Soap Cutting

Soap Cutting

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-11-15
  • Current Version: 2.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 249.95 MB
  • Developer: Crazy Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 34 517


The most satisfying soap cutting game. You've seen it in the videos and now you get to cut some amazing soaps yourself! Cut different types of soaps and feel the amazing satisfaction. Many different types of soaps available to cut! After that, carve it into amazing shapes. Feel the immense satisfaction! Game Features: - Realistic soap cutting - Many different types of soaps. You will recognise them. - Carve the soap - Relaxing sounds Play now and start cutting!



  • Garabageware

    By dont get swindled like me
    I realize this is supposed to be soothing, but this isn’t a game. I checked it out literally to see if there was more to it than there is and there is nothing but scraping fake soap, then ad. This should not be classified as a game unless you retool it to, ya know, be a game.
  • No

    By wjckdneeocpsmw
    This game unsatisfying
  • I don’t know why but I LOVE IT

    By kit11331
    Okay so I have really bad anxiety, like really bad. But this game really really relaxes me. There are a couple of things I think could be improved but it’s really a great start. 1. I’m on level 457, there is an infinite amount of shapes you could be using for new soaps rather than the same designs over and over again. 2. There should be an option to turn off adds, because there are an insane amounts 3. There should be more reward knives, I’ve already got all of them and am now just collecting coins for NO reason. Other than that I really love it!
  • Please!!!!

    By kpf1018
    Can we PLEASE get an ad free pay option. I’d pay $5.99 for no ads!!!!!! And a verity of different soaps... and soaps that look different on the inside with each cut.... could be a 5star if I could pay extra for no ads!!!
  • Ok🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    By buihhyhj
    It has a lot of good features but it does also glitch and when there is a knife that is $400 and they only give you $25-$100 for doing ten rounds it frustrates me and i get really mad.
  • Fun but gets a little boring after awhile

    By vale + dogs=my life
    I loved this game when I first got it and it is so fun. It is soooo satisfying.And I love how after you have cut all the soap there is a secret gift. But you can never see the gift after you move on to the next soap.i love the variety of different soaps you get , but to be honest it is a little hard to cut the soap. And you can only cut it in one direction. Also I like that if you complete enough levels you gat a gift. But maybe you could get other gifts other than a new nife. Maybe you could have like a different mode where it was timed and if you finish cutting the soap in a certain amount of time you could get coins. Maybe also you could buy different soaps or you could make soap and sell it but that might be a totally different game. But what I am trying to say is that it is fun but after awhile it do feel like it needs a little bit more. You don’t have to take my suggestions I just feel like if I say something needs work I need to give another suggestion.

    By llandonAA

    By zatiah
    I rated this game 4 ⭐️ because you have to wait for the knife to go all the way back to start cutting again Your dear friend Destyni Smith 🌸👩🏽‍💻🤘🏽🤗😘
  • Epic relaxing game

    By Roman_Souljah
    This is epic game it make me feel better and also this game helps me for crying hard times in school soo it keeps me feel relaxing game that game is epic
  • 🌟🌟🌟 GALLERY REQUEST!! 🔥☀️⚡️✨🌟

    By 🔥🔥🔥 Fire Girl 🔥🔥🔥
    Okay so I LOVE THIS GAME! I play it all the time. It’s just that me and my friend where talking about how there should be a gallery of what you get after you finish cutting the soap. Let me simplify this, So after you cut a soap you get a toy, or trinket. There should be like a list of what you have and trinkets/ toys. The stuff you don’t have should be black with a ? Mark. Thank you for reading this!!!
  • Think abt it

    By silvsy shortcake
    I think it would be a nice update and be lots of fun too add rareity too the prises or different tears of them like Cmmon ,rare, ultra rare ,and impossible maybe the more rare your prises are the more money you make and you can buy knifes just a little sum so it’s not so repetitive with no reward

    By navaj815
    It won’t let me cut it the second time I cut into it f**k this game FIX IT NOW
  • OMG

    By jgfgujgde
    this game is JUST Pure perfect.......thats it and i also highly recommend it to everyone in the world but especially people who would love to try to cut soap but never got to because they don't want to clean up the very thankful for the creator of this game thank you.❤️👏🏽😁
  • Wow.

    By bbdog888
    I have had this app for 4 days and reached level 251! It’s addicting. I just wish you could see yours toys/trinkets from the soaps and maybe trade them in for coins. Thanks for the good experience!
  • Ads.

    By .glue
    I don’t usually mind ads in a mobile app, but seriously, I’m not going to watch an ad every time I cut some soap. At least lower it to two cuts before I see an ad, not every single time. Other than that I enjoy everything else.
  • Love it!

