Tower Run - Grow Your Tower

Tower Run - Grow Your Tower

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-01
  • Current Version: 1.14
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 227.01 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 33 202


Tap at the right time to make a tower of humans.



  • Please fix!

    By Surgarypeaches68
    Ok so this game was really great but I'm version 1.14 I've started to experience random input lags and fps drops. I am using a pretty modern phone so it's not my phone doing it, anyway please fix.
  • Tower Run

    By period it here
    The game is not what you think it is in the add.
  • Nope I hate it ugh

    By naiya manglona
    This is not good it’s horabole 🙄 it’s not fun
  • Terrible

    By suicidal Ella
    Worst vodoo app. The levels are literally levels being reused and changing the background. This app made me so frustrated that I resorted to punching myself every time I messed up. It gave me flashbacks to when I would slap myself on the head whenever I would mess up in band. Would give 0/5 stars if I could

    By HowieKY
    Is there not an ad-free option? Every time I beat a level or fail twice I get spammed with ads on ads. I like the game but this is absurd. I’d pay the 2.99 for no ads.
  • What is happening

    By Harley0526
    It is not letting me people on me
  • Hard at lvl 1

    By Turay13
    This game needs some fixing.... it’s hard at lvl 1 I’m at lvl 2 rn it’s hard TO PLEASE WHOEVER MADE THIS PLEASE FIX I’m begging I almost was gonna rate 1s star so fix it...
  • pretty good

    By sydneyheitzman
    the game is so cute and i love the premise - one problem i have is that it doesn’t increase in difficulty. once you master the basic controls, it’s easy and gets boring. i wish there were more challenging levels, more items to spend coins on, etc
  • Eh

    By bootylicker1000
    It’s a good game but has entirely too many ads, everytime I beat a level or die a ad pops up it’s highkey annoying.
  • Very Nice Game

    By bossybossgirl
    This game is one of my favorites. If u r a perfectionist and u have to get everything right than this game will be very hard but it will still be fun. Also one thing that the game could fix is that when u die from falling in a whole or not being tall enough jump up it is very disturbing. Your body parts including your head get stuck under things and the rest if the body begins to shake. But besides that it is a very nice game. Just don't play if u hate disturbing things or if u r a perfectionist unless u really want to. Because u will still enjoy it. I promise. ✔️ 💗💓💗💙💛💚💟💓💝💌
  • I hate this

    By liv-Flower
    Every time I just right on the thing it does not bounce me and it’s so annoying
  • Level 1160

    By sweetpea81605
    I got to this level you try to jump at the end and you fall through the platform and it won’t let you pass the level
  • Not a good game

    By hafeyxehf
    So look is good just I can't get throw legal 4 not fare I'm only 7 years old
  • Ads

    By asssleuga
    Get rid of them
  • Can you fix it

    By hi nickelodeon
    It glitches a lot
  • Do not get this game

    By TT🙋🏾‍♀️
    I tried to play this game over and over again to get the hang of it I thought it was me but when my player jump to get on the other players IT DON’T WORK I tried multiple times still the same thing I don’t know why they got the game in this App Store and it’s a bug in it or maybe a glitch.
  • Not bad

    By GYMNAST-123456789
    This game is really glitchy and it does not always work, but it is a fun and time consuming game😀

    By GottaJibboo262
    It’s glitchy as hell and when you SPECIFICALLY PRESS THE DAMB BUTTON IT DOSNT JUMP!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Tiktok

    By Eveke
    i got this cuz of tiktok, absolutely immaculate.
  • Level 15

    By MagensMom2013
    That level f me up like I was so mined raped I just had to delete the game. I was landing on the spot but wasn’t jumping on the people therefore I couldn’t complete the level. I didn’t give up for like 30mins
  • Wow

    By charwline
    The reason why I like this game is because it only has ads once in a while and it’s really addicting
  • Bad game

    By aaralynaylesse
    I downloaded it and it always glitches I do not like the game at all
  • Poorly created

    By '.,-
    You obviously put no effort into your game like all the other games you’ve created, please, at least try.
  • Really Fun

    By Donut Oueen
    This is a really fun game! i don’t have ads because i turned on airplane mode and my bluetooth
  • 9/10

    By love it ASMAR
    so i gave it 9/10 cause every time i want to play i have to update if you dont have the same problem then your luckkkkkyyyy
  • The game is trash

    By kingkidd1614
    Worst I ever played I hate it is to easy to die an it’s mad hard plus it’s crap they to much out of you make it so hard.
  • Crashing

    By QueenOfMeanBruh
    Downloaded it multiple times and it crashed before I could play one level. I was so excited to play it but I never got to. 🙁
  • Ok

