Coin Trip

Coin Trip

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-09
  • Current Version: 1.0.487
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 340.36 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 7 639


Join other players worldwide to build your destinations and to compete against your friends to get ahead! The epic jungles of Madagascar, sunny Maldives, always on-a-move New York and many other destinations are waiting for you. Start your Coin Trip! Features: • Unlock new travel destinations every week • Build and develop your travel spots • Attack and raid your friends for more treasure • Hit the jackpot and other valuable prizes • Defend against intruders with the shields • Claim the top of the Leaderboard Support: Any questions or comments? Contact us at:



  • Nah

    By Byos__
    Terrible game. Never get shields, never can upgrade. Never get any of the attacks or raids, just deleted. Sorry
  • Market game packs out of control.

    By roseylee0211
    My 6 year old son purchased a 100.00 game pack. I asked for a refund immediately and it’s not being granted. I don’t have 100.00 for a game ! They market and target children and it’s disgusting.
  • The game

    By PhilEK9
    Just a great time game. Thank you
  • Coin trip

    By 318 Bernice
    This game is no fun you took away the chests. Its really no point in playing anymore. Boring game now
  • 👎🏾

    By shanatsaunders
    Needs to go back to the way it was
  • Glitch

    By Ryan42901
    You log in and collect your gifts and if you close the app and then reopen it you can get the gifts again it takes the purpose out of the game
  • No puzzles

    By elvairene
    Still don’t see the puzzles that were in the ad
  • Spins

    By TrishB1973
    You need to bring back the option of watching ads to earn free spins.
  • Opinions

    By howlyn1
    Fun but wish there was a full set of directions so I wasn’t guessing what to do
  • Beware

    By 18509pa
    Paid for 160 spins and got nothing. Customer service is a joke and, told me to check my account? Also write all my purchases we attorney was contacted....clerk is researching this company.
  • No for me

    By marrelli1988
    This game is stupid all the hand does is make you auto spin it's annoying
  • Missing videos

    By Marie1274
    I no longer have videos to watch for free spins and coins can this be fixed?
  • Not as advertised

    By Captain Jr.
    This is the worst games i ever played so far! It is way different from what they advertised. Don't waste your time on downloading this mess.
  • Rosstar

    By larjake
    Great fun knowledgeable relaxing game more fun than all other coin raid games history information great idea as extra bonus!!!🤗🙏😁😎😂😤😅🤣👍🏿
  • Mr

    By phillip436
    Love the game
  • Was great

    It was good till the last update. Can’t buy chest anymore
  • Reseña

    By latexanita70
    Súper cool
  • Not happy with last download

    By Shadoe8226
    I’ve had game for a long time. I love it. But with last download it changed a lot of the features. You use to be able to watch a short video and get a free spin every so often now not at all. Sad. I hope you fix it back. I’m not to fond of game anymore vicki
  • Thank you

    By JenAllyTara
    Lots of fun, fun fun enjoy entertainment love it great
  • New update

    By Purple Buddah
    I really enjoyed the game until I recently updated the app and not Liking the new update!!! Unfortunately I will be deleting game no chance to get free spins or money 👎🏻
  • Great game

    By Ebony Jet111
  • Jritz1

    By jritz67
    It’s a fun game
  • Better then Coinmaster

    By Dounothisgirl
    I love this game it’s new to me but I love it different n just my type
  • Where are the puzzle pieces???

    By wa_rebel
    Ok so the game as a whole is fun and yes addicting But for months now and yes I mean months I have not received any new puzzle pieces so getting the chest has be come more of a nuisance then anything. Also on the 4 grid raids you think your doing good and no matter what square you tap you get the :10 and all the coins go away, once in awhile is bad luck every single time is getting cheated.. these are things that should be fixed and sooner rather than later.. if not for those issues this would be a 5 for 5 stars... I actually stretched giving 3..
  • Coin trip

