Push It!

Push It!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-07-30
  • Current Version: 0.20
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 290.34 MB
  • Developer: Midnite
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 6 745


Push It is a relaxing, mind-bending, fun little puzzle game. Your goal is to fill every single hole with a ball.  To do so, simply push the buttons to release the balls in the correct order. Sounds easy? Can you pass level 18?



  • Reset back to start when I beat it.

    By TheAmericanMuffin
    I was really enjoying the later levels of this game. In fact prior to my update I had beaten the whole set of levels I had. That was when the first issue happened. When I beat the last level it just looped back around to the first level without prior warning. I tried to find a method to get back to the level I was at but unfortunately there’s no level select button. Which means that I have to play through all the levels again if I want to see the new content. This is more than a little infuriating a the first 30-40 levels are insultingly easy. The game gets genuinely interesting past the first 40 levels, with a lot of fun concepts and levels, but it’s not worth playing through the tosh at the beginning to get back to the new level. Please add a level select menu, or if not at least put a pop up when you beat the game before you send people back to level 1. That way we could stay at the end until the next update. But with a level select screen we could even go back to sections we enjoyed if they were labeled to help remind people what was in each section.
  • Lip stick on a pig

    By minderk
    Reached the end of the game and waited for an update. It came. Had high hopes for the update that the “more levels” would be more challenging. Perhaps looking good and unchallenging is what the developers are going for. If so, they nailed it.
  • 80% Ads

    By Lusnejshag
    Can hardly play more than five seconds before a thirty second ad. Not worth it.
  • I broke the game lol

    By Null00000000000
    So I started to play the game because I just wanted to see how hard I can crash it. The game was fun until the first few levels, after which I started to try and see if I can complete a level the way it is not supposed to be completed. And to my suprise you can push a ball using another ball which allows you to change the direction of the ball and with that knowledge I finish about a couple of levels with pushing the balls and sending it diagonally I give it a 2 star because it was getting repetitive and I’m not the kind of guy who likes repetitive stuff, but I did enjoy playing the game
  • Waste of time.

    By Kelvin____
    I press new level and besides it being utterly easy, the game goes blank and remains that way often. Perhaps every 1-3 levels... definitely not worth dealing with that.
  • Can’t even play

    By okiealxxx
    it looks fun. i only got to complete two rounds before it started shut down on me or not let me see what i’m doing. not cool. deleting right away and not recommending
  • Ads

    By gooblesnork
    Having an ad pop up after every level is anal. The ad lasts longer than the level. Will be deleting this game. I am done with games. Will never download another one.
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  • Ads

    By Nalbray
    Ads... ads everywhere!
  • Used to be a great game

    By Patrickulating
    Then the did an update. Now I just get a blank screen on most of the levels. Hopefully they will fix.
  • Repeating

    By BrittCorn
    I’ve realized that recently the levels have been the same ones I’ve played. I really liked it at first but now its boring because I remember how to beat that certain puzzle. I realized it around level 160, I’m on 208 now.
  • Too many adds and upgrade erased status

    By awsxedcefvtgb
    It’s a fun game for sure, but the adds!!! Many take 30 seconds to run with no opportunity to skip after a few seconds. Sometimes there are two of them in a row. Then spontaneously today it started me over at level 1 (presumably after an update, but can’t confirm that) - very annoying.
  • Restarted for whatever reason

    By kai.19
    I was on like level 70 sum and the game restarted and I don’t know why. Don’t know if I even want to play anymore.
  • Ads

    By Harmanite
    Too many forced ads.
  • What’s with the ads!?!?

    By Angel.D.
    The actual gameplay is fun but the experience is ruined by ads. You’ve got banner ads and long video ads that can’t be skipped between levels. Annoying to the point that I uninstalled.
  • Great game

    By rob263728483
    Stops at level 125 and takes you back to 1. It’s addictive but dk t waste your time
  • I hate balls

    By terminat0r97 xbox live
    No way to change balls. There’s no pause menu so if you accidentally claim your reward then you lose the skin you had and get stuck with the new one
  • Too Many Ads

    By Jalle148
    Deleted after 5 mins because all of the ads they try to shove down your throat.
  • Buggy mess

    By allovc
    The game isn’t optimised for iphone, it deletes my save 90 levels into the game
  • Too many ads

    By Ahdjjfkdnjxncksn
    This game is good. But lot of ads that spoils the game. The time on the ads is triple the time on the game.
  • Way WAY too many ads

    By Joey Chance
    I really like this game, I think it’s a good concept and the animation is great, but every time you try to redo a level BOOM ad. Every time you beat a level..BOOM ad... you beat all the stages to get the gift?...ad... THEN in order to then claim the gift you have to watch an ad. Also there is no way to purchase the game to remove the ads or anything..I understand that’s how they make money? But like I would pay to get rid of ads and there is no option to!
  • Enough with the ads

    By aslqp
    Too many ads. Period.
  • Ads ads ads

    By TravHenn
    This game would be fun if you didn’t have to wait 20-30 seconds between most rounds. I spent more time watching game ads than actually playing the game. Deleted the app within 3 minutes of playing it. Horrible
  • Fun app, but too many ads

    By Kaustincraig
    I love the premise and how this game makes you think a little bit, but there are just too many ads. Nearly every time a level is completed, there is an advertisement you have to sit through. I understand the game has to make money, but there are other way of going around this. Also, every 5 levels, there is an un optional unskippable ad. That is just ridiculous. If they lower the ads to maybe once every 5 levels, and have them skipable, this would be a very enjoyable app. And if there needs to be more ads, have an unskipable ad give an award, such as a skip level. But have it OPTIONAL.
  • Ads

