Sand Balls - Digger Puzzle

Sand Balls - Digger Puzzle

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-15
  • Current Version: 2.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 666.26 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 243 989


►Catch a ball! Turn right, now a little to the left, and right again, than free up more space so the ball can move, and finally… Yes! Catch it! Make sure you're careful and really pay attention—this is no simple football or volleyball. It's still a game, but with a sand ball! Have you ever seen anything like it before? Even though it's made of sand, it's not yellow like you'd expect. Guess what color a sand ball can be? Orange, green, pink, purple, blue, and many other vibrant colors of the rainbow and beyond! Your imagination will truly take flight! ►Why do you need to collect these sand balls? The first reason is "just for fun", and it's completely true. Why not? Everyone deserves to relax after the a hectic pace of a work day, and this game knows how to help with that! Simple actions, а fresh and cool design, a wide variety of tasks - this game has hundreds of levels so you can have lots of fun in your spare time. The second reason is for strategy. The app features a tricky puzzle where you have to think carefully to beat the level: put colorful balls into the truck and transfer them to a wonderful island located in the middle of nowhere. What's the point? Now we come to the third reason. The game is well-organized in terms of plot. This means that while you play, you will be provided with challenging goals and inspiring missions like repairing buildings and advancing the overall infrastructure of the beautiful island. To sum up, collecting the balls is a good way to relax after a long day and improve your logical thinking at the same time. Press the button and download! ► A bubble of additional interest is gained through • Golden keys. They open boxes with different surprises or even money inside. • Sticks and other obstacles in the way. This is no walk in the park! • A secret weapon that can destroy all balls. (You can restart the level.) • Long and varied routes. They look like a real puzzle. What road will you choose? Try to avoid getting lost! • A special white bubble. It turns into…'ll find out on your own. ► Make sure that you discover all the WOW effects…and hurry up! Your first truck is coming! Don't miss your chance to build an island! P.S. or maybe not just one incredible island, but several… Subscription Terms: VIP Week Access offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged $5.99/week. After buying this subscription, you will unlock following features: exclusive VIP building, free gems every day, no ads, VIP ball effects. This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well. End of trial and subscription renewal: • The payment is charged to your account after a confirmation of purchase. • The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hour before the end of the current period. • The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the cost of the weekly subscription. • The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal have to be turned off by going to the user’s account settings after purchase in the Store. • No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Canceling a trial or a subscription: • If you want to cancel a subscription during its free trial, you have to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged. For more information, please visit for more information If there is questions contact us [email protected] Privacy Policy : Terms of use :



  • I like this game but…

    By ipad22zoom
    This game is awesome but it needs to have less adds I mean I know it’s how you make money but it’s WAY to many adds I would like this game way more if there was less adds I would love it if the adds are every like 5 levels even though there is a way you can pay for the no adds but I’m not paying for it I’m sorry it’s not worth it so if you can on your next update please please please take away some of the adds and I’ll play the game way more longer. (Thank you)
  • Love

    By rtkgfyktcyt ri
    I love you a lot
  • To dark

    By duckie 12
    Since holloween this game that I love to play is way to dark and most of the games I can’t see to play. Can you please lighten it just a bit.
  • Super fun but……

    By ~Kitty~Cat~
    Super fun but….. I think after your but every thing you can buy with the coins they keep giving you, you should have the opportunity to buy gems with the coins. I’m at the point of the game where you don’t need the coins anymore cuz I already bought everything from the store there is to buy with the coins. What I really need are gems! I’m not trying to buy gems with real money when I already put money into the game as is. i.e. buying the no adds or paying the weekly fee for free stuff or even buying the bombs or even buying the monthly prizes. You really need to let us either trade in the coins for gems or when u get the bonus rounds for gems instead of coins. Like I said I have no use for coins anymore since I’ve been playing since the game came out. Other than that I love this game. I could play for hours!!!
  • Very disappointing

    By yourgirltris
    App was very laggy and slow I found it very annoying should be updated ASAP
  • Stuck between islands

    By PocaAz
    Loved the game but stuck after ice island won’t open challenge island just keeps repeating , so annoying
  • It’s so satisfying

    By Ella galaxy
    I love the sound it makes
  • Ryker

    By Ry1000000
    I give it a 4 because I don’t like the easy parts
  • Hi im Okami

    By Okamilolbit1234
    I love this game so much but i don’t like the adds
  • Hi

    By Doggystaff
  • Ads 😡

    By shel1l444
    Thinking I may have to delete app because it keeps showing 17+ advertising sexual games that a 12 year old really doesn’t need to see hence why those games are 17+. As for the game itself, we really enjoy it. Please don’t make me have to take away a game from my children and review your advertising.
  • Great Game

