Color Fill 3D

Color Fill 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-01
  • Current Version: 1.80
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 168.71 MB
  • Developer: Good Job Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 50 985


Once you start, you will never stop playing. Just one objective: Fill the board. Very easy gameplay mechanics with hundreds of unique levels. Play by swiping your finger, avoid obstacles, cover all of the board to win.



  • Don’t get this game

    By ammder
    When I opened this game and started level 1 it wasn’t even the right app and it made my phone glitch
  • My feedback

    By tristanrules
    This a little bit boring do not get it
  • This game

    By pupoys4dayz
    Ok is pretty good from what I’ve heard and also pretty bad but at least take ur time with the game
  • This game is absolutely GARBAGE

    By Potato_gamer60
  • By:Olivia benson

    By notl_b
  • Great game but too many ads

    By Hebert's Bride
    I love this game, but the ads are ridiculous! I understand having an ad to continue if you die, but having one between the two parts of the same level? And between every level? And if I push “no thanks” to start over? It’s a bit much developers.
  • Control issues

    By Bard Within
    The control of being able to change the direction of your moving color square is a bit slow. Playing on screen of a phone, it might be better suited to have a directional set of arrows at the bottom to govern movement, and a sharper response.
  • Addictive

    By abrown9901
    Already on level 3,000 with 12,420gems
  • Yvyvy

    By The Original Hoops32
    UCD. If g boo. Jvchjfigohggvvubibgooogocyxirxig
  • Riddled with ADS!

    By Tercra
    I can’t believe how many ads this game has! Between EVERY level, and even if you use your coins to continue your still overrun with ads! Game freezes a lot as well, not worth the hassle even though it’s FREE!
  • So good

    By 🖕🖕🖕🖕Hoe

    By adrianajavalos
    i love this game but there are way too many ads every single time you complete a level there’s an ad
  • No challenge

    By meli_mae
    This game is repetitive and boring.
  • Thx you for yo help thx you so much thx you so much

    By shala reeves
    Thank you so much
  • Best game ever to get 😍😍😍😍😍

    By Niknac13
    Once I started to play this game I just can’t stop playing every day and every night every day I just can’t stop playing this game
  • Color fill 3D

    By color fill3D
    Ok so this game is fun but the adds are too much for me. I could be in the middle of a round and a random ad just pops up and it won’t let me get off of it so I have to shut my whole phone off to even play and I am not even on the same round. Ok
  • Scam for apps

    By Ashlynplays
    Color fill won’t let me continue my levels without giving me an add. I didn’t think much of it at first but then on level 8, I will get an add and I can’t exit it without closing the game. I can’t continue and I hate it.
  • Too many ads

    By IZZY2303
    The game itself is quite fun, however after EVERYTHING you do there’s an ad. Mess up? Ad. Finish a level? Ad. Finish half of a level? Ad. It’s annoying especially since some of the ads don’t have a button to close them, and I’m forced to close the app in order to close the ad. Overall it was a good game but the ads take more time than playing the physical game.
  • To many comercials

    By ashhyLove8
    It’s a really good app just way to many comercials
  • New Unlockables

    By marli co leader of perk we go
    I gave this app a 4/5 because I have acquired over 10,000 gems and have nothing to unlock! This game is pointless. That’s why people play games is to get all the unlockables.
  • Each level 3 or 2 parts?

    By ameerelebiary
  • My fav game

    By rogogo5
    Worth it too support the people who made it Really Thanks Idk what could make it better Prolly something I can't think of right now Just keep it similar puleees.. 👏🤗👍 I'm not bored yet Wow
  • A D D S

    By BC69
    The adds are ridiculous! Way too many!
  • Hi

    By went to hit hit
    No adds
  • Yummy

    By Anna🍀
    Just hit level 1533 with 6422 games on decks 10/10 recommend paying for no ads. This game soothes my mind when I’m stressed and makes you tense enough to get into it but not so much that it’s frustrating and makes you anxious. I’d give it it more stars if I could.
  • Not good

    By ydbusmdbhe
    It is not good because all you do is what I mean is the game is not good
  • Read now!😜

    By careadorable
    I think this app is super awesome and it’s a way to have fun but rlly challenge yourself
  • OMG the ads

