Jump Rope 3D!

Jump Rope 3D!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-22
  • Current Version: 4.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 293.07 MB
  • Developer: 8SEC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 649


Tap to jump and hold to do a backflip over the rope! How many backflips can you do? How many opponents can you beat? How many hats can you unlock?



  • Awesome

    By jojo siwa its mee
    I just got this game and I’m on level 40 this game is awesome and I just love this game it’s amazing 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
  • The game

    By cjrihtjdr
    This game is so awesome you should try it it is the best you get to pick your color of your person you can get hats you can jump and double jump play this game and you will be surprise good luck and play this awesome game 😁😄
  • So fun and so LOL

    By Angi Bean
    So if u play it’s fun but it even funnier when they fall off
  • Good but needs some work

    By Lovely_QueenXX
    It’s a rlly good game when I’m bored I’ll play it but I think there should be something where you can pick any color you want and have to complete obstacles to get Hats or diamonds but overall it’s fun but needs some more work
  • Really good game

    By Girlbaecutie12345
    This game is super fun but it could be more fun if there were cool outfits but this is just a favor.
  • Good but way to much

    By i didnt like this game at all
    I love this game it’s very fun but there are way to many ad’s,every time I die it always has an ad and it’s so boring to watch and they are very long and when I win also it shows another ad,the only thing I don’t like about this game is way to many ads
  • Good game

    By eirbairbidnedj
    I like this game because you get to really jump rope and have fun and also it’s good Quality to the game and you get to play with many people!
  • Yey

    By Ah shaken
  • Love ittt

    By Ava_2010
    It’s so fun! I won almost ten times in a row!! I’m really enjoying it
  • I can’t play two rounds without an ad

    By Juiseboxx
    The amount of ads are ridiculous. Every round is literally fifteen seconds, and you get a thirty second ad after each round. It’s so stupid. The game is already mediocre at best but now we add this whole other element which just gives the game absolutely no point whatsoever.
  • The best

    By youare ugly gh
    It is really fun
  • Ehh..

    By chlomxx
    This game has too many adverts. TOO MANY! As soon as I die I have to way like 30 seconds for a new round. That’s not fair to me or other people. And then as soon as I’m finished with a round another advert comes up. I don’t even have time to collect my diamonds. The game isn’t that fun, it’s boring. All you do is jump a rope. There is no obstacles. So... I’m watching adverts for a boring game. I rate this game 1 star because this is boring.
  • Ig it’s fun

    By queenkenlee
    It’s fun but I feel like it’s a computer playing because I always win
  • its finger licking good

    By UNI18282
    Good good but hard Ya
  • Ok

    By nmkjhvcfxdzsaqewrtyuioplmnbvcx
  • It is glitches

    By gaggcdmu
    I deleted it when there was so much adds and it was glitching I just never wanted to install it again
  • Read this one

    By Cool_BTS
    This game is so fun that I can play it all day. I can play this anywhere even when my hands is busy. It’s a addicting game to play anytime you want. You can get hats for free but the the dance move. If you are reading this then download this game. See y’all
  • Bootiful game

    By BreadBeing
    Okay this game is awesome and it gave me a good add its for a game where all u do is make sandwiches 10/10 Gordon Ramsey approved
  • Hyyhggthhhjjgtttt

    By acisej2010
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  • Jump race 3D

    By thanks you for this
    I’m having so much fun today thank you for the game
  • Great

    By unknown twice
    This game is awesome I give this a 5 star
  • Hi

    By djanefhsnsjcheh
  • It’s Called Jumping

    By yahjae baker
    It’s so Fun who ever made it they should make more levels
  • Awesome

    By edehfugjtj
    This game is really addictive
  • Fun game

    By jcdchus
    Idk why this helped me to jump rope lol
  • Please read this !

    By averygafw
    It is a fun game but needs some work, such as you can only play as one color, red. And it doesn’t have challenges, you aren’t really playing with real people but this game is fun and easy and keeps you entertained
  • Eh

    By blob44icecreamlove
    This game is a glitch plus you only have one color to pick from and no real players oh and how could I forget way to many adds I was disappointed because the game looked nice so I downloaded it and it was bad just bad but good job to the developer (s)
  • Cool 🤣

    By sbhealyllla
    Nice 👍
  • Needed

    By harry potter book
    More colors you can be and harder challenges
  • Kinda

    By luvilex
    This app is very fun to play but sometimes it has a lot of adds.So I have to give this app a three star.Mabe next time
  • Sound

    By Deora89
    Can u add sound or music to any of ur games please ?!
  • Masterpiece

    By 🏉Golden Lace🏉
  • Geat

    By 1234748:!,$:
    Wish here was more hats, and more back grounds, and more jump roping like side way or something like that
  • Paris

    By 749373!.!!,!.Bxmb
    To many ads

    By JiggsWorld
    This game is what I expect in a game FUN
  • Eh

    By Hypnoii
    It's good but my game stoped working so it's not really the best that everyone says it is
  • Glitch

    By gegssheheheh
    Cool game I guess but when collecting rewards you can spam the button for unlimited gems.
  • It’s ok

    By Zomerang fan
    I mean it ain’t the BEST but it’s pretty chill. People keep sayin there’s a lot of ads but all you have to do is put your wifi of and airplane mode on.👍🏼 It gets pretty boring.😬 Just like all the other games. It’s not really fun and uhhhh you know I’m gonna be honest it-it’s TRASH ok? Just do t play it cuzzz👍🏼😂
  • It’s a great app!!😆🐼😘

    By Tiffany and Deviace
    I think it’s a great app you should download it cuz it’s really relaxing 😌 and enjoyable.
  • Nice but not so much fun

    By tg btdbtdbtdtbd th
    Well I love the game it’s so fun but not fun or fair to play
  • Huge glitch found

    By Yoshi ground pound
    Hello! I found a pretty big glitch and I went to contact someone instead of writing here but I couldn’t find a way. If someone contact me, I will surely help out.
  • Good but ...👍

    By -M-😂👑
    This game is great but it’s kinda boring there should be like obstacles or sometimes when the rope swings it switches from clock wise to counter clock wise or even tricks you when it’s going and then will go back to the other side. These things would be great so the game isn’t so easy.
  • It’s a good game

    By carmen tanner
    The game is really fun but I have some problems the characters should have outfits and maybe you can buy like powers in the shop things to help you win like a distraction power but the game is really fun
  • Great app

    By nooneoffffyourbeeswaxx
    I had no issues and it was fun!! 10/10 would recommend☻ ☆ ♡
  • Love it

    By vn. cn
    It has this glitch where you tap the collect button when you win and then you keep pressing it my first level I got 1123980 diamonds
  • Pretty fun but

    By iamchloe_b
    Lot of ads
  • ☹️

    By belleisthename
    This game is a 3 star because it would be good if there were some changes but I don’t like it every single time I jump 1 time 1! And everyone is gone I win then I get a ad😑 this is BORING😐📖✏️❌❌❌
  • It’s soo fun

    By lilangel4102008
  • Too many ads

    By Dogdoghair
    I like it and it’s very easy but the ads are overboard