Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-01
  • Current Version: 1.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 202.87 MB
  • Developer: MarkApp Co. Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 96 745


The most fun and simple game in the world! Help the man. He is tied up and confined in the room. Swipe the rope with your finger and cut. Can he avoid the pinch of desperate life? It all depends on you!



  • I okay but...

    By Jizzle42 Reloaded
    Why so many ads I paid for the ads to go away in they are still buying still like it to many ad’s
  • It is ok

    By charlotteedmunds
    This game is fun but there is a add after every 3 levels so it is fun but I don’t suggest it
  • Positive

    By Ilana Aparicio
    Awsome game! I love the game very well made I’m very impressed ❤️
  • Forces you to kill animals

    By Colbrew
    It just wrong to make you kill the dogs and other animals
  • Ads

    By Mad reviewer !!!!!!
    Ad every other level
  • Advertisements!!!!!

    By TheBatwave
    Do you like advertisements? How about advertisements? How about advertisements with a game thrown in? Boy do we got a game for you! It’s got advertisements! Advertisements! Oh and did I mention advertisements?!
  • Game

    By bettel juice
    I just got this and I love it
  • Not humane

    By haileybarbourdog
    At a specific level, a Great Dane enters the game. To survive, you have to kill it, though it is a fun game
  • Violence

    By granny34(67
    I don’t like how it has so much violence with animals or people. Like my infant loves playing this game and I don’t want him to think it’s okay to buy a spike and kill a dog.
  • Too easy.

    By Tmac1111111
    Game is to easy and offers no challenge.
  • Way too many ads repetition of levels

    By Waiting For Zion
    I got sick of this game very fast because of the constant ads and then it started repeating the levels very quickly. I got it two weeks ago — I’m done! I can’t deal with it anymore!
  • Great game

    By Tzhar
    Great game but WAY too many ads. No one wants to watch an ad every other turn.
  • Good

    By Bean40
    Way too many ads! And no sound?
  • Animal abuse content beware

    By Crappy app ever 456
    To avoid the ads put your device on airplane mode or disconnect from Wi-Fi or any Internet service. Game developer you really screwed up in putting animals in this game that is really messed up Just disconnect your game and don’t make any more games like this ever again

    By Zootpia
    When I finished levels and I get a skin it always said ADS AND NO INE LIKES ADS like we can’t collect then until we watch the ads but ads are very boring and waste all of your time on playing in your phone iPad Ps.4 or Laptops
  • Fun but...

    By pyt17587
    It’s way too easy. I’m at level 163 and it’s still so easy that it’s gettimg dull.
  • Holy crap.... the ads!

    By ihateadvertisememts
    Played a few times. Deleted because EVERY OTHER STEP you have to watch 1 maybe 2 full ads! No way
  • To much!!!

    By @NELLHeavyMoney
    To much advertising you can not enjoy the game. (Delete)
  • Good

    By Ashelaine14
    Good Good Good Good
  • This is Okay,not perfect though!

    By SoccerKitty0408
    This is an awesome game and it’s very fun and time passing, the thing that brings it down is that I just started and I’m on stage 8, I would like it if it were more challenging, also I feel that there should be, as in all games, a button where you can pick to be a boy or a girl in the game, cause I am a girl and I play better with a girl skin somehow, put that aside and I would give this a 5 STAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating, so please fix that and I might fix this to five star! I hope this didn’t take up to much of your time!
  • Game is fun but.....

    By Chammen
    You spend more time watching ads or waiting for them to allow you to exit them. Just make an ad free version. Game is fun enough to pay a buck or 2.
  • All about the ads

    By rmk1139
    The game is not challenging or engaging. It is just a placeholder to show you ads.
  • Rescue Cut

    By StrwyToHv
    I wouldn’t bother. I’ve downloaded and deleted this game twice. Keeps freezing up. That’s too bad too caused I loved the game.
  • Fun game

    By TT🙋🏾‍♀️
    Fun game but a lot of ads.
  • DO Something ABOUT IT

    By nfffhngddryu
    The game is very fun to play I enjoy it very much but I like challenging games that get harder and harder but I’m already on level 415 and as I play it it’s like the same levels replay and I don’t like that so ...... DO Something ABOUT IT
  • 0 stars if possible

    By Gunnar234
    Ads after every level. Deleted the game. If you like watching ads more than you like playing the game, then this game is for you.
  • Ads, ads, and more ads

    By Em N.
    I feel like there is WAY to many ads.
  • Good Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l!

