Perfect Paint

Perfect Paint

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-27
  • Current Version: 1.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 127.37 MB
  • Developer: Kwalee Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 29 930


Perfect Paint is a fun and addictive game where you compete against others to try and copy the painting as best as you can. Make sure you paint fast to beat the competition as you only have a limited amount of time to paint the picture above perfectly. Use your copying skills to help you become the best painter! Can you copy the painting perfectly? Perfect Paint features: - Simple and addictive gameplay - Colorful paintings to copy - Variety of paintings to unlock - Fierce competition - Limited time to paint



  • Perfect paint

    By Kayela Morris
    I like this game I’ll give it like a 6/10 Bc they rlly don’t give you A lot time to Draw Paintings! and The Choosing THERES not much paintings and when I payed for remove ads 🚫 It did not remove it so THATS JUST A WASTE OF MONEY! 💴 💵 Also I’m very Smart at things And you need to fix remove Ads Bc I had that on real Money on my card !Kayela
  • Adds are so annoying!!!

    By Fluffyunicorn🦄🐶
    It’s a really good game but the adds so annoying and kids of ruin the game a lil please make there be less adds
  • So many adds

    By Abcprincess
    Really. You think you can put an add in every round. I can’t believe you have good ratings. If it was up to me you’d have one star. I’m perfectly fine with adds and being able to buy add free, you need to make money somehow. But when I have to watch an add every minute to play a mediocre game it starts the get annoying. I kept the app for a day thinking that I’d get used to it but I never did. If you put less adds in I’ll re-download this game and give it five starts because it’s a good game but the adds ruin it.
  • I not happy with the game I will give it one more try

    By fdghfffg
    I don’t like the game it always Mack the people oh have nothing done whine I mite sue so make it better.thx😡😡😡
  • ITs ok

    By IDK 😶😶
    The problem is the ads. I get they have to make money but after every single round, really. Also the other “people’s” art are sometimes worse than mine and the worst one gets first and I get last and that’s what makes me TRIGGERED! But otherwise it’s a good game.
  • Fake Multiplayer and horrible scoring.

    By yatoshi
    This looked like a fun little game to play during down time. But the “multiplayer” is fake, you are always against AI opponents. And the scoring system is horrendous. Opponents wouldn’t even finish the drawing and were getting 90s while I got low 80s. Shame how poorly this is made.
  • Fun, but not

    By jummydean
    This game has a totally fun concept, but it won’t let me watch a video for more pictures. I’m drawing the same 7 or 8 pictures over and over. I’m getting a lot of first and second places, but I see all the pictures at the end and mine stinks. Monotonous.
  • Ads are annoying

    By rerrerkif
    So this game is fun an all but the ads are just too annoying and makes u pay money to stop but either way I love the painting and the intestines of this game so thats why I gave this 4 stars
  • Scoring doesn’t make sense!!

    By ricola88888888
    Scoring doesn’t make sense whatsoever,
  • Really

    By Sofia Perna
    So this review isn’t good bc I mean the game is a good concept but THERE ARE SOOOOO MANY ADDDSS and THIS GAME LEAVES ME WITH NOOOOO BATTERY IM DELETING!
  • Terrible judging

    By Decodod
    Fun game but the judging is extremely unfair‼️‼️‼️
  • Fun for five minutes.

    By DG199008
    It’s a fun game, but the rating system is not very accurate.
  • It’s a good game

    By pu33yslayer
    I enjoy playing it but sometimes the way the game decides which player’s painting is most accurate is kind of bs. Sometimes I felt that my painting was more accurate to the original but another player scores higher than me.
  • Terrible

    By shayshay38🤪
    The game is wack....the scores to determine who won are wrong/random.There would be others that aren’t even finished or at least close to at the top.COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.
  • ————4-4-4————————-!¡[email protected]@3$$4)3);),

    By Elnicasalvaje505
  • Amazing game!

    By EmmaLucielle
    This is a great game and it deserves 5 stars!

    By lilylover2000
    I know you guys need money from adds 💰 but there is one after every round plus they are always 30-1 minute long like what the heck so four stars cause chill with the adds
  • Good game

    I rate this game 3 stars because it’s good and all but there are WAAAAAY too many ads and the brush thicknesses are way to thick. When you are trying to draw a picture have the time the drawing doesn’t even fit because the brush is so thick. I would really like if you could take into consideration making choices for brush thicknesses because I get really annoyed when the drawing doesn’t have thick lines but your painting does. But other than that this game is really fun and competitive.
  • They won’t let me finish my painting

    By cutie toys for seven
    It makes me want to delete
  • Game is broken.

    By Qriminalz
    Fun idea, but the game’s scoring system is broken. I could draw the image correctly, but lose to someone who didn’t even finish.
  • Glitches

    By a missant
    Glitches badly
  • Remove adds JOKE!

