• Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2019-08-13
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 92.51 MB
  • Developer: Peter Wieben
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 783


Do you need to tell your worries to someone? Worrydolls gives you a small doll who is ready to listen to what is worrying you. Tell your worry to the doll, then track it over time. You can use Worrydolls like a journal to help you overcome anxiety and stress. When your worry is finished, tell the doll it does not need to worry anymore. Then look back at your old worries to bring you a sense of calm. I made this app to help people who are worrying. It is based on mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and magic.



  • I like It :)

    By Kadie🌸
    Interesting concept
  • not working

    By cynthiahatesbri
    this app only lets me type 3 sentences for some reason lol
  • :)

    By savy0722
    i love this app but i think it would be better if the dolls had a smile bc i feel bad putting all of my worries on them
  • yes

    By liv clayton
    great, except that i was anxious bc i made my vertual dolls anxious🤷😂
  • meow

    By bdnskalsmdnd
    it kinda helps im glad i use the app
  • LOVE

    By graciecg100
    the app listens to my deeper thoughts. it feels better to put it in writing
  • Really nice except for small things

    By Lindaicing
    I love this app. However it would be really nice if we can rearrange the dolls and edit the worries. Also having the ability to change/delete accidental entries would be great. It would be really nice if there were a dark mode too since I use this app primarily at night. Wonderful concept and can’t wait for updates! Will definitely give 5 stars if there are these changes!
  • Not enough characters

    By 🤧🤧😵😵
    I keep running out of characters make sure to add unlimited characters and also you should make us customize our own characters

    By stansenpai
    I’ve been depressed because of in person school and now even more stressed now that I’ve transferred online school. I do feel bad giving these dolls my worries but the app makes me feel comfort. I found it through tiktok! I wouldn’t say I’m doing okay now but better than yesterday after getting the app :)
  • Segura

    By Macacohita
    Me siento segura con esta aplicación y en lo que se basa. Me ayuda poco a poco sentir un alivio, quizás no sea una persona real pero es un paso que ayuda al momento de hablar con alguien. Gracias!
  • <3

    By schmooploops
    this makes me feel so better
  • More characters plz

    By swaggamuffin9
    Hi. I would love it if there were more characters so I can express in detail what I am anxious about. Also, there is a glitch when you run out of characters it doesn’t let you backspace and you have to write your whole worry over again.
  • It’s a really sweet app

    By mini56091
    There’s no ads the art style is so cute. it’s not like in your face “your okay stop worrying!!!”. it really feels like the dolls are taking on anxiety for me. Really sweet app.
  • therapeutic

    By natalie bruning
    i don’t know how but it oddly makes me forget about what i was worrying about
  • I love this app but…

    By sadbast
    Can you please get rid of the character limit? Just when I start to open up it stops me and I need this so much. I can’t talk to people about things. Please get rid of the character limit.
  • Amazing

    By TobyTheBirdBoy
    Currently crying and wishing my life would be cut short, and being able to vent to something that doesn’t care just… it helps. It helps so much and I will forever keep this app. I like feeling happy, I like not worrying, I like not crying, and this helps with that. Please, do yourself a favor and get this app.
  • its nice

    By Jaydon Harrison
    i dont worry as much :)
  • Helps a lot

    By Rose_Nova_Luna
    This app helps a lot, as someone who deals with a lot of anxiety and stress
  • Great but needs more

    By Hoodie GirlYT
    The app is amazing and all the details are great but I wish I could write more in the worry dolls to like let it all out, I also wish that we could have more personalization to the app like being able to change the dolls or the background :) otherwise this app is amazing and I love all the added in details.
  • amazing! but almost..

    By Antonio_AV
    i love this app! its amazing, but not really. So what’s the problem u ask? what if we could design the characters? that would be really helpful/fun for me!
  • Good to vent

    By Awsome! but also sad :(
    I love to vebt
  • cute:)))

    By RoseGold229
    it’s so cute and stress relieving
  • cool app!

    By 丂卂爪|
    I totally recommend! tbh it helps me a lot byt sometimes it doesnt. Although thats totally fine with me, overall its a great app and im glad i got it either way!
  • :(

    By kya <3!
    i love it, pls get it
  • your mom

    By (@[email protected])012345678910
    best app in the world<3
  • Good app but….

