Fit the Ball 3D

Fit the Ball 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-12
  • Current Version: 0.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 121.93 MB
  • Developer: Bigger Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 798


Fit the Ball 3D will keep you hooked for hours! Puzzle game with one finger control. Easy to play, hard to master. Features unlimited gameplay. Build your newest addiction!



  • OMG all the adds

    By Toomanyadds8
    I just spent 45 min “playing” this game. I probably played for 10 min, the rest was spent waiting for adds to end.
  • It’s ok

    By Erica N. G.
    It’s a fun game and does challenge you but it drains your battery quite a bit
  • Fun game, wayyyy to many ads

    By Tburinga
    The ads come up every few levels and take for ever!
  • A couple issues

    By lilyrose82
    1) This game causes my IPhone 7plus to overheat after playing a few games. So far this is the only game that has caused this to happen. I have to stop playing to allow it to cool down which literally makes me feel like I’m playing on an Android phone again. 2)The ads are a bit much. Some many ads that it literally takes the fun out of the actual game itself.
  • Too many adds!!!!

    By newt#70
    The over all game is fun and challenging but after every level there an add. If you have to start over there’s an add. If you fail the level and need to restart, guess what, an add.
  • Ad

    By Dea Hu.
    Remove some ads and I’ll change rating love the game but ad after each level is ridiculous
  • Too many ads

    By therearenonicknamesleftistaken
    This game is fun but I’ve been playing for about 10 minutes and I’ve had seven ads that don’t have the exit out button so you have to sit through the whole ad
  • Levels

    By Chuchie878
    I do not enjoy how after about level 100 it is just the same levels over and over again. Like I want more challenging levels but at this point I know how to do all of them.
  • To many ads

    By Love72114
    Fun game but there is an ad after every game whether you win or lose. Get rid of the ads
  • Pretty fun

    By cd.73
    Game is fun made it to level 15 and became sick of the ADs! Uninstalled
  • Excessive Ads

    By nickk the goat
    Cool game but the ads are every other level and that is very very very very annoying. .5 star
  • Good game but too many ads

    By jaycole33
    Game is good but the ads after every play is the reason why I’m deleting.

    By AH389
    Great game but Jesus Christ the amount of adds r out of this world and it ruins the game..i had to delete the game after a few games 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Ads

    By Zzrew_
    It’s a fun and addictive game but the ads ruin it, you can beat a level in like 5 seconds but then a 30 second ad plays after each level sometimes 2 ads play back to back so it’s not even worth playing in my opinion
  • Fun but ad overload

    By Captbob87
    The game is enjoyable, until you realize you’re spending twice as much time watching ads than you are playing the game.
  • Love the game but

    By Lovers_Hearts
    There are way to many ads for a game that really need any help to keep it going
  • Ugh...

    By EggShredder
    it was fun at first, but there’s two things that made this absolutely unbearable to play: 1. ADS ADS ADS every single time you finish a level there’s more than likely going to be an ad. i have to turn on airplane mode every time i randomly decide i want to play it... 2. after you get to about level 75 or 80 (can’t remember how many it was exactly) it loops back around to the first level but says you’re continuing the game?? i don’t get it. just make the game say “congrats you completed all the levels because you don’t have a life” and have us be done with it. don’t just try to play it off like i’m trying to continue it. anyways it’s up there on the top dumbest apps i’ve ever downloaded. just don’t waste your time.
  • Too many ads!

    By therecluse
    The game is great but the constant ads ruin it. I would gladly pay for it but they obviously don’t want my little bit of money but instead that fat ad money.
  • Ads

    By jonnyaswp
    Too many ads get rid of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good game, way too many ads

    By Torilexington
    It’s a great puzzle game, great for problem solving and keeping the mind fresh, but my god, there are too many ads to sit through. You can’t even skip over them, it seems that they no longer give that option. Most games with ads give you the option to skip after a few seconds, these ads don’t do that. Probably going to delete it just for that. Such a shame.
  • i hate ads

    By 2579643578
    someone message me when they get rid of the excessive ads. then ill play it.
  • Fun but ADS!

    By Cam199715
    Will no longer play this game. However fun, ads are ridiculous
  • Ads are way too frequent!!

