Push Battle ! - cool game

Push Battle ! - cool game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-29
  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 241.63 MB
  • Developer: FTY LLC.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 215


Don't fall! This is the only rule! Swipe the screen to the right to attack, Swipe to the left to avoid! Can you win?



  • Soooo many ads it’s annoying 😒

    By kikis house bro
    When you go to the next level it always has to have an ad 😑 I suggest you don't get this game if you don't like ads 🙃 any human being. I Dont LIKE THIS GAME!!!!!
  • I hate force ads on games

    By Luizfso
    It’s sooooo annoying play these games today that force you to watch this Ads in the middle of the game... please developers, learn with the other games that using this as a bonus feature it's really ”nice” and not in a forced way as it now... :/
  • Good job

    By Los gatos se portan bien
    Very cool fun game 😇😇😊😊😇😊😇
  • s⃣t⃣u⃣p⃣i⃣d⃣

    By mayaleri
    This game has like THOUSANDS of ads also how come it isn’t challenging no one is pushing back it’s like the computer is letting u win😡
  • Sooo boring

    By Bb154::
    So I was playing a game on my phone and an ad for this game popped up so I decided to download it so when I was bored I could play this game so I started playing it and I noticed how these so called “players” barely move at all. Then when you win a level you get an ad which is so annoying. If you were able to give 0 stars then I definetly would
  • Love it

    By hfhdhgcng
  • It's okay but...

    By Pumpkinsfunworld
    Well the game is fun in all it doesn't drain your battery but.. the players your battling isn't real it's bots...I want a update that you can battle real people....not bots..
  • awful

    By zackaryg123
    bad game
  • Injmjjjjjsjejeejj

    By tonyst200
  • This is not a game

    By gavinwroteareview
    All this app does is have you play as a character that pushes lifeless characters off of platforms. They will not try to push you, they will not counter you, they MIGHT dodge you if you are the slowest pusher to have ever played. 100,000,000 ads. You may as well just go watch commercials on cable television and skip the Tv show.
  • Not challenging

    By Deadhappyface
    You push one guy off. Then it’s a add.its rinse an repeat. Just a add simulator
  • Awesome

    By ace patric albert
    That’s the best game ever
  • Boring and too much adds 😕

    By duckkyduckduck
    So this game is boring. I would like if through out the levels it get more challenging. In the add of the game it says it is a cool game,well it is NOT. IT IS NOT COOL AT ALL!!! I know I might be a little young to rate this cause I’m 8 but when I found out I just new I had to tell. I have to say that there are just too many adds. No one wants to watch adds!!!! Maybe In the future you would of made this game challenging
  • Bored

    By muppetman19
    In the game you can push and they will dodge but when you are just standing there you both are they don’t push back and it is so annoying and boring
  • 😤🥱🙄

    By Biggy🙃
    This game was boring. No joke I played one round and it was boring and within that one round there was two ads. The game stoped in the middle of a round for an ad. Basically it was boring and to many ads 😕
  • To easy

    By GUYaverage326
    Way to easy uninstalled in 17 minutes
  • 😕

    By efsydtfyvytdf
    No challenge players/people don’t push back
  • Boring

    By Gogogirl21
    The levels don’t get harder as you progress and there is an ad ever 2 seconds.
  • It is a good app but the only problem

    By gussgusxgy ugh s
    Is that it’s not the best app I have had Gooder
  • Ads Galore

    By MissFrugal
    Way too many ads and no way to buy out. Don’t download.
  • Too many ads!

    By NoAverageMuffin
    Not just at the end of levels, but also in between them! You spend more time watching ads then playing the game, which is ridiculous.
  • Its a really cool and good game

    By spooky boi 101
    The reason why I did only three stars is because it kept asking me to rate it and that kinda pees me off
  • no

    By big_bobjr
    this game is only in it for the adds. there is adds ever like 2 battles won even if you don’t choose to watch it. It makes you watch them
  • Is this a serious game? Lol

    By The App Review-ist
    This is a decent concept, but you don’t play real people, they don’t fight you back, and there’s zero challenge. Seems like a cash grab to me, every 10 seconds you beat a level, and then it shows an ad.
  • Why 😟

    By Ashlleey g
    This is trash these “humans” are no reallll they just stand there doing nothing, and why when you beat one they say “YOU WIN!” But you still have like 7 people to beat, and ads like come on man?! Hey mean I can’t go one game with seeing 100 ads at once
  • No 😕👎

