Golf Race

Golf Race

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-05
  • Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 123.34 MB
  • Developer: MADBOX
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 18 461


A golf game, a race...Welcome to Golf Race, the most amazing crossover! Compete against other golfers among hundreds of levels and become the best golfer worldwide. Super easy & intuitive gameplay, with tons of different gameplay elements. Hope you will enjoy the game, and do not hesitate to give feedbacks!



  • The game is awesome 👏🏽

    By Jasmine Willams
    This game is so Awesome and Addicting & If you rated 3,2,1 Ur Tweakin This Game is Incredible it doesn’t even make me bored not on bit!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • Too easy

    By horstio8
    Love playing the game but it’s hard to want to play for a long period of time because it is too easy.
  • Too many ads

    By Zomby98
    Way too many
  • You’re game

    By Terrencemillz
    So awesome best game I’ve ever played
  • Good, but why?

    By pickles1212
    The game is good but but after every match it has an ad. And some how this ad shows up and I just keep getting sent to the App Store even though I didn't touch the screen! And when I Finally get of the add ... IT TAKES ME TO DA APP STORE !!!!!!!! So then close the app go to the app and boom I’m making this instead of playing the game I literally just downloaded! I am an unsatisfied customer!
  • Too easy

    By glfr4054
    Have won every match - not fun at all
  • Not playing against real people

    By Km2836
    The game makes you think you are playing against real people, after watching how slowly they shoot, it’s super obvious you are playing AI. If you played against real people this game would be a 5 star game, however since you are playing against slow Ai it is was to easy to win. I would let them get a three hole lead and still be able to win the race. This game gets boring fast and you should be able to play against others.
  • Short rounds for ad spam

    By DrZentil
    Title pretty much says it all. Can get in and beat a game in 10 seconds then get a 30 second ad. You get an ad after EVERY round also. Just another ad spam free game
  • Ads are way too long.

    By Hockmade
  • Ok! But..

    By Used to be fave weather app
    This game is awesome! I always get great luck from the chest and good skins. The world cups aren’t easy which makes them challenging and fun, since it grows harder when you win. This is an awesome game and has great potential, since I soon want to go golfing. It is relaxing and cool. But... collecting coins are too easy. On my third day, I’ve already got 3000+ which is different from other games. I have the unicorn skin and the keyboard golf club. Also, the chest is able to be unlocked early in the levels and it worked at first. Now, every time I watch an ad, I get nothing but the ability to go onto the next level. Double the coins also don’t work, and the glitch is annoying when I watch at least 10 ads for the chests and only 2 of them actually go through. This bug/glitch is kind of annoying, but I’m sure you can fix it. This game is great! 👍🏼 👍🏼
  • GameplayGirl

    By lovegamer girl
    So mush fun I love the game
  • Fun but...

    By Tschoiuss
    Fun to play but do you really need to play an ad after every Fng round!?
  • ok

    By sweet girrl
    So I really like this game it is so fun and the only issue is that I Am so good but I don’t know
  • Too many ads

    By iwhine
    I’d really like to cancel this. Not worth the money. And it won’t let me post this review so I rated 4 stars
  • Golf race

    By ttv_killyou
    Its really fun
  • The best game in the world

    By cherif99
    I like this game because i play golf
  • El mejor Juego

    Buenísimo el juego es fácil y no aburre es como que... ME ENCANTA es súper fácil desbloquear cosas es el mejor juego sin internet me encanta
  • Pretty fun!

