Rolling Domino

Rolling Domino

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-03
  • Current Version: 1.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 328.46 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 26 835


You will be saved from pressure by the magical domino effect. Aim at one domino and shot it to strike all down! Challenge different levels and see what surprise are waiting for you after the dominos fall. Now get ready and start rolling! Features: * Suitable for all ages, practice makes perfect. * No time limits, enjoy the domino effect. * Free to play, play it anytime anywhere



  • wow

    By mesoca
    this app is so satisfying and the ads are so far apart unlike other games
  • Ads are out of control and the game requires Internet for no reason

    By 🖤🌟Christine🌟🖤
    The game itself is so much fun and very addicting...however, there are WAY, WAY too many ads. Normally, I’d turn off WiFi in order to avoid this, but you can’t even do that because you have to have Internet. BUT WHY?! It’s a simple domino game! It doesn’t need to have internet. What if I’m on a road trip and want to play this game? Too bad, I can’t, because I wouldn’t have internet. Remove the internet requirement and I’ll rate this game five stars.
  • Best game ever review

    By gamer girl67
    O.M.G this game is the best I totally recommend it and yeah you should just get it
  • Too many add

    By Shyshy93
    The game is good but it’s too many ads after you finish a level
  • Good and bad

    By tt awsime
    This game is not bad but it’s not that fun I’m not that interested in this. You should really do some updates,As I said it’s not that bad I hope you can fix part of this someday.
  • My review

    By Gaming Pro24122
    I love this game but there is WAY too many Ads and the ad OF this game is people playing this game and say it’s TOO hard but it’s really easy
  • Ads

    By Kendyl Sartorius
    Way too many ads. I get one after every play
  • Too many ads

    By mou34524
    The ads are so annoying. Literally after each game there is an ad. Not worth it
  • How much I love the new game

    By Julian JooJoo Alfred
    I just got to see the way please stop 🛑 today 🤬
  • Most relaxing game

    By princess emoji
    When I downloaded this app I looked at the reviews on the app it said good stuff about it however I’m not the age for the app
  • Way to many Ads

    By I also hate ads!!
    There are entirely to many ads for what little playing time you actually get to experience. Not worth it!
  • Unicorngal77

    By angrypugicorn
    This is a very good game but i noticed it glitches a lot and that’s not my iPhone because I just got it yesterday and it doesn’t do anything in my other games
  • Good

    By Gymnast41029
    I am good at this 🤗
  • Interesting game

    By Ilovemywife2
    I never thought that a game could be so cool
  • Abby

    By 8);; hbdx
    Sssooo easy
  • Fun game

    By Ruby writes
    Hello I’m gonna just write about what I have been doing with this game. It’s very fun according to me and you should definitely go and get it because it’s very satisfing to me and maybe you. I’m gonna just keep playing bye. ( Ho get the game NOW!)
  • The adds and prizes 😡👎🏿

    By cool Kendall
    Hi. There’s too many adds after every level an ad pops up. Also after the level there is a prize you win WATCHING AN AD.🤬🤯 sorry to be rude. But would you please fix this 😭

    By Hsbjsjdkfnrnwkk
    This game is alright it’s not the most fun game but after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL I get and ad! It’s super annoying and half the time I’m on the game I’m watching ads! This company doesn’t care about us having fun all they care about is making money!
  • See it is a boring all you do is shoot an arrow to knock down thangs

    By bts jinim
  • don’t waste your time!

    By nickname.taken.again
    this game is way too easy, and there’s basically an ad every 2 levels you pass, which you makes you watch so many ads since you pass each level quickly
  • Pls read this before downloading this game

    By bluewaves12345
    Do not get this game because every few seconds you have to watch an ad.Also the levels are to easy so you can just zoom on to the next level.Theirs no challenge.
  • Fun game but

    By QueenEmelyy
    It’s ridiculous how many ads are in this game!
  • Fun but...

