Northern lights Aurora Network

Northern lights Aurora Network

  • Category: Weather
  • Release Date: 2019-10-08
  • Current Version: 1.0.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 68.23 MB
  • Developer: Live Aurora Network
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 56


Never miss the Northern Lights! Live Aurora Network’s HD cameras send you real-time alerts when the majestic aurora is detected. Unlike all other alert apps in existence, which rely on NOAA ‘space weather’ forecasts that require experience to use, Live Aurora Network sends out real time alerts based on what is actually seen in the sky, we send alerts based on the visual detection of aurora from our Network of Cameras. currently Iceland/Norway with Canada and Alaska coming soon! The only truly real-time video alert app available globally - the unique algorithm not only detects the aurora borealis, but visually grades it based on the strength of the aurora. Users can choose the level they wish to be notified at so that they need only hit the road for displays they deem suitable. All other top selling Aurora notification apps currently on the market are based on the global Kp index which runs from 0-9 and is based on magnetometers around the world. This is problematic for local aurora alerts, and not the most effective parameter for knowing when local auroral activity is highest. Live Aurora Network pushes out alerts in real time, thanks to software designed to detect the colours of the Aurora, while grading the density and percentage of the sky that is showing the lights. This is especially helpful to find breaks in the clouds! Also, in this app: - HD live stream from every location - Zoomable map of Iceland and Norway with directions to our dark sky areas. - Localized weather forecast at each location. - Current Live KP rating - Customisable alert level Our unique Icelandic/ Norwegian camera locations: - Overlooking Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano that caused chaos with air traffic in 2010. - Overlooking Kirkjafell Mountain in West Iceland - Underneath a beautiful mountain range in South West Iceland. - Overlooking Iceland's biggest freshwater lake. - The magical Lofoten Islands Norway New cameras added soon! Our app is complementary to Aurora citizen science initiatives like Aurorasaurus, a project created by NASA space physicist Dr Liz MacDonald, that makes scientific use of crowdsourced aurora data. Such collaborations enhance research return from the Live Aurora Network observations. Our science advisors include Dr Melanie Windridge, the bestselling author of Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights, and Dr Tamitha Skov, these experts and others contributed to the development of the app. “This is a great app for watching the aurora when you can’t be there yourself!” - Mélanie Windridge (Physicist and writer of Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights) "This app is instant gratification for aurora lovers and forecasters alike. You can't get a better aurora alert than a live view. The cameras are such high quality too, you feel teleported straight to the action. You can even see the stars twinkling as the aurora dances overhead. It’s a totally unique and immersive experience." - Tamitha Skov (The Space Weather Woman) Terms of Use Privacy Policy



  • Ads for paying customers

    By olihar
    Started playing 30sec ads on paying customers accounts. Edit: Unusable long ads. App is broken anyways
  • It's ok...

    By Salt-N-Pepa
    When the cams work. Plus as soon as you get to a live feed it makes you watch a 30 second ad.
  • Amazing

    By Rho7796
    This is so cool to use.. Love it
  • Stop

    By tss319
    Stop with the ridiculous ads!!!
  • Highest notification level should be higher!

    By Cinsj
    I like the concept, but the highest level of notification causes me to check the camera and I find activity which I consider LOW. Please add a higher level of activity notification. Or two.
  • Advertising garbage

    By kathypedigo
    I have enjoyed the app but the advertising is RIDICULOUS. I am probably going to cancel because instead of seeing the beautiful auroras, I get an advertisement for Candy Crush or some such trash!!!!
  • G Suite Account

    By zsdrwqgyunvd
    This app was working Fine. 5 out of 7 web views were working but now the 5 are saying something about needing a G Suite Account. I have no idea what that means and there is nothing under settings that is helpful.
  • Not worth the effort

    By Mr. DCC
    My wife gave me a subscription. We were both excited. The aurora is on our bucket list! Every time I get a notification and go look at the live feed, I cannot see anything. Even with a “skies are alive” notification. Then there are the seemingly frequent and random 30 second long ads for games that I won’t play that take over my iPhone! Come on! Ads in a paid-for subscription? I’m trying to find out how to cancel!
  • Absolutely awesome

    By Dgyxbhcv
    I’ve been obsessed with the Aurora’s for as long as I can remember. I have 5 prints hanging in my living room. The sad part is I have never seen them in real life and I don’t know if I ever will.... I hope so one day but you know how life throws you curve balls and it just doesn’t happen 😢 This app. is the next best thing to actually being there! I’m so incredibly thankful to the developers and the IT people who maintain the integrity of the cameras. Perhaps one day I will see them but until this you are fulfilling a life long dream (kinda) lol Thanks again!! Deb
  • Excelent

    By JjaGran
    Excelent App. So funny, clear, beautiful
  • The sky is alive!

    By Rara350
    I love when I get that notification
  • I don’t subscribe for ads

    By Kevin_in_cs
    Newest review: Canceled subscription and deleted. This is twice now that ads have shown up when they shouldn’t. This time there wasn’t even a way to see if “Restore Purchases” would help. Intro page is skipped, and there’s no access to it. It seems another app now has live webcams (many of them) and only a one-time fee. I may try that. Original review: Haven’t seen much yet. I realize that’s the sporadic nature of the aurora—but that also makes the persistent “leave a review” popups annoying. The options seem to be “leave a review” or “leave a review.” You’d have a better response—and more stars—by having a “remind me later” option at the very least. Asking me whether I’m enjoying the app before much has happened almost forces a “no” response—which I don’t think is what you want. There also seems to be a lot of notifications without anything to see, which interrupts other things I’m trying to do on my phone. Upgraded to 4 stars because I haven’t seen the “leave a review” request for a while.
  • No unsubscribe option?

    By hdjdusjdb
    No unsubscribe option?
  • Molly

    By cls7686
    Difficult to get started. I downloaded & agreed with terms & still getting started seems to continue to loop around.
  • Love it!

    By NickyNYNick
    I’m loving this app getting ready for my trip to chase Aurora in Iceland. Great notifications. I’m not sure how to skip all the trials though. Asks me each time i go on!
  • Keeps saying live feed will start after sunset, even after sunset

    By MrBVU
    That’s the gripe right now.
  • Great

    By Gina2110
    Great app! We used a couple others while in Iceland, but this was the best.
  • Amazing!

    By Skygirl1074
    See the Northern Lights from anywhere! I love that you get notified when they’re active.
  • How to use?

    By Roastmaster16
    Got some initial views but don’t see how to navigate in the app.
  • Opinion

    By nowiampissed
    Give us information on probability in the region.
  • Nothing seen live

    By Coffee Bum
    I have yet to see any live activity.
  • Highly recommended app for Northern Lights

    By Hunter1889
    I would say that’s it’s the best app for hunting northern lights and because of the accuracy with which the app sends you notifications I was able to see northern lights thrice during my trip to Iceland.
  • Can’t cancel membership

    By mhdu1736
    Unable to cancel membership in setting
  • How to unsubscribe?

    By Kiddo975
    Nothing in settings
  • Good if you are in their area

    By bill.locke3
    This does a pretty good job of letting you know if the aurora are out, but only in a small area. 20-30km away and it could be totally different. It would also be good know for how long they have been seen consistently. If it was just a 5 min break in cloud cover, it might not be worth heading to their area to catch a glimpse. Could also use some coverage in the eastern part of Iceland.
  • Very cool if you’re into the northern lights!

    By DJGmix
    The perfect way to see the lights live.
  • Love this app!

    By BurntOffering
    Just awesome!