lot which is a little less satisfying.
  • More skins?

    By xxbabybrisofiaxx
    So I was just playing around and I realized there isn’t a lot of skins.
  • The best thing about this app

    By Winnpinn
    I don’t know how you feel about it but, I cannot say, I love the game
  • Kiana

    By fleurmond
    This game has been so fun and you can play it and get to see what you wanna it was just a bit too hard and you don’t make a bet on
  • I love it

    By bcn hcjchctdhdfxfzg
  • Hi

    By myyair yocute
    I Ike this game this game is so fun
  • S. Hit is your. Nqme

    By shi. t is your nqme
    Fortnite is fun
  • To easy

    By Would Po
    This is to easy and 𝓻𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓯𝓾𝓷
  • Repetitive

    By jkjl231816
    The levels repeat over and over. I would like an actual challenge! DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!
  • Good

    By dhc hi ld
    I would like more of a. Variety Variety