Project Makeover

Project Makeover

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-11-15
  • Current Version: 2.16.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 270.58 MB
  • Developer: Magic Tavern, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 343 466


Give desperately needed makeovers to help people achieve their dreams! Choose highly fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture! Deal with dramatic characters like egotistical fashion icons, scheming assistants, or stubborn clients in dire need of a new wardrobe. Play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help find that perfect look! And don't forget to customize your own signature style with your avatar! CHOOSE from lots of fashionable clothes to create the perfect look! MAKEOVER helpless clients and give them the confidence to follow their dreams! DECORATE a person's room as well as their appearance! DRAMA is everywhere, be ready to meet some extreme personalities! SOLVE addictive puzzles with challenging obstacles! STYLIZE your avatar to stand out on the red carpet! VISIT FRIENDS and see how they dressed their avatar! BLAST through levels with exciting power-ups with explosive benefits!



  • Fun but it gets way too hard

    By creativen't
    I actually really enjoyed the game but after playing nonstop for a month I got stuck on a level that I just couldn’t beat and I’ve been trying for the last few months. I understand there should be challenging level but I kinda wish we had an option to skip after a certain amount of tries
  • No like

    By Eyeziur
    TooToo much time in each a step or game two very difficult and stressful
  • OMG!!! 😱

    By ngacupcake
    This was the first game that actually understood me. This must be a game that all girls should play! (And boys should give a try.) This brought out my inner beauty so quick that I think I’m addicted to this game! Please try this game!
  • S

    By dhhevbjrwsjll
    Good game gets frustrating
  • Frustrated

    By DifficultLevelFrustration
    The game started off fun and addicting but I am now at levels where it is so difficult that I have to play them 20+ times to win. If I wanted to do that and not design it would probably be ok but when you can’t advance it is no longer fun. My daughter who also liked to play is fed up too. I am also frustrated that using bombs and rockets with a power ball doesn’t do much. Other games have every bomb and rocket work doing multiple damage when it hits an area twice. I once spent 30 free min wasted on one level that was hard plus the additional 20+ lives and finally passed it. I am deleting and moving on to games that have a continuing story where game play is challenging but not impossible.
  • best app ever

    By olivia vorgitch
    that is all
  • love

    By eb6942799663
    love it
  • Change it

    By lavbender
    Maybe we can change the source code and the OGR3 code and the delthA case.
  • Nothing like ads

    By hatekarrison
    The advertisements I’ve seen about this game is what made me download and play it. Once I realized it’s nothing like it and is more similar to candy crush with a little extra, including really stupid/unnecessary story’s on the characters of the game I deleted it. I was expecting it to be like the ads and it’s NOTHING like them.
  • Outrageous cost

    By Orev8
    I feel like it keeps getting more expensive in decorating and dressing the different avatars. Some games are impossible to win. It’s not as fun anymore.
  • Life’s

    By camping is cool
    Should have 10 life’s for the hard levels
  • Not as advertised, but still fun

    By NicolaSB7
    Downloaded this as something to play on the train on my way to work. The ads frame this as a makeover game where you would be judged on the outfits you put together. That’s not even close to what happens in the game. It’s a puzzle game like bejeweled or candy crush. Finite number of lives before they lock you out for a while. Win levels, earn money to buy the outfits —but they’re never going to be deemed “bad” by anyone in the game. It’s clear that they’ll do things like stagnate you on a level for two days, then suddenly you win 4 random levels in a row and unlock unlimited lives for an hour so you’ll keep playing and playing and playing. Same strategy casinos use. The only reason it gets 2 stars over 1 is because I do enjoy matching/puzzle games. However, having to wait for lives to be replenished (lest you purchase more) and the false advertising means this doesn’t deserve anything above two stars.
  • Fashion Supernova!👌🏿

    By Dj Fantabulous
    I love the fashion and overall positive meaning behind it and the drama. Keep up the good work!!💕
  • Too difficult

    By Bcb08
    The levels are too difficult to enjoy the game.
  • Could have been a good game

    By TJH6789
    I’ve been playing this game for awhile now, & have to admit I am addicted, however I am beginning to get frustrated with it. Like others have stated in reviews, it takes a lot of coins to finish one makeover project! I can respect the levels getting harder, but they’ve become impossible to me! I have made it to level 258, no matter what I try I just can not pass this one! You have to get 25 combs, & 17 pairs of shoes with only 25 moves! I refuse to spend my money on this ridiculous game!
  • A Last Resort

    By Taco_Breee
    I literally play this game only when I’m out of lives on my other games. There isn’t enough opportunities for boosters or diamonds. It cost too much to do petty task. The objective of the levels are too much for the amount of moves given. Like I’m writing this review waiting for my lives to reup for a level I've been on for three weeks.
  • 😡Read please