    By Awesomely played!
    The ADS are on more often than the same time! The ads come on between each and run forever. So much that though I live this game, I never play it because the ads take too much time. And nobody has time for that.
  • This game is horrible

    By GodlyGamer76YT
    Such a bad game
  • Addicting but ads are ridiculous

    By jjdonovan1544
    I have played over 1000 levels and am still continuing because I have no other game to play and I love the vibrations my phone makes when I clear a large chunk of blocks at once. I only play when I’m not home because the ads I receive when connected to internet is ridiculous. One problem with the ads is that without internet or cellular you are able to use gems to continue the level of you mess up but gems are completely useless if connected to internet because the ads take their place. Mess up = ad. Finish half the level = ad. Finish the level= ad. Wish to continue= ad. You can finish a level in the time it takes to get through one ad. If there were less ads it would be better but I removed cellular from the app and only play it out of home to avoid the ads.
  • Good but

    By haileyrose279
    It’s a good game, I really wish I could give it a better rating however, after every two levels I play I’d get an ad which it didn’t take me long at all to finish a level. It got really annoying and boring really fast because of the ads, not even to mention it was the same ad every time. Sometimes I’d get a double ad too. Sorry I’m being harsh, but I’m giving my honest review. The game was good for awhile, ans it definitely has potential, just cool it with the constant ads. If I see this change I’ll give thought into getting it again, bless you. Have an amazing day.
  • Too many ads

    By joo69!
    Too many ads
  • So so

    By rumblin on charlie
    Square is too hard to control. It has slow reaction time.
  • I wish there was less adds

    By shieshirdhirfuwf
    Great game but too much adds

    By sofiblogs
    Soo cool bye bye anxiety 😅
  • Xxxxxxxx

    By Sleepinge
    This game is really fun I love it

    By madkitty2010
    It is AWESOME and I recommend it because it’s AMAZING :)
  • Too many adds

    By DrewD76
    Kinda fun but it’s hard to enjoy when there is an add after every board
  • Great game

    By Addi and sophia forever
    It is a great game
  • 3D Garbage

    By trash_game_99
    This game is full of nothing but advertising, not worth the time it took to download
  • Doesn’t pick up when I swipe

    By eventmare
    I like the premise of this app and downloading it from one of their ads, but it frequently does not pick up my swipe cues and causes me to lose. Needs fine tuning on quicker and more accurate communication from screen touch to app.
  • LOTS OF ADS!!!!

    By zvggw
    This game is Good. Like very addictive. But after each and every hit or like after each level, there is a AD. IT IS VERY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!
  • Stupid

    By person12344346644
    Adds come up in the middle of the game when I don’t chose the revive
  • Too many ads

    By hahahahahahhaahhahahah
    Once you die in this it tells you if you want to skip the level or you can press no thanks but if you press no thanks it plays an ad and when the ad ends there is no x! And you have to delete the game if you want to keep on playing
  • To many ads

    By unhappy parent of two
    To many ads and they are not appropriate for kids! Unfortunately need to delete
  • Don’t get

    By CruelLizi
    Glitches alot
  • Low effort money grab full of ads

    By TheAnswerIsSix
    Gameplay is smooth and simple enough, pleasant even. Except that you have to watch 30 seconds of advertising between every 2 levels, which is maybe 2 minutes of gameplay MAX. Seriously, a 30 second ad played after the FIRST LEVEL. The first level, which took 15 seconds. There are better simple puzzle/color games out there. This one isn’t worth anyone’s time. The gameplay and relative percent of time spent watching ads make this a hard pass, nothing but another money grab with enough (purchased from bitters) reviews to keep it decently high in the store. Whoever created this, you did fine. Whoever is in charge of monetizing it, you should never be allowed to make these decisions again, and I hope you step on legos after being fired.
  • Relaxed

    By Saggibaki
    Helps me feel relieved
  • Amazed but

    By Theo the flerkin
    This app is awesome I enjoyed it till the adds. As everyone is saying the adds are my problem to. I would like this fixed please. Every time I click the X it disappears then it says would you lie to close this add. Or I could click next level And an add would pop up I need this fixed I hate hate hate adds. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this