2048 Balls 3D

2048 Balls 3D

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-29
  • Current Version: 1.9.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 186.09 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 79 077


Gotta merge em all! Drop balls and merge them! How far can you go?



  • Ads...

    By NoobHunterXDLOLUMAD69
    There are so many ads! I’ve only played this game for around 5 minutes and already saw 6 ads one of them being an uncloseable ad.
  • Nice game but stops to many times!

    By bhfffhdhfcj
    I like this game very much what piss me of is every 20 sec that I’m going up in level it stop the game and show me I level up. Why to stop the game so many time.,. It’s annoying so bad I pay to avoid from the add and now that shi* is stoping every second.,. Show me I level up without stoping the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I really love this game but..

    By sophiaairas1500000000
    I love at this game so much I love to play it but one thing I hate is the ads from the game. I just hate it we seriously have to buy no ads to have no ads, ugh just please take off the ads!

    By Makavelii13
    Yo this is wild it’s LITERALLY like an ad every 30 seconds. Emphasis on literally. I never review games this is my first but yo the level of ads is ridiculous I had to let y’all know
  • Does anyone know how high this goes?

    By internet_diva_xoxo
    I’m up to 4Sp which is septillion
  • I really love it but it crashes way too much

    By Shadae S.
    Hope they bring updates to fix those bugs
  • From an X-player.

    By x seller
    This game had me at least 4hours a day it was so addictive BUT the scoring was changed and now I really don’t care to play any more. Why was the score method changed? When something works you don’t mess with it. It was fun while it lasted!!
  • Advertisements kill this game

    By bcomedian
    It's a good game, but ads appear every other minute and after a while one ad appears and I couldn't close it! It ruins my whole progress and I have finally removed it
  • I am sad and disappointed

    By stacy ya girl
    I was at like 812 billion or something then it randomly reset
  • Just “Failed” & Lost My Progress!

    I have been playing 2048 3D Balls for months and suddenly the game “Failed” and rather than restarting or “Revive” option, I lost months worth of progress. I guess I’ll be giving up on this game. I was in Level AU, possibly 1024 AU when the “Failed” occurred and I lost all I worked for in progressing through the game levels. Very disappointed in this game. Super fun but disappointing.
  • Ads, ads as far as the eye can see

    By oMaddigan
    The game itself is fantastic. But there’s a 15 second ad every probably 1 minute of play.
  • Ads, ads, and more ads!!

    By honhum
    If you like watching ads, you will LOVE this game!!!
  • Too many ads

    By Jessi2399
    An ad pops up every 10 moves or less. It’s annoying.
  • Too much advert ! Do not download !!

    By Nia_iy. So
    You can hardly play the game for 10 seconds the loud adverts for another 10 secs. Just pointless
  • LOVE the game, BUT THE ADS

    By 27144245
    The amount of ads in this game is absolutely excessive. I enjoy this game very much, but the ads every 30 secs to a minute are so frustrating that it’s hard for me to play at all.

    By Destinyb1996
    It’s a scam!! Even if you pay for “no ads” there is still ads! Save your $3
  • Meh

    By boabskdbdmf
    Way to many ads there is ads more then gameplay
  • Deceptive

    By JesseKimes
    I love the game but got sick of the constant pop ups so I paid for it. They intentionally place a click ad to get a reward every few times you level up and you end up watching ads over and over after you already paid. Very bad practice.
  • Dropping the Ball

    By the ra ra
    I have tried to contact the company orDesigner. I really enjoy this game I have been hooked on it for a while now. Since two updates ago., If you get a really good streak going connecting your ball numbers A lot of visuals and balls bouncing and then it kicks you out. When I come back in everything that I achieved is not there and I start all over again. If I use the magnifying tool it works great all of a sudden it kicks you out and you lose The magnifying tool but it leaves you where you were when it restarts. But I’m really disappointed that there’s not a way to contact from the game itself
  • Bad

    By it is the best fun game
    So at first I thought it was a great game but I did find a way to get rid of the ads just tap the corner but I died and did not press revive but then I restarted the whole game again I was really sad and rage quited it broke my heart it was one of my favorite games all my family helped me get to a high level my mom my dad my cousins and even my friends😭😭😭
  • Paid for no ads and still happen

    By Livyluv13
    Purchased the “no ad” version, paid $2.99 and still get frequent ads both for 10 second and 30 second increments. This is a rip off!
  • Chloe

    By chloe7689
    The game is great it just that every time I level up I have to watch a add and that’s the annoying part

    By melinamartina
    I was so close to winning the game I was at 32 q and it reset me I am absolutely furious all my hard work just gone and for what i didn’t go on for one day and come back it being reset please bring me back to 32 q because you should not have reset my stuff
  • What’s with all the level ups???