    By Triscuit08
    It should tell you how to play before and tell you what stuff are. I know that it is pretty straight forward but for some people it is a little hard but I like it kinda of because of this and they should ask if you want to be more skilled or less but it is not my favorite for this.
  • Glitches

    By Lezzzzz917
    it’s fun but there are many glitches to it while playing the game starts shaking and barley lets you play to the best of your ability.
  • Ehh

    By Le'Aja
    Don’t get me wrong I love this game but the update is not it
  • Can’t even get in game sometimes

    By Girhannb🙂
    So I play this game on my iPod touch and sometimes when I try to open the game it won’t even open and it’ll glitch out of the app and I do close all my other windows when I open this app, but it’s a fun game though when it does open, so hopefully the developers can see this and fix this problem cuz I’m sure other people have the same problem! No hate it just bothers me!
  • Very Laggy

    By Westie love❤️
    I love this game! but at times it’s very laggy and kicks me off the app. not so great. :( overall fun game. i’m hooked level 78!
  • Tower run

    By nicoleprincess)3
    It is a very fun game I love it so much thx for this game maybe you should add more people every time you jump so you can get more high scores thx again
  • Good app, but...

    By optimus2009
    I think I will be better after a week or so. I remember one of the reviews said that level 2 was hard to beat and,boy whoever wrote it, you’re right. This game gives me the titters, like any game could. Now, I’ve got to go.👋🏻
  • Tower run

    By proncessdc
    This game is the worst every time I’m jumping it makes me nock down people. This is the worst game I ever played but I only made it one time it is ridiculous. SO people who are reading this don’t play this game and/or don’t play the game.
  • Ya

    By remingtonhuge
  • 🤔Not the best

    By 👍🤑💩
    This game is kind of fun but it’s really hard. Trying to stack all the people on top of each other is the hardest part of the game. I would recommend it but it’s really hard so you have to have A LOT of skills!!!
  • wiw

    By Zeabrah175
    they should let it jump when it gets to the target not in the middle that’s dumb
  • Kaliyah

    By cm fjjv jfv
    Hey this game Is fun and that is it
  • Addicting game

    By Yaeyae1
    Tower run is so addictive once you play it once you can’t stop . It’s great to get you’re mind off of things , a great time wasting game.
  • Game is bad

    By baddie_101
    The overall game is really fun and good but it’s soo glitchy and it’s makes it not fun ata lol you get very lucky if you go through a round tats doesn’t make it slow or glitch !
  • This is a good games

    By zanny_sunshine😇
    This is a nice game for this time because if you are board you can play it and do not talk bad about this game because you can just be At Home Doing Nothing this is a good game😀😁
  • The game is laggy but the ads always work.

    By Busstop mag
    Ads every 45 seconds. Really? The ads are longer than the levels.
  • Don’t Download

    By jsjdus dheidn chd
    It won’t let me get past the black screen. It just takes me back to my home screen.
  • Opening The Game

    By ULTRAwinboy9
    I can’t open the game
  • Could be more interesting

    By OllieOxenfree41
    First, the smaller things that I don't have as much of a problem with. For one, the coins become obsolete after about an hour of play, once you've unlocked all the characters coins just become a useless number in the corner of your screen. I suggest either making coins harder to collect, having fewer total coins in levels, or just adding more characters (or maybe giving characters that can be unlocked with coins stats like speed, jump, height, etc) Second minor thing, while I didn't experience a lot of glitches/crashes (congrats, you did the bare minimum) the frame rate would sometimes go in the can which can screw up jump timing which is pretty important in this game. But the thing I have the biggest problem with is the overall lack of variety. Like, cool, you have 250+ levels (probably way more than that, I only played to about 250) with some different areas, but those different areas have the exact same functions just with a different coat of paint. You could maybe have different soundscapes for certain levels, like traffic noises in the city area, ocean sounds in the beach area, those weird alien synths that everybody uses for space, you get the point. The game could also use maybe some different game modes, you could have classic and maybe an infinite mode where you could just try to build the tower as high as possible and see how far you go with increasing difficulty in obstacles. Just in general the game needs more variety, because as of right now it's pretty mindless and boring. TL;DR: needs more stuff going on in it, it's a good car trip or quarantine game if you need mindless activity, but in the end is pretty boring.
  • When will it load???

    By watermelon sugar high
    You know the ad looks fun and so does the video but every time I click on the app it loads for a while and then goes to my home screen. I would love to write a review about how the app actually is but I can’t and I’m sorry. Please fix this soon I really would like to try the game.
  • Too. Many. Ads.

    By Rainbowangell
    So many ads. I can’t even play two rounds in a row without all of these ads popping up in my face.
  • Looks like good game.

    By iz.lamb
    It seems like a good game but it won’t load, I tried loading it multiple time and it wouldn’t load in.