Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-01
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 309.08 MB
  • Developer: MarkApp Co. Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 235 851


The most fun and simple game in the world! Help the man. He is tied up and confined in the room. Swipe the rope with your finger and cut. Can he avoid the pinch of desperate life? It all depends on you!



  • Adds

    By fjdjsjsjsksksjsjd
    There are to many adds. It kinda makes me want to delete the app. 😡
  • Reeeeee

    By toast toast toast 62
    It’s easy and to many adds but anyway it’s fun
  • Save progress

    By Nixxzy
    Pls If u go with game center or Facebook u can save ur progress so when something happens or delete the game and redownload it will have ur progress
  • This isn’t a game

    By ColorDevsNow
    This isn’t a game it’s an ad and if you think ima pay you then no! Maybe get a job so you can get money and not ruin peoples time dumbo or go to college
  • Horrible game

    By marioistrash
    This game is just horrbile
  • Way too many adds

    By unicorn crazy lady
    Way to many adds. Every time I am done with a round it gives me a round
  • One word

    By PocketsManny
  • Animals

    By jellybean34579
    So this game it's ok but it really easy it not hard at all and I don't really like how much animal killing there is I know it's a game but I still don't like it.
  • I would pay to remove ads

    By Unique name here
    Unplayable with all the ads.
  • Terrific

    By ****sparky****
    Is an awesome game because it is sor creative and can help u save your life
  • Nice time waisted game, BUT-!

    By lumpashios
    The game is fun and I can play it for hours, but I wish there was fewer ads. They won’t even let you pay to take the ads away. Kinda annoying :/
  • Love ❤️ 💕🥰😍🌹

    By rchci dxd
  • To easy

    By this is stupid hahdhrbjvhwnkgf
    A little to easy. Maybe bring more challenging and brain developing stages.
  • Was on Stage 85, Closed App, Back on Stage 1

    By FixGlitchPls
    I was playing on stage 85 and when I closed out the app when it was on an ad and reopened it not long after, it made me start the game all over from level 1. Annoying. Especially because it plays a lot of ads every time you beat one level.
  • I deleted this

    By Kehma Smith
    I deleted this why did it come back
  • OK

    By 🤡greatos
    I absolutely love that we can do different ways to save the person.
  • Why so many adds

    By blueheadifflame
    Way to many adds for me to even enjoy this game
  • Decent puzzle game

    By teewillie8
    Decent game with the puzzles. Pretty easy. Once you get on up to over game 400 or so it’s the same puzzles over and over. Then pretty boring.
  • BEST GAME EVER❤️❤️❤️❤️😏☺️☺️☺️☺️

    By hodeegoat
    Best game ever it’s my fave game
  • The best game ever

    By my favorite guy
    I like this game so much because it is so fun and I think that when you cut wrote that that makes it hard and how many levels is there
  • You have to

    By canary123987
    Do you seriously have to kill the animals and agents I really feel like a murderer playing this game otherwise great game I absolutely agree with you hisheart hatchiko
  • Hi

    By arangoem
    I love it
  • It’s not ok

    By honeybun224
    I wanted to download it because I love the concept of escaping but killing the animals is just cruel.
  • Awesome job! Great developers!

    By Ian58209
    This game is really fun! It entertains me, I suggest you try it! Don’t take my word tho, it’s still good! Thanks for making this game!
  • why kill the animals?

    By HowUfeelin?
    i know it’s just a game but these animals are just placed there. i feel that it promotes killing of animals in real life.

    By Isaac.93
    you watch more ads then you play. Got redundant so I uninstalled. Not worth it.
  • I love playing this game . I play this game on my mommy’s phone all the time

    By 1 Star Rating on this
    Love y’all so much
  • Stupidly easy

    By madmarttt
  • I’m not 12

    By this is a wried game
    I’m not 12 why is this 12 and up it looks 6 and up
  • Horrible

    By gggggoooooaaaaattttt
    The levels are too easy and the game’s BORING
  • To many ads

    By l33th3x0r
    30sec ad after 5sec of game play! No thanks!
  • I gc ufuodut

    By jayjaywerethebest
    Fii I Igh u ututi
  • 4.6?!?!?!?

    By Bweekzzzz
    What are you kidding me? A 4.6 rating? Who’s playing this? 2 yr olds? The game is so utterly easy and it’s riddled with ads promoting other games. Shoot. Even Facebook and YouTube have less ads than this one.
  • My Review

    By XxAlphaWolf25xX
    Fun, but add new levels.
  • Kiwi

    By spritecranberrykiwi
    Hi my name is kiwi I really like the game
  • It’s good but...

    By emmy mack
    This app is amazing ,but there literally ads after every 2 levels and sometimes the game freeze’s and get annoying . Other than that this app is amazing .Just wanted to let you know about the minor conflicts in the game. Hope everyone has a safe and blessed day.
  • It’s a great game

    By maryanaaaaa2009
    It’s a great game
  • Stupid Ads

    By dT Delta
    The amount of ads put into this game make it extremely annoying and unplayable
  • Game of humor

    By dark raven showdown
    I love your game it is so funny in a gooood way please make other improved games some other day love you bye
  • Too many ads

    By Baraa777
    Game is good but too many ads. You have to watch ads every level. So boring 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • What I think

    By fensnvsjedo
    I feel like something u can fix is how many ads their r.I will all ways just go play something else or watch YouTube just a little something to think about
  • Fun game but to many ad’s

    By elliepoynor
    I saw this game on an ad and it looked fun so I downloaded it. After every 2 levels you get an ad and it’s very annoying and makes the game less fun.
  • I love you

    By zach💎❤️
    I love the game and I love the game but I love the game and I
  • Fun

    By CoconutShrimp
    This game is fun. A lot of the levels seem the same or actually are the same as a previous level, and there are ads after almost every level. Each level only takes a few seconds to complete. Blood splatter from killing the people and animals is an over exaggerated effect so it’s kind of funny! 5 stars if it did have so many ads.
  • Could be good, but the ads!

    By Wiese32259
    Very cool concept to a game, but two part video ads every 2-3 levels. It’s becomes overwhelmingly annoying. Would rather spend 99¢ on the game then all these ads. It’s a going trend in apps these days. Way too much ads! I understand the need for ads, but use them in a manner that still allows for gameplay.
  • The adds on the game

    By ekrilldude
    There are inappropriate adds that my little brother who plays this game does not need to see but the game is a fun game and I don’t want to have to delete it because of an add
  • Alright but wayyy to many ads!

    By Smooth87
    This game is fun but they place an ad like every other level. Which makes it not worth playing if you see an ad every other level.
  • Rescue cut

    By rescue cut fan
    Is the best game you can have I’m really not in to games but this game is the best really download it rescue cut
  • Eh

    By Sfinch96
    It’s an entertaining way to pass the time but it’s 50% gameplay and 50% sitting through ads. Not worth the download