Turbo Stars

Turbo Stars

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-09-26
  • Current Version: 1.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 290.44 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 180 102


Race and compete with other opponents in awesome tracks with different obstacles and ramps. Be the best of the best and beat the rest!



  • The finest game ever

    By aisleu dhxjj
    Fun hard
  • Deserving of 5 stars

    By 1839948494939
    This game is so good and when I say good I mean good very great the best I didn’t think it would be this go deserving of 5 stars
  • Absolute poop

    By hdjsfk
  • IWantskates

    By cool guy 10293848576
  • Very good but few suggestions

    By Nia😼
    Hello! So I really enjoy this app and its a total time waster. For example when im on a long trip or like a 3 hour drive I can just eat snacks and watch youtube. Youtube is a time waster also but— I feel like turbo stars is a really good one. I can just watch youtube, but I stop playing turbo stars after like 2 hours and watch youtube the rest. Here are the suggestions: 1. To much ads! Theres wayy to many ads. Like after I finish a race is boosts up the thing. When i click “No thanks” it just makes me watch an ad, so I would take that out. I know you want money but people won’t download the game if there’s too many ads. 2. Expensive items! The items in the game are to expensive like literally you have to grind on the game to get a good skin, so I would lower the prices. Those are all my suggestions, I really recommend this game!
  • It’s so cool

  • Yeah, no /:

    By Papi trump=🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
    Although it is fun game, after a few rounds it get old, and repetitive. There are adds at every turn, all of the “people” you are facing are ai generated, and the characters have awful quality.
  • I love it

    By jt come on
    It is great and all but a lot of ads
  • This game is my favorite! But...

    By Ñ,ñ.
    I love this game it is addictive and fun but simple. The ads are not a lot but the only thing I don’t like is that every ad loads fine but on the bonus levels when I choose an ad for the vip prize, it loads. All ads work but the ones that are useful. Other than that this game is the best thing I’ve ever seen :)
  • .

    By AphaKennyBody
    This game, at first, seems pretty fun. I was ecstatic to try it out. But then I played it. It was horrible, the steering, the EVERYTHING! Every time I press no to view the ads, it shows me them anyways. I might as well watch the ads, than click no. This game was a waste of my time. It's like any other awful mobile game I see on ads.
  • Bicth

    By hehsyeb
    It’s good
  • I win

    By bambam6375637
    Because l win all the time
  • Very stupid

    By Cuteirpie
    This is stupid but fun
  • Great!

    By thought of time and space
    This game is amazing and I don’t see any problems with it.
  • Ioveing it

    By Jhorst316
    It it amasing
  • The cup song

    By Ja'Niaya
    First, my fakery song is the cup song. Next my song is all of that and now thank you for all that you have done.
  • Plz stop adds

    By ljkhngnmjjkjnhj
    Like when i don’t want to get that still put me on the add
  • DK review

    By A1B0T BR14N
    I love the game. I deleted the game because I had it for a long time . I’m getting it again but I can’t. I think you need to fix some thing.
  • Good but make multiplayer

    By DudeTai
    Game’s great it’s one those time passer games but it manages to be a solid stick man game but almost amazing if it had no ads
  • I won’t let me play

    By fjdnx Nd bgtbfbfncjdjjdc
    Your game will kick me out of the app. I have used this app in the past and I had no problems but now I do
  • How...

    By Luis/Sans
    My only question is how do you switch the vehicle.
  • Amazing

    By fhddghg
    I love this game so much it is just so amazing
  • Judah

    By judah edouard
    I think the game is great I think they can make it better and I think they can add different modes
  • Game keeps crashing when i open it.

    By khareed
    I have a little problem everytime i go to the app and open it, it just goes to a gray screen and then crashes. Idk whats wrong with it is it a bug or something if it is can you please fix it i wanna play this game agan.
  • ADS

    By cfbsucks
  • Starsss

    By KhalilGakz
    It’s good for relieving stress
  • So this game..

