REFACE: face swap videos

REFACE: face swap videos

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2019-12-23
  • Current Version: 1.3.21
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 70.68 MB
  • Developer: NEOCORTEXT, INC.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 143 109


Doublicat is now REFACE -- REFACE is the #1 Face Swap App in the App Store. Create hyper-realistic face swap videos & gifs with just one selfie. HAVE FUN & AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS - Swap your face to celebrities or movie characters. - Share personalized gif memes and videos to messengers and social media. - NEW VIDEOS EVERY DAY! Powered by RefaceAI — state of the art face swap AI/ML technology. Mentioned in: Forbes, Mashable, TNW, Digital Trends. -- In case of any questions, issues or collaboration requests — contact us at [email protected] Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy:



  • No video

    By Trumpet85
    1* until they put source video back to the app. As of right now only Gifs can be Refaced
  • Something went wrong

    By Nader Abdulaal
    I love this app, but starting from today, after updating to IOS14, and paying for the annual subscription I cannot use the app. I am getting all kind of errors from “something went wrong” , “ unknown error” and “ internal server error”. Is it an issue with the payment shifting from trail to paid? Is it an issue with servers and will be resolved in a day or two? I do not know because no one is answering me on the in-app support, that also show a small error message that reads “something went wrong”. Will update my ratings if the issue is resolved. Best, Nader
  • dead site

    By LeeYongJaynyi
    min toe a lote lote tr lee lo ma lote nae kyrr ler
  • I want my money back

    By Hamp8887
    Worked fine under the 3 day trial. As soon as I was charged, it stopped uploading my pics to the other person’s. I wonder if this can be reported to the Better Business Bureau?
  • Doesn’t work

    By dont downloand until fixed
    Just downloaded app- doesn’t work at all Deleted!
  • It’s not working

    By BlessedT83
    The app is cool but it’s not working and I don’t look like the reface. Please fix it....
  • Great Ap

    By nc4lhd
    Great ap , love they update the features everyday . Since the ios 14 update the ap keeps crashing . Please fix thanks
  • @SadaBaby

    By Lae Lei
    I love this app I stg 🖖🏽😁🤷🏽‍♀️😛 ayyyyeee
  • So funny I love it

    By minion 625
    Me and my mom been playing on the our me and my mom been playing on the hour

    By StaceyAnna12345
    this app sees your camera the entire time you use it.... SUPER creepy. with the new update there’s a tiny green dot in the corner
  • So funny

    By Sadwheniwastemoney
    I trade these with my friends and family. We laugh so hard we cry. Awesome
  • Only thing that works are a ton of ads. Wont actually reface anything.

    By blahblahfucingblah
  • Not what it says it is

    By Mad18max64
    I got the app took a picture of me and it but a face into a video that did not look anything like me so I took a picture of my friend and it put the same exact face in this is garbage this app I can do this myself they charged me $24.99 for nothing
  • Yo

    By dudjfndj
    This app is funny as hell
  • Worth the money!

    By Mav1993
    When I first downloaded this app I excepted to get bored of it within the first two weeks. It’s been 2 months and I’m still loving it. They constantly update and add new material!
  • Perfect if you are a little tech savvy

    By Pamcm85
    I love this app! Like others l was frustrated at first because I had lots of issue with using my own gifs. However I quickly learned how to resize gifs on procreate and how to create custom gifs from images and videos. Armed with this knowledge I am able to use this app to its fullest potential. You do get the occasional gifs that aren’t useable because the face isn’t cropped closely enough or the person in the original gif turns the head to the side but other than that most of my personal gifs work perfectly. If you dont know how to make or resize gifs I can see how this app can be a little frustrating.
  • Coooooool

    By gogowil1
    I love it it's really cool 😍😍😍😂😂😂
  • Best app ever

    By Zinkyiscool
    I’ve had hours of fun, getting high, swapping faces and laughing hysterically.
  • Entertaining and Fun!

    By The 1!
    This app is sooooo dope! Putting your face on your favorite celebs body is the coolest thing ever!!👍🏽👍🏽
  • Good app

    By idkstopaskingmetodostuff
    Good app but it called me ugly in so many ways so I immediately deleted it
  • It’s fun but...

    By Sev Greed
    It has A pay wall to the rest of the app it is fun an fine I would say go for it if your bored but like I said it has a pro version if u want to do more things with it like 2$ a week or 25$ for I think a month I might be wrong but u do have to pay for more and there is ads so that’s my warning passed all that I enjoy it.

