Rhythm Hop 3D

Rhythm Hop 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-17
  • Current Version: 2.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 253.30 MB
  • Developer: KILA GAME LIMITED
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 14 897


How to play: 1. Touch, hold, and drag to evade the obstacle. 2. Level design according to rhythm. 3. Single finger operation, easy to get started Game features: Top song updates 3D effect Single finger operation High quality music This is a game experience that music lovers can't miss! It's completely free! Privacy Policy:https://www.kilastudio.com/policy.html Terms of Service:https://www.kilastudio.com/service.html



  • I LOVE THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

    By willam afton
    This is a fun game with a lot of good songs!!!i play this game all day!!!i love it!! And I have a song i wold like to be put in to the game it’s called first of the year by Skrillex I love that song!i wold be sooo happy if that song were put into this game!!!
  • Ads and song😡😒

    By Izzykai14
    This game has way too many ads like every time you fail you have to go through like two videos and you can’t skip them it’s very infuriating you can’t get any playing done and there’s no songs that I’ve actually none what song game doesn’t have songs that people have actually heard of? Also the ball isn't always with the beat .
  • 😡Aaahhhh!!!!

    By Jerry C
    When I tried to choose a song, they were all remixes of songs, which is cool, but not at all what I was going for. Like they got turned into edm songs 😡
  • 8$ a week? REALLY

    By monkyroundgames
    The game is not worth 8$ a week change this please....
  • The songs are trash

    By I can't even put my name here
    Get some better songs. these ones are trash
  • Hmm

    By wolfielove270
    So this game is awesome and I was addicted for a few months. And then it updated. With the new update came a bunch of songs I’ve never even heard of, and then got rid of all the well-known ones like Closer and Shape of You. So now it’s no fun since I liked playing all the songs I knew, but now with all the weird new songs like Million Miles and Shadows and such, it’s no fun. So if you could put back all the original songs, that would be great, because I never even got close to the last level before it updated. Also the ads. There are SO MANY and it’s ANNOYING and I’m the type of person who would rather do anything than watch ads all day instead of playing my game. Literally EVERY SINGLE TIME you die or something, there’s and ad. Wanna play the next level? Ad. Want to revive? Ad. Did you die? Guess what? Ad. Also sometimes it gets REALLY glitchy and then you die. So if you could PLEASE fix these, that would be GREAT. Thanks for reading, Wolfielove270
  • “Popular songs”

    By Slappy the pickle
    Um no. There is not a single song in there that I have heard on the radio. But the game is still good, to play not to listen to.

    By icijfk
  • Ava

    By quo all am ah
    This is the best game ever I love it
  • This is bad

    By seaturtle1!
    It’s horrible
  • ...

    By zaleeeeeeeeeeee
    This game has some songs I don’t even know and y’all need to CHILL with these adds there’s too many adds and my screen glitches A LOT now. So uhm 😐 these updates are ruining the game so I don’t like it “it’s my opinion”
  • Bring the good songs back

    By tanousow1
    A few months ago this was a great game to play, they had great songs, such as changing or creep, but now their songs are trash, and its not even worth it, of they bring back those songs the game will become good again
  • No Good Songs

    By theman26548976
    When I first started playing this game I loved it. After a week or so, the songs started leaving one by one. Now there are songs I’m willing to bet money no one has heard of. It’s a fun game but no good music and you need to watch ads to play the songs.
  • 🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸

    By i'm a valid Victorian
  • Bad game

    By Akmedder
  • The music!!

    By Gacha.edizs
    I don’t know any of the music there is on the app! There use to be music that was in the radio but now there is music that I have never heard of!
  • Garbage

    By Tim.Niggg
    First of all, there is an insane ad-wall with this game. An ad after every time you play is ridiculous. Second, NONE of the songs that they advertise with are on the app. NONE. Don’t get this app if your looking forward to playing your favorite songs, cause chances are they aren’t on there. They’re all songs that nobody has ever heard of before, I’m talking bottom of the barrel level songs. These guys are crooks and scammers, not worth at ALL.
  • Plz add this song back

    By 🥘🤮🥺🤑😠🎉😕🥘🎁
    Can you add alone(alan walker)and believer back it made me sad when you took it away and you did not so I’m deleting your game it is horrible now
  • New songs 2020

    By monkeymathem2235
    We need new songs 🤬
  • Horrible it doesn’t even have pop songs

    By roblox😡
  • Great

    By Cfcn25
    Yes there are a lot of adds that is annoying but the game is so good that I don't care how many adds there are. Its freaking awesome and addicting. :)
  • Ads

    By Nya12173
    I actually really like the game. My only problem is every time I finish, an ad about premium pops up and it won’t let me ex out the ad. This gets really frustrating. I have to restart the app every time I finish a level.
  • I

    By Myvanhascandy2
    I just downloaded it soooo......ya
  • They put a song and it is not there

    By 111123315
  • Zero stars

    By TheBiteOf0305
    So I was in the game playing then I failed then I tapped on ad to revive, this game decides it wants to freeze my iPad What?!
  • I hate it now

    By -~sunny-~
    It used to be a good game like I really enjoyed it, the music on the app was great! My personal favorite song/level that was on the app was changing by sigma. But then they took that song off. I had had faith in the app though. But then they took EVERY GOOD SONG OFF THE APP! Even the ones that were trending! So now I truly despise this app. Not stopping anyone from getting the app, just putting my opinion out there.
  • A cuss word?

