Nails Done!

Nails Done!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-11-14
  • Current Version: 3.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 143.99 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 17 410


Satisfying 3D nails art game! Happiness is getting your nails done! Clip your nails and paint with different patterns and colors! Collect them all!



  • I love this app

    By sha sha3453147800
    It's so amazing so get it
  • Not what I thought 🙄.

    By fw_sami
    I was playing the game until I came across a bug not what I expected ✋🏻🙄.
  • Horrible and boring game

    By raidersfan102938
    I got this app, and thought it would be great and fun.I tried it out and deleted it 2 minutes later.🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m not looking forward to downloading this ever again. It needs fixed. Thank you. It was just a waste of time.🙎🏻‍♀️
  • Nails done

    By EQSan
    I like the game a lot but it has so many ads. When I did one finger an ad came on.
  • -_- it’s fine

    Why is their so many adds and you should let people customize their own in a different mode And it’s pretty boring you should UPDATE cause I don’t like doing the same nails over and over and over and over (you get the point) I’m in 3rd grade Ik what boring is ppl so plz add more things plz, Thank you for reading this.(if you even will -_-)
  • Uh bad

    By shykat-09
    I got bored after 5 min its just really boring
  • Glitch

    By bsc12
    There’s a glitch and it won’t shoe me the nails, Hand, and polish it’s just shows me the background color if u guys can fix it I’ll totally rate it back to 4 or 5 stars
  • I love this game, but......

    By Arti Tansley
    In my opinion I love this game but sometimes it can be really laggy and then I don't like it, but otherwise it's a really good game. I also like how you can draw what you want to nails. The only thing I recommendation is that the brush that you draw stuff in needs to be bigger so that it is easier to draw stuff in and so you can draw bigger things. But like I said earlier this game is pretty awesome.
  • OK

    By Antoinett Lackeye
    First and foremost, It’s very satisfying to nails done. But, it has many ads, that makes it less fun. And instead of having fun, people become bored and inpatient. Please fix that problem.
  • It’s very good

    By Aleyana Corcut
    This game is wonderful, relaxing and is great when you’re just sitting around not doing much. nails done is so satisfying but the constant ads after everything one does is ridiculous. If they could cut it down to at least an ad per carving that would be so much better. Other than the constant ads game is great!!
  • This game

    By 贾伟慈郁糜
    I really like the game it’s super fun. But the ads make it so hard to play. After you do anything there is an ad playing. That makes it so hard to play and enjoy.
  • Please fix it

    By laceyannjones91
    I would rate this 5 stars because I really do like it, but every time you have to go out of it it’s starts you over at level one and I got to level 44 but there are no more levels than that.
  • It’s fun

    By Dixianna Blaszczynski
    I love this game , everything is fun and well put together but the only thing I dislike about it is the ads ! Yes that’s it the ads . Please change the ads .
  • Love game!

    By Shaylea Jermey
    I love this game. It is really really fun. The only problem is the amount of adds, but other than that, this is a good game. I especially love the part where you can costumize your nails thingy. The other reviews say that this is a boring and easy game, but I think it is really fun!
  • Ads after every finger

    By Jersey2FL
    95 percent ads. I’d rather just pay.
  • Eh

    By Janessica Davida
    Games fun but wayyyyy too many ads it’s annoying to get an ad after doing one nail definitely uninstalling 🤷‍♀️
  • Too many ads :(

    By sandchickens
    The title says it all this game is perfect in almost every way except for the amount of ads. I know the devs have to make their money and I accept ads between sets of nails and the ad on the bottom and the ad for another one of your games on the side but video ads in between fingers? It’s a little excessive. I love everything else about this game! But I docked two stars bc the amount of ads is excessive :(((
  • To many ads

    By karen mari
    This game gives you a add for every nail you do
  • Nuh uh

    By RaterRetar
    It’s nothing like the ad one star
  • Boring

    By tundratundra
    The game is very boring. It has no challenging aspects to it whatsoever. Creators, make some challenges please, and then, maybe, this game will get a higher score. It got 2 stars instead of one because it’s kind of satisfying
  • I thought it would be better

    By sahaj 🥵
    Wayyyyyyy to many adds
  • Why so lame!?

