Color Fill 3D

Color Fill 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-07-24
  • Current Version: 2.47
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 216.07 MB
  • Developer: Good Job Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 134 102


Once you start, you will never stop playing. Just one objective: Fill the board. Very easy gameplay mechanics with hundreds of unique levels. Play by swiping your finger, avoid obstacles, cover all of the board to win.



  • This game is so fun but the adds are annoying

    By N1kkigiggles
    I love ❤️ this game me and my husband are so addicted to this game and my kid’s are addicted to this game too I have to slap 👋 the phone 📱 out of their hands because they are so addicted but the adds are killing me but please still play 🥺🥺🥺 Thanks 🙏🏼 for reading 📖
  • Whyyyy...

    By hellothere2009
    😩Okay, this you have to read before playing.. I just HAD ❤️ to get it because I was bored, the game looked cool, and I did a challenge where I couldn’t sleep for 1 night. It was hard, and I got tired. Well this game looked awesome so I got it, a few minutes later it was done downloading so I got excited. 🙂. Apparently I got in the game and it froze immediately and I couldn’t get it to fix. It made me a little sad, because i wanted to try the game. 😕, some reason, it worked for a lot of you people who did write comments, or maybe your upset like me for the same reason. I left the app, and joined it again. In the middle of my first round, I thought that it fixed and I got to do my new game, too bad for me because it froze again. Please fix this freezing problem! 😫
  • OML I can’t pass it

    By harmharm201q
    I can’t move the screen and it’s hard to not got hit while drawing the block xC
  • Too many ads

    By samine1
    The game is so fun I Love it but too many ads
  • 🤢🤮🤢🤮

    By ew or yay
    Its not like the ad,I wouldn’t recommend you to get this app at all it’s very boring
  • Olivia

    By Jonn121
    I like this game because it helps me learn
  • حلو

    By 36xx7
    حلو 💙❤️💜

    the game itself is nice so I would’ve gave it 4 stars but im giving it 2 stars because of the ridiculous amount of ads When I just started playing there was an ad and halfway through the level there was an ad and then once you finish the level there is an ad
  • It’s awesome!

    By BRios3745
    This game is great! I love it it’s just sooo awesome!!!!!
  • This game is terrible

    By WeeWoo WeeWoo oo
    The game is barely 3D. There are 45 SECOND ads that are often unstoppable. This is beyond wanting to make some money, this is disregarding the players completely. Absolute Gaarbage.
  • Fun

    By elibeth franco
    This game is so fun I recommend this game for a lot of people is fun
  • دبي

    By ادولزاد
    جننن جننن جنن شكرا الكم ع هاي العبه
  • Review

    By grfslime
    Fun but very ad heavy
  • Color fill 3D

    By bamFirLife
    It is addicting but to many advertisement for you to purchase new games. If you die they give you a ad for ten seconds than you get stuck watching another ad for thirty seconds . I will be deleting this game not worth all those ads and I will not pay $1.99 plus tax to get rid of ads .
  • I love it but....

    By Starpig:)
    I absolutely love this game and I play it almost day😁But ads are annoying and the new sponsored ads are even worse😒 Not to mention I’m on level 350 and it’s usually the same thing every time. In my opinion having more things to spend diamonds would be much better. Overall though this game is very fun.
  • Tooo much

    By tsdrtrdyyuguo34#53635786
    Tooo many adds & too many warnings
  • Awesome Game!!

    By kitty1111111111111111111111
    I LOVE this game,It’s so fun! The problem I used to have with it though is the ads. I used to get soooo annoyed every time they popped up. One time I played the game of WiFi and no ads showed up, so I just do that now. Definitely get this game if you want something to pass the time!
  • I hate ads so much

    By lemuel$$$$
    I like this game so much but the ads come every single level and the ads are annoying but the game is fun
  • Love it

    By this game is so mich fun
    I love this game I play it all night and all day and sorry if my review is short if anybody reads this 🤣

    By KathyB-underdasea
    Way too many ads to enjoy this app. I was annoyed by the ads within five minutes of playing it
  • I love it but

    By yeet boi the king
    To many ads but good game on like 106
  • i got over the ads but the levels just repeat....

    By gravitya
    i really like playing this game but the ads were so annoying. whatever, i looked up a video about it and now i just play in airplane mode with my wifi turned off. no ads and i just use 5 of my thousands of diamonds if i don’t wanna restart. simple enough, right? but now, there are literally no new levels. every level cycles around every 5 minutes so it’s not even like you get time to forget the level. it’s still a fun game but developers need to make new levels.
  • Ads before you can even learn

    By Vanscyer
    Just tried the game for the first time. No tutorial so you have to learn by playing. Totally ok with that except you have to watch an ad every time you fail and have to try again... AND complete the level before again. Way too harsh to get into. If I’ve played for literally 6 minutes and had to watch 3 ads, there’s no way I’m ever going to play regularly. Deleted!
  • Relaxing

    By Gabibol
    Whenever I’m mad, sad, or anxious, this game calms me down. It’s one of the best games I’ve played
  • To many ads

    By pppppppppppppppppppppprrppppp
    I love playing the game but, there are way too many ads. Please fix this problem
  • About the adds

    I like this game and have been playing it so much. I decided to look through the comments of the game and have seen a lot of bad reviews about the ads. And there’s a little trick if you are going to play this and don’t want the ads, just go into settings turn off your WiFi if your on it and or turn off cellular data for the game. It’s that simple, actually more simple then just complaining about the game and its ads.
  • Too many ads, like others say

    By cincyguy01
    Check out all the reviews that talk about too many ads. Totally true, but even worse is that the ads crash the app so you have to kill it and restart, which is beyond frustrating when you just cleared a level and could have moved on.
  • No ads

    By kjvjfjf
    No ads
  • This is the worst game I have ever played:(

    By supermaris
    I hate this game some much and it was nothing like the comertal
  • Too many adds

    By amazing chiken
    Great game but too many adds
  • Feeling angry today? 🔥 or 🌈?