    By Corinnetx85
    It’s a great and fun app my only problem with it would be the amount of ads, there is a lot of ads more than preferred by me and my peers who, same as me use this app
  • Rolling domino

    By Ardi Fam
    Fun and funny but sort of boring
  • Ok but not good

    By GamingBro123.
    It is super glitchy and laggy and hard to play with he lag and it puts dotted lines so you know where to shoot the ball
  • Too many ads

    By Ruby235
    Every time after a level there’s an ad. You can’t pass 20 seconds without 2 ads popping up. It’s starting to get on my nerves.
  • Fun but something disturbs me

    By unicore luver 🦄
    Don’t get me wrong I love this game but something is off about the ad for this game. The ad talks about this guy who thinks this game is hard(it’s ok to think that) but, then it goes on about his parents hating him just because he’s bad at the game. I feel like this is wrong because there are actual kids who parents hate them and be mean to them. Then, it says that he got kicked out because of a game that he thinks is hard. WHAT!? This Just upsets me sooooooo much. I get that it’s a joke, but maybe you could have toned down the the whole abuse perspective. Anyway, this game is really fun! MandiPandi😍
  • Charlottes report

    By charlotte graceis review
    This app is so much fun and it does what you want and it’s a great app for kids who want to play with dominos and get it done by a time and you won’t have any problems with the app and you wonder how many people have been able to do the work that dominos. The app works great for the free app but the app works great and is very well worth. The new version is so much fun and it does what you want and you can play with your iPhone as well and you can’t get enough of it haha the world has been so lucky for the app.
  • Garbage

    By Emwkc
  • I love this game

    By Dondizzl3
    I am gonna play this FOEVER
  • I love you so

    By Popularmmos not real one
    Hey lady how is your morning going
  • Fun but hard also about the hard ness and too much ads also

    By sayoir
    When ever I play this game I die the first time when the ball hits no Dino I will no have a way to play now because it giched me was that your hole point the adds go crazy for me
  • ADDS

    By jessica scribner
    there literally an add ever single level and it’s mad annoying
  • Ads

    By mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwm
    Fun game destroyed by having an ad after every level.
  • Too many adds

    By Riley Joy
    I would’ve gave this a 5 star rate BUT every time you play a round it is always an add after it. It’s just trying to get you to buy more games and waste more money sorta a waste of MY TIME. STUPID APP WASTE OF TIME DO NOT BUY THIS APP EVER
  • Awful

    By josethegiraffe
    There is an ad basically every level
  • Too many adds

    By L1M1TL355
    This game is fun, but it has SO MANY ADDS. There are long adds after every game, which gets old . That’s why I am deleting it. Bye
  • It’s lagging but good

    By nfhfjfjcjcjfj

    By charley~basketball~jalyn~addy~
    If you have anxiety, this will drive you absolutely nuts! Even if you don’t, you’ll still get mad because I’ve had this game for about 3 weeks and it won’t let me play it for 3 seconds because it automatically exits me out. So (creators of this game) if you wish for people to download your game, I suggest you fix the “bugs” and “viruses”.
  • Game

    By A162002
    The game is so like Easy (I am telling the truth)
  • I want a chance...

    By buck and dunny
    LET ME GET MORE KEYS!!!!!!! You only let me earn them. And you waste the ads on the other stuff and never let me have any ads for keys. Your app should be sued. I can’t... but some one will. Only time I’m wishing for ads... only time.
  • Play Time vs Add a Time

    By DHG01Bullitt
    The add time is far greater than the actual playing time which is ridiculous. I understand money needs to be made but a 30 second add, multiple times, for a two second play...come on. Deleted game.
  • It’s nice

    By Kadiane
    So there is LOTS of failing if you play this game and it makes the game pretty fun!! The aren’t that many ads and not that many things that’s u have to pay to get also the best part issssss it’s FREE if you wanna play an AWESOME FREE GAME PLAY THIS ONE
  • Unplayable

    By GuitarmanTommy
    Can not play offline. Every shot ends with an ad video.
  • Could be better

    By monita215
    It has way to many adds. I understand that it needs to have adds but it’s an add for everything.
  • My review that’s telling the TRUTH

    By Zach Gang
    It’s too easie But a fun game when you just have a little bit of time
  • Honesty is here

    By Lifeizlife
    Hi. I think the idea of the game is great but it gets extremely boring because on my phone the levels only go up to twenty and I honestly just dong like the game anymore I am not trying to be mean or rude but this game did not work out. I would suggest to not get this game. Thank you! - thedarkarrow
  • Too many add

    By LMR652
    Good game — but FAR too many ads. Each ad takes longer than one turn in the game. And there is an ad after nearly every turn. Preferably no ads, of course, but shorter ads would be a step in the right direction. Make it easier to stop the ad and return to the game. Why should I have to watch a 30 second (or longer) ad, when one turn in the game I’m playing takes less than half that amount of time. It’s ridiculous.
  • I can’t stop playing this

    By Crazyrocks
    I was playing another game than I saw a add about this game I immediately down loaded this game and now I can’t stop playing