    By TheBlankman
    Way too easy of a game. Yet addicting🙄
  • Paid and I’m still getting ads

    By BrianBee9481
    I paid for the game to avoid ads. But I’m still getting ads. It’s a rip off
  • It’s great but...

    By CrashingPanda
    The ads are horrible. I’ve been playing this game for a year or so now, and there are so many ads every thirty seconds. I’m ready to delete the game because of how many ads it has.
  • Great APP

    By Mc the
    This app is so fun I love it! I am not the kinda girl who normally play games like this but this one is different!!! levels increase faster than normal wich is pretty cool. And I like how there is not a PRO app. This is really cool and I definitely recommend this to anyone at all!!!!!!!!!
  • Horrible ad every 45 seconds

    By Nerfed👺
    Horrible ad bombardment
  • Used to be great

    By Whodad
    I literally downloaded this game yesterday (7/9/20) and gameplay was great, engaging and fun. But today I am perplexed. The game is called 2048 BALLS but ODST when I play, there are cubes in place of the balls. Is this supposed to make the game better? What an unnecessary change to make.
  • Prone to crashes

    By Sadman2811
    Great way to pass time but sadly is prone to crashing in my experience.
  • Good game too many ads

    By coreth5
    Game itself is fun. There are ads about every thirty seconds (every time you “level up”).
  • Shows ads even after paying

    By user172152
    Fun game, but really disappointed in the creators. I paid to remove the ads, only to have ads pop up. Very aggravating.
  • Deceitful

    By Lono86
    I purchased this app to not have ads. Yet, I still have to sit through the ads. Very deceitful! I would not patronize this game or any games that is affiliated with this company!
  • Winning 2048

    By Lumedwards
    I played another version of 2048 and learned how to keep ahead. I like the Balls because it is very accurate and there are a lot of levels to play. Thanks for a good game.
  • Dislike Update

    By dottttttttttttsarefun
    I love this game but I hate how every the new level thing pops up over the screen like let me play the darn game please
  • Was my favorite game on my phone but

    By Snymax
    I had purchased an add on to remove ads shortly after I got the game due to the frequency I played it and because the amount of ads on this game are astronomical. My wife would take my phone because her version would play and add every 5-10 moves. However after just changing the Icon in their last update I am now being shown ads again and restore purchases does not work. Also it appears that the ability to remove ads has been entirely removed. I like the game but can’t stand the constant ads. I’ll play a different game until this is resolved.
  • Love hate

    By michigj
    I love the game but I hate how often you level up. It’s pointless and disruptive and it makes me very frustrated. This app would be 5 stars otherwise but I’m probably going to stop playing because it’s so annoying. Please change this by either getting rid of levels all together or requiring a lot more points before leveling up.
  • It’s alright

    By deeddyteddy
    It really run I play it all the time

    By hkdkskjsnxnx
    Constant ads. Every 2 minutes there’s another 30 second ad to sit through. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME
  • App keeps crashing and why do I get ads when I paid for ad free?

    By rpark4
    I used to wonder why it always stopped the game to tell me I went up a level when leveling up means literally nothing. Well it’s because they want u to tap to clear the screen. Once u get into that habit then they add a new ad incentive that u have to avoid. Ridiculous.
  • 60 second two part unskippable ads every two minutes

    By Awesome guy1126
    Literally not worth playing game is brain dead anyways
  • Good game

    By game 2848balls🔴⚫️🔵
    This app is really really AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Glitch,crashes sometimes

    By nonextant
    my daddy and me have been playing this game today and could you fix the crash please!
  • Very addicting

    By sralisong
    The game play is fun and relaxing Despite advancing to new levels, the difficulty does not increase Would give this a higher rating if I weren’t inundated with so many ads
  • New update 👎🏻

    By 7272827627
  • Just too easy

    By Diffy2
    This is a great concept and fun to play, but it is simply too easy. I downloaded it over a week ago, and am still on my first game at level 325. If you want it as a therapeutic and mindless pastime, it I’d fine, but not if you want a challenge.
  • Fun game to many adds

    By fredy ioio
  • it’s a fun game

    By edip13
    it gets a little boring after a while
  • Could be

    By jjmas
    It’s fun, for the few seconds you can play. Way too many ads