Draw Around!

Draw Around!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-05
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 209.99 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 36 203


Use your finger to draw pictures. Don't simply break your pen and you'll be alright. Prove your drawing skills with hundreds of handmade levels! More levels are keep coming.



  • Good game

    By mady 328485
    Is a very good app but it needs more levels and more features but I cannot stop playing.
  • 🤗🤗🤗

    By dhdjdhdbfbf
    I love this game the is best l can’t explain try it for yourself
  • Bad game

    By Xxwinter_wolfXx
    It’s bad I hate and it’s EASY
  • Love you

    By Ari elisabeth
    This game is so awesome and fun
  • So satisfied

    By anthony tra
  • Love it

    By Umanjr
    Just wish that when you unlock a new book, you could also get some new drawings. I hope they update this soon with a whole bunch of new drawings. That would be awesome.
  • How much I like this game

    By Aubriage9
    I love this game sooo much I’ve been playing for 5 minutes and I’m on level 18 It’s so cool to watch it draw. The only thing I don’t like is that you don’t get to draw and when I got it I was expecting to be able to draw
  • Good game but.....

    By Roar-berry
    This game has pop up ads.....that don’t go away. Even if you wait for like 5 minutes there no exit and no time limit. Beside that this is a pretty good game. If you hate ads that don’t go away or just ads I would not recommend this game ads pop up after like every level.

    By Panda Girl 45
    The game is good, but the ads make it kinda bad.😡 Now I will enjoy this game less😤. For all the ads, I give it 3 stars so I don’t have to give it 2 or 1 stars 😐.PLEASE,REMOVE THE ADS 👿!
  • Hey

    By rosaomg10
    It’s good and calming get it if you haven’t 👍
  • Draw around review

    By the cute one Lyla
    Okay, I actually just got this game because it’s been giving me ads for soooooooo long and playing the game in the ad made me really want to play but when the ads came on I had no time to download the game!!!!!! I love this even tho I haven’t had for a long time! I suggest this game for 4-15 year olds! That’s why I think everyone 4-15 years old should get the app and also it it’s free!BYE EVERYONE
  • 😳 Omg!!!

    By miagracieface
    I sell my soul 2 finally pass the higher levels!!!!!🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆
  • Draw around review

    By kennediprincess009
    MI like how it is slightly challenging and I love how it is so creative🙂🙂🙂🙂
  • Draw around!

    By Gmm03
    First time ever it’s amazing and make me draw better
  • Drake

    By Ahdicjendibdbxjww
    You should definitely download this game it's the best game I ever played
  • Fun but

    By jdbdchudbfhane
    Way to much ad’s but it is so much fun
  • Great

    By Disappintment
    I can’t stop playing this game
  • Read this

    By draweound
    This game is totally worth it so try it for your self you won’t regret playing this game 😁😁.
  • Too many ads

    By kiesha2001
    This a good game but y’all got too many ads after every draw around I complete a ad has to show up like why and it be the same ad!!!!!
  • Good game

    By snow💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👍❤️❤️
    I like it because I like to draw and it’s really fun and easy i like the game.
  • Love this game

    By Madeline Jo Shield
    I love this game but I wish it gave me more freedom
  • Meh

    By Baby bear 4 Ever
    I love this game and can’t stop playing and we’re I am right now it’s 12:01 P.M and I’ve been playing this since 10:00 P.M and it’s so much fun and I would love to see my sketch pads after I do them and for there to be no adds because there’s to many like boi why but you should download this
  • Omg

    By cookiesare free
    This game is so cool and fun
  • Fun

    By DJSFG
    This is a really fun game
  • Lol

    By ghjndbhrjwknvhei
    I hate it
  • Close to being a really good game

    By JoJo7664
    I love this game so much there are almost no glitches which Is different then other games and when draw it’s so soothing but there is one thing I would recommend, it’s that when you’re done with a notebook you can look though of what you’ve drawn and if you could do that then this game would truly be the best game ever. And I don’t mean to be rude but the only reason I downloaded this game is because I saw an ad of this game but on the ad it was drawing a huge picture so I got this game because I wanted a game where your could draw a really big picture so I got the game and I played it and on the first level it was a small picture so I kept playing it because I thought the huge pictures were on higher levels and right now I’m on level 207 and when I got to the 200s I realized that must of been false advertisement so I got really mad at the game but I got over it anyways all I’m saying is to make the adds more realistic Dec. 27
  • Like love

