Countdown App

Countdown App

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2019-10-03
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 24.18 MB
  • Developer: Ryan Boyling
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.1 or later.
  • Rating Count: 18 768


Your countdown is waiting. Based on the horror movie Countdown, this app will predict exactly how long is left. Tag us in your countdowns using #CountdownApp and #CountdownMovie to be featured in the app. The wait is over... Experience COUNTDOWN - Now Playing in Theaters. --- --- --- --- WARNING: This application may not be suitable for users with epilepsy. This application contains vibrations, sounds, music and use of your iPhone torch in order to create the horror experience. --- --- --- --- Disclaimer: this app is for entertainment purposes. Results should not be taken seriously.



  • This app gives me the creeps....

    By cakeswitdasouctw
    It was the weekend which means for some of us to be lazy and do nothing, but it also means to go hang out with someone or family members. Well me, my brother, my mom, and my step sister went to the mall to look and buy things. As my mom drove their my step sister looks at me and tells me about the movie countdown and how there’s an app which is apart of the movie she said that she downloaded the app and said she had 36 years 276 hours 72 minutes and 48 seconds. As we enter the mall I kept on telling her about how much hours days and seconds she had left and she kept on showing me her phone. When we went back to the house I quickly installed the app and saw that I had only 34 years 68 hours 52 minutes and 6 seconds as the scaredy-cat I already am I had freaking out because my step sis had more then I have and I felt scared that I was gonna die before she dies “but again it’s just an app” I thought to myself. After a few minutes has passed we went to go inside because we where outside and it was getting hot. We sat down on the couch and I quickly deleted the app. “Why did you delete it?” Said my step sister. “Look at this!” I said in such horror. I had checked the review and it talked about how her sister died from installing this app. We really wasn’t sure if it was true but just in case it was she quickly deleted that app and we never installed that app again.
  • Scariest day of our life

    By fattyy 101
    Me and my friends tana James Charles downloaded the game for fun on James phone and it said 30 seconds later James went to the store and never came back and we got scared so tana called him and he said he was at the store because he washed so hungry and so he called Shane Dawson to come over and Shane came over and down loaded the game and it said 7 years left and he was so happy. Later I called James and he said that he was at the mall with Jeffrey star and the brought a makeup pallet for a video. After Jeffrey went home and James drove alone sksk grrr and he went missing. So me and tana and Shane called him and he said he was sleeping
  • Tango miedo😭😵

    By chwparra
    Bruh I’m scared 😱
  • an actual review (not a bot)

    By Imjustanyotherperson
    i got bored and downloaded it. i later deleted it. if you really think about it, all these reviews are like “dOn’T dOWnLoAd iT! sO aCCurAte!” spoiler alert-it’s not. Really? You srsly believe that all this stuff wouldn’t be on the news already? Probably paid volunteers to promote this app. Get it if you want to but i think it’s only for fun and not supposed to be taken seriously.
  • Don’t download

    By FELX_my_nigg*
    It killed my friends
  • What the heck

    By can i get vbck
    You are trying to get pictures or something because you are glitching my camera
  • YES

    By DeadGuy420
    yes, this works! I finally was able to see when i will die and the day has finally came! I am so happy to be dead right now, and i would like to thank my mom for all of her efforts in life!
  • I’m bored

    By Sage.bk
    I have 11 years left and idk what to do i feel like I’m waiting till I die
  • FAKE

    This is fake as hell
  • This app is not real

    By bloodyymaryyyy
    Don’t take this app seriously it’s not real it’s just a scary movie. Those who believe it is not real don’t believe it is just for entertainment 💯
  • Just don’t download this app

    By its_paytøn
    This app scared the sh*t out of me tho
  • So I tried pranking my mom

    By #Supermanisalive
    My mom saw that I got this app, and she tried to delete it. Next thing, she felt an electric shock come from my phone. It said my user agreement was broken. And all of a sudden it changed to a different countdown, I assumed it was my mom’s. I attempted to delete the app but it kept going down. It went 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and now she’s passed out next to me. What the hell do i do?! I checked her pulse and I don’t think she’s breathing. Please. Tell me what I should do!
  • I wanna feckin die

    By Matyix
    Love the app, I enjoy watching the seconds until I die. I also love the alarm feature, what’s better than waking up at 3:00 am to ring around the Rosie with scary sounds. I also love the light show, when my flashlight spams and gives me epilepsy. This app is the absolute best. I especially loved it when I died when the timer hit zero, thanks to my killer to make my dream true( I’m writing this from the underworld). 10 out of 10 would die to this app again.

