Turbo Stars

Turbo Stars

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-26
  • Current Version: 1.8.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 289.15 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 189 583


Race and compete with other opponents in awesome tracks with different obstacles and ramps. Be the best of the best and beat the rest!



  • Too easy

    By r you kidding me😹
    All you need to do camp the egle Edit:the guy with the money is a big BOT.
  • I love love love love this games it is perfect

    By hcgixhkcnvluckuciyxhlc
    I love love love love love love love love this but I have just thing could fix it’s fine if don’t but I hope you do it’s that bad i think it just about when i play the game it glitches and the adds gliching but yeah other than that this game is perfect 🤩 and I love this game so much and I hope you like my review so I hope that everyone knows this app is the best Thanks for reading
  • Hi love it.

    By Photoop123
    I love it no question. I just like it.
  • Turbo stars

    By Nicky 62
    This is the best game I have ever played you’ll have to play this game
  • Ok

    By jabariDeltana
    A D B L O C K
  • First Ever

    By xXMrRobloxianBoyXx
    I got the astronaut skin way back in janurary. I was so happy to get it first ever, gosh I deserve an award. This game really works too! It should get respected!
  • A few ideas, one glitch.

    By nya the first
    Hello! To the possibly and hopefully a developer reading this, i have some awesome ideas to up the anti, increase the fun, and make the gameplay even more enjoyable. Now, dont get me wrong, this game is amazing! I understand if your happy with the final piece, and would prefer not to tweak it to my exact liking. Im completely fine with that! I just had some ideas i thought would be cool to add if the game is still in development. Idea #1. Color and Pattern Shop. We all love the colors- the issue is, we cannot pick certain ones. I was imagining it an extra tab to add onto the ‘Shop’ menu. It would have dots or splotches of color with prices underneath, and the player would use their coins or currency to purchase it. Normal colors of the rainbow would be 2$ and in a row. Pastel colors could be 5. Textures could be either 20-200 (depending on the texture) and there could be neon colors for 500-1,000. The reason i say the neon colors would cost so much? Well, they would be neon of course! Not neon as in vibrant and bright, actual skins with their own glow and aura that stand out from the rest. This would make the player have more of an inspiration, as they have a goal for a certain skin. This also means they must work harder, and PLAY THE GAME more! - Idea #2. Custom boards. If you paid a bunch of money possibly, you could open up some kinda tab or setting and press a orange and yellow button with the words: ‘CUSTOM BOARD’ or ‘CUSTOM BOARD CREATOR’ or something like that. The player can click on it, and a blank normal skateboard would be on the screen. From there, the player can customize it almost fully. They may change the body of it, (ex. Making it a blank donut, pair of skates, wheel, etc) To their liking! It would be up to you as far as how much each part would cost based off the rarity. Then you can save up and buy certain spray paints and brushes and all that and maybe even stickers to customize the board! You’ll also be able to change the wheel style and kind. Idea #3. Custom Terrain Styles! Imagine how your perspective on the game is now. Random terrain and background.. kind of bland once you’ve seen it all. But imagine this; you can go into the settings and press the ‘CHANGE BACKGROUND’ button to spice up your experience! By pressing this, the player can either press a camera icon within that setting to choose a background from their gallery, or they can choose from the game’s premade styles. Then, the gameplay will be more specific, but also more enjoyable. Idea #4. Changeable Character Bases. Yes, you can change the skin. Yes, you may equip one of the humanized or detailed ones. But i mean the model in general. For example, if you went in settings and you were a girl, you'd switch the toggle button to the ‘girl. ‘ and the skin will remain, and your base human will look as if they have a dress or a female bob hairdo. Im not sure. This is one of the more minor features i can care less about if added in. Still, not everyone is non binary. FINALLY- If your still reading the review- idea #5. Accessories. You get skins and all that, but eventually you get bored with them. So far, you’ved changed your background, added a skirt, made your own board, and played with all the newer features. But your already bored. The player would go into the shop, and get accessories they can buy with currency. (Im even alright with simpler things- like extra hairdos, top-hats, eyepatches, body modifications like peg legs or maybe a robot limb, etc) and the last thing on this review- that bug. When you go too fast, you phase through a ramp. For example, i was going super fast. I spun in a short tunnel and i went so fast i turned at the last minute, hitting the ramp enough for me to partially go up it for a split second. Then my camera twitched, and i had phased through sed ramp. Please add or fix these things. If not, thats fine. Thanks to all the nerds and devs who had the potential to read my snooze-fest of a review to the very end.
  • To awesome

