Push Battle ! - cool game

Push Battle ! - cool game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-19
  • Current Version: 1.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 229.96 MB
  • Developer: FTY LLC.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 350


Don't fall! This is the only rule! Swipe the screen to the right to attack, Swipe to the left to avoid! Can you win?



  • Makes me fell bad

    By Dc12367
    It’s a really cool game but it me feel bad and to many ADS
  • The game needs real people

    By bebeios
    The game is not fun I would not install this game.
  • Terrible...

    By amickels
  • Not a good start

    By kmarie1224
    I have a swich and ultimate chicken horse to dumb people it’s a whooping 5 stars ⭐️on push battle but to me it like literally just a few stupid stars ⭐️ on push battle please fix the game p.s. I only got this for one only one reason is to play bad and good games for fun and it pops scary music too 😱
  • It’s ok

    By Penelope Sandersons
    So I think this game is REALLY cool and all, but there are a few things that really make it less fun. The first flaw is, of course, the ads. The ads appear too often, to the point I feel like it’s more ad than game. Another thing you should fix is how easy the opponents are. Me, and a lot of other people think the NPCs are WAY too easy. But, I like the graphics, and the variety of characters.
  • ADS 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    By 00Danielle11
  • Too easy.

    By zaiony21
    There is a bunch of other games with challenges, no ads, such as Minecraft or roblox. This game has no challenge, I didn’t get defeated once, a lot of people want the experience to lose in this game. For once it’s not the best to just win win win! I’m rating it 2 stars. Please fix this mistake, Literally every review is saying the exact same thing, Everyone is gonna end up deleting and the app and even if they redownload it , they will be passed 100’s of levels within seconds, Please Atleast add a little gamepass for no ads, permenant, and for the challenge, please add some sort of game modes! You can’t even name yourself? I’m just gonna stick with my name being “You” it’s silly but for some people they don’t just want to be named “You” So please fix that! Or your game system is failing you. I hope you understand. - Mary
  • False advertising...AWSOME game.

    By JWoods5034
    When I say false advertising, I don’t mean for the game. All the bad reviews out there are straight up stupid and false. You guys obviously spent good time working on the game and I want you to know that I am sorry that people dislike the game. There is no fricking reason to hate this game. It really ticks me off. In conclusion, you should not change the game for what it is.
  • Nope hate it

    By eehhhhh VERY BAD GAME
    This is not my type of game at alllll it so bad and glitchy and the are so many ADS each person you push down there is a ad and again sooooo glitchy and you can not believe how many adds they’re are dumb game do not ever get it hate it not fun
  • Idk

    By star music pls
    This game is not alot of fun but its kinda fun it has alot of ads which people hate and when u want a character skin they would legit want u to watch an ad i mean like roblox is way better :) then this and theres bugs
  • To many ads

    By loveGalaxyMorgan101
    Bruh y’all need to stop with the ads
  • Push battle

    By Alexandria Mosby
    I hate it too many ads
  • It’s not good nor terrible

    By Debbie Lei
    Well, I use a trick for ads turn airplane mode on and it can’t load ads. Anyway i agree this needs more challenge the NPCs are just to stupid to even do anything they either stand or lean :/
  • who even likes the trash garbage

    By gamerboi20
    I got this game for 3 reasons 1 the name 2 ads 3 a review let me get to the point i felt like the cool game part like horrible reviews i felt bad so i got the game but now i know 2 i would play a game like johny trigger i (hate it now) and i would get this alot so i gave it a shot but when i played it was easy as frick 3 review So i wanted to look at the reviews at this game and someone said they loved it and gave it a 5 star they said i dont know why everyone hates this ga,e its soo fun plus there barely ads ok this game has crazy ads you cant play so dont get this hot garbage its absolute trash get some other game why do you even waste time and this is not a opinion everyone knows that its bas

    By darkshadowdrag
    Every 2 people you push there is a ad! It’s so annoying! I downloaded this a few minutes ago and I already can’t stand it!
  • Better like ads

    By Jdkdjdhwjjwheb
    Didn’t know it was possible to have this many ads in a game. Also won’t let you play offline when you aren’t on wifi 1/5
  • .......