    By HannahChaffin
    Three days ago me and my sister got this,we thought it was fake I got 191 day she got 2 days when that passed there was a lock down at her school. She died. XD this was fake 🤘🏻😝

    By lolo.laoz,a.oaol
  • Not real

    By Studaddy7
    My timer said that I would die in 4 days and I am not dead uechsjd
  • don’t download this

    By alina and peppa
    i was downloading this as a joke and it said that i had 2 hours to live and i didn’t think much of it but next thing i know james charles and peppa pig started to chase me. i strongly don’t recommend this app😭
  • What is happening

    By Official_alycat621_123
    I downloaded this app when I first heard of it and I’m like cool whatever, but at school like last week I was showing it to my friend and whenever it hit the ten second mark my phone flashlight flashed. I’m so confused as to why my phone flash’s when it hits the ten second mark

    By RembrandtXIV
    Me and my friends downloaded this app as a joke and then a bunch flashing lights went off and Randy Orton came outta nowhere and RKO’d us all
  • Fake as f**k

    By t seri
    Mine had 2 days left and now it is 13 days past that. Fake as f**k
  • Super spooky!!1111!!

    By Douvbt
    so i was looking on my countdown and it sadid 88 days.. then the next day it said 87 days and it was super scary.. so then i played wizArd 101. The end!!!

    By lilkuntree
    Me and my friend were tripping out and having fun with all day and I got two videos with him acting a fool on the app

    By angelinauwu
    This app scared me for a little after I watched the. Movie I downloaded it and I had one year and I was scared as freak I was with my older brother rand his friend when I saw I had one year left to live but I read the description and now I know it’s fake but I got scared at first but after all we were laughing in the end
  • Not worth it

    By Justinflesch
    I downloaded it as a joke and it said I had 9 years left and honestly I was disappointed because I know it will be sooner ;)
  • Heyyy

    By 🤪🐦🐦
    U guys are retarded if u believe this
  • Something is wrong

    By maymay :)
    Okay so first I was at a sleepover with my cousin and we both downloaded it like just for fun and right know it said countdown broken something like that but it like shocked me so like I don’t know what wrong
  • Yeet

    By MusicalAngel2006
    I died four days ago
  • 😣

    By vgthedj
    When I went on it said 3 days then it past 3 days it was at night my phone would not stop flashing then when I woke up there was blood on the floor in my parents room I went back to sleep and when I looked left Ronald McDonald was in my bed (THIS IS NOT A JOKE)

    By alushisaad
    Don’t download this app. Not because of the countdown we all know it’s fake as hell. The reason you should Not download this app is because the flashlight keeps on flashing over and over and it does not stop until you close the app. My phone kept on flashing and my phone kept on vibrating and now my flashlight button doesn’t work.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Confused

    By cnaysiaaa
    why does it say user agreement broken??? I only had one day left and this happened
  • This is weird

    By Tokoyo UwU
    So.... I downloaded the app a while back and it said I have 27 days...So I deleted it. And then I downloaded it again the next day and it said I have 1 year. So I thought it was fake but then my friend dared me to download it again so I did. And so got 6 hours. My friend was scared but I still thought it was fake since the first and second time I downloaded it, it was different times. So me and my friend waited and waited and It was down to 10 minutes. My friend started actually getting terrified but I told her nothing would happen so I closed the app. Me and her started playing video games to calm her down but then she told me to check the app. So I did and 10 minutes already passed but.... it says in big letters on the screen “User Agreement broken” and it was flashing red numbers and flashing my phone flashlight.....What do I do? ;w;