    By Dougy19k
    Only thing I wish is that the avatars you play against were real people. And if anyone thinks they’re real people playing against you, let the match start, set your phone down, go grab a drink or something, come back and you will see everyone still on the first hole or at least one person in the second.
  • Nice

    By Kokoloko4
    Great game
  • Kinda bad

    By DividedAura3497
    Too many adds
  • Good game but SO MANY ADDS

    By YEET. 2412$$
    There are adds every time I finish a round and I have to watch a video to open the chest and it’s so dumb MAKERS PLEASE FIX THIS
  • Kk and kJ

    By ckjfnfiekrpdmdro
    This game is amazing and it’s so much fun I love this app thanks so much
  • Amazing/and awesome game

    By chrissydagoat
    This game is so amazing/and awesome
  • GOLFING 🏌🏽‍♀️

    By look and dook
    Love going golfing 🏌️‍♀️ but can’t do always but now I can🥰🤪
  • Cyyyc

    By GoateDDDDDDDD
    The Gabe
  • Good

    By Jacklikesfortnite07
    I like this game a lot but I don’t like how I have to wait for another World Cup to start in 8 HOURS! But other than that it is good, just try and change that😎👍
  • Its so coolI like it

    By jordan gd du
  • Gold

    By Zoe1977
    This is the best game ever
  • Gdvge

    By 420reeee69
    If you make a game with ads then at least pause the game for people in ads. There was a guy almost done when the ad finished.
  • Not worth my time

    By Jsguero
    An ad after every round????? A round lasting about 20 seconds..... Really? Rearrange icons... Deleted
  • This is inspiring to me

    I have played this game for only five minutes and I love it. Get the game if you like golfing 🏌️. Hope you enjoy it.
  • Yes

    By alec plank
  • Just turn on airplane mode and ads will go away

    By Funkyalc
  • I love it

    By sihgotjvfocuf
    I love it so much it deserves 5 stars.
  • Noice but some problems

    By jdjfbfnfucudjyjtjfugidjfū
    So your playing then you finish your game like wow i feel good then boom ad but besides that nothing fun addicting and somewhat challenging Love su tart
  • Nala and Simba

    By sassylovelionsnalandsimba
    I got five stars cause my little sister nala likes this game and now she told me that it is ok and it is fun and now she made me get five stars to and made me like this game and it is called golf run thank you that this is a game and the. First time that I saw this I was watching a girl or boy playing that and now I was like I am getting it and I like it
  • ADS!

    By !;& v
    So many oml
  • Great

    By kaitemate
    It is so interesting and fun.
  • To many ads

    By ijg123
    I understand the developer wants to make money so buy the game stop the ads but you can’t play 5 minutes without 20 ads I couldn’t get a fee for the game to spend the money or not.. deleted
  • Ads out the a*s

    By Ohiostate23
    Too many ads. Every game you watch a 30 second ad. It’s just too much. Deleting the app after 3 games
  • It’s not real competition

    By Vince from the lumbia
    I’m a dog at this game can y’all make it harder
  • Opinions

    By Y-AT
    Let’s cool it on all the adds
  • Please stop complaining

    By Mario Calel
    Ok so I just want to say one thing: WHY IS EVERYBODY COMPLAINING ABOUT ADS?!?! I mean every single review I see is just saying “oh this game has so many ads one star” these people are idiots. THEY NEED THE ADS TO MAKE MONEY YOU IDIOTS. SO PLEASE JUST STOP WHINING LIKE A BUNCH OF FOUR YEAR OLDS!
  • Great game

    By wicksticks123
    Great game honestly I don't really have any problems well, maybe 2 problems #1 every one hates this problem ADDS!!! Please fix this problem immediately and #2 can you somehow make you able too kill people I will give you 5 stars if you fix these problems
  • Golf race

    By hornet nation
    This game is so fun I enjoy playing and you can unlock cool cosmetics
  • Awesome game but one problem😐

    By Trishak313
    So when I downloaded this I played it for a bit it was fun but after the first three rounds I got all the three keys to get to the chest room but you had to watch an add first witch I think is stupid so can the maker of the game please fix that?
  • Too many ads

    By 11111bt
    Remove the ads every five seconds
  • Fun game

    By Judge MoeDollaz
    Fun game.
  • No skin

    By ACID-ang
    This game did not give me my free skin for watching a video ass🤬🤬🤬🖕🏾