    By Man hares ads
    Nothing but ads. You finish one level, then there’s 2 ads. Can’t go more than one level without an ad. Gets annoying. Deleted.
  • More ads than game

    By WindyCityJayJ
    Play a 15 second level, followed by a 30 seconds ad. Repeat!
  • Gameplay to ad ratio is annoying

    By djBOOM
    Games take like one second to complete at least at first and then 30 seconds of ads. Maybe hold off on so many ads for the first few simple games and a prompt to “rate” the game on the third level after only playing for a minute and a half? How about asking after I’ve actually been able to play a few real games before asking. I may come back and edit this review after I’ve played a bit more but this was my first impression.
  • Push it

    By javsh uxjs f
    You have to watch al least 10 seconds of bull crap ads every single round. It is very annoying.
  • Not happy

    By hmce29
    I just saw a political ad on the bottom of this game and it shouldn’t be happening. There are young children that play this game and they don’t need to be subjected to political agenda of anyone. Especially through A game that they are playing. That’s not right and it’s brain washing.
  • Question

    By GeoClaudeM
    I have enjoyed playing this game. However twice now I have reached level 118 and it starts me back over at level 1. Have I reached the limit of the game or is there another issue?
  • Too Short

    By MichelleMarketing
    I love the game and just wish that it was longer. I passed the entire thing and was very sad to start over!
  • Good game but loops back to level 1 after level 130s

    By King of Humbolt
    It’s fun but little sad that it goes back to the beginning after so much progress
  • Fun but too many ads

    By CJ77004
    Fun little game but WAY too many ads. Calm down developer. I know you want to get paid but Jesus!
  • Fun game but ads too OP...

    By Runduckrun
    I enjoyed the actual game and the idea behind it. But I am uninstalling due to the amount of ads. I think there could have been better ways of getting your players watching ads instead of constantly interrupting them.
  • Needs more levels

    By mark gladkikh
    It’s a fun game but there is only 101 levels and I beat it in one sitting.
  • Too many ads!

    By Toastyboats
    Played to lvl 12 before the ads made me delete it. An ad after every round was super annoying!
  • Another AD Sim

    By tjw172
    I can’t believe how amazing this game is...as a watching AD’s simulator. In the 10 minutes I had the game downloaded I watched 5+ AD’s. Uninstalled.
  • Disappointed

    By Going Diamond!
    I actually have to say I really liked this game. For quite awhile it was really easy. But then it was starting to get more and more challenging. I’m not sure what level I was actually on(somewhere about 120), the game reset and I have to start over again. I dealt with the easy once to get to the challenging levels I’m not sure I want to waste my time getting there again. At least give me a way to unlock levels and and or jump around in the levels I have completed. Some say they were higher levels then I and this happened to them too. Add a menu where we can select our highest level of this continues to happen. Not sure if I will continue to play now or not.
  • Fun game, too many ads

    By Bamg2992
    This game has so many ads that it takes the fun off of it. I am uninstalling it for this reason. I finish a level in 10-15 seconds, then get a 30 seconds ad. Not cool. I would have kept playing if it wasn’t for this.
  • So. Many. Ads.

    By pc654456
    Fun game ruined by constant ads.
  • Ok game.

    By Jackheavy
    This game is enjoyable, and probably would’ve been more enjoyable if there wasn’t an ad after every puzzle. I mean even the “award” from passing the level is another ad. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    By faithfullywell
    Okay, I know that apps take money to keep updated, and I’m not against ads. But if you can afford to advertise your game on social media and have it be a free app, apparently that means you’ll be showing ads several times per minute. Made it to probably level 7 and got sick of the ads. Every 4 levels there’s an ad. Make the wrong move, see an ad to undo it. It’s actually kind of a fun game, and I’d be willing to pay a couple dollars for it if it made it ad-free. Guess they’d rather miss out on actual money from paying customers and solely make money from ads. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Quit with so many ADS!!!

    By Jb12131213
    Great game. Very addictive. I don’t mind ads in games. That’s how they make money by selling those spots but this game takes it way to far. An ad after just about every level takes all the enjoyment out of it. With a reward after every five levels play the ad then. I literally just had an ad at the end of a level then had to watch another one to claim my five level reward.
  • Fun but too much ads

    By BirdyBubble
    It’s a fun game but too much ads which kill the mood to play. Some ads I couldn’t close it but had to close the app and reopen it.
  • Game of ads

    By TheMrSkull
    Played the game for probably 5 minutes and watched 4 minutes worth of ads in the time.
  • Great concept, but...

    By CheiKoBu
    Ads after literally every single level. Even after just watching an ad for a useless prize.
  • Too many ads

    By PNCustomer
    You have to watch an ad every other level. The problems aren’t really hard to solve but made you think. Got to level 50 quick, but I watched more ads than I played the game. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Too many adds

    By Trmerag
    I played to level 8 and had to delete the app. I spent less than 10 seconds on the puzzle then had to watch a 30 second video. Not worth the time spent watching adds.
  • ADS!

    By xXAriesXx
    The game it’s self is fun but dear lord the ads are insane! Ever second level, ad. Claim a prize, ad. Have to restart a level because you messed up, ad. I made it to level 45 ish and just couldn’t take it anymore. The game it’s self is fun but you just get absolutely blasted with ads!