    I love this game 5 out of 5 [email protected]
  • Alisha James Review

    By KellzCincy
    This game is really fun,I love the way I can play with others.I love the way that you get amazing prizes.
  • This game is good download it now

    By davett11
    So I used to be pro very very good at the game I still I’m the game is so fun u can get addicted to u can race against people so download it now hope I have a great day
  • Ads

    By karrington c
    I looked at the comments and there were saying good stuff ab the game which is true but the abs😩there is sooo many ads it’s crazy I could barley play the game
  • Game is great! But..

    By catloverandrobloxlover
    Ok, so the game is overall super fun. The only problem I have is whenever I press “no thanks” for an extra 10 or whatever number %, it still goes to an add. It’s very annoying. No matter how hard I try I I not accidentally press the extra % button, it still goes to an add. Like 90% of the time it’s all adds. Please fix it.
  • I’m confused

    By poopsoup433
    The add said if I won I could go to Japan I am not in Japan false advertising
  • You can’t go to the customizer page of some sort!

    By Is it good?123🤔
    I love this game a lot but now we can’t go to the page to customize your self oh sorry I didn’t notice it so five stars!
  • The best skate board game ever

    By Lenaapple1974
    I love this game
  • Soooo fun 🤩

    By momvivivlhigi
    Cats love you
  • Love it

    By NoMuttsWithNuts
    Just I’m about to download this game again because I had to delete it because I’m only allowed to have two on here. My tablet. I love it
  • To many adds

    By #good but can be better
    I love this game but it has way to many adds even if you don’t get anything but it is a great game
  • Yes and no

    By zzzzcccccccddddddttttttttt
    I like the game but I don’t like that it’s bots playing because I wanna play against real people and yeah but this one bot it’s just give me creepy vibes and I don’t like that
  • Pretty Good!

    By Kariswears
    Ok, I love this game! But please make the videos go away! It’s very enjoying. I’m sorry it’s short, but I don’t have many thoughts about the game other than amazing, awesome, epic, and fun! You guys did a great job making the game!
  • So fun

    By tggfgfcggffgvvggvvv
    I❤️this game it is so FUN
  • Ummmmm

    By Jayden arvizu
    So I kill the guy with the golden skates all THE TIME Because he’s good! Is he a bot or a real person?
  • Monopoly dude?

    By Magnolia Seeger
    This game is awesome I love it but one thing that’s confusing me is that in every round there’s a monopoly dude. He’s in every round I play and I don’t think other people have time to play all the time and he’s obviously super fast and programmed to do that. But other than that there’s not a lot of adds so that’s good. This is a great game I would totally recommend it even for the smaller kids and older kids.but every time I play I win witch is why I think I’m playing agenst CPUs which is why I think you should add a mode we’re you can play agenst real people. Please respond editors.
  • Love it!!!

    By Chicago wyatt
    Best game ever!!! Love it :) =)
  • Add some new stuff

    By just like MAD MAX
    I love the game I love playing it the next update can you add like 2 wheeled bikes and regular running please it would be so fun 😃Please add this in the next update I will be looking forward to this in the next up date have a nice day 😃 and keep up the great work 👍🏾.
  • Good app

    By billys world8
    This app had been a really good choice to download I love it and I’m so far in and it’s super addicting but the ads would be better to be not as much of them popping up, and the guy in the top hat and and the old people fancy clothes always is faster and if he dies or gets hit he teleports infront of you pls fix this thanks

    By lomofkk
    I like this game but I get tired of it cause of the ads. The ads can get annoying and tiring. Tbh it’s ␈
  • Amazing

    By Pickles pink
    This game is amazing its not a wast
  • So much fun 🤩

    By hygffhdfby
    I love the game and it is awesome I wish I could be inside the game and it was great but it crashes on me while playing it but I found it really was fun and when you get uses to it that’s when the game gets fun and so much more fun and more challenging thing is the accessories . I hope you have a great time with the great game 🤩🥳🤗😻

