Rolling Domino

Rolling Domino

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-03
  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 330.15 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 16 714


You will be saved from pressure by the magical domino effect. Aim at one domino and shot it to strike all down! Challenge different levels and see what surprise are waiting for you after the dominos fall. Now get ready and start rolling! Features: * Suitable for all ages, practice makes perfect. * No time limits, enjoy the domino effect. * Free to play, play it anytime anywhere



  • This game is awesome download now!!!!!!

    By Kat2.0
    This game is awesome download it now!!!!
  • THERe so not making me say this te he

    By uuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii
    ITS THE BEST THInG EVER In YoUR LIFE(help me ) te he and I oop sk sk sk
  • Great!

    By ahdhrifhbe
    This I s a great game that is very easy maybe make it harder I didn’t get to the bus stop at the house I wanna I was like I didn’t yeowywowyw it was like I didn’t get to get it I was like oh bdjebrifneieoekwwnw yeh that to
  • this game was the yee to my haw

    By mall cop is the #1 movie
    this game is absolutely fantastic. it started out normal, like, yeah, ok, let’s knock over these dominoes. but i must severely advise you to look at the name of each domino shape. the titles provided me with a laugh better than ben and jerry’s. the titles are like a 12 year old made them, and i adore it. 12/10. :)
  • Back to level 1

    By bhmcf3
    I was playing the game and I don’t know how far I was but then I played a level and then it sent me back to level 1 I don’t know if I was done with all the levels so I got sent back to the first level or if the game glitched and I got sent back but it is really annoying to be so far in a game then get sent right back to the beginning other then that it it a fun game.
  • Lo amo

    By jijmeeeeeer
    Este juego es el mejores
  • Annoying

    By Master Jess
    I rated this game four stars is because the game is very laggy.And it says no adds available but there is a lot of adds.If they just fix those things it will be five stars.

    By fivriffjjvdhhdrhihfuvfkbrigjfu
    Great game, but level 83 is basically impossible. Right as the can thingy is down, the wall is up. Also, if you try to go to the corner, you wait for the wall to pass and the can thingy is down, THEN RIGHT AT THE VERY LAST SECOND IT WILL GO UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I get to into the game

    By byrdz03
    It’s very fun ok but it’s to fun. You know
  • Lazy game

    By epicprodigyoffootball
    I actually just downloaded this game but I already know for a fact it’s boring.Its REALLY easy and after about 5 minutes I’m on lvl 30.The ads are also annoying.I beat one level and I instantly get an ad.This I hate.Once I was playing this game and I miss on 2 tries and it gave me an ad.This is getting insanely irritating and I hate it I will probably delete it in the future so for your own good don’t download it
  • Kk

    By Alyabass1
  • 💪🏾💪🏾

    By ghostdog2274
    Awesome sauce
  • My favorite game

    By Reese makenzie blicker
    I love this app it is so fun and awesome
  • Boring

    By unique nocknames are stupid
    The images made by knocking over the dominos is cool and all, but this is barely a game, there is no challenge, and it is just overall not interesting.
  • This game blows

    By GaryLopez
    Not realistic super fake super boring can’t wait to delete
  • What’s with this new trend of games?

    By MileHighMadness1
    Sure they’re satisfying or amusing for a few minutes, but even without the issue of being bogged down by adds (which you are), it loses its appeal after 5 minutes. This trend of “relaxing” games needs to die. They’re all over the place. I felt it was unfair to give it one star, because it’s just a personal preference. No real issues. But add something to make it challenging
  • Boring and full of ads

    By thisgameis100%bad
    Enough was said ^
  • Good at first but gets very boring

    By Robot(tm)
    The only goal is to get gems to buy ball skins & that’s it. The max level to get to is level 150 and if only takes about 3 hours to get there. Wouldn’t recommend getting it.
  • Sents I was...