    By oooooooooooooooœhuhuhhuhuhjj
    This gam sis not at all what I expected it to be! It always makes me restart all of the nails that I do, and I am sick of it! Honestly, I would play this way more than I do if it didn’t do that every time I play it! There are games way better than this, and I can’t believe I still have this app! 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 This game is an okay game, but I would perfect not to play it, but I want to, only because I forget that it makes me start all over again, and I am not making any progress so far in this game.
  • Ads

    By Sharkface12309
    No one wants to see an ad after every nail.
  • Fun but..

    By daddydez0615
    It’s fun, but really unnecessary to add ads after every nail 🙄
  • Simple game, good game, too many ads.

    By pele_e
    It’s a decent game, good graphics but very little to do. Basically you clip the nails and paint them but you’re not really painting it yourself either more like revealing the picture that’s already painted. If that’s what you’re into that’s great this is the game for you. Another thing I’m not digging about this game is that it’s there’s an ad after almost every finger you finish and after every hand. It’s a bit excessive to me. To improve the game, you could add more steps like filing the nails, top coat, or adding more consequences like cutting the nails the wrong length. Making ads longer and putting them at the end of each hand instead of every nail. Overall, it’s “good enough” but just bare bones.
  • Well....... idk 😐

    Don’t get me wrong this game is a good game, but it gets boring really fast. On the ads I’ve seen it seems like there is more to the game, but there isn’t. I really feel like there should be like a spa where you can fix there hands and then do them. Also this game has BUGS. Don’t get me started there are so many, I can’t even keep track!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I like this game, I play it almost every time I’m on my iPad, but I just get bored after like 10 to 15 minutes. I mean if you don’t mind bugs and boring games then download it if not DONT !!!!!!! Ok I guess I gotta give some positive things about the game. Well the designs are really cool and I take screen shots of them and save them to my photos to get some ideas for my nails. And there are special nails you can buy with the hearts you get. There is a Halloween, a Christmas, and a cat one. I wish there were more though. Well thanks for reading, not the best game and needs some updates ideas below👇🏻 1. GET RID OF THE BUGS 2. Make some sort of spa or something before doing the nails 3. Add more special nails like dogs, Valentine’s Day, and just more 4. Make the game more exiting
  • boring

    By PizzaLikerSeamo
    this game is so boring, you don’t interact with anything all you do is just paint everything on.. you don’t get to use tools or anything
  • Toooo many adds

    By heyyyyyy😜
    It’s way to many adds.Its a add when you try to go to the next nail.When you go to a next nail,BOOM add comes up.Im going to give it two stars but I WILL change it to ONE star if you don’t change it
  • Age appropriate

    By person_1_2
    Hi, I love the game but I think the age should be 4+ because there is not much of a challenge. I believe if you put the age recommendation as 12+ you should add a challenge or coins to get more stuff because I think this is not a 12+ game. However on the bright side there is no bugs or glitches so this would be a good game for a 4-6 year old
  • This game is not worth it

    By Umanjr
    Paid to remove ads, they did update and it made things worst. I had to redownload it again and now all I see are ads. This game is a rip off!!!
  • Good, but I have some recommendations, and requests

    By Lilsnap😺
    Dear app developers, I appreciate you for doing your job and keeping up with requests and updates I appreciate that. But I have a couple of recommendations. I’m not pushing you to do them right away but here are some of my ideas; First I think that there should be a mode where you can make nails of your own style not just what the customer wants. Secondly there are adds. Not as much as I’ve seen in other games but could you maybe have an add like every 3-5 levels? I know about sponsorship and it’s okay that might not be able to get to it. Also there are some glitches but I know if that’s my phones fault or yours so I’m not blaming you. Other then that it’s perfect. I’m sorry if my review was long and took a lot of time to read. From, ❄️🐉ice dragon.
  • bad

    By JessyMae♑
    waaayyyy too many ads
  • Was fun for like five minutes

    By redangelHolly
    Well here we go this game is ok I guess it’s good for little kids I was disappointed to be honest kinda too easy and not what I expected. Thanks anyways uninstalling...
  • ADS

