Mix Colors!

Mix Colors!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-24
  • Current Version: 1.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 217.28 MB
  • Developer: Ai Ayatsuji
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 555


Isn’t it amazing that you can create a whole new color by mixing 2 basic ones? Let’s see if you have any artist quality with “Mix Colors”. The Rule is simple: Create same color with the given theme to clear game! You can press the flushing button as many times as you want to adjust the color. Pour the liquid until it reaches the line of the container. (Remember: Do not let it overflows.) When you think it’s done, press the OK button to check the result! Now, enjoy the challenge of Colors Mix & Match!



  • Good but so many ads

    By Kells7767
    I’d love this if it weren’t so the insane number of ads. I feel like the ads are taking more time than the game itself.
  • To Much

    By fghjboi
    To many ads and the same add keeps popping up
  • Fun colors

    By subway lover 37
    Love the new game so cool
  • It doesn’t work

    By i give reviewsssss
    I tried many times but it does not come out
  • Ad central!

    By jsjjdhhd didijxbejsnzijd
    You have to watch a ad every 3 seconds So your watching more ads then playing the game
  • Ads

    By MJM2565
    I don’t mind the ads but if I turn off sound on my phone, or on the game etc the sound from the ad is annoying. I wanted it quiet for an reason. If I turn off the sound on an ad- should not have to turn off the sound every time the same ad plays especially in the same session
  • Holy ads Batman!!!

    WAAAAAY too many ads. I like the game but deleting due to the amount of ads!
  • won't work

    By queens never die
    ok so every time i clicked on it, it would kick me out
  • Adds

    By V viper
    But would pay $3.00 for no adds ever version
  • Mix colors

    By cookiecookie1586
    The game is really fun but it makes you restart when it overflows and it glitches sometimes,it’s still a really fun game and I recommend this game.
  • A lot of ads

    By isela1
    Every time i did something i got an ad every level i did i got an ad i tried deleting it and downloading it again it still had a lot of ads
  • Saralynn

    By sara🌺🌺🌺
    I love this game so much it’s fun and interactive but to take it to the next level I think you should make this game into a hair salon game and you must make the perfect colored hair die I hope you take my advice and this dream game will be off the charts trust me it will be the game off the century 🤩🤩🤩
  • This is an Cash Cow

    By Tkbkjd
    This is one of those app games that I would truly love and play all the time if it didn’t treat me like an ad slot machine. The ads that you can’t skip are very intrusive (sound automatically on and slow to respond to muting, even when phone is on vibrate) and are so numerous that it’s clear I’m being used as a cash cow through ad revenue. The game itself is fun and the color mixing is enjoyable, but the ads make it too frustrating to be worth the effort.
  • Too many ads

    By ctowne8
    The game is fun and relaxing, but there are so many ads that I feel like I can’t enjoy it.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By JEMAW_
    There’s at least a 30 second ad at the end of every level. Levels take maybe 15 seconds a piece. Some “next” buttons are links to ads, and the real “next” button only appears after a delay.
  • Mix colors

    By monsquach
    Great game, a lot of ads for other games is the only downfall
  • No title

    By Cecyfure
    I am writing this review because I have one of the new iPads and there hasn't been anything wrong with any other app but this one. My friend has a new phone and she is having the same problem. She doesn't think it's her phone. I don't think it's my iPad. But each time we tap on the app to play, it immediately takes us out. We've tried deleting things on our electronics and redownloading this app multiple times but it still does not work. Just a heads up! This app looks like a lot of fun and I'm sure it is.
  • Kolor

    By nsushsvfh
    I really enjoy this game because there’s some colors you dont even know that can make another color and that really help the mind .
  • Seriously?

    By ☯️Gini Bunny☯️
    It’s a good game and would be a lot more better if it had sound or music and LESS adds. There were constant adds and it made me very mad if I finished a level to get a add and another one back to back
  • Fun

    By sm112111
    This game is fun and it’s free but the game is so much fun and I have so much free so you will
  • good game but too many ads

    By Itslexier
    i actually really like this game. it’s calming and fun. the thing is, there are WAYYYY too many ads. there’s an ad after every level, and each level takes like 2 minutes to complete. it’s super annoying, especially if you accidentally click on the ad. i wish there were less ads, it would make the app more enjoyable.
  • Calming

    By Brandice Renea' Hunt
    It’s so fun to play it evens charges my tablet faster it’s so calming and u don’t have to pay for anything that’s what I like about this game because most games you pay and 7 day trial and I just don’t like that but this game is just perfect for me and it’s 4+ and also it’s so calming that I just need to type about to everyone one so if you see this review just remember:no 7 day trial no paying for anything just fun satisfying and calming so when you see this just download it please this game is so good and it needs higher ratings please rate it 5 star and download it
  • Too many ads!!!!!!!

    By Abby1895
    Fun game, FAR too many ads
  • Get this app!