    By BeckysiphoneCLE
    I am unable to unsubscribe from this app. No matter what I do I keep getting charged $2.49.
  • charged me for subscription after i canceled

    By ohdatscece
    i had used the free trial one day i only used the app one time and it automatically charged my card, so i canceled the subscription and it still charged. someone needs to contact me
  • Love the app

    By QueenCherkera
    I really love this app, especially during this tough situation we are going through.
  • So many flaws

    By Jondubz
    After the feature of the day videos are gone, they’re gone for good- you can’t even find them by searching. And they’re the only ones worth using because of the higher quality and audio. All the user submitted ones are crap and a lot of them don’t even work. At the very least, allow users to use PAST featured ones! I could go on and one about the cons. A lot of them are just no-brainers too.
  • Fun!

    By phoenixmoon3
    So much fun!!
  • It’s ok

    By Root_614
    Doesn’t work as well for dark skinned people.. and the eyes are always creepy
  • It Just Doesn’t Work

    By AZRed89
    It just doesn’t work. I keep getting “internal server errors” and “time out requests.” I canceled my subscription. I don’t have time to waste my money on apps or services that do not work.
  • It’s actually kinda cool

    By hghjihfgu
    Once you’ve figured it out. Some gifs work for Facebook some don’t.

    By topaz347
    I actually paid for this and the app crashes literally every 2 seconds so I can’t even use the thing and if I can do it fast enough before it crashes it doesn’t even put your face on a celebrity it just uses some random face that’s supposed to be “yours” looks nothing like you
  • How do I unsubscribe?

    By poles12
    It has been 3 days already and I would like to unsubscribe so I don’t get charged and how would I do that ?
  • Great but needs some upgrades

    By Jabakusvd
    Would love if I could reface my own videos! Would continue paying for it if I could but since I can only do gifs it won’t work as well for me
  • So much fun

    By Douguitobeta
    OMG incredible!! So much fun
  • Ehh

    By Ashcheyenne
    Wish we could upload previously taken photos
  • It’s okay; not perfect

    By WooW Productions
    I’d buy the app if it weren’t an annual fee. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Im so sorry

    By app rating excutive
    Makes me sad because my skin isn’t matching with theres so i look disformed might have to rate 3 stars 💔
  • Not

    By momzdpll
    Collaps and not worki g at all
  • Fun, but I have some ideas.

    By Please review my suggestions
    The app is really good! But I just wish we could reface our face into videos from our camera role for free. A lot of people are really poor and I believe this could be really successful.
  • The feature clips repeat every month

    By JKQuestion!
    I love this app! But why are the featured daily clips repeating monthly? It’s losing it’s fun for me. Every morning I get new featured video clips & I wake up so excited to see them, but I’m now let down because hits September & the ones from August are all repeating. I hope you add new daily featured clips, otherwise I’m going to cancel my 1 month subscription. That makes me sad bc I didn’t want to. :(
  • I can’t stop laughing!

    By N4kedP0tat0
    I swapped my friend’s face on some of these videos and I can’t stop laughing at his face on a model’s body! I LOVE IT!
  • 0 stars

    By Kher012
    Ended my subscription and was still charged the yearly fee. $26.96. Thanks for nothing.
  • Blackface

    By wrongwayhenry
    This app is pretty cool, except it needs moderators or a technology limitation that prevents cultural appropriation or, at the very least, white people giving themselves blackfaces.
  • Faces

    By Slybandicoot
  • Needs to be free

    By GEIST18
    Hate apps that you have to subscribe to. If it was a one time purchase for 5 dollars. Then it’s would get 5 stars as a one time purchase
  • So fun

    By mykidRmyWorld
    This app is so much fun it swaps your face so perfectly with the person on most of them not all of them.
  • Looks nothing like me

    By sharella08
    Somehow I managed to look exactly like John Wick and Brittany Spears using the same photo. Neither look like me transplanted onto them which is what I was expecting. Very disappointed.
  • Not Happy!

    By KathleenTL
    I signed up for a subscription because it says I can upload my photos from my phone but I’m still unable to do that !!!
  • Outstanding

    By nito150313
    One of the most awsome apps i ever tryed out

    By JosephJesus
    How cool to be able to replace your face on popular Gifs or movie scenes. Don’t get how anyone can complain about it. But you do have to find the pic to use. Looking straight ahead, not too bright, not to big or small, having a photo with with high contrasts helps. Is it Hollywood quality? No. But it works. And it’s an app. Keep working on it guys, and thanks for all the laughs I’ve had. You guys rock!