    By dominic pond
    First of all im going to say that if you have read the bad reveiws they say that theres to many ads an easy way to fix it is to turn off wifi and you can play non stop you just cant get new balls :) 2nd theis game is awesome every level is original and im on stage 700 something turn of internet while playing and its a great game
  • It’s very good

    By dogepromlgcoolepic much wow
    It’s super good I recommend it
  • ads

    By Cag675387
    Love the game but way too many ads
  • Frustrated

    By creativ9
    I love this game but I just spent $5 on what I thought was for an ad free game! I later see that in order to remove the ads you have pay a weekly fee! This is so frustrating! The game itself is five stars but the frustration of the ads and wrong purchase makes me want to give it one star.
  • I love sand balls because it makes my kids busy

    By Trish0711
  • Sand balls

    By Mama Dx4
    Really good for the kids and I like it.
  • Subscription

    By Jeannestar101
    Subscription at $5.99 per week is very expensive.
  • Used to be fun

    By Antidia
    I used to enjoy this game. Played a lot for stress reduction. But now all I see are ads after ads after ads.
  • This game is so fun

    It’s fun bc it’s like sand bc I love the beach lol
  • Used to be fun, now there’s too many features and ads

    By sparkymark51
    The game in the past was way better. It used to have a few ads every now and then, understandable amount. This company deserved the money. Now, they decided to get a little greedy as more players picked up the game. They added way more ads, the weird city feature that I still don’t understand how to use and why to use it, power ups, and just recently a dang VIP feature that unlocks things that were always either free or unlock-able in the game. I hate to see how simple games get too greedy and complicated to be likable. Also, this game has treasure chest features, and to unlock the chest you need to watch an ad. I am OK with this, as long as you have the option to opt out of, keyword- BOTH the ad and chest. If you decide you to opt out of the chest in this game, it still gives you an ad but no chest in return. This is the most annoying ad feature added to the game and a large part of the reason I’m deciding to stop playing the game, probably for forever as I’m almost sure the game is doomed to continue getting worse. I just wish they could make this game fun and simple again.
  • It is a good game but needs work.

    By Ri Ri ♡
    I just downloaded the game and overall its awesome! A real stress reliever. But I’ve been looking at the reviews and I agree, THE ADDS! Once I got it I went through the first level in 8 seconds and then there was no add. But then I finished the second and there was an add! And I don’t want to pay for no adds! Ik it is pretty cheap. But I’m not going to pay for a game I might delete in a few months! I also noticed the creator of the game has not responded to any of the reviews! So honestly pls try and care! Especially since the adds are pretty long sometimes! It’s a very smooth and relaxing game overall. I just think it need a little more development. I hope you continue work on this game in the future! Thank you so much for reading this! Have a good day and you matter! :) By- Someone in the world
  • 👎😥

    By rtysgxhe
    I was just pulling it and it stop writing all it was doing is a blank screen for every
  • VIP Subscription issues.

    By mahan_9792
    I signed up for VIP which includes the 3-day trial. I’m currently on my third day of the trial and out of nowhere I don’t have VIP access anymore! I haven’t been charged yet but I also didn’t cancel my subscription. In trying to fix the issue on my own, I cancelled my subscription and now if I want to resubscribe it says it won’t start until a week from now. So I’m in this limbo now where no matter what I do I can’t have VIP for another full week. So Why did my VIP go away all of a sudden? Why haven’t I been charged? Why is it going to be another week before I get VIP access instead of letting me start a new week today? Again I haven’t been charged therefore I can’t prove I subscribed other than it telling me my ‘new’ subscription won’t start until a week from now. I’m very confused and none of this makes any sense.
  • Love the game, needs glitch fixed

    By ohnosandycandy
    I love this game. I play it multiple times a day and it helps with my anxiety. HOWEVER, I pay for the VIP and every few weeks it will not recognize that I have it. When I try to sign up again, it says I already signed up for the subscription. It’s fricking annoying and I emailed them about it, but got no reply. Would be five stars if they could fix this…
  • .