    By get this app quick
    It is really fun and relaxing
  • Too many ads

    By reallyjudgylibra
    Bro there are too many ads here. Like after every round there is at least two ads. Don’t get the app it’s really bad and lags a lot.
  • It’s good but one problem

    By humanzszzsksksk
    Way to many ads but it’s still a good app just please reduce the amount of ads
  • Awesome

    By H bee
    I love it so much!!Its addicting.Only problem is that it shows soooooo many ads.
  • Awesome app!!

    By Alpaca🤩🤩
    This app is amazing in all ways . You get to press buttons to try to find the right color. Overall great app
  • Sounded fun...

    By Lillian.is.boring
    I was intrigued by the ad and downloaded this game. I went to open the game and couldn't. I hate you.
  • Amazing

    By Luvannie
    I love this game it introduces you to soooo many colors and basses that make them. I know its not the intended use but im a digital artist and this app really helps me come up color palette and color scheme ideas when i need inspiration to draw it’s also super cool that they add the hex color code for the color as well!!!
  • Mix

    By grtgamez
    I love this but it is so hard literly can not beat any level😀😁😂😊🙃😍😗😋😜🧐🤩😒😟☹️😫😢😠🤯🤯🥶😰😰🤗🤗🤫🤫😐🙄😧😴😴🤤😮😯😑🤥🤔😥😱😳😡😡😭😩😣😕😞😞😕😣😕😞🤪🥳😛🤓🥰😇😉🙄😃😃🤣
  • Fun with ads

    By NakedHotdog
    Really fun to play, but -1 star because there are so many ads between every level!!
  • This game is bad!!!

    By Deirdre H
    One star this game is to strict on making the colors!!!!!
  • I love this!

    By Gtr Vinny
    This game is super easy and there are very few ads which is awesome!Thank you for making this app!
  • So bad

    By Tpjp007
    I could not get in to the app at all
  • Well, for the most part the game is ok?

    By 🌻 p e a c h y 🌻
    Look, the amount of ads is stupendous. Seriously, you play a game; yay, then you get a stupid ad. Majority of this app/game is you watching ads. I know people need money and stuff but the ads need to be decreased. All in all, the idea is sweet and relaxing. Just cut down the ads.
  • Nina Donaldson review

    By cool'n 773
    It can help u with your painting how much to put in and stuff like that so this game is a really good game thx.
  • It doesn't work

    By Icyhot_drawz
    I can't even got into the app. It kicks me out before it even has any time to load. I know that it's a good app because my friend has it, but it won't work for me. Maybe it needs an update?

    By mom up left
  • great

    By superfirl
    mix colors is a great game to calm anxiety or stress or even just to play in your free time when your bored. The only thing i can say bad about it is i wish it was a little more preside about when you get the color right or wrong
  • Why 1 star you ask read on

    By Olivia(liv)
    Fist I just want to say I think the game is good not great because it is super super strict when I make the colors and it get me so frustrated 😡 so that is why I deleted the game but if they fix it not being so strict I will download the game bach
  • So much adds

    By Frankie🐢
    Every time I mix the colors and get it right there is a add and every single time I mix the colors again there’s an add after add after add it’s so annoying that it happens so much it’s getting on my nerves it’s a good game but the adds are on my nerves so I would suggest them to not put so much adds in the game so people won’t get mad that there is so many adds.
  • Good

    By you bicth
    The game is good but it’s not a game to play all day and every day
  • Fun game but needs some work

    By Chingy chonga
    I really like the game but I feel like there’s some things that could be changed. For one, a white bucket (or matching the colors around the swatch and the bucket) would help immensely because having the color around the swatch and the bucket color be different makes the color that you’re mixing look weird. I frequently finish a level and think “wow, that looks like a totally different color.” Being able to move the swatch around would also help so that you could compare colors. Also a hint to what color you needed to add to make the right color would help so much. I get frustrated a lot by the fact that I keep working at a level and can’t figure out what I should be doing. Honestly I think fixing one of these would fix the rest and make the game much more enjoyable. That being said, I really like this game and will definitely keep playing.
  • The game

    By chethanannand
    I’m so into this great game it’s a wonderful way for my family and my self to enjoy the new game here.
  • So many adds!!!!!!!!!! :/

    By hhusbsftay
    Nobody should get it it’s so weird cause you need to fill it up to the line or it won’t count me and my friend HATE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( After all the levels are adds just adds it’s so annoying
  • Mix colors

    By Emaly.7
    This game has not many ads so you can play more levels way quicker!!!!🤩This game is so much fun you will never want to stop 🛑 playing Mix colors!!!!😂
  • Won't let me play

    By Cobra Commandress
    I just got it and it crashes every time I try to open it 😡
  • Ads go wrong

    By free trial...😔
    The only thing that is bad is the ads. Some of them are inappropriate, I don’t like it.