    By rasrae
    I like the app but I hate how when I open the app the first thing I see is one of my worries. I wish it had a hole page or simply just showcasing the dolls without seeing the worry it holds.
  • amazing for venting

    By carlin❤️
    i like that you need either a password or a fingerprint to get in, it gives more privacy if people go through your phone and the characters are super cute, overall amazing app and has helped me!
  • good

    By wuxey
  • It’s really good but

    By Quetzallie
    I really like this app it helps me a lot. My only complain is that I would like to be able to write more, more space. I rant a lot on this app and sometimes I don’t have enough space to write it all. But overall this app is awesome :)
  • nearly perfect

    By marieaislinn
    i love this app. i use it all the time to write down my worries or just things i want to vent about. i like how it’s private and requires a password or finger print before entering the app. in general i really like everything about the app. there are only two things about it that i don’t appreciate. the first is the character limit, when i am rambling on about a worry or venting, it is frustrating when there is a limit to how much i can type. once i do reach the amount the whole app freezes and i can’t delete anything, forcing me to exit the app and loose all of my progress of what i was typing. the second would be the organization of the worries. by organization i don’t mean folders or categories, i mean being able to sort the worrydolls from oldest to most recent of when i add the worry or add to the worry. i feel like this would be more efficient than having them in the original order that you added them in. but besides these two factors i would say that worrydolls is a very good app, and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys writing down their thoughts or just needs a place to vent.
  • really good app

    By Sydnie Mom
    This app helps me so much, whenever i'm worried I go to this app and vent and the thing I love about this app is when you are over your worry they say “how did you overcome this?” and you can tell them how you got over your worry.
  • No worth the effort

    By Eva windle
    It only lets you type 1 sentence, not really the best idea who ever made this app.
  • Good app but..

    By Jazmine Y. G.
    I really enjoy this app but I wish I could write a lot more in the entries:/
  • This is good

    By Shadow_Warrior_
    If you have bad anxiety like myself this is very helpful. My friend told me about it is so helpful.
  • yes

    By ✨✨anonymous✨✨👁👄👁
    i like this app sm it’s helpful in the way of sorting out my life kinda
  • <3

    By Lilianna_Rose_
    I love this app. I only got it yesterday, but it’s already proven to be a big help. I saw it on TikTok and I’m glad I got it. Would definitely recommend.
  • Amazing

    By Nøvā
    This helps me calm down and it keeps my worries safe with the passcode option. I love it so much!
  • Character limit & sorting

    By cheeseismuchgood
    This is a great app I really recommend it, you have different people (not real ofc) that you can talk to and I think that's a great idea because I can vent (or worry) about different things. The only problem I have with this app is the Character limit, you can only type so much and I type a lot when I vent so the limit is very annoying, I also don't like how the vents are sorted, it's not a big problem like the character limit but when I vent on the same day but a couple hours ago and then I vent a couple more times that day under the same worrydoll It's not set up from oldest to newest at the top it's just in a random order under that day. It's not that bad I only really care about removing the character limit, if you could do that I would appreciate it a lot and give this 5 stars, I love this app a lot and think it was an amazing Idea to make it thank you so much because I know it's not the easiest to make an app 💜💜
  • Review ig

    By roblox es jenial
    I love the app but I just don’t like that I can’t type a lot like it just lets me type 2 sentences for some reason.
  • 5 star

    By Allisonfunny2
    thank you. this app is actually helpful. it helps me get things off my chest and it helps me calm down. thank you for this. <33
  • Venting

    By Vectorohyes
    Ty for making this app it helps me be more open ty creator
  • worry dolls

    By typsyblue
    i love this app, talking to people about my worries is something i’ve always over thought about because i felt as if no one really cared about them. with worry dolls, they hold onto your worries and you can continuously write what’s worrying you, and when it’s all over you get to see them in your hall of fame of “no longer worrying about this”. all in all, i love this app. its such a small thing but it’s helped me so much mentally.
  • Leaves me reassured

    By emininja
    When I am panicking or stressing out a lot I give it my worry, and I can press the tell it my worry button so many times just so that way I feel better and it works, this app is honestly so amazing and I feel so less anxious everyday
  • Character limit

    By amberinabratz
    The app is great. Everything is very simple and quick to learn but the character limit for each doll is simply not enough for me. I’d like to write a 5 page essay abt my worries but other than that issue the app is great.
  • lovely app

    By wksmakoa,d,w
    i’ve had lots of troubles with anxiety and this app really helps it’s nice to share worry’s once in a while but it’s hard when no one listens, the only problem is the characters limit i wanted to write more but it’s kinda upsetting when it stops u. all in all i like this very much :]
  • not helpful

    By add me on SC @gabby_weirdlove
    I still feel sad
  • Amazing! Made me feel better immediately

    By 😎😘😉😏😴😘🎶
    I’ve only had for a few minutes and it’s great. I just tried it 10 seconds ago and it made feel better telling them what I was worried about. This app is great and I would recommend it. I been having a lot of anxiety this week and it made me feel better. You should try it if you have heavy anxiety, depression or even if you’re just feeling kind of sad. Try the app now!☺️
  • So amazing helped so much.

    By Kuromi symp
    This is one of the best apps I use for my mental health. Honestly I definitely recommend this. I love it and it helps me so much, getting rid of my worried was hard. This has helped me soo much over the past few weeks, thank you.
  • I love this app!!

    By sewshii__
    It’s therapeutic and pretty cute imo, plus a great place to just vent. :))