    By God is unbeatable
    I don’t like games that you have to spend a lot of time on because you can’t get past the levels.I downloaded this game almost an hour ago and I’m already stuck on like level five.😤😡it’s not that good.I wish you could make it better.Overall it’s good I think.
  • Soooo Addictive

    By MBaysGiGi
    Great game I love it
  • Ok

    By ohmygoodness33
    It costs too much to buy items and the games to earn money are to hard to get the money. I just wanna enjoy the makeovers.
  • Fun

    By smiley/bubbles
    So far it’s a lot more fun than I thought it’d be.I’ll Wright more when I’ve played it a little longer.
  • Addicting

    By OchaOujou
    More fun than I was expecting, honestly.
  • Not Enough Coins, Gems, or Moves Provided…

    By Acissej94
    I recently deleted this game off of my phone. Here’s why… The game, for the most part is GREAT, and I had lots of fun playing it; it was a good way to pass the time. As well, I enjoyed doing the makeovers for the different people and their places. However, the levels that you had to beat in order to earn coins to be able to purchase makeover items became VERY difficult; almost impossible. The only way to beat them was by spending actual, real money to get gems to be able to “play on” at times when you had just a few moves remaining. That being said, this game is a money pit, to say the least. I do not understand why 1.) there is no way to acquire coins and/or gems other than by beating the levels, and even then you don’t get an adequate amount 2.) the items needed for the makeovers cost so much in coins (e.g. a light fixture for $450, or $300 just to remove makeup or an item of clothing; then more to add on another item), 3.) you are able to make cash — the green bills, not the coins, but it doesn’t have any real function or purpose in the game, and 4.) you don’t get enough moves [or boosters] to be able to finish out some of the levels, especially the later ones. It’s like you get the same amount of moves regardless of how many items you’re being asked to release. (Uncovering the sunglasses was absurd, by the way.) Like I said earlier, the game is great, and I really enjoyed it. However, I do not have actual, real money to waste in order to beat the levels, and unfortunately that seems to be the only way to do so as the game progresses.
  • what is with the game crashing

    By Fins1985
    the game was until it wasn’t. i play one of the puzzles and the game crashes and i am CONSTANTLY restarting the game. totally takes the fun out of actually playing the game when it restarts itself literally SIXTEEN TIMES IN THIRTY MINS!!!
  • A amazing game

    By Miss Brabbs
    It’s really fun and let’s you be creative
  • Like it but….

    By Silver the wolf
    I love this game but Its impossible i'm stuck on the second makeover I was wondering if you could make it that you could watch an add for like 500 coins besides that its a good game :)
  • Classic RNG/P2W

    By RemIsBaby
    Nothing really more to say besides you get higher up and then it gets basically impossible because of the RNG but hey if you spend actual money you can complete it no problem
  • Hmm needs some work

    By awa💕
    I got this game because the ad for it o did not say anything about matching things basically copying candy crush and The levels get impossible over sometime and don’t get wrong it’s a good game but when I do the matching if I use all my moves I need gems to get get like six moves it’s an impossible game You can look at the ad for it the game is basically clickbait The ad is completely different from what the game actually is I didn’t give it one star because when I first started it wasn’t that bad but nowadays
  • Love it !!

    By @spoopy_art.jpg
    Firstly, my favorite part is that it has no ads ! Secondly, it’s just fun in general. One of the most fun parts about it is that even after you finish with one “client” you can still go back and change anything about the design. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Fun but has an annoying glitch

    By 🙈🙉🦋🦄🦊
    I gotta admit, this game is pretty addicting. Every time I can’t pass a level I get frustrated and delete it but sooner or later I find myself downloading it again. 🥴 You can do the person’s makeup, hair, clothes, and even some furniture! The only problem is that every time I have it installed again my data is saved there and I always click the option to continue where I left off however when I do click it, it starts me all over again! So overall it’s a great game, but just need that glitch fixed please.
  • Good but needs improvement

    By ASlightlyAnnoyedPerson
    I saw an add about this game and I was like ‘wow that looks fun!’ Well it’s nothing like the ad. What I wanted was to dress up people but what I GOT was wayyy more complicated. I’ll admit it is a fun game but there’s many flaws. For one thing, I don’t like how you have to give the girls makeup. They look find without it, but it forces you to give them makeup when it doesn’t even look good sometimes. Secondly, they never mentioned this candy crush part in the ad. I personally am terrible at those, but at the start it was easy. Then it started getting harder with the shirts and bottles and blah blah blah, and sometimes the levels were almost impossible. Lastly, they need to upgrade the candy crush part. A lot of times there was clearly no way to get the things I needed to complete the level, yet the game just kept giving me useless recommendations of what to swipe at. So it’s a fun game if you’re into the kind of candy crush challenge stuff, but I thought this was about literally just dressing people up :/
  • Levels become too hard; lost interest

    By Boo_4
    It was fun in the beginning. I’ve lost interest, however, because some levels (which are basically candy crush style games) take days to pass. Each level only gives you 300 coins which maybe buys you 1-2 items to makeover.
  • iphone12 经常闪退

