Marbleous 3D

Marbleous 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-30
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 226.05 MB
  • Developer: Popcore GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 626


Become a marble maze master in this brand new game. Find the right path by knocking marbles against each other, and defeat every level!



  • Easy but calming

    By Dudfgfgtta
    I’m sad it’s already over. It was easy and I played it as a distraction so I was bummed to see that after level 200 it took me back to 1
  • Awful

    By BobBoohimer42
    For most of the levels, you only have one direction to go. There’s no puzzle about it. Very boring.
  • Derek’s Thoughts

    By Wendover from Sam
    This mobile game is ridiculous with the amount of emoji’s and ads it uses. In the beginning, there was an ad for every 7 levels which I believe is reasonable since the screen is caked with smaller ads, but in later levels the video ads are for every two levels which is ridiculous because these aren’t hard levels, also what is the deal with mobile developers marketing, they just seem to enthusiastic in trying to look cool because they know there game is sham with no satisfying content past the five minutes. I highly recommend not getting this game or any mobile games because they always make you a little sadder the more you play them. I will make an exception for the Sonic games made by Christian Whitehead as those are full games with controls that work on a phone. I usually say with these long rambling monologues that its just my opinion so take it lightly, but for this I really want you to think about my views seriously as the less people who play these games, the less of these games exist, which I feel is a good thing as these games were made to exploit people on there phone who are bored, when things like the Switch exist which offer meaty games that are portable, and most of those games are easy enough to understand. Of course of you can’t afford a Switch I completely understand turning to your phone, but there are so many better games than these ones made by Vodoo and others.
  • Need more levels

    By Ham worm
    Keep em coming my fav game
  • pretty fun

    By awesomeness15962
    the games pretty fun but the level of challenge never increased. there also isn’t enough levels to last you more than a few days if you’re bored. overall not a bad app.
  • What Happened?

    By Smile458
    Despite others saying the game is too easy, I actually enjoy it. Yes, it is too easy, especially once you figure out the pattern in the game, however it makes me keep calm and less stressed so I like it. This morning I went to play the game and as usual, I was going through the levels quickly when suddenly I was brought back to level one. I played through the tutorial but the game still did bring me back to my original spot. I still have my balls from passing the levels so I’m not sure if this is a glitch or what? Either way, please fix this. The game is no longer fun when you start from the beginning. The levels keep me coming back and I’m not sure I’ll be playing this anymore.
  • Boring levels

    By Thisappsucksnow837378
    There’s no challenge to this game the levels are way to easy. Got to level 70 in 15 minutes, and there’s no difficulty increase. Lazy developers for a cash grab
  • Omg I’m tired of ads

    By YellowFox0505
    Cool enough game. But you spend half of your time watching 30 second ads
  • I love this app

    By AJ so co
    I love this game
  • Where were you going with this?

    By eddy1991$
    I’m pretty sure this game is for autistic kids. Please stop spamming all my social media with it.
  • Too Long Ads

    By jaynoor
    I installed and deleted after 6th play when I start getting 40sec to 60sec ads. It should be like max 15 sec.
  • Need More

    By Dr_Enword
    Found this game through an app and decided to give it a shot. It’s a fun game that wasn’t difficult but at only 200 levels there are more needed and difficulty could be ramped up. I look forward to more levels and a plethora of different marbles to choose from.
  • To many ads!!!

    By الحب قلبي
    I like this app but I deleted it now because the ads are to many!!!!
  • Utterly Toothless

    By CCPheonix
    I kept waiting for the game to ramp up but when I finished the game’s minuscule 120 levels I found myself thinking “Is that all?” There’s real potential for great, challenging puzzles here, but the game never capitalizes on it. It’s also missing a few quality of life features like a level select. Harmless, and probably pretty fun for younger kids who borrow your phone, but thoroughly unstimulating.
  • Amazing app

    By Frattone
    I love this app it is so fun, and it feels like I’m living the life. I can wake up and go on the phone 📱 and play on it all day and night.It is amazing 😉.
  • Recommend,but

    By hdhehdhfhf
    Unless your willing to pay money to stop ads I would not play. You get an ad about every levels.
  • Good Game, One small problem

    By Keeper Emerson
    It is an excellent game that I can’t stop playing, however I would like a couple more skins, no hate really, excellent graphics really fun and addicting to play.
  • Easy, Simple concept, minor issues

    By Pokeking12
    The game is very easy and approachable with only a few challenging levels in the first 120 levels (and by a few I mean 1-3). The concept is simple making it very approachable but doesn’t allow for much creativity so it gets really stale really fast. Minor issues that make a boring game frustratingly slow. For one the marbles move slowly which is just annoying. Lastly, there are some minor glitches that occur when it comes to using the reset button that cause a minor inconvenience in that it brings up the fail screen even after the bored had reset. Other than that its a standard boring puzzle game to waste time playing.
  • Level select?

    By Tom878787
    I love this game but it would be cool to be able to play some levels again. Maybe even add a favorite button so you can save your favorite levels?
  • Fun!