    By Jessie_superfan
    This game is really fun! I honestly love the concept and everything, and I love all the skateboards, and skates and such (my favorite are the skates :3) Anyway, I’ve been playing the game for a while now, and noticed something kind of odd. It’s pretty small, not some gamebreaking glitch or anything. But me and my friends at first thought it was pretty funny! So, I was racing right? And I’m in 11th place, but that’s not what it says on the screen. Right up there, at the top, where is says what place you’re in, it says “11st”. And I’m like I don’t think that’s a number but it’s fine. So basically, great game, small issue, but it’s like, if they don’t fix it immediately or at all, the game still works so it’s fine with me!! Keep up the great work, Dev/Devs of Turbo Stars!! Sincerely, Jessiesuperfan P.S., I even got the latest updated version of the game and it’s still there! Just by the way. :)
  • It’s ok

    By nay nau lol
    So I was skeptical so I downloaded it it was good I level up and loved it then the ads after each round came I know you do it for money but it was annoying not clicking watch ad and then ads still came please fix it and I will give it a better review
  • How do you change your ride?

    By Knuckles19910623
    This is a really fun game but I was wondering, how do you change vehicles? Every time I select roller skates or a monocycle it just makes me use a skateboard. Is this a glitch, or do I need to unlock them?
  • I like this game but...

    By Gameergirl536820
    I wish you could wear a mask why having a human skin on i was going to make a cool skin with a mask but the game does not let me do that so Yeah but the game is fine
  • The ads

    By Bowties1
    I played the game it was pretty good but, my biggest problem is whenever I was playing another game on my phone it said,”If you win you can go to Japan”. And like come on, you can’t tell people that especially if there’s kids there gonna get this games, but then there just gonna get disappointed , I mean idk it’s just a little messed up.
  • Bad review

    By Kylie Ann Guiher
    I saw this game I thought it was different but I was wrong you should not get this game. It is just a Another model.
  • Email

    By eidjdhe
  • Nice game

    By CarsyFZV
    Awesome it’s the beat game for when ur board but I don’t like the bots I think I’m sooo good but then I realize it’s just bots there needs to be real players to make this awesome app more awesome.
  • Good but

    By Ash_ashmie_ashley
    I hate all the ads when I play a game I just wanna play there’s an ad after every round. It’s a good game though
  • Hard to move my character

    By Gaelfranco
    4 stars
  • Very Playable

    By xXMrRobloxianBoyXx
    This game is so good. It should really a bit fix some bugs though, but I am level 231. I am close to get the astronaut :D
  • ?????

    When am I going to Japan
  • Cool game!!!👍🏼🦖🦕🎸

    By star810
    I love this game it is AWESOME I play it all day. I have nothing bad to say at this game you should get it😎
  • Good

    By cathiebran1
    I think this game is really good because 2021 starting off with a new skateboard always the best thing

    By ghtyeigdyjfuggjfukncgjnvh
    This game is the best except for one thing:The Bugs.I know that in the update it said bug fixes but I do not think you did it well enough 🤔 Other than that this is the best game ever!Thank you for making this game! Love,A True Turbo Stars Fan
  • Don’t need one

    By msr. beast
    I love the skin use the way I just started playing
  • Hi

    By esdlddf
  • Cool game

    By gloomy day night
    I like it a lot, it is fun for kids
  • Great

    By Opcjusz
  • Too Many Ads

    By ToasterBread123
    after every round you get a 30 second ad that’s more than the round

    By randomwierdname
    This game has multiple problems, including (1) ADS ADS ADS, (2) the levels are almost the same, and the bonus ones are just color swaps, (3) the upgrades are all cosmetics (when will you learn). Overall not worth wasting your time but it’s free so it doesn’t matter.
  • 10000000 Extremely good

    By mals0831
    100% really good
  • False advertising

    By X_Gamer242
    In the ad of this game it said if i won i can go to japan but when i got first place and won nothing happened this game is bad for false advertising, i might even sue the company who made this game for not getting my ride to japan.