    By nvdxbcbbbcbcbxxbcbcg
    I am sorry to say but your game is boring

    By CxinnabonChurrosx
    I understand you are all money-thirsty, but it doesn’t hurt to take the ads away on ONE GAME. There are ads during and after each push. It’s terrible. One star. TERRIBLE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY (if u wanna buy remove ads, they still give you them not as many though) -tony the talgin clok
  • Laggy

    By DjPuppy205
    It’s a good game but no real challenge and it’s really laggy and there are too many adds. When u push someone over then POP there is an add
  • Fun but ruined

    By kkkbbbuuu
    It’s really fun and too easy and every time you would win you would have to watch an ad every time
  • Boring tons of ads

    By thththththththhthththththt
    There is about 10 seconds of gameplay for 30 seconds of ads it’s ridiculous
  • Shut up

    By hunterboi 997
    Guys all you have to do is turn off the data idiots

    By BOI1018893
    I HATE this game! It is WAYYYY tooo easy and it has so much ads and the npc’s barely push you please do not waste your precious time on this horrible and boring game I’m warning you.
  • Really good but the ads r UNBELIEVABLE

    By an unnamed character
    When I first saw this game as an ad I was like “that looks fun” and the game in general is definitely fun but THE ADS PPL. The ads just ruin the game. I took off 2 stars just bc of the ads. Also the ppl ur trying to beat in the game r way to easy. Its bc there NPC’s. Maybe try to make a multiplayer slot where u can play with other ppl. In general it’s a rlly good game
  • It’s good but not great

    By DobermanTayTay
    PLEASE REMOVE ALL/MOST THE ADS!!! I love this game but the ads.... please don’t have so many!!
  • Dum game

    By video gamer9
    This game is so. Boring,it’s to easy, and there is like 4 adds for like 1 person. This is one of the worst games I have ever played. Don’t waste you time with this one.
  • Good app but gets boring...

    By k's a
    I’ve been playing this app for a long time and I got on very high levels and it’s a pretty fun app to play. But when o play the same thing over and over again it kinda gets really boring. It’s just the same thing. Pushing people off of their things and winning all the time. Once you get very addicted to this app and get on a high level, it just gets boring winning again and again. I recommend you download this app but it COULD GET BORING once you play it a lot.
  • It’s ok

    By bubba3D3
    It’s fun but too easy. There are also too many ads. Every 2 ai you beat you get 2 ads back to back
  • To many ads..

    By gab ;-;
    I was so happy to find this game..after playing it for a while I was upset! To many ads after you push someone and advertisements!this needs to get fixed...I don’t bother playing it.
  • Sorry Excuse To Run Ads

    By BigFatGoalieFan123
    There is an ad in between each “battle” of the game. If you try to play in airplane mode or have no connection in general, the game will say “no connect!” and you will not be able to proceed. The game is not online, but it forces you to stay online in order to play the game, which is another thinly-veiled excuse to show you ads. Also, after only a few plays, the game does not progress much and continues to be extremely easy, and the game stops to tell you that you won after each npc you defeat. Clearly, these features serve only to minimize the amount of time in between each ad. If the game would focus on trying to create a product that works to entertain people in a fuller way, and tried to fit ads in after-the-fact, then the game might be decent. Until then, the game is merely watching an ad reel with a few mildly amusing breaks in between.
  • Not really good tbh

    By 🌸kamkam
    There’s a lot of ads which makes it less fun and not really entertaining and the game is way to easy like the bots would only try to push when I was in the middle of leaning back. It would be fun if it was more challenging and less ads
  • Really great game

    By CoolKid2012
    This game is really awesome. The creator of this game did a great job. I wish there was a part 2 but still a great game.
  • Good...

    By Nhdgi
    I luv it except for the ads. 2 ads in a row and the sign to increase my money is after every single bot I kill.
  • ......

