2048 Balls 3D

2048 Balls 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-29
  • Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 207.60 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 42 042


Gotta merge em all! Drop balls and merge them! How far can you go?



  • A

    By fbfijf
    Great game very addictive but too many ads
  • Ad-heavy

    By TriPeaksWin
    Too many ads and, worst of all, ads mid-level
  • Fun to play, but...

    By MerkinBill
    Nice twist on 2048 Games. With the pieces being different sizes and options for different shapes, I’ve played quite a few levels after only a couple of days. The biggest problem, for me, are the ads. I’m playing the free version, obviously, so ads are a given. Not only are they ridiculously frequent, but halfway through moving the next piece, it jumps to ads. (Bonus points for most of them being short.) When you get back to the game, the piece you were moving drops where it is and your touch triggers the next piece to fall without a chance to move it. Removing that issue alone would make a world of difference and change my review to 4 stars.
  • Humbug

    By Ghost Ant
    Too many interruptions for advertising
  • Too many ads

    By Notesteph
    I couldn’t even get through half of A game because every 4 moves I’m forced to watch a 15 second ad! That’s ridiculous. I’m fine with and ad before every game and one in the middle but come on. No one has time for that.
  • Not This

    By Sapphire4761
    This app is horrible. Couldn’t even play a solid minute without ads. The advertisements this dev puts out are even worse.
  • Outrageous amount of ads

    By armc2015
    I love the game itself. However, the number of ads is outrageous! Ads even pop up during the middle of a play. It’s out of hand! At least let players complete a level before bombarding them with ads. 3 stars until something is done about the number of ads.
  • Fun but not worth it cuz of ads

    By posh punkk
    Way too many ads
  • Good but...

    By isa.delvalle26
    Good but there is a problem...there is a number that i can’t reach.512
  • Far too many ads

    By AugustDitt
    I’ve got no problem with ads as long as they advance gameplay (e.g. offer a reward) or are relatively rare. I was experiencing an ad every 45 seconds to 1 minute. I won’t be back.
  • 👎🏿

    By 124Carolina
    Too many adds. It’s like every minute
  • Too MANY ADS!

    By KCT13
    I understand the need for ads, but this is extremely excessive! It ruins everything about what could be something enjoyable or relaxing. Totally pointless... looking for a similar game that isn’t this blatant ab their financial greediness.
  • Fun but WAY too many ads

    By Jess is my BFF
    I really enjoy this game but the ads are ridiculous, they come about every 15-20 seconds. Plus they come at the worst time and sometimes mess you up mid drop. If you seriously have to include this many ads in your game at least do them in between levels or something not in the middle of a game. And $3 to get rid of ads?? Most games charge like 99 cents. Yes I enjoy the concept of the game and find it fun, but the ads constantly bombarding me kinda ruins the fun. If you love watching advertisements over and over again then you will love it.
  • ADS

    By theoriginalspock
    So fun but all the advertisements ruined it!! There’s so many! Instantly deleted and downloaded a different 2048 game.
  • Investments Galore

    By Curly The Giant Chicken
    Decent game, but I play the game only as much as I watch the investments in the game. The play time and the investment time are about equal. Played it for a day and deleted it for investment watching reasons. I don’t recommend unless you like being interrupted by investment, even in mid game play.
  • wayyyy too many ads

    By bumbuscha
    this game was fun, but i deleted after playing once. i never write reviews but my game got interrupted after every few turns w an ad and it was too annoying.
  • Good game, but the ads make it unplayable

    By karacranberry
    It would be nice if you could get through at least one level without an ad popping up. Prepare to be frustrated if you use this app.
  • Cool game

    By Alec1055
    I like almost everything about this game! But for some reason I’m not getting the vibrations on the game like my family’s is. Also the white balls look like the void and it’s really weird looking... other than that it’s great!
  • eh

    By Slaytrix
    it’s a fun game but i get an ad like every two mins i don’t even wanna play anymore... i deleted the app because they put out way too many ads
  • Ads ads ads ads ads

    By Tealitte
    Stop putting ads into it in the middle of a game. It pops up like every 10 balls. It’s freaking ridiculous.
  • 3 stars

    By rhebdbhcjfnfncjvnd
    This game no doubt would be very fun but it’s gotten to the point where it’s barely playable because Of ads I so far have gotten to play for 30 seconds tops without an 30 second advertisement poping up so I deleted the game.
  • Ads

    By thane666
    To many ads while playing.
  • Unplayable due to ad spam.