    By a few reasons i like the game
    Hello this is my review about it saying a cuss word, I thought it was a kid appropriate game until I saw the S WORD. That made me so sad when I saw a cuss word cause then I had to delete it right away cause I don't wanna see any cuss words in games! Like cuss word in a looking like kid appropriate game? I mean like what the flip! Plus there's to many ads? Yep! I saw every ad every time I died on the game when I went to the next song it just went to a flipping ad! I am so mad 😡 Please do better and take away the cuss words please? Is so not appropriate. Take care! #stay home
  • Stupid

    By Desi Brackin
    It’s a copy that has tons of adds and not even any good songs this game is a waste of time if you want to kill time since there’s nothing to do
  • Just Plain Good.

    By MaronMantime
    Ok let me get this straight. This game is good. But if only i could give it a 10 star
  • I like it

    By rrtt1126
  • Lies

    By 🙄😡🙄😡😡🙄🙄
    None of the songs it ses are Thare and none of the songs are good
  • Rhythm hop

    By pooyapoo
    I love this game it is so addicting

    By 5 STARS TO NOW 1
    It was good a few months ago or so but now it does not even follow my finger well like its delayed and it makes it almost impossible my finger would be on the entire other side of the screen and the ball would only be a quarter over from the original place while ontop of that its idiotic of how many adds there is for that mechanic you probably changed so people watch them more to pay you it makes me even more sick that you now added a special kids table with a vip that you have to pay more then once for a game people would only really like to play in there free time or bored I understand vip for adds and or diamonds but the hell is with your game less a game more a money maker.
  • 4 star rating

    By Whitney6735
    This game is fun it’s safe and it has tons of songs you can listen to! I really like this app I think you will too! It is beat with a iPad but a phone would be okay. My daughter will not stop playing this game it is really really fun for her.
  • Ehh

    By roblox id da best
    I dont really like it it boring and hard and i get so mad at this ga,e and i do not really like it but some people do so no offence but this is my opinion! Thankyou everyone reading this 👍🏻
  • Ads are insane

    By dmoody6240
    It asks you to revive but then proceeds to give you an ad regardless after saying no.
  • Why take amazing songs away!!!!

    By 11225179036
    I want to rate the game 5 stars because the game is AWESOME and I love it but they took away very good songs like old town road....but amazing game though totally recommend it
  • So disappointing

    By Cocopuf97
    Just a bunch of whack edm songs by unknown bands, none of the advertised songs. The ball moves off beat and the animations are not smooth at all. Ugly game
  • Not very good!

    By Dark Wolf791
    It was good last year because there was the songs Havana and Talk Shape Of You all those and then they were gone just gone second of all the adds! you can’t escape them without buying no ads I think it isn’t very good
  • This game is so cool

    By lili girll
    Wow I just downloaded this app on my iPad and it is so fun so I gave it a 5 stars for it and I don’t like when they have ads😡
  • Bad

    By AmericanBot
    No good songs, can’t type songs, a ton of ads, not worth it. DONT DOWNLOAD.
  • Took Away Good Songs

    By Eli Jacks
    They took away songs that I liked and I already completed.
  • Laggy

    By idk is it just me
    It’s way to laggy and it it is full of ads ugh
  • I like it

    By mota2-
    I love this app!😍
  • No songs/fake adds

    By me:🤡
    I went to play it and no sound came.i was bored, and confused until I realized other people had the same problem, I went to check if my volume was up and it was, I late went to YouTube and my sound was perfectly fine, please don’t download if you saw the add in YouTube showing it played your favorite songs it’s all fake there is no sound so its really boring.like people say don’t trust the internet
  • Hates what’s new and ADS!

    By Ave/Dog lover
    There are songs that I loved and maybe other people loved before the update.i feel like the other songs people liked more than the new songs.Also there are too many ads,there is like an ad after each song you do.Theres even more ads in the updated one!And I liked how there was Alan walker song that I think everyone liked.😭Please bring back the other songs with ALAN WALKER!😔🙏🏻✍🏻Thank you.And goodbye.
  • But pls add more songs!

    By Emileecool
    I love this but pls add more songs I want you to add...Bad guy and good time by neco moon Pls add this! They are songs I love and I’m sure there popular!
  • dummmmmm

    By not charli damelio
    i cant hear the music and all the music is in like indian :/
  • Meh

    By no name😂😂😂
    Loved the game before the new update made me mad when I bought songs and those were of of the game too idk any of the new songs they put on there 😡 but I knew every one of the old ones!! And WAYYYYY TOO MANY ADS😡 (Sorry if I spelled something wrong)