Nails Done!

Nails Done!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-11-15
  • Current Version: 3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 200.82 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 746


Satisfying 3D nails art game! Happiness is getting your nails done! Clip your nails and paint with different patterns and colors! Collect them all!



  • Great game but...

    By Bitsy & Jax 19
    I absolutely love this game. It’s nothing truly fancy, meaning you simply clip the nails, paint them, then add a design. I would suggest maybe adding a “prepping the nail” portion to add a little more fun to it. By “prepping,” I mean maybe adding filing or even drilling the nail, pushing back the cuticles, and other things that nail techs do. I also don’t really enjoy how there are ads after almost every finger I do. Other than that, I enjoy this game a lot. It’s very addictive!
  • It’s okay;-;

    By samyandmel
    Like I wish that we could make or own like what type of nail polish !!!!
  • More options to shape nails.

    By whyme?!?!
    This game is good and is great to pass time. But when it gives you certain pictures to copy that need a pointed but short nail and all you can do is long pointed nail because that’s all you’re able to do with the clippers. It gets frustrating because you can’t make it the correct shape and then you only get one star.
  • Nails

    By timilth21
    Yes available for me tomorrow
  • Nails

    By Avery Aponte
    Best game ever. I love doing nails. I love your game. It is the best. O I just can not whate For thenext game if you make another one
  • The best!!!!!

    By Arella Vuk
    Get this it is the best
  • Can be a good game

    By 1 ci
    This is okay but i will like to change the nail shape so i can get my full starts then just getting one star because of the nail shape, but i would rather find something else if you can’t change because it can get a lil boring after a while
  • Recent update

    By denaye
    I enjoy the new update; what I don’t enjoy is having to paint all the nails I’ve already done all over again. Was there no way to update the game without restarting what I’ve already painted? So for future updates can you guys make sure not to reset what was already painted, thanks so much.
  • Nails done

    By ellen shyell
    It is great but the nails do the job for you and tells you when to stop.i want to do it on myself

    By Ember985637
    I played this game for less than 5 minutes and I get 10+ ads! I can’t even finish a hand without 1 or 2!! Fix this crap.
  • Too Many Ads

    By yertshmert
    The game is fun, but there are so many things that need to be changed before I will play this again. there are only maybe 4 nail shapes you can do ever, and they are boring shapes. The clippers are way to finicky and fly off the screen sometimes, and the nail polish is just ugh, annoying. the most annoying thing about this game is the ads. I get you need ads to make money, of course you do, but when you have a consumer play your game for 5 minutes and then throw in ads every single time they switch to a new nail, it gets very frustrating. Just too many ads for me to enjoy, no thanks.
  • Djejkrjrjf awful

    By turtel2911
    When u start at first it’s fun but when u get used to’s soooooooo boring
  • Don’t get it!!

    By ok baby corrss me
    It is not like the adds at all.
  • Fun

    By kenzie macie braelynn aaliyah
    Fun game for kids to play
  • Nails done! Submition

    By ZombieMcBurgerface
    I like it it’s so much fun and satisfying its addictive too I started playing at 6:00 o’clock now it’s 7:20
  • Nails Done!

    By gdykdoyshclhd
    I think this is A great way to prove that Women should be treated the same as man and have the same right as they do. This game has one flaw though. I was just doing the level and I did the same exact thing that the costumer wanted and I only got a star and a half. This is not fair when you do the exact thing that they wanted and I don’t get the full credit I deserve. Karen!!! 👩🏼
  • Polish won't show up

    By blubbby.
    When i got on the watermelon nails level the Polish wasn't gonna show up leaving the nails half way done. Do I have to restart my phone?!
  • Awesome

    By Ether2burn
    Good game
  • This is amazing

    By nyny_nyla_pooter
    I love this game so much it is amazing there are so many great cute different nails to do I did a anamil one but you can do any one you want this definitely gets 5 stars
  • No.....

    By JOPO!
    I dont really like this game...its not so fun and its like wierd....
  • The best

    By ghghghghhjjjhjjh
    This game is the best
  • Good concept but.....

