Rhythm Hop 3D

Rhythm Hop 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-18
  • Current Version: 1.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 212.55 MB
  • Developer: KILA GAME LIMITED
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 965


How to play: 1. Touch, hold, and drag to evade the obstacle. 2. Level design according to rhythm. 3. Single finger operation, easy to get started Game features: Top song updates 3D effect Single finger operation High quality music This is a game experience that music lovers can't miss! It's completely free!



  • I love it

    By kayleightheboss
    I love it it has all my favorite songs on here you should play it with your friends and you can go with your own songs
  • Awesome game I love it!

    By Dolphin burn
    I love how it is free and the songs are just awesome! This game gets 5 stars but I don’t like the adds.
  • Please fix the bugs

    By Magic _ PRO
    I love the app I recommend it but please fix the bugs it’s been freezing and when it comes back I’m Dead please fix it
  • Ads

    By edge striker
    The ads are so so bad I could barely Play The game is stupid🇵🇸😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • This game be cheating but like it’s just stupid

    I don’t even know if I like it
  • Rating

    By Fake123456793
    This game has potential to be a great game but it has way too many ads for my liking
  • RhythmHop3D

    By Cylynn1!
    Can we type the song
  • The problem

    By cool_bro_yo
    On the add it kinda made it look like you could search a song but really you can’t. If I knew this I wouldn’t get it.
  • This is super cool

    By Goku 88
    I play this app it was good that I’m going to play this game right now.the music is super good
  • Not allowed to.....

    By Oce bear
    Let us be able to choose our own song
  • Amazing songs

    By Wise Owl 56
    I love the songs♥️🔊♥️🔊♥️🔊♥️🔊♥️
  • Luv ur app!!!!!!

    By krowe724
    Ty for making this app!!!!!i luv it,and ur welcome for writing this!!!!!!😃😀😄😁😊🤗🤗😃😀😄😁😊🤗🤗🥰😘😍❤️💚🥰😘😍❤️💚😜😛😋😜😛😋💕💞💘💖💕💞💘💖!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sighned, kyleigh R

    By kassie-playzlol
    I try every step of this game and the way it’s played it hurts ppls eyes playing it but it’s a good game and I think you should get it
  • I love these Songs 😻😻

    By family and freinds
    It has all my favorite songs :3 y’all are amazing to make this game 😄😄😁
  • I like the defrtsogsandthechaliges❤️❤️😎🎶🤩

    By sekrtspi
  • Music

    By Chipp32123
    Music doesn’t work
  • Best game ever!

    By 2008pce
    It’s so much fun it has all my favorite songs and it works your fingers! I love love it
  • It’s good other then there’s To many ads

    By sam is a sweet cake
    It good other then there’s to many ads
  • Fun

    By FlamingWings111
    Fun but barely any songs.
  • Music

    By PJLukin
    It is 😇 but I think you need more good adds
  • Best game I have ever played in my life

    By Rizzle7
    I love this game already 😍
  • Actually good

    By KiwiKeiraKeke
    This game is good most of the games I get like this usually has a cover and not the real person/people that sang the song but this does there's ads but it's worth it
  • Nope

    By ❤️❤️ cocobean
    I kind of like this game it’s just they try to make you loose like there are disturbing lights on a level and other stuff sorry 😐 but I do not recommend this game I think it’s a 1 star ⭐️ game
  • Extremely disappointing: WAY too many advertisements

    By laluwu
    From the advertisements I expected a great game, however, it ended being extremely frustrating to play. Not only was it a hard game (not really a complaint, i’m just bad at games), but also EXTREMELY difficult to navigate. After a game, there would be an advertisement. To continue onto the home page, you must watch an advertisement. Also, the fact that there is an option for you to watch an advertisement to revive yourself is stupid because when the game is over, you are forced to watch an advertisement anyways. So, either way, whether you’d like to revive yourself or not, you’d have to watch an advertisement.
  • Rythemhop3d

    By rardeno
    This game it amazing! I cannot put it down!
  • Very good game

    By tglry
    I started a couple days ago and this game is really fun!
  • Very beautiful

    By william martin/ joe mamma
    Very Very Very very very very very very very very very very beautiful
  • Allow import of music library