    By MEoweR4563
    I absolutely love this game! It might seem boring to others, but it helps me relieve stress and anxiety. One thing I would recommend is that after you cut the soap and the little pieces of the soap that you cut off fall off of the screen, you should have the little pieces of soap make a noise when they hit the background. I hope you can take my advice in a good way and I also hope to see the soap make noise when it falls! Thanks!
  • This game is a awesome to play with

    By qeen12345
    It is a great game people will like it
  • Mahla

    By Mahla🥰
    من خیلی دوسش دارم بهتر از بیکاری هست باحاله👍رازیم ازش ممنون از دست اندکاران🌸🥀💐🌹❤️
  • Knives

    By adds arent fun
    Kinda ridiculous that after every knife you get they get more expensive making a bigger gap between each knife you can buy.
  • Left handed

    By Ghvxgfdb
    It’s cool but I’m left handed so it would be nice if there was an option to switch the hand to the other side haha
  • Very disappointed

    By TexasKaya
    This WOULD have been quite enjoyable were there not so many advertisements! Absolutely too many ads in this app! After every cutting, there’s an ad. 🙄🙄🙄
  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    By dressiella
    Nice and relaxing game when your having a bad day then you can play this game it’s free
  • Too many ads

    By lucy2098
    I really do like the game but it has way too many ads.

    By where's the soap???
    I love this game it’s so addicting! But my soap disappeared on level 277!!! Where did it go??? Is it a glitch or did y’all not expect people to get that far? PLS HELP!!!!!
  • Love it. But...

    By kkeia
    Love it, so realistic but can we get some sound effects for when the cubes of soap are falling.
  • Amazing!!!

    By juantine
    This game is so fun and addictive it satisfy my level and I’m very picky so over all amazing but there are LOTS of adds that’s my only complaint
  • Chop chop

    By chopchopfun
  • Absolutely hate the ads

    By Schenkty
    Love the relaxation that this provides but I am considering app deletion at this point as I’m always interrupted by ads. I would pay to remove the ads, just provide the option.
  • Fun game

    By goku,anime,nintendo genius 1
    This game is so satisfying 😀it is good as a $900,000,000,000,000 mansion and you get cute animals when you’re done ✅ and the presents 🎁 you get are so good 😊
  • Pretty good But...

    By Lovecandyheart46
    The game is good and sorta relaxing but there are more ads than I had expected don’t get me wrong but Ads constantly when u play cutting the soap is fun and all but I think the developers should dial the ads a bit down. I just saw the ad for this game and it looked appealing to play but in my opinion this game would have blown up in the App Store will so many people wanting to play it if it was still in its trend. Anyway I do recommend this game to people. This will be the game for you if you love soap and you might like this game!😄 On the other hand... this game won’t be for you if you can’t tolerate that many ads 😰 just installed it today wish u luck! 😁
  • Amazing

    By tiktokfan1113
    It helps with relieving stress and anxiety and it is satisfying
  • I’m shattered

    By sd4173
    I downloaded this game and it was the best thing to happen to me. But, after day 3 level 185....I have no soap to cut 😒 and my anxiety is up the roof. I NEED SOAP 😭 where is my soap ???
  • ADs

    way to many advertisements to fully enjoy this game.
  • Soap cutting

    By maraok45
    This game is very boring and I want it to be more interesting. It’s gives the same shape
  • #THE APP

    By miss chiken butt
    It is not as satisfying as I thought it would be but it definitely was worth it. It has a great sound to it so get it it is a nice and fun app
  • Super relaxing

    By chloe mason dylan
    I just love this game because it so fun but relaxing. You just move the knife it’s super easy. The one part I don’t like is when you scrape the little pieces you have to do it a few times. Ather Wise I love them game. When you are mad it calms me down
  • Taylor

    By loldonut
  • It ok

    By naomi's revew
    Very good but sometimes it can be boating but I love it to play when I’m boarded and things like that
  • horrible choice of animal

    By oogabooga666323
    you gave me the animal cat but i wanted AN OSTRICHHHHH I HATE THIS GAMEEE
  • Terrible ad experience but relaxing app

    By Emilya4200
    Ads are really annoying and it’s not clear how long or how many you have to watch
  • Game is a little laggy at times.

    By unicorn potato11
    The overall quality of the game is good but the lag is BAD.
  • This game is.. different

    By Hud0925
    When I was downloading the game I thought it was gonna be a real axing easy game no you have to put the knife in a Direction why?
  • I’m just getting ready to play the game

    By R. B . X
    I’m so satisfied
  • So satisfied

    By klikeuser
  • Title

    By tswizzzl¡
    I tried to put six stars but it wasn’t an option I would give this rating system one star. I appreciate how the app tells me how to feel at the top of the screen during apps. SO SATIFING.
  • LOVE It

    By t- shirt
    I love this game and I cannot stop playing it l think my sister is jealous but I wish It would have better sound and better effects 🥰🥐🌽🧄🧅🐟
  • Just stupid

    By browniecake3
    This game is not good to me,we have like a million ads every 10 seconds.Why is there some time of animal in the soap bars? that makes no sense
  • Needs more

    By ifduucufuxduci
    It’s a soap cutting game but it needs more like every level you do you can get money to buy new lands or worlds
  • This tereble game.

    By h&cyhfchtfcht&cthfcyh
    This game is so boring! Nobody should want to play this tereble game. They should take this game to a dumpster.