    By alliee,j,amy,lora,nick
    plz don’t me and my group of friends download this as a joke we all were laughing at the flash light then we realized this wasn’t fake my one friend got 1 day 54 seconds the rest of us laughed , a day went by my friend was still alive we were still all together that one friend was about to leave and we didn’t like the way her mom looked she looked like momo we didn’t want her to leave but her mom forced her .we had school the next day ,so we went to school together but that one friend .when we got there she didn’t show up so we all got worried but we didn’t think to much about it till are school got put in lock down and we heard over the announcement. saying “your friend is dead we are here to kill all you” me and my friends and i got really scared we were all texting are parents scared as hell ,we were just sitting in the corner and we looked at the window and it looked like momo and james charlie’s mix and are friends organs on them they screamed “we are coming to get u next “ they pointed at me i got really scared bc i looked at the app and it said i had 1 hour left my alive friends had about 3 hours ... next thing are parents looked at the news and it said that all of us were killed my james and momo .
  • :/

    By Battle Chicken
    I’m still alive and that is a disappointment in and of itself
  • Just for fun

    By jdbdjdbdxhbdvdjsiddbchfn
    Don’t take this serious‼️🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Who’s letting these little kids write reviews

    By Nats404
    So I got the app. I had like a month and a half to live or something and I wanted to know what the app did when I “died”. I posted what happens on my Instagram highlights (@___nathan_f___) and nothing too special happened. It just said “User Agreement broken” while spamming a bunch of years. Don’t believe all these kids with their parents’ phones, but who does anyways?
  • Not Real

    By this app is sksksk fake
    All these reviews are saying it’s real when it’s not. Everyone is trying to scare you into thinking it’s real, trust me it’s not. My cousin and I downloaded it and it said I myself had 5 days. Well here I am 2 weeks later writing this review. This app is just for entertainment
  • omg

    By yoda44y_666
    Omg my friend got soooooo scared while using this app, it was 11pm sharp when her phone went off going crazy oh lord bless her
  • rip bryson

    By jivzan
    my friend downloaded this app a couple months ago and the other day we were all hanging out and it said he had a day to live, we all laughed about it. he started telling us he was short of breath then we rushed him to the hospital cause he turned purple... he died that next morning. DONT GET THE APP😭 rip bryson
  • PLEASE DONT Download this app

    By shebdhenxi
    So I was bored so I download this app it’s said 4 years and 95 days 20 minutes and 50 hours and 10 seconds then I Close the app then it said I had five days left 😳😳😳😳😳😳 know right you should not download this app and my friend download the app IT SAID HE HAD 1 MINUTE rip my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Omg

    By ZisIsGoodFood
    ok i got this app as a joke but it actually said user agreement broken and now i'm going crazy, but i lm not really sure if it's real cus life is normally torture so it okay i guess
  • Good luck....whit destiny👻

    By wendy_slime
    It’s good but you should make it more scary like the movie I loved the movie and maybe there might be a countdown 0.02 idk but I like it. You should make the app bigger like the movie 30.17

    By _s_o_c_k_
    I downloaded the app and then it said 45 years and other stuff and I get out the app and go back on and it starts going crazy my flashlight turns on and off and it’s start singing ring around the Rosie and making my days seconds years and minutes turn in many diffrent numbers and I get scared and I delete the app and I’m only nine years old why did you even make this app now I won’t be able to sleep like cmon who created this thanks now I won’t be able to sleep
  • Ya mom

    By Ya Dad gave me head
    Tell god I said wassup bcuz the app is saying how much time I have to live. So also say wassup to ya mom for me Nd tell her I’m waitin in the bed. Goodnight
  • It’s real

    By hefty bag
    I downloaded as a joke with my friend and mine said 4 years and hers said 4 minutes we were laughing till dr phil showed up and booty bumped her to death 😭😭😭😭😭
  • This app is terrible

    By itzyeeboii69
  • this is so scary 🤯🤯🤯👿

    By Ralphandmia
    This app made Indian tech supporters come to my house 😡
  • Sksksk and I oop

    By ~•💎CrystalDollYT💎•~
    a vsco girl came to kill me
  • 🤭

    By Ilovepuppiestoo
    I love this app! It’s actually a lot of fun. It gives off a sort of haunted house vibe if you know what I mean. It has flashing lights and my favorite part is the vibrating that feels like a heart beat! The people that believe it’s real tho 🤡🤡🤡 10/10 app See y’all in 35 years 🤭
  • Nice

    By JReel 303
    I died a week apparently