    By Drew ganjabus
    Please let us use custom songs
  • Look at this

    By unicorngamespls
    Way to many ads also could you make a way to win this game so people who actually think they can win this game won’t be sad like seriously this is like a 3 star game
  • Glitchy and useless

    By soccergirl556
    I finished my first song and the app was going pretty good. After that I kept saying my finger was not moving and was not on the screen which I gave it a day then tried again the same thing. I was unable to play and it was useless just keeping it in my apps so I deleted it. I am not sure if it was just mine doing this but for me it was not a good Experience and I would not recommend getting this game.
  • Scam?

    By MehMah16
    I paid to remove ads but ads continue.
  • Why so many ads🤢

    By ufjdsjd
    I can’t focus with all these ads playing over and over I understand when we die and need a another chance but other than that just stop it’s too much ads to deal with like come on I was just looking for a song and it plays a ad like ya lucky I still got this game downloaded😡
  • I am truly speechless

    By tab0o_
    I personally believe that this game is very poorly made. There is no way to go back the menu, there are no preview of the songs so, the player has no idea what melody they’ve chosen to play and/or have just spent in game currency purchasing and there is no way to go to the menu screen after selecting a song, or in my case miss-clicking
  • Needs work

    By Captain Shady
    It’s an ok game but the ads are annoying and the game is a little glitchy. Room for improvement.
  • No sound

    By d_hoorhddh
    For some reason I cannot hear any sound can anyone help me!! I am very mad!! 😡😡 it is annoying because I play my favorite song but can’t hear anything!!
  • Terrible app

    By Bclark7084
    Every time the game stops there’s an add and a beg to buy add free for $2.99. Some of the songs are not even the actual song but fake covers that sound trashy like old town road for instance

    By suhasdbciuhsdufdw
    So I had downloaded the game it had kept kicking me out until I had to do my pass word and it kept kicking me out still SO I REAPET DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME😡
  • Add Free

    By Bob6948
    The game is fun but I payed to get add free and it keeps giving me adds. I payed to get add free and adds keep popping up. I payed $3 for add free so I think I should get add free
  • Trash

    By Jaynork
    It’s soooooo boring game is laggy and boring after 5 plus runs
  • My Review

    By bddjaidbhsjs
    This game is fun but some of she songs have cuz words in them and this is a 4+ game and it’s gets really boring doing the same thing over and over again at times it’s fun but I wish u could do something more fun
  • Won’t even start

    By ughbooties
    The game just gets stuck at the title screen. It won’t load or do anything just sits there at the title screen. I’m not using headphones, it doesn’t say I need them just says it’s best with them, I don’t have any right now. I’m using the iPhone XS and for me right now, it’s technically not even a game it’s just a title screen.
  • Fun, but not worth it

    By DeadBehavior
    Paid the $2.99 that said it would remove “all pop-ups”. Still get ads every 5 seconds. Highly regret giving them my money, hoping Apple can drag it back.
  • Not good

    By boi/boy
    Rythem hop keeps glitching probably on purpose so I have to watch adds. And no I’m not going to pay for no adds👎
  • Good but a little to much ads

    By little much adds
    After every Single level there is a add
  • I love this so much!

    By seanrudy
    As soon as I started to play I knew I’d love it I originally got it for my daughter but decided to try it out too! I really recommend it! :D
  • Yeet

    By aramis810
    Best game Michigan basketball game best game
  • Download this app it’s amazing

    By Stratgirl40
    Download this app it have your favorite songs i download this app it’s amazing a amazing app
  • sadly

    By _iitsmyah_
    great game! but TOO many ads. Everytime i want to do a new song. AD. everytime i choose a song. AD. everytime i die and want to revive. AD. quit it with the ads!!!!!! please 💀
  • Ripppppp offff

    By Wolf man160(4))66
    I bought the full game maybe that’s my dumb fault. But it says it removes ads. HAHA that’s a joke if i ever heard one. You still have to watch ads to play new songs and to revive yourself. I was assuming that if I’m paying $3 on an app like this that I’d be totally ad free per usual. That is really a sad excuse on the developers behalf. I mean common now.