    By Runechase3
    Game has a fun concept but the difficulty curve is way too slow and I couldn’t even get to the harder levels before I was bored because every other level or attempt results in another ad being shoved in your face. Very annoying, uninstalled within a day of playing it. If the rate was cut down to perhaps 4 or 5 attempts it wouldn’t be near as bad.
  • Too many adverts

    By Amanda Rankin
    Good game, too many adverts, given up!
  • ads

    By rcastro0430
    to many ads !!!!!!!!!
  • Advertisements galore!

    By Mjhvtduy
    I love the game, but ads after every level is ruining it. I would pay for a no ad version. I am deleting this version!!!
  • Too many ads

    By Jerry0247
    Game is great and addicting but ads ruin it. After every two attempts or levels and as pops up and most of them are 10 to 30 seconds long. Less ads or shorter one would help.
  • Annoying

    By Annlee_13
    Fun game, too many ads
  • Another full of ads app

    By Stealthlcn
    Another stupid app with 30s ads, don’t waste your time with this. Not fun at all.
  • Ads

    By NoonFlight
    Too many ads, after everything theres always a 30-40 second ad.
  • Played for five min and watched three min of ads.

    By blackhip1120
    Got the game which is fun but regretted getting it after five minutes because of the amount of non-skippable ads. As the other reviewer states there is an ad after almost every level (which take a couple seconds to complete early on) I’m going to delete it immediately.
  • Repetitive

    By Rodent OwO
    Game was fun at first but after like 20 levels they repeat. I’m currently at 243 and Im playing the “introduction” level again. There’s almost no challenge. It was fun at first but after awhile it gets old. This alone wouldn’t be terrible. The ads are what really dragged my rating down. There’s an ad after absolutely everything you do and you can’t avoid them. :/ I understand that they have to make a profit somehow... but this is a tad excessive.
  • Bish get rid of the ads

    By FIXyoGAMEhoe
    There is so many ads for such little gameplay. Like it gave me TWO one minute long ads in a motherfrudging row. Like wth.
  • Too many ads

    By deegerv
    This game is a lot of fun but I can barely enjoy it because there are way too many ads. If they don’t fix it I’m probably gonna delete it.
  • Pure ad trash.

    By Nullcoda
    This is another puzzle game that looks fun at first but is just a time waster. I am on level 16 and have been subjected to about 25 ads. This isn’t a game at all. It’s a time waster between commercials.
  • Too many ads

    By game saddness
    I just downloaded the game. Within 10 minutes, I’m now on level 17. However, I had to watch almost an ad per level. TOO MANY ADS. So I deleted the game. The ads make you watch a clip and then another ad pops right up trying to get you to play the ad you just watch. My time is watching more ads then playing the game. Change this please.
  • Trash game

    By BoostedMBen
    I wouldn’t recommend this game because the ads
  • Too many ads

    By Mozotom
    You spend more time watching ads than playing. No way to pay to get rid of the ads. Great concept, I’d love to play it if I could get rid of the ads.
  • Ehh

    By kateg7272
    Game started out fun but there are wayyyy to many ads and after so many levels it just starts over? At level 250 I’ve played the same set of games three times... boring! needs more levels
  • ADs

    By Yoyomans
    The ads are to often and last way too long.
  • Repetitive

    By dontyoudare010
    This was a super fun game and entertaining to twist those cogs in the brain. Although after the first 100, it seemed to restart to the first challenge, so there was nothing new. And the constant adds after every single round we’re nagging and unbearable.
  • Great ad viewer

    By AU_Cav
    This is a really great ad viewer. Unfortunately there is a game that occasionally interrupts the ads and ruins the flow. I can’t really rate the game because it doesn’t hang around long enough but the ads are fantastic.
  • Lack of difficulty

    By Bbmajor7
    Level 1-10 get gradually harder 11-82 have all been about the same.
  • Annoying ADS

    By iPoohbear Gino
    A very entertaining game, but ADS on every level???? SERIOUSLY?!?!? Very annoying!!!
  • It’s cool but

    By Trenly
    Fun game but wayyyy too many ads and you can’t skip
  • WAY too many ads

    By muxowo
    game is ok, but there’s an ad literally after every level. Ridiculous
  • If you LOVE ADs

    By sneak att4ck
    This game has SO MANY ADs, you will spend more time watching ADs than playing a level. Skip this garbage. UNINSTALLED.
  • Fun

    By Mit6635
    Fun and entertaining, ads make it unplayable
  • No thank you

    By b-ryce17
    Downloaded it. Played it. Deleted it. Fun puzzles. Excessive ads.