    By hfjjfhbj
    Good time killer. Just wish not so many ads
  • Not challenging enough

    By cjrich96
    Way too easy, was expecting way more than 200 levels as well..
  • Boring and waste of time

    By VukasVest
    50 levels in and it’s not challenging in the least bit. Ads basically after each level. Some levels are the exact same would not recommend unless you are just learning to walk. Poorly made puzzle game.
  • Challenge

    By ah209541
    Iit needs more challenge
  • I love this game

    By jdkendjskanrje
    This game is so relaxing that I could sit here all day and play it but unfortunately you can’t stay on your phone all day I’ve been really busy and when I’m not this game is the first one I go to I think everyone should have it.
  • Good

    By gfggggggfdfgjfdvj
    It’s kinda easy a few levels took some thinking. But I think the need to add some level. Only 200 levels
  • 👎😡

    By avacado 1
    Boring just unlocked all skins one stands out there’s nothing to do but swiping
  • Too Easy

    By E720bob
    On level 140 right now and the hardest thing is being patient enough to not make the next move before the other ball stops rolling. One of the 130 levels was literally one squiggly line with one option. Do not get this app and waste time trying to find a challenge. Disappointed
  • Simple

    By nunca124
    Pretty fun and simple game. Would like more of a challenge but it helps pass the time. I do like how you get new marbles and colors or patterns
  • Too many ads

    By outlander840
    Too many ads
  • Good game

    By Dimplesny94
    Great mind game.
  • relaxing

    By ninjacon8
    This game is really girl for making you not sad and like if you’re kind of tired he’ll be an easy game
  • Rayne Stephenson

    By Rayne152007
    It was a really fun game but if your someone that has a good brain, and is constantly and their phone, tablet, ex., you might finish the game fast.120 levels is a lot, I just wish there was more levels and marbles to unlock🙂
  • Just a medium for ads

    By kelly24601
    Like, I gave this game a chance. I went through over 120 levels. There's no challenge. At least half the levels are completely linear with no choices to make. It's a very clean game with a lot of promise, but when level 130 still feels like a tutorial level in other puzzle games, you gotta wonder why it exists. And the reason why is ads every couple minutes.
  • Great game!

    By Jon-Boy
    This is a great game! Simple, fun, and progressively challenging!
  • Simplistic

    By Wickedly amazing
    Hard to see how you could ever fail.
  • Baby game for babies

    By Dill Crispy
    There was no challenge, it feels like the point of this game was to show how many different ways they could design 4 different levels. There isn’t any choice until like level 10 and at that point there was only an actual choice like every 4 levels. Even when there was a choice it was so obvious which one worked, meaning 80% of the choices didn’t even require stopping to think. I didn’t make an actual mistake until level 60 or so, and that was just because I was trying to finish each level as fast as I could. Btw if you finish the level while one of the blue marbles is still moving towards the hole it doesn’t count
  • For ages 2-8

    By Dylanindespite
    Definitely for ages 2-8. Made it to level 105 and it never got harder. Very boring game.
  • I don’t get it

    By Divagurl98
    Is the point of the game to get all of the marbles in or just the yellow one? Because on one of the levels I only got the yellow one in and it passed me. If so, what’s the point of the other ones setting off confetti when you get them it?
  • Boring

    By Jarvanes
    Most levels only have 1 possible move and if you dont see it, you better see a doctor. This game was made without effort
  • Seems fun, not challenging

    By WishICouldAccessMyAccount
    Looks fun at first, but it took so long to get to a place where it was challenging. Even then, the most challenging puzzles I would get wrong once, maybe twice. Should ramp up much quicker to be challenging. Or separate levels of difficulty so users can jump right to the difficulty they think serves them
  • Boring

    By Rielle Thomas
    The levels RESET?! Like you get to some level in between 100-200 and it brings you back to 1. Do not download. Not only are the levels easy, but the ads are insane, and all of your progress isn’t even worth it in the end.
  • AD machine

    By Anselwithmac
    This is an unchallenging game that uses satisfying sounds and simple levels to grind out ADs for your viewing. Encountered 3-4 ADs a minute
  • Boring

    By HansBärlach
    This game is about dumb and a half. Way too easy. 200 levels go by way too quickly and it really doesn’t offer any logic exercise. There was only one level that really involved much thinking. If they add more levels, I hope they get tougher.
  • Too easy and short

    By Milly coco $$$$
    Game is too easy and too short. Maybe add more levels with more marbles. Has potential to be fun but never really had to think much on any level.
  • Awesome!!!

    By Soup 🍜🍲🥳
    I know it’s kinda easy out this game is a awesome time waster! yeah that’s all I got to say lol
  • Its a meh game

    By Dhfet
    Only 200 levels that are not hard at all. An ad every 2-3 levels? Really? I essentially watched/skipped at least 80 ads before i finished the game
  • Skip it and save your self the time

    By literally anybody
    The best part of this game is that I realized it wasn’t worth my time before shoving ads down my throat
  • App for Ads

    By Wolf9292
    All the levels are easy. They show an ad every other level.
  • Easy and boring

    By cuemarie
    Feels like it exists to chuck ads at you; never gets challenging