    By disabled OIF vet
    Sents I was a kid I love knocking over Domino’s & now I’m 31 & still love it but the setup was a pain but now I DONT have that thank you
  • I like it

    By confusedasshole
    It’s a really calming game and I only have one complaint ((In the chest opening thing you misspelled reward))
  • Domino roll

    By Tonja7
    I love this new game and the graphics are amazing it also features a major flaw I tried it failed
  • رهف. ١٢٣٤٥

    By ghalia2024
    انها لعبه ترفيهيا😎
  • Spelling incorrectly

    By Jerseyjgirl
    I just downloaded the app to waste some time and when I completed level 9 I realized that they spelt diamond wrong if you fix that it would stupendous
  • Hi there

    By Tester two
    Third time I was gonna play for kids and I love it so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Cheaper please

    By jhdchweh
    Cheaper prices for skins please
  • Games

    By robby richerd thompson
    It’s really fun but tricky
  • Way to many ads

    By Downloader of said app
    I understand that you need to make money but ads every time I try and do something is a bit excessive to say the least
  • Cool

    By jk0810
    I really like this game! But when I don’t pass a level it really bothers me that it says “not all dominos has toppled” rather than “have” lol sorry.
  • Wow

    By Franksuades
    Its so fun and addicting but as a suggestion put more like wow wow wow factor
  • I love this app and it makes me feel better

    By amateurMechanic
    I like this app and it makes me feel like a professional at this point
  • Needs improvements

    By OneRaider
    1). No way to skip levels and return to them later. 2). I got up to about level 35, then it started me over at level #1. Obviously a bug in the program.
  • I’m am learning from this game

    By OKdaziy
  • Weird

    By Dreik78
    I just finished all the levels and it made go on back from level 1. Plz fix this soon or I will delete the game. It is annoying just to finish something and then it restarts your work. It should say something like “more levels coming soon” or “stay tuned for more updates”. But for the part you already have, it is fun and challenging, but also a great time-waster.
  • Soooo many adds 😩😩😩

    By sabrina is cool dab
    Like it says in the title there’s way to many adds other then that it’s ok but put it could be way better,BUT ONLY 20 levers what the heck!
  • Ble ble ble

    By Aaaaakkhh
  • Thankyou

    By 123456789012345689001235890123
    This is realy fun
  • Rolling Domino is a really great game but need one change.

    By Mine craft 1890
    When I start a level and when I’m not reddy the Dominos fall on its own and sometimes when I start it seds not all of the Dominos fell down I think I don’t rember.
  • Nice

    By gummy boom =P
    Nice in a calming successfully accomplished way
  • Keeps restarting

    By r111111155544999988
    I been playing this for three days but my work keeps restarting
  • Too many ads

    By Cheech24
    This is an amazing game. It is so relaxing and fun. The only problem are the REALLY annoying ads that are all over the place. You can pay $2.99 to get rid of them but to really earn any gems you have to watch them anyway after every level. It’s making me want to delete the whole thing!!!
  • Level 19

    By hooks knees
    Gay is not okay take this lever out
  • repeat

    By Rebekah👸🏾
    the levels stop at 100 and most of them are repetitive i beat the game two times in two days
  • Good but...

    By nigldjwklewlitkud@,).'h
    Its a good game but the ads are 20 seconds long and things that should be added 1) starters get a new skin 2) giveaways and 3) money everyday? Thank you if your reading this (bonus make friends thanks)
  • Do not pick one star

    By Mazaru09
    It is fun
  • Best game ever so much fun

    By juyuhyu
    Thanks for your game it is really fun but Guss what it is really fun
  • Fun but not when app closes out

    By liljay8524
    It's fun but every time it goes to a different game/level the app closes out so why play the game if you have to keep reopening it? This needs to be fixed
  • To easy

    By Madeline luciano
    It is just too easy. You may what to make it harder because the rate I went no one will want this game I finder all the leafs in 20 mins. Way to easy!
  • mhh

    By Adam_clark_187
    So i haven’t played this game for long but im still going to talk about it. 1) its very repetitive and gets quiet boring. 2) its very easy to win, the “blockers” need to be better and get harder. Im on level 30 and i think “oh the blocks moving welp get to get the ball moving” like i want it to be like 5 are going at once and you have to find the perfect timing. The things im noticing about others reviews is ads. The ad system has been cut down to 5 seconds then you can skip. Also more than 20 levels, i don't know how many though.... i see why its for 4+, a 4 yo would love this game. If you asked for my personal opinion i would say, “nope, not the best i do not recommend this app to you (unless your like 5) “
  • This game is goatee

    By pokemon trey
    This game is so fun I just started and I already have 100000 jets hew ever made this game god bless you😃.