    By cyxj it viycchv
    It is a good tracking game so kids or parents could learn how to draw stuff or get better at drawing stuff.
  • Love this game but a little boring

    By jiabobaea
    This game looked fun when I saw the add but I downloaded it but I was so boring
  • Love this game

    By Littla Lyla
    I am loving this app and it is awesome and they did a great game
  • I mean. It’s good I guess

    By kitty sinner
    Ya know harder
  • I like it...

    By a few reasons i like the game
    I like it but there's just a few problems. 1 to many ADSssssss. 2 sometimes it can get really hard MAKE IT EASIER. 3 it would not be a great game for kids who have anger issues. REASONS... Because of how many bad reviews there are I will make it not so harsh. So there is like to many ads and it makes my friends not like this game but anyways. I think some levels are way to hard I can't even pass them. Thanks for reading this Merry Christmas!! 😊😊😊😊😊
  • It’s a good app But...

    By sssssshhhhhhaaaahhhh
    I love the app but there’s a lot of adds so practically half of playing it it’s adds. But if you like adds go ahead get the app. But personally I don’t like adds. Also an annoying problem is that it repeats lotta pictures. So you might like that it repeats pictures. So that’s why I only gave it 3 stars. But again it’s a good app. So go ahead and get it.
  • Best game

    By ilovepoyatos
    This is so fun
  • Amazing

    By best backer
    It’s amazing because you can creat drawing
  • Pointless game full of ads

    By courtneyldowns
    If I could give this 0 stars I would... This is probably one of the WORST designed games I have ever seen... there is no point to it yly literally just hold the screen and it draws a smiley face or something. Every two levels there is also a 30 second ad. Don’t waste your time
  • ❤️😁💕😘

    By Jerrydead17
    The first time I tried it wasn’t fun but now its just fun.
  • Amazing and relaxing

    By a love miraculous
    I am so relieved after minutes of playing this download now amazingly relaxing
  • Boring not fun at all glitche

    By fine b
    All you do is colore and it reapets it self and shows some thingelsa
  • Kamore flores

    By emo girl22345
    Hi just want to say that this game is awesome and out of the games I have I would play this app all day every day and if the rates go went up to 100 I would pick the 100th star
  • Good

    By dogs are my specialty
    Thank you for making this app it is fun
  • How I love this game

    By roblox num
    I did not download this game it was my cousin but I love it it makes me relax and really calm even my friend which is 4 likes this game! I’m not sure if I can give this 5 stars but 4 is enough maybe in the future I will give you 5 stars 💛
  • Thanks so much draw around

    By mareally
    I would love to see you guys in real life
  • Some things need to change

    By Best Ever4444
    I like this game but I have one complaint it’s nearly impossible to get the right chest to get a new writing tool and you can only get three more keys once which is annoying can you change that because I don’t like that all the other games let unlock all the chest if you watch an ad speaking of ads a lot of people already said this but there are to many ads can you please fix these problems
  • Your the best one I know.

    By kinley bug
    3 of the stars
  • 5 star

    By jade cade 1092837465
    This is absolutely my favorite drawing app or game it’s so much fun and relaxing it can also be exciting like when you are getting a new think to spray paint it is also really addicting my brothers even play this game they all say that is so fun and I agree
  • I love the game but..

    By A people that is weird
    I love this game but some Fridays, it said your iPhone has chance to win $1000. Of course I I thought it was fake but I clicked on it anyways and it took me to a website and it said DANGEROUS MATERIAL WARING! So I love the game but watch out for that.
  • Great Game

    By rrdyhgfhghfyg
    I like this game because I like to draw and it’s a great tracing game
  • So fun!

    By galfox79
    This game is so fun! There’s so many cool things you can create! It’s good for kids , and fun for older kids and adults ! This is family friendly and so many creative things you can even draw yourself! I love the little challenges it gives you also! So creative! 👌
  • Trash

    By iwonttellyoumystuff
    This game is just a boring tap on screen game and this is just ad crap.🤬😑