    By JV Stickman
    Paying to “Remove Adds” should REMOVE ALL THE ADDS! 🤯 🤬Rip off!!!!
  • Perfect Paint

    By QueenCamper
    I like this game. It’s fun. However, the time is a little too fast. If 10 more seconds could be added, it would be a lot more addicting. I always just play a few rounds because I can never draw fast enough to make the picture what it is, lol. Please add more time.
  • Great game but super laggy

    By Karah Barrett
    Love the idea but adds keep popping up mid drawing and then I can’t finish and it is SUPER laggy I can hardly draw because of the lag. It’s not my WiFi because my other games work fine. If you guys could decrease the ads and make it less laggy and maybe add an offline mode that would be great!!! Thanks!!
  • Good game

    By srulik12345
    I like this game because it is very fun but the things I HATE about the game are the new update I had this game awhile ago and it had the dotted lines so you could trace it to make it look better and also there are way to many ads like WAY.....TOO.....MANY but still overall I really would suggest to get the game and I really like it cause it is very fun too
  • Don’t do it! Frustrating!!

    By Art-ie 77
    The final drawings are ranked at the end of each session. The same planted drawings win every time! Even if you draw it perfectly and the other guy only puts in one line of color, they still win. The constant ads are unbearable...literally every few seconds an ad pops up. Great concept just not executed well at all.
  • ADS

    By Sunshine😂
    This app would be so good if their wasn’t to much ads every time I’m done playing the round ad ad ad and you can’t even do the trick to skip it 😒
  • Scoring is ridiculous

    By doreen1962
    I love the painting part of this game, but the scoring makes no sense. Sometimes, players who have barely drawn a shape win over players who have the whole design in the correct colors. I don’t care so much about winning because I enjoy the painting, but why make it a competition if the scoring is so random?
  • Too many ads

    By Xx_ll123_xX
    Also, the worst drawings score higher points sometimes. Otherwise, this game is pretty fun
  • Love it lovely

    By Mighty Bahamut
    I love it so much and I love it so much and I love it so much and I love it so much and I love it so much and I love it so much and I love it so much and I love it so much and I love it so much because it is a good game
  • Is to fast

    By Ragedyann
    You should make it slower
  • It’s good...

    By EchoWolfX
    Good game but the adds are ridiculous. So I finish the painting and before I can find out my score. Add. In the middle of my painting ( sometimes) add. It just makes me not want to play the game. I know you’re just trying to make money but, I can’t really play the game. Before I submit NONE of this is hate just a simple review.

    By anthony dienno
    People win when they have something that doesn’t even look like it and I’m A really good artist
  • BRUH...

    By blokrocker1
    I just stared playing a couple days ago and is good but I draw a lot better than what that did and I god LAST place that is never OK cuz first place got nothing DONE and got 98 points and the game has SO MANY ADS like there does not need to be that many ads in one round like after you play one game BOOM there’s a ad I would give the game 5 stars but there that going on so 3 stars for the game...
  • READ

    By Yeet_or_Oof
    This game is fun but I HATE all the adds, I’m so close to deleting it because the adds are CRAZY! This is the first app I have EVER SEEN with this many adds! It’s ridiculous!!!!
  • Rating system is useless

    By Bedanhce
    If I could give 0 stars I would.
  • It was better before the changes

    By Figlet69?
    I had the game before, and when I had it there was an outline for where do draw, but now there’s no outline and you just have to try your best. And everyone has been saying it but I’ll say it too, less adds?
  • Judgments are off, but still fun!

    By Smush0987
    This game is super fun first of all! But I didn’t give it all the stars because I feel like the “judging” for the order of best to worst is totally flawed. I’ll draw the entire picture (even if it’s sloppy) and get last while a player who only finishes about 1/3 of the picture gets the top spot. It’s frustrating. But I’ll keep playing it because it’s fast, it’s addicting, and it’s fun!
  • I love this game but..

    By Samie Stinson
    This game is amazing and it got me back into drawing. Well i dont mind the ads at first they always go after my competitions. Well now its starting to do it during my drawings and its making me SOOOOO UPSET and i dont have the koney to remove the ads. So i guess if it keeps happening i have to undownload it. I dont want to because this game is still amazing.
  • Too many ads

    By sonia_cruzey643
    This app is fun and entertaining but right after I finish a painting I always get an ad and u can’t skip the ad or anything, the ad is a whole 30 sec video and u have to pay so u don’t have ads.
  • Good game

    By zel🤓
    I love the game but ......TO MANY ADS.
  • Unfair judging

    By bhgtdfbuhyh
    I don’t know why this games thinks scribble scrabble is better then something that actually looks like what they are asking you to draw. I think the judging is a little off but o the then that I think this game is pretty good. Good job,
  • Meh...

    Fun idea for a game but the ads make it unplayable.

    By Ze rat
  • Eh...

    By Kael🙂🙃🤢🤮
    It’s good but the rating isn’t very good. Sometimes, someone with a lazy painting can get first place. And you can win just with the base. YOU DONT NEED A DETAIL I REPEAT NO DETAIL! And sometimes, it is accurate. Life doesn’t just make sense!
  • Not good

    By robloxthemoneyloverXD
    I made a very good drawing and the other players weren’t that good, and I still lost! One didn’t even get in the lines and missed multiple parts of the drawing!!!! Very hard to draw on, I’m pretty good at drawing digitally but now this game.
  • Ew

    By omglolboo
  • Like it but....

    By Clo061430
    I like this game and I think it’s fun to play but I have some issues. I think, there needs to be a little more time to draw, an outline or something. Secondly, there is SO many ads. I understand they need to make money but for every round and if I was to unlock more pictures. Seriously cut back on the ads. Overall though this is I fun game and I still will play it
  • It would not have an out line like it did befor

    By aqaqahgbhrgg
    It i