    By DarrinKenda
    This game is addictive. I love it
  • Love the game

    By MelphHopp
    This app is amazing
  • Hmmmm

    By chulaluv
    It’s ok
  • Neat and fun game

    By Wildfunsummer
    This game has been pretty fun overall. I’ve been able to actually play for awhile without spending actual cash towards it. The biggest complaint is the invite offers as I haven’t received those rewards even though I’ve gotten others to join by text and Facebook... that’s not fair that it isn’t working and I would hope developers see this, address it, and reward accordingly. Other than that the features and graphics are decent. I haven’t experienced any lagging on the game. The last issue I have is it can be very easy to hit one of the offers that cost money but I’m able to cancel it before if buys it outright.
  • Horrible

    By nunmon
    You get so far in the game you don’t get puzzle pieces you need.. and can’t for the life of you ever get anything you need.. thinking I’m just going to delete the game.. oh and friends can’t even send you pieces you need for puzzle that are four and five stars.. not worth it
  • Worst game ever!

    By lalola777
    Do not get this game!! They get you all excited, you buy coins to build more places and get another country.... and the whole game crashes!!!! You’ll lose your coins ( other players will steal them) you’ll lose your protection net, and many more upsetting things.
  • Coin Trip

    By Skip Taylor
    Since to new update I am unable to get on the app. It is an interesting game to play and I would like to keep it going.
  • Coin trip

    By hit dusk
    When I try to play it after update load half way then crashed pls help
  • Awesome

    By 15Snowflake
    Love this game
  • Iblis

    By kingoblis
    Love it
  • Game

    By lisava12
    Love the game
  • Coin Trip

    By GamerGirlKi
    I love this game, but I’ve invited 3 people who’ve joined, and I have not received any additional spins as promised.
  • The App “Coin Trip”. I really like it so far!

    By LoveTDC
    I just recently downloaded this app on my iPhone. I really like playing it so far. I have many, many coins & projects. To be honest, I don’t know how I got all these coins. I’m sure the app gave me some starter coins, but I am sure I have earned the rest of them. The projects are fun to complete.
  • Low Quality, Not as Advertised.

    By heidkeberg02
    Game was advertised as a puzzle type game. The ad showed a puzzle being solved in which you must move barriers to get to the gold coins. That is not this game, this game is a low quality rip off of Coin Master. I hate Coin Master, but this game is worse. Be original and quit lying to consumers for downloads and ad plays. Make your money an honest way.
  • Not as advertised

    By Enogsiereh
    This game is ok but I got it because of an ad that was playing in another game and it looked fun. The part in the ad had nothing to do with the game. Got pretty far for the first day but don’t know how to play what was advertised, that was what looked fun.
  • Traveling tickets

    By D-lyt-ful-D
    It’s a cool game but it doesn’t give you a chance to complete the puzzle pieces to earn your free money and spins. Even if you buy the puzzle pieces it doesn’t give you a chance. No chance at all
  • Lynn3348

    By lynn3348
    Kinda fun I think it need to give more money fast But it is very cool game to play
  • Bait and switch Ad

    By Heavensent_327
    The game itself is not bad but it was not what I was expecting it to be. I expected from the advertisement a game of strategy. Not happy that I can’t actually play the game what I thought I was downloading.
  • False advertisement

    By lisaW1028
    The game has nothing to do with what they advertise it to be.
  • Nothing like the advertisement

    By Jayvegas22
    This is nothing like the advertisement. Why would someone show one type of game in the advertisement but the gameplay is completely different? An instant download and uninstall.
  • If you looking for a good game

    By Dicemoney32
    I been playing and this game has kept me busy for three hours. I been winning because I see others are getting blown up. Rob and end up broke the game is fun
  • Best

    By qwsadfzsdc awso
    This is one of the best games ever and I will always play it
  • Nice Game

    By Twich54
    Ein sehr schönes Spiel schade dass das neue Update noch nicht für Ios verfügbar ist🧐
  • Not as advertised.

    By CreepyAsFrick!
    I’ve played a game similar to this in the past and it’s not an outright bad game - I’d probably be giving it 4 stars had that been what I was expecting - but I downloaded this game after watching an ad for it that had advertised it as a strategic puzzle style game, and the challenge is what made it look fun. This was a blatant bait and switch. This game’s actual gameplay - largely dependent on randomized spin outcomes - isn’t nearly fun enough to distract me from the expectation they had set up with their ad. You need a new, honest, ad team who doesn’t set you up to be a disappointment compared to expectations.
  • Coin

    By Shona74
    Love this game it fun and addictive