    By debbie1125
  • FIX THE CRASHING, I can’t Play

    By Sundae Mind
    This game is more suitable for people who like to play ‘candy crush’ like games instead of fashion related since you spend majority of the game playing puzzles. so from some ads I’ve seen it’s kinda false advertising, however I really do enjoy the game. BUT PLZ FIX THE CRASHING, I’m on level 1000+ and every time I start a level it crashes, no matter how many times I restart the game or my device. I’ve tried offload app,it doesn’t work, and obviously I don’t wanna delete the app cuz progress. So IT or customer service please contact me or release a newer version to fix this problem or I’ll be forced to delete the game permanently.
  • Don’t trust the stars

    By JadedEmpress
    I gave this 5 stars so you can see this.This app is so bad IMO the game is fun but you have to pay for everything! I mean things that don’t make sense like cleaning room and facials,etc! On top of that me and my friend realized that the game will make a move for you(if you swipe one way it does opposite)especially if you pay with the purple currency!We have tested this out! It’s so annoying!Not to mention with you get a infinite life bonus for a period of time the boards that they give you are not beatable (most of the time) They cycle through the same events constantly! And on top of that I have a female character since I have started playing,WHY DO I HAVE MORE MALE CLOTHING THAN FEMALE!?! It’s so frustrating because I don’t have many looks and you have to pay for your clothing with in game dollars that you earn through playing but you get so little so if you want your room to look nice then you won’t have a nice outfit. I absolutely don’t recommend!!
  • Impossible to win without purchases

    By Bubble tote
    Fun for the first few times, but too many points used to remove single items, and games are too difficult to win. Done with this one!

    By this username is taken already

    By fix pls and i am poor lol
    At first it was great but now you have to buy everything and the adds are not the same in the adds a girl comes in and you dress her please fix the game this HORRIBLE it get impossible I don’t and it’s just like candy crush and home escapes so fix the adds
  • My first time playing it

    By im not telling my nama
    It’s fun but I don’t like to lose And sometimes it makes me bored a little
  • Too much like Candy Crush

    By Laina Diamond
    Levels get too hard and nearly impossible to beat without boosters. Just another waste of money.
  • False advertising

    By comfy_cat
    Like most games, it’s nothing like the ad. Personally that is a very big factor. If you need to put in different gameplay in the ad, then I’m guessing you aren’t to confident with this game. You just put in what attracts players, not your real gameplay. 1 star and already deleted because I was looking for a game like the ad, maybe try putting in your REAL gameplay in your next advertisement. It honestly just makes this game look LAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • To hard

    By it blows up your phone
    I love project makeover because I love helping people get a better life. But I done level53 15 times. It’s almost like the people that monitor the game like to watch you not succeed at the level.
  • Fun till the in app purchases

    By Smarti-girl
    How do I even exit the game. It won’t mar me close the app.
  • Good game until it crashes

    By Sassyd5280
    I’ve played this for a few months and this passed week all it does is crash. I was at level 407 and will play a few moves on a game and then it shuts down... so annoying- please fix this ASAP... seems like the last update messed it all up....
  • Few updates

    By winterthomas
    Not enough opportunities to earn lives Too long for lives to refill
  • Amazing but,

    By M a D e L y N Yummy
    I love this game so much! I would suggest, could we search players? My friend and I don’t have Facebook, but we want to be friends. Also the levels are very hard (specifically level 30 😔)
  • It’s fiiiine😕

    By ✨Kelscat22✨
    When you see the reviews that says the mini games are impossible..they aren’t right.The mini games are really hard tho.. the min games are how u get money and i don’t get why….in the adit doesn’t make u play mini games! I wish they would make the game a bit easier 😕
  • Annoying

    By Bratty_Aly
    I don’t like this game it is basically another version of candy crush. When I saw this game I thought it was just gonna be a regular fashion game but no it’s another knockoff version of candy crush.

    By ~•Meh•~
    I love this game since day 1
  • Good, but challenging

    By RevCritic
    If you saw the add were thinking a fun, super easy game, you were wrong. This game while being super fun and addictive, is crazy challenging. After a while, the levels got so hard that it takes me a day to pass one of them. (They are candy crush style levels). I’m currently on level 189, and have been for like 42 hours. It’s crazy! But, despite this, the game is super fun and the makeover part is awesome. It’s cool to see the transformations and the backstories are interesting, plus the characters are really nice to work with lol. But if your a person who gets frustrated really easily, I WOULD NOT get this game, because at times it seems impossible. But I personally love this game and I think the challenges are a part of what keeps the game interesting and fun. To the developers: Yes the challenges are fun but I’ve been on the same level for like two, three days now😭😭😭😭. Maybe ease up on the challenge or start giving out some more power ups? Just a suggestion☺️☺️!