    By akb316
    Omg this is the best game ever I love it and I can’t stop laughing at it haha I thisIs a great app or game,,!!!,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!,I lo ve it
  • Fdjfhhdgb

    By cbchbgufcfcvgchu
    Thank you for having me download this game is the bomb🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
  • Content

    By illuminatiphx
    While the game itself is a good time waster , the fact u have to kill animals is a lot disturbing - take the animals out of the game !!!
  • Good

    By Modmod2013
    I think this game didn’t get hard into stage 44 I didn’t pass it yet about the commercials I never got one before so I don’t know about your commercials but don’t blame me on it
  • Boring

    By powebdjxjkssk
    Boring. No challenge to it really. If blasting through 100 levels while you’re on the toilet is your thing, this might be for you. But there’s no real strategy or challenge to any of the 24 levels I played in the last 5-10 minutes.
  • Rescue Cut

    By mattvier
    I love this Game So good
  • Too easy and way too many ads

    By Di184790-6
    The puzzles are too easy to solve, like max 3 sec to solve a puzzle. Then, the developers force you to watch an ad every other level.
  • ...

    By khdkyuuts
    Hey!! I love this game very much, it keeps me entertained! The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to kill the dog :(. Yes I am aware that sounds baby-ish but it is the truth for me!! Maybe you can just stick with the bear???
  • Adds! And bad graphics

    By raspp
    Might look better on a phone but too many adds, deleted.
  • Idk what to title this

    By RuthisCow
    I hate the ads
  • Not good

    By 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👿
    This game is really boring
  • To many ads

    By farass
    I love games like this but I’m tired of having a ad every minute it’s so frustrating and I’m gonna rate every game with so many ads 1 star until you fix this
  • Fun but needs work.

    By DJ Alcide
    Need to be able to play older levels. I missed out on some special characters because of this!
  • Paused for a while after I passed a level

    By ##awesomeee!!!!
    The game is very fun but it always takes too long after I pass a level. The levels are fun and challenging. Also way too many ads, the ads would pop up after you played a level.
  • Brainless

    By Arbormazoo
    There is nothing challenging about this. It is essentially a platform for ‘adult game’ ads.
  • Sad

    By Ba the boss
    The game is good, but I don’t like the fact that I had to kill a dog I felt really bad. I’m deleting the game but it’s only a game so enjoy
  • Ads ruined it for me

    By Bngbngshootshoot
    Ok I’m not anti-ad. I completely get it. But when the ads a) are longer than the game itself and the levels are shorter than the ads and b) the ads freeze up, glitch out, (the last one blacked out the screen, never loaded, and All I could do was close the app) it totally kills the fun! Sounds like this could have been fun to play... For now, I think I’ll just uninstall it.
  • Too many ads

    By DirgniSan
    There's an ad after every level. I got through 19 levels, but couldn't take the ads anymore, so I deleted it. It was mildly entertaining, but these beginning levels were so easy that I spent more time watching ads than playing the game.
  • Fun when with no data

    By VongolaSky
    Seriously, an ad every 2 levels, plus whenever you get a character unlock so in some cases you get 2 ads? It’s a fun game, but you’re better off playing it while on airplane mode or with data turned off.
  • Fun fun fun 💘💘💘💘😍😍😇😇

    By 📛ok
    Best game ever I love this best of fun I ever had except for holiday world
  • I wouldn’t let a kid play

    By MommaYank
    I like the game except for the spurting blood, I don’t believe it’s needed. Got old really fast! I wouldn’t let a kid play and I’m going to delete the game. The puzzles are fun but disgustingly sickening
  • Gooooooooood Burger

    By cheychey Little Tucker
    Frick this bro