    By shsksbsysna
    There is literally ads between every nail or every other nail that you do!
  • Okay

    By Colsen Harber
    I love this game. It’s just really fun to nails done. It’s very easy to earn likes and get new cool colored designs. This is just a good game to play when you have some time or you are waiting for someone or you’re in the car. There are a lot of ads but it’s no way near as bad as some of the other games I’ve played. I highly recommend this game. It’s fun and doesn’t take a lot of skill, effort or storage.
  • Needs more work 😒

    By Fuzzy_Guinea_pigz
    Ok I don’t want to be mean but this game is too easy and paisley i understand your opinion and this happens to me too.But Try to let us be CREATIVE for once. Plus,When I’m not even close to the finger it just cuts it off.Im all like,what? Plus it’s the same thing over and over again.Who wants that?
  • WOW

    By Sherrene Ashington
    I like this update, which fixes the bugs so that I can happily nails done. Please add more designs. Love you.
  • Best game ever

    By Adley Fautly
    This game is awesome ,fun, relaxing and likable . I give this game 5 stars because I play this game all the time when I am at home and in public.when I play this game all my stress and anxiety goes might think I am overreacting or overthinking if you do try the game yourself please and thank you
  • Love it

    By Amedeo McDool
    I really like this game, but it gets pretty boring fast. You should add some different modes like DIY. Oh and a suggestion is to make the game have a harder mode! The ads, seriously I play one level and an add pops up, please remove them, or make it so it does it every 10 levels! Otherwise, I love this game, keep up the good work!
  • Good way

    By Gyselle Boffey
    Many girls complain that there are too many ads. I will teach you a good way: turn on airplane mode. So you can enjoy your game
  • So good

    By Leandrea Ashborne
    If you have any free time you will love nails is a great way to spend your day. There may be some adds but it’s a fun game. The new updates I really find fun.
  • Good game

    By Stamatis Chandlar
    First of all its a good game just needs a few adjustments! Too many ads, if it had less ads it would be better. Again really good game!!
  • way too many ads

    By mbilbie
    I played this game and the first thing I noticed was that there is an ad after EVERY TWO NAILS! I’m sorry but I have to uninstall this game, it is way too annoying to have that many ads! I get if there was one after each level, but not every two nails.
  • Horrible Game-Nothing Like The Ad

    By Quiteannoyedcitizen
    This game is awful. No skill involved and it’s nothing like the ad I saw which prompted me to downloading the game. In the video it shows, when you’re painting the nail it appeared that the polish was getting on the skin making it to where you would need to be careful and only paint on the nail. But in the actual game, the polish won’t get on the skin, you don’t paint the designs yourself it does it for you, making it absolutely boring and no actual skill needed at all. It’d be better if you were actually graded on how well you could paint the actual nail and designs.
  • Terrible! Horrible! All about the Ads!!!

    By KLegg70
    1) Terrible app. No actual skill needed to play. 2) Ads play between EVERY SINGLE NAIL that you “manicure”. 3) no creativity in playing or challenge. It probably couldn’t even entertain a 2 year old. 4) Did I mention the ads? Long, annoying, repetitive, mind-numbing ads consume more of your time than attempting to “play” this game. I’m 7-10 minutes in to the game and I’ve “manicured“ 4 nails. DELETING this ridiculous app.
  • Eh

    By ariathewolf
    It’s an okay time passer but there is an ad after every nail. There is only a couple shaped and it’s basically all set up for you and so your basically dragging your finger around the screen. There is no choice for you on anything. I wouldn’t recommend. I had the app for maybe 5 min before I deleted it.
  • Amazing

    By Leah_24
    I love this app, just put it on airplane mode, and you are good to go. It is so relaxing and fun!!
  • Hey!

    By Peep Forvee
    I love this game it’s so relaxing but the one thing is after every nail I get a ad and it makes me want to delete the app so if that could possibly be fixed that would be amazing.
  • Nails done

    By Okay review 102
    This game just had way too much ads I mean after I do every nail I see a add when I click next finger. This game is also pretty boring and I am going to take it off my phone and download something better. Thankyou and goodbye. Maybe when it’s a better app with not as many adds I will download it again MAYBE 😫😫