    By lilliana0606
    Very good game
  • Fun To Play

    By czblanco
    I love playing this game it helps me relax after a bad day. I love all the different balls in the game it’s very fun to try to collect all of the balls. I do have one complaint the VIP is not worth that much just for a few things!?! I would not recommend getting the VIP I would say it’s a waist of money it’s very expensive. But overall I love this game so much and thats why I gave it a five star I would definitely recommend this game.
  • Okay game but needs work

    By Tested for you
    The game is nice but there’s a lot of miss functions in the game because the game has a water dispenser that has a problem working and you need the water dispenser to either complete the level or get more balls. And also there’s not a report bugs or suggestion button because right now I have to come onto the actual page and write a review
  • Ads city!

    By Twin light
    The game is fun but having to endure THREE! Ads back to back, one immediately after i open the app, then one before actually playing a level, and third one after i finish the level! It feels like I’m playing an Ad with a little game between it…

    By Karen combs
    It is the best game it help get out stress and sooooooo fun!!!!!
  • Takes too long to get new levels going

    By Smokinfirechick
    Really wish the next island would be released. I am tired of playing the challenge island.
  • Not as fun as you probably think…

    By ❤️No..❤️
    My balls, they always get stuck in the little circle hole I make. And I can’t get them back. Yes I can see what people think in it. Truly, I wouldn’t recommend the game.
  • ممذدكبكلفكبلمبكبكيطكا

    By da SF FS CCD FS fdf
  • Not relaxing unless you get full version

    By Hannahhughes101
    WAAAAAYYYY too many ads, literally an ad after everything you do. It doesn’t make you want to purchase the full version, it makes you want to throw your phone at a wall and never get this game again.
  • Fun but $5.99 a week??

    By JMC3482
    That is expensive yo
  • Noooo

    By 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️ mermaid story
    Adds that’s it pure adds annoying the game is ok but adddddddds noooooo k that’s it adds every second add pops up ????? Is this game really that low on funds 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 to the adds ok byeeeeeeee developer
  • Repetitive, annoying and adds

    By misspest
    The game has the same levels every time is the same thing a again and again sure is was fun at first but it’s repetitive and the adds it says you have to watch an add to get this but you still watch a add annoying and the fruit levels like I said repetitive.
  • Praise

    By nyia0918
  • Ads

    By Lornaisamazing
    I like this game, and I understand the ads, but I am NEVER going to buy that stupid make over game and the ads is LOUD and takes forever to close. That ad has actually stopped me from playing several games including this one.
  • Best game ever to play

    By Zaca1000
  • Wow

    By AVF youth
    This is really unexplainable in a fun way
  • Fun game - sketchy tactics: I vote no.

    By Verkadian
    I love this game for what it is, but I’m very upset that I paid for the ad-free version, yet they still CONSTANTLY prompt me to pay for the subscription-based VIP status. What’s up with that? Also, when you collect 3 keys, you can open 3 of 9 crates for a “chance” to unlock a new ball, but I’ve passed over 500 levels and I haven’t ONCE unlocked a new ball on the first three tries. They’re trying to bate people into making purchases, and I don’t appreciate that. Thanks for nothing.
  • I hate this game puzzle lv15

    By i hate tne puzzle lv15
    I hate it because on puzzle lv 15 the hint is a lie
  • And another irritation.... 😤

    By kathipie
    Why is it that I’ve gotten all the way thru Ice island and the game is now keeping me at fruit island ???!!!! I’ve chosen all the other islands but still keep having to play on fruit island! I’m about to find a new game as this one constantly has issues! YES IVE UPDATED!
  • Boooring...

    By Kazieek
    1448 - this is the level Iam currently on and its impossible to go pass this level! At the end the passage is blocked and there i nothing you can do! It was exciting at the begining, but the levels are the same! You keep going and keep getting the same levels over and over again.... besides that, the game itself is like made for very small children - thats how easy and predictable it is. And after the update they added few new traps and levels, but its still repetetive! Also, one trap, with the spikes - is impossible to get through. Good idea - bad execution.
  • Love it

    By Farty Decker
    I love this game
  • Malfunction

    By avolonsnagel
    I love this game, wish there was a way to get rid of ads without subscription but I do love this game. My problem is I got all the way to level 60 and at the end of the level it was missing the bucket and it wouldn’t let me skip it. So I had to start all over again, very frustrating!
  • Fun but….

    By es374
    It is I can agree a fun and satisfying game. I like the noise effect, it’s a nice feature. But when I play the game it glitches and my phone stops working so if you developers can fix that it will be a great game.
  • More levels less ads

    By puzzle qween
    This is a AWESOME game! Just one thing it keeps on repeating levels and has a lot of ads. And that that’s really annoying because I want to do new levels. One more thing if you ever do an update please please make more levels and less ads.