    By belbelbelbelbelbelbelbelbelbel
    I think this game is good for passing time but there are a couple things that I would like to change. 1. Whenever you win a certain amount of times you can get a new character or something like that, but in order to do so, you have to watch an ad. If you can win, then you should get rewarded without having to watch an ad. 2. When you get the chest, you can't get the "big" prize without watching an ad. I pick middle every time when I get the chest, and I've probably open around 100 chests and I'm not exaggerating. The one time that I didn't pick middle, I watched an ad to get more keys and guess what, it was in the middle. So the chests are rigged. 3. Last but not least, you should be able to get more coins in the actual race. If I race like 5 races and then do the bonus level, I can only upgrade like 1 thing, and I'm only at like 120% for my upgrades. All in all, this is great game, but these things really annoy me. It would make this game better if you could fix those problems. Thank you!
  • Love it

    By fhgggcdljfjfjf
    I had this game and I liked it but I deleted it and now I’m going to get it back because it is so good. I like the tricks and power ups.

    By rkqoene bwlal wbsnqkqnwbe
    The game is good but the steering needs to be fixed....game doesn’t listen to you
  • Too many ads!🤬😠😡😤🙎🙎🏾‍♀️

    By Itz_CasieYT
    So Every Time Press Claim without an ad an ad pops up Pls Fix ALSo NO ADS PLZZZzZZZ
  • Trash

    By goldscar21
    This game is a walking add you get 10-30 seconds of the game then 45 seconds of an add every single time you beat a level this is one of the worst created games I’ve ever played.
  • Awesome

    By ROBLOX GAMER 2021
    On my old phone now I have a iPad the game is great!
  • Dear readers

    By taymombfrt
    I love this game I thought it was a bad game at first it not I love it a lot it’s the best game ever it’s fun coolest game
  • The finest game ever

    By aisleu dhxjj
    Fun hard
  • Deserving of 5 stars

    By 1839948494939
    This game is so good and when I say good I mean good very great the best I didn’t think it would be this go deserving of 5 stars
  • IWantskates

    By cool guy 10293848576
  • Very good but few suggestions

    By Nia😼
    Hello! So I really enjoy this app and its a total time waster. For example when im on a long trip or like a 3 hour drive I can just eat snacks and watch youtube. Youtube is a time waster also but— I feel like turbo stars is a really good one. I can just watch youtube, but I stop playing turbo stars after like 2 hours and watch youtube the rest. Here are the suggestions: 1. To much ads! Theres wayy to many ads. Like after I finish a race is boosts up the thing. When i click “No thanks” it just makes me watch an ad, so I would take that out. I know you want money but people won’t download the game if there’s too many ads. 2. Expensive items! The items in the game are to expensive like literally you have to grind on the game to get a good skin, so I would lower the prices. Those are all my suggestions, I really recommend this game!
  • It’s so cool

  • Yeah, no /:

    By Papi trump=🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
    Although it is fun game, after a few rounds it get old, and repetitive. There are adds at every turn, all of the “people” you are facing are ai generated, and the characters have awful quality.
  • I love it

    By jt come on
    It is great and all but a lot of ads
  • This game is my favorite! But...

    By Ñ,ñ.
    I love this game it is addictive and fun but simple. The ads are not a lot but the only thing I don’t like is that every ad loads fine but on the bonus levels when I choose an ad for the vip prize, it loads. All ads work but the ones that are useful. Other than that this game is the best thing I’ve ever seen :)
  • .

    By AphaKennyBody
    This game, at first, seems pretty fun. I was ecstatic to try it out. But then I played it. It was horrible, the steering, the EVERYTHING! Every time I press no to view the ads, it shows me them anyways. I might as well watch the ads, than click no. This game was a waste of my time. It's like any other awful mobile game I see on ads.
  • Bicth

    By hehsyeb
    It’s good
  • I win

    By bambam6375637
    Because l win all the time
  • Very stupid

    By Cuteirpie
    This is stupid but fun
  • Great!

    By thought of time and space
    This game is amazing and I don’t see any problems with it.