    By Dracos_
    Infested with ads, not even at a level break. They play seemingly at random, and at a frequency that means for every 5 minutes of play time, you’ll see two minutes of ads.
  • Inappropriate timing of ads

    By g Fites rd
  • Trash

    By MoonstoneEmpress
    Trash game I got 2048 my first try bc of my 100000 iq no congratulations they made me keep going wth trash
  • Great game

    By mzperkins
    I really love this game and spend quite a bit of time playing it - unfortunately the ads a waaaay to frequent and often time you feel like you are spending more time waiting on ad# to finish than you get to play. Again I really enjoy this app/game just wish I could lay for longer than I watch ads.
  • Too many ads

    By Amanda_p11
    I think I spend as much time waiting to be able to skip an ad as I do getting to play the game.
  • Good pass time, BUT too many ADS

    By dulxo
    Game is fun, it gets you thinking but as soon as you get into the game, there’s an AD. Almost every 3 minutes or so many moves more ADS. Just too many ADS finally got tired and deleted it
  • Ads

    By sammlove
    Get this game only if you want a 30 second ad to pop up every 5 moves.
  • Way to many ads

    I will literally be I. The middle of dropping a ball and it’s like every minute an ad pops up! I get ads but this is too much. If you can deal with it cool but if not i wouldn’t recommend this game!!
  • Most beautiful ad simulator

    By fan of ads
    This is the best ad simulator in 2020 Ad every 5s Truly a beautiful crafted master piece that deserves praise and “ad”miration

    By trumbomb
    Way too many ads but a wrap a really fun game.
  • Constant gameplay interruptions

    By Pcallycat
    I enjoy the 2048 concept. And this was a fun twist on it. However, with each revision it seems more and more gameplay interruptions find their way into the application. Combine some balls, level up interruption, level up a few times, a lot machine games interruption. Now, every couple of balls that combine, coin explosion interruption. Can’t hardly play the game anymore for the interruptions. As much as I enjoyed it, I’ve had to uninstall it in search of games that will actually let me play them.
  • Ads and no skill

    By jdibbs11
    Ads ads ads. Feels like more time dealing with ads than playing the game. And the game itself requires almost no skill
  • Was fun for the first 2 hrs of play

    By Gallhue
    The game was fun at first but after a couple hrs of playing the onslaught of ads every 20 seconds became infuriating. Do not recommend unless you don’t mind paying $3 to remove the ads. Not worth the money.
  • annoyed

    By stella16.
    game is good but there are WAYY too many ads
  • Too many ads

    By Erick Mercado
    I have to turn on airplane mode
  • Buy it or avoid it

    By gregwk
    As other complained, this game is ad-infested. If you play the “free” version you will spend more time watching ads than playing the game (not an exaggeration — they actually *stop* you in the middle of gameplay (not between levels or at other reasonable spots) to force you to watch ads). So avoid the frustration by either paying for the game initially or by avoiding the game entirely. Those are the only good choices. (I might have chosen the former if playing with-ads hadn’t turned me off and made me not want to support their “free version” model of play.)
  • Hm

    By hgifitndnd
    Good game- ads pop up every 53- 70 seconds and they run for a 30+ secs (which is flippin’ ridiculous)
  • Typical lying ad

    By One Glitch
    Saw an ad where one of the types of “ball” you could play with were gel globs that looked really fun. Played enough to unlock all available types and, of course, got burned when guess what no globs. Oh, and you get at least one ad per minute of gameplay. Run far far away from this app!
  • How obnoxious

    By dekwest
    I installed this game and played for 60 seconds only to be interrupted in the middle of the game for a 39 second ad. I immediately deleted the game. I hope you fail. I don’t mind and funded games, but that was completely abusive.
  • Eh

    By bö ñ ę r wresling
    It’s an ok game, but the sheer amount of ads I was bombarded with every 15 seconds made me want to k1ll myself. Also it was repetitive and boring
  • Seriously?

    By Friendlyneighborhoodreporter
    I’m not one to write reviews often. Mainly because I get that with a free game there are ads. Sure. But this is RIDICULOUS. I counted. One ad every 45 SECONDS. Game stops dead - after LESS THAN A MINUTE - to show an ad. No thank you. Game might have been enjoyable if I got to play it. Uninstalled, moving on. Don’t waste your time.
  • Great game but agree ...

    By Vlrech
    I understand free games come with ads and I’m ok with that but this games IS infested with too many. Cut down some and have them all where you can mute the sound.
  • The ads were obnoxious

    By Barish44
    I downloaded it, was playing for about a minute when a 30 second ad popped up- I understand you need ads for revenue but it would be better if they were before or after playing; not during. Deleted right away
  • Great game infested with advertisements

    By cyclegirl999
    The advertisements pop up every 30 seconds! They need to go. This would be an enjoyable game, but the advertisements are annoying.
  • WAY too many adds

    By sunshinenowakwolff
    This game is fun but every like seven balls, I get an ad. No thank you. Won't be keeping this game downloaded, and definitely won't recommend it.
  • Best game

    By muffincheese
    Honestly the best game I’ve ever played 😄
  • Would be cool but

    By ReyesKaylynn
    Game seems like it would be fun . I really want to try and finish at least one game but every 15-20 balls that were dropped came and advertisement .