    By overgaag
    Well I am because whenever you die you have to leave and the only way you can play again is to just play again AFTER you die. And if you don’t make this app better I will fire your brain!!!!!!!! 🔥I meant the 🌍 is on 🔥! Only if everyone plays this game! Haha! I would’ve rated this app -infinity but that’s not possible but even if it was it would take for ev er! But it’s addictive.
  • Tilly Krupa

    By Sunny perkins
  • Hate ads

    By ariana lilllllly
    This game is really fun but every time you lose or you go to the next level there are so many ads I really wish that there were a lot less ads and I do t like haw you have to pay for no ads like you made a game let us play it not watch ads the whole time other than that it’s a good app I just really hate the ads
  • The game is fun, but way too many ads

    By Anti-Anime Person
    The game is entertaining, but the ads. Anytime I go to a new level, you have to watch an ad for every single one. I know they get money from ads, but it is just too much. And there is the continue the game by watching an ad if you lose button but if you put the No thanks button, there is still an ad.
  • Not that good

    By i have a dog named bear
    So I think that this game is not the best thing I can think of if your reading this play roblox insted🍭🍭🍭🍭💩💩💩💩💩
  • To many ads

    By Trac06
    Love the game had to spend more time watching ads than playing game had delete it took all the fun out of it.
  • Game feedback

    By sebastian marcano capriles
    Its not relaxing but fun em thats it oh and the touch like i mean the touch of the phone when you move the square its not putting sometimes the move that im moving and its correct the move so put the touch better thats why i lose levels good game i like it.
  • Ads

    By nani mercy
    Honestly I enjoy this game and it has kept me entertained during quarantine... it’s so satisfying for me to go around the edges to trap all the squares and it gives me this satisfying feeling kinda like watching soap cutting videos but you get to feel it. Downside to this game is that the levels are kinda repetitive and it gets kinda old also I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the ads and honestly same they are kinda annoying but I’ve discovered while on a plane that if you put your phone on airplane mode and turn off WiFi then you no longer get ads and you can continue playing as many levels as you want.
  • Amazing app

    By fhfhjghgxh
    Ok so before I got this game I look at the reviews they we’re pretty bad.But I got the game anyway.I love it! I play it almost every day. I also have no idea what the other reviews are talking about because I literally have an ad like every 10 levels.when I want to continue my level then I use the ad but that’s it. This is an awesome app!
  • Good game

    By Rachel K. J
    I love this game but there are waaaaaay to many adds!!!!!!
  • Great but needs work

    By robot man five guy
    So I was playing this game I liked it but to much ads there’s so much ads that you stop 🛑 the game and play a different game please fix this
  • The app isn’t bad but it is

    By 1234?.'duenznbedksheu
    The app have ads almost every time you die so you end up watching more ads then playing the game
  • Maggie’s review

    By ydgudufdhihcdsuusdd
    It’s SO FUN.
  • Unknown

    By recordjacks4682
    What’s an amazing gameplay!
  • I like the game, but the ads are unbearable

    By Oni Child
    I have had this game for a few weeks. I really adore the style of the game, and it is a great app if you just need to pass the time with minimal effort. The levels are all easy, albeit a bit repetitive. Like I said, if you are looking for something that won’t take much effort to clear your head, this game is great! However, it does come with a massive downside. The advertisements. While there does seem to be a way to buy your way out of the ads (something I can’t do because I can’t really afford to), the completely free version of this game is absolutely littered with them. I get an advertisement after every single level that I play. It becomes annoying very quickly to have to watch an advertisement and then click out of it as soon as I can. If it was an advertisement every 15 or 20 so levels, then I would likely be able to look past it with minimal complaint. However, after every level? It’s a bit ridiculous and makes me less inclined to keep playing. On a side note, I like how you collect diamonds as you play through the game. What I don’t like, is the fact that there is really no where to spend the diamonds beyond the few customizable aspects of the game (all of which are very cheap and accomplished quickly). It almost defeats the purpose of having the diamonds as an element to the game. All in all, the actual game is wonderful. The downsides of it and the incessant advertisements deplete it’s charm significantly.
  • Can’t control

    By snoopgirl
    I don’t get it. This app does not work for me. In addition to tons of ads, it’s very difficult to control the box. There is a delay in the action. DELETE. Not worth my time.
  • okay

    By imbaelily
    so I really like this game it’s really relaxing and calming. but the amount of adds there is, is ridiculous like there way too many adds like put it after the 2 is done. Over all the game is great just the adds
  • Love this game

    By vsco girl 18
    I absolutely love this game it’s great! There aren’t really and downsides o it!
  • It’s stupid and boring

    By ahehevrybenss
    You just keep playing the same old levels all over and over again... Boring Don’t waste your time pls