    By janie <3
    I’m sorry, but this game was the worst game ever. The game is so laggy, a lot of bugs, and the ads are just everywhere. I understand the game needs to have ads, but that doesn’t mean to have it every 3-2s. Also, when I first saw the ad for this game I thought it was real people that is from other countries trying to push me off.. as it said but DONT TRUST THE ADS PEOPLE!!!! the game is just fake and the game doesn’t give you the opportunity to change the country you want (then what is the point on showing you push other countries in the ad ) .. it just gives you united state. You don’t know if people wants or is from this lame ass country. And maybe it just gives you the country that you are in but I think the game should of given you the opportunity to put the county you want or where you come from. And this review is not to bring anyone down, I understand the creator of this game try his or her best.. but as a guest/customer who’s trying this game, I think that I have the right to speak out my opinion about the game so In the future the creator can fix all the problems I just list out, and make a better game. -Thank you (and also I Ight no Karen I’m just trying to help)
  • I used to have this game and it’s still the best game

    By skkksiee
    I don’t even know how to start..
  • Great game

    By Kharden0511001
    This is a great game except the ads and these people are too easy because their robots so if you could do an online version were we can battle real people that would be awesome but there is just WAY to many ads 😫
  • Frustrated

    By fhjcdhb
    I rated 1 star because I hit the X so no ad to double the points and it still interrupts my game play that is very frustrating when all these games do this and that’s why I uninstall them
  • To easy

    By I love this game!!😉😉😋
    Ok I like the game but it’s way too easy like all I want is for the game to be more challenging but also is it online cause if it is everyone’s really bad but i think it’s just bots.but it should be online though I think so and also after your done pushing one bot it gives u an add sometimes.😐😐😐so that’s it and fix that if u can plz.😊😊😊ty!
  • It would be good but to many ads

    By eeeeeęeeeeeeeee
    There’s to many ads! When I get a kill them move to the next one, a pop up shows, when I close out the pop up, a video ad comes on, when I finish that, another pop us shows, other than that the game is pretty good
  • Too many Ads!

    By KaliKayy
    I like the game and concept but too many ads. I can’t even get to the next level without a ad popping up and then it’s a big ad in the middle of the screen! I deleted it today and I just downloaded it smh
  • Worst game ever!

    By Luis pena castaneda
    This game has an ad every time you win or lose, it gets really excessive after awhile. And this game has bad graphics, players in the game are not actually people, and the levels are so stupid, because you don’t “progress.” At all. So in conclusion, I think this game is a bad game.

    By @arieanna_kay24
    Are you dumb like why the ads there’s no challenge what so ever the people that you push isn’t even a challenge if I could rate this no star I bet everybody would!! GET IT TOGETHER!!! 😑🤨😒🤬🙄🥱it’s boring
  • Too many ads

    By ramenplayz
    The game is great I play it everyday, the problem are the ads. Literally every time you press something you get an ad. And most of the time it’s the same ad every time (Well for me), so maybe change the amount of ads you get other than that this game is amazing
  • Yayyyyyyyyy

    By fattthhhiiiaaa
  • Poop

    By was pooped ob
    It’s great
  • Good game with no challenge

    By g hcvibdindijxkd ve
    Ok so I download this game coming across it from a ad and after my first game I get an ad which I thought was normal but then after every match I get an ad and the challenge is literally 0 my dog could play this game and win that is the challenge level make an online mode or after every round it gets harder the devs did good but they could make it better in so many ways. I was going to write this review a while ago but I just deleted the game and forgot about it then my sister downloads on MY phone so this is why I’m writing this review so you guys can fix it so me and my sister enjoy it and everyone else who installs it. And to the devs of this game push battle could get removed from the App Store if it keeps getting bad reviews
  • It’s a good game but way too many ads

    By ♡Dat boii♡
    I really like the game’s concept, but ads pop up in the middle of my game. And for every time I push a ‘person’ an ad comes on. I know you need to make money somehow, but please try to put less ads. They’re so annoying and obviously no one likes them.
  • It’s great but....

    Ok, the game is AMAZING but... too many ads. Every one game there is an ad. Like literally the ads shouldn’t be so long! I’m very disappointed 😔😡
  • Outrageous Ad Count

    By Mr. PiggyOinkOinks
    This game was fun, but way to many ads. And it’s online so you can’t turn off WiFi. This had potential, but ads ruined it. Every level has an ad. Every time you knock someone over. And some of the ads take up the whole screen when you normally hit no thanks which brings me to the app store. And they were all the same ad. Fix ur game.