    By nessa🧸
    To be honest at first it’s fun but then you realize that the players aren’t real people so you barely get pushed which makes it lame because your not competing against anyone and there is a lot of ads 🙄
  • Good game love it

    By i love apps 👍😀😍
    I love the game so much that I wish I could play it all day long.
  • Idk

    By redwood767
    I just started playing the game but from your reviews it didn’t sound like a good game but I have to see for myself. You people can put all the bad reviews that you want but that shouldn’t determine if other people might want to play this game not everyone is like you people.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By 224bell
    Way too many ads . And plus, there was no challenge whatsoever.
  • bad

    By Braedennj
    way too many ads
  • ADS !!!!

    By bluebird0987654321
    WAY TOO MANY ADS Igor the people aren’t real, then make you have ads every time u push someone down or finish a level !!!!!!
  • Why

    By Your are wasting your time
    This game is a waste of storage otherwise boring but t is pointless and not fun

    By Jayleelovely23
    Omg couldn’t even play to different opponents in a row without a long 30 plus second ad!
  • This game is borderline useless

    By minionrushisnotagoodgame
    I downloaded this game thinking I was gonna have the time of my life, BUT NO! This game is so dumb, the Oompa Loompa looking things don’t do anything but stand there. If anything, you would have a better time talking to a Elkay EZH2O LZS8WSLP Next Generation Water Bottle Refilling Station, Wall Mount, Gray than playing this game
  • Adds

    By Irbche
    Your game has too many adds every round you win there is a add every time. I would play the game more if there were less adds
  • So cool

    By loxx👌
    I love playing this game
  • Trash

    By dy CSS rtgcdrfg
    You fixed the glitch with the leaning in to kill them every time but now I noticed the bots don’t even respond. Your game is a joke get off your lazy butt and develop a real game cause this ones balls
  • not fun at all 🥱

    By applface
    I expected to get a challenge he from this game. But that is FAR FAR FAR from what I got. I really wish that I could have gotten what I expected. I sadly no longer will get any of these types of games. Please if you see this then make the game more challenging. If you do then please contact me because this is very unexceptable
  • Needs to have more to it 😑

    By 13568096431
    This game is fun but it just crashes and I have to exit and go back to play it and I got all the skins in one day and it’s ridiculous 😤 it’s just fun for about 2 hours then it’s just plain boring and its not even challenging and you think your on an easy level but no!
  • Trash

    By mf0052a
    The opponents don’t push back and you’re forced to watch adds every single time you win/lose (2-10 seconds). Not sure why this has high reviews, maybe bots? Don’t be download!!
  • Happy Hour

    By bangityboom
    I love this new app it is great for my new favorite game of the day I love playing this game
  • Okay game

    By TAB335
    It is a ok app but it could use some tweaks.
  • Happy late Christmas

    By big beff4
    This game is so fun but one thing I want it to be challenging no offense but other then that it’s the best and fun game to play you guys make good games and very fun
  • Advertisement bombs

    By vsvygygwtvgvxvshs
    To much ads
  • Nah

    By faze noe
    The game makes you go against a-I players
  • Wth

    By Pwnpwner
    You can only play against the cpu and it’s made to look like humans you can play against.

    By Molly carol
    When I tried this out I was like so excited, but it’s so boring the computer characters don’t even push you!
  • 🥱

    By supremepugman
    This game is boring. There is 0 challenge in it. There are like 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ads. After pretty much EVERY MATCH. there will be a ad. The people you push WONT EVEN FIGHT OR PUSH BACK! And if your a stupid noob and get pushed three times VERY VERY VERY SLOWLY THEN YOU DIE!?!?!? Make the game more challenging you know more than 83% of us want harder right? It’s boring when you play more than 10 levels of the game. I know a good game. Heck I don’t even think Roblox is good! So I really don’t think this game is good. The people are obviously fake robots 🤖 That y’all are trying to tell us are “Real” people form over the country. They aren’t,they are robots. We are NOT stupid ok?!?!?!? We have enough sense to know that. What I want to know is how did this get to #1 on sports? I have nba live mobile and it is WAY WAY better than this,they need to make it more challenging. Am I going to play it? Rarely. Do I like the game much? No. Those are just my thoughts on this game. Thank you.
  • Good

    By CutcoFocoboy13
    Everyone is trash If you were playing this game you are garbage