    By Vsco UwU
    I think it needs challenges like where when you apply too much polish it drips and it resets. Also where you clip too much and a screen with the word ouch appears and you restart. Does anyone agree with me? Right now I’m a boss for no reason b/c of the lack of changes. I would rather watch YouTube until you put chalenges in 😞 👎🏻
  • Hi

    By Big girl dance
    This is kind of good
  • It won’t work.

    By Dontbemean.
    I am painting the watermelon and it is not even in the right spot at the top it is like a two year old drew the pink part but I am not saying it is bad that I want you to pls fix it.🙂
  • I love it

    By sarebity
    So cool
  • Why this is a racist game...

    By kksblie
    B-tch I selected black and why the f-ck does it say i’m white in the picture, the hell. Imma be petty and leave a bad ratting & report the game ‼️💀
  • Nails Done!

    By LittlelivePetzlily
    I love nails done because it’s super fun and it’s for super smart girls love it
  • It WAS Amazing

    By SpaceCat2500
    I absolutely loved this game- until the new update came.
  • Um

    By ya_noob_2008
    It was great yesterday cause it wansnt updated yet and they update it and I see it today and I absolutely HATE IT NOW IM DELETING IT
  • Not a great game 😔

    By ilovepugs1238
    This game is trash I was trying to copy the picture but it wasn’t letting me cut the nail to the right shape there was no option to cut it pointy of round it was really annoying it kept giving me one star as well because it wasn’t the right shape it wasn’t fun at all the only thing good about it was the designs that was provided so don’t get this game unless you like dissatisfaction.
  • Idk

    By Aiden Craven Deaver
    The game is sooo good but I would add some new updates and more stuff to the game thanks bye
  • The

    By carcargeg
    It is like the best game and now I can pant nails
  • Upset

    By @kdgibler
    I really really loved this app!! It was really fun just to play on my free time! But now after the update I hate it! Like it COMPLETELY changed!! And the nail sets that I already did I have to do them all over again!! This is stupid.
  • Four_stars

    By Doom Stars Gonna Shine
    I Emirates this four stars because it took forever to update and I couldn’t play because I had passed all the levels
  • Cc f

    By G bbvvy
    Tggvg VI
  • 3 star

    By amelia-april
    This game is great. But it doesn’t get 5 star because it try’s to trick you, by looking at what they want by cutting the nails but the image doesn’t say to cut it. It’s an amazing game but that is why it gets 3 star.
  • n c k h d n

    By bfjuwhsbdjdhhdhdjdj
    I love this game so much
  • It’s ok

    By vsco skaksksksksksksk
    I liked it before the newest update there is no more levels only challenges plus I don’t like how it sends notifications saying hello beautiful.
  • This is boring

    By DarkAngel0626
    This game is boring cause you just sit there clip nails and design like who wants that I don’t want to clip nails all day long so I am giving this game a two I am not trying to be rude but I want something extreme something that has action but I am not a fan of this game !😡 From this is boring
  • It used to be better

    By Cut ysyd styadydhy
    I used to love this game until the update happened when it says to cut the nail one way it only lets you cut one way which is not the way they asked so your end rating is ok so then you don’t get as many coins and hearts so they are really making you fail at the game
  • My opinion

    By asholenik
    I think the game is fun but it needs a little more fun to add to it
  • Ummm, Needs Better!

    By 12eiow21827hs
    I just want like 3 nail paints to the game because it only has 2, paint and decorations and I want like split colors.
  • Hack

    By fgjddhhffggggggfg
    Great game
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!

    The new update is good, Either way. Old Are Update! Please Stay Tuned for more updates, Bye Loves!
  • ❤️

    By gxludxf
    Best game B##%#
  • Amazing!!

    By Straylovecushin
  • Very good

    By fortniteisbetter1007
    Very good game
  • hold my starbucks

    By Alandis Cruttenden
    Beauty is all about getting my nails done, and I adore it very much